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  1. Had to post this. One of the all time greatest commercials, but Basham stepping into the role. I actually went as Terry Tate one year for halloween while I was in college.
  2. I thought 2016 was over? I'm always a bit angry when drug use plays a role in losing an artist. It's kind of hard to feel bad.
  3. This year's La'el Collins.
  4. Manning is GOAT because I said so.
  5. Id even add another category, thats basically player that has to step up and earn starting role, hot seat, or something of that nature. Essentially, a guy who has had opportunities, but hasnt played as well as he needs to in order to keep starting. On offense - Phillip Dorsett (regardless of the fact he may not be used to his strengths, we still need more from him). On Defense - either A. Morrison or E. Jackson.
  6. You wrote the article in the link or are you saying you are just doing your take on that article and you posted it above? Just curious.
  7. I'm actually kind of excited about the Hairston pick - but I'm with you on the wait. I think he could break out as early as next year, but I really doubt he'll see much time this year other than sub packages (and that might have to wait until midseason).
  8. We're still wating to see how the edge and ILB situation pans out. I think our secondary is much improved, as is our DL/Edge situation. But other than Hankins, I only see rotational parts. Sheard will be afull time guy, but doubt he'll be a staple of this defense. We've added youth at ILB, but no one that you really need to game plan for. We put some good talent there with perhaps Basham being a surprise on the edge, and I think we've at least got a good enoug hdefense to retake the division and maybe even win a game or two in the playoffs. I doubt we're contenders unless we just hit a hot streak at the right time.
  9. If I put you on your side, you're a wheel fatty....
  10. I suddenly recall there being a thread around here a year ago putting Curt Maggitt as an option to vote as the next "great" Colts pass rusher and that he actually received votes.
  11. I saw that GOAT edition but it was missing a couple of asterisks.
  12. No one has said it because it is a terrible idea. I regret nothing.
  13. Fair enough. Not saying right or wrong, theres just a lot of ad hoc around here these days.
  14. Well, at least @Steamboat_Shaun put up a gif as opposed to a scoff.
  15. It's basically a metric that quantifies a player's combine/pro day metrics into a cumulative score and it's weighted against players at the same position. So for instance, a score of 8.0 for a running back is not the same as a score of 8.0 for a defensive tackle. In essence, it puts players athleticism/power on a bell curve for players of the same position. @WarGhost21 posted the link you can take to find out everything you need to know. It's a helpful resource, but at the end of the day, it wont' really tell you anything you can't already see with your own eyes. But it is helpful in the sense that his table is a one stop shop so you don't have to pull up individual player profiles and compare them on separate screens and stuff.

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