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  1. I wouldnt blame anyone who did lol. It is an awful pick given the websites own ranking of him.
  2. We changed GMs, this one might not blow 1st round picks. Everything else was really good though.
  3. With 214, Titans select Robert Davis, WR GSU.
  4. You take the best player, period. If you need it to be at a different position, trade back.
  5. If its Thursday and we hit the 7th round, were going lightning round lol.
  6. Sage..aww shucks. Thanks! PS for what its worth, im a little drunk and we raised way over half a million for the Indy Make a Wish Foundation.
  7. Ah, well at least there is netflix for movies and podcasts for church!
  8. I get sporting events, but theatres and church?
  9. I have a 2 year old who just screams when shes over being in the car, and im not sure which is worse lol.
  10. Hey, if you're runnin the show for us over the weekend, Im not gonna be an annoying backseat driver lol
  11. Its been working well and no one has complained about it, so I think the 2 hours is working fine. Its been part of the reason we even have a shot at finishing the draft.
  12. Lol but you changed it to 2 hours... Edit - i was wrong. Thought you did. Somehow, we all mustve misunderstood that.
  13. I get people do it it for fun. I just never saw any point to it. Kind of like mock drafts. To each there own, and for me, i just like to poke fun at them.

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