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  1. Talking to people respectfully is apparently hard these days...This isn't just a BoMA issue, it's lots of radio and news shows. The agenda and ratings trump all, generally at the cost of of human decency, or if not, then at least their dignity. Meh. Say what you will about shows like Mike and Mike or JMV, but at least they know how to entertain and discuss practically anything on the air without being a complete butt head.
  2. When we took it to overtime, I heard a couple of buddies I didn't know was there yelling down the hall and we watched the last little bit together. Man, that was just a fun game. Not fun if your a TB fan, but oh well. lol
  3. GOAT. I'll never forget that MNF game against the Bucs. I was playing euchre online cuz I stopped watching the game it was getting out of hand. And I heard we scored, I was like, big woop. And I just keep hearing us move the ball down the field without effort and all the sudden, it was a game. I'd never seen anything like it.
  4. So it's not a movie, don't know if it counts or should be excluded, but I started watching the Castlevania series that was released on Netflix a few days ago. It was freakin awesome. It's an animated show, but it's not like anime with the dramatic cuts and facial expressions. It's like how Spawn was, if anyone remembers that animated series that was on HBO in the late 90s, dark and intense. Disclaimer: This is definitely an adult cartoon. No sex or anything, but cursing and violence abound. If it helps selling it any more, the show was awesome enough to be renewed for Season 2 in like 3 days. If you ever played any of the games, especially on the regular Nintendo (the characters at play in this one are primarily from that addition to the series (Trevor Blemont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades) and enjoyed it, try it out.
  5. At best, ring of honor guy.
  6. Well, if I recall correctly, Irsay mentioned - and I'm paraphrasing intent here as well - how just simply winning the south (maybe even a playoff game, though I don't think he mentioned that part), will be considered, but not necessarily be the stamp of approval that will save Pagano's career. I thought I remember thinking that we had to be competitive with good teams as well, like if we were blown out by the Pats in round 2 of the playoffs, that Pagano's job wasn't so surely secure.
  7. My work hosts this annual charity event that Robert Mathis used to host - I don't know if it was because of his retirement, but this was the first year he didn't host it. Anyway, I got to sit and have dinner with him at my table and he let me take a picture of him wearing his SB ring and I have a photo with him. The ring is massive. I'd post it on here but it exceeds the data limits.
  8. Given that the average age of the NFL draftee is about 23 years of age (22 for higher drafted picks, I'm guessing Day 1 and Day 2 picks, which most of the guys you mentioned probably were), your results certainly prove the well known adage surrounding 30 years of age. Their max productivity caps somewhere around 27-28, remains acceptable for another 2 years and then they are in free fall. There's always the exceptions like Frank Gore, but by and large, 29 or 30 is the cutoff age. The only bit I really disagree with is the part about starts made/missed - if only because we're talking about one play. Some of that could be determined by game planning, matchups, personnel, etc. I think you're right to point out there's a loose correlation, but I don't think it means the coaches sense decline is on the verge. It could be they were knicked up, which you already addressed in a more meaningful way when showing the percentage of games played in the section before. It may be obvious that production will decline in the coming years, but that's not my takeaway based only on the first offensive play of any game.
  9. It's like no one over in Boston understands the difference between violating a rule and violating a rule, concealing it and destroying evidence.
  10. Was there anyone who did it better for as long as they did? I think not.
  11. Change Manning's defense to a 3-4 and swap Freeney out and put Miller on the right side. Putting Miller and Ware off the ball would be like putting a wide receiver at running back. All 4 guys are edge rushers, some of whom can cover, but it's a misuse of their talent. You can keep Brackett as the Mike and put Danny Trevathan at the Will. Also Dallas Clark at TE. Make those changes and we win.
  12. I don't know that these weights are irrelevant. I don't think I was trying to suggest that, but at the same token, it's hard to put a ton of stock into it either. Kind of like pre-draft rumors - you never know what to believe. Some are outright lies, others lies with nuggets of truth, and because of that, you never know a true rumor when you see one. It being about the player's weight, something that tells you very little about what you see on the field, it's impossible to make any sort of projections based on them. Not saying anyone here is making any outlandish claims on any player based on weight either. I know we're all here to have fun and speculate here and there, so I'm not trying to detract from teh conversation so much is, I just think I'm cautious about them. The good news is, taking these weigh ins at their word, other than Walker, I don't see anything terribly alarming.
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. Then does this updated chart mean anything at all? If Luck's not accurate, no reason to really trust anything else on here.
  15. Love Pat, but he's beating a dead horse at this point. I mean I kinda chuckled, but at the same time, find new material.

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