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  1. Matt Jones is Back

  2. Send In Your Questions

    HAHAHA. Not to mention its a day late.
  3. The real culprit in all this is the Owner (merge)

    Did you not follow the Polian/Dungy era?
  4. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    Agree with you on Morris, 20/20 hindsight and all. Even if Morris was better, he wasn't so much better that he'd have kept us in that game. It could have gone better, and while its hard to imagine how it could have been worse, it could always go worse. I think Sunday's biggest incrimination lies on Pagano - I don't know how it could be anyone else. For many of the reasons stated by Venturi, but my biggest complaint is that we just looked completely unprepared once again. I get that you don't have your starting elite level QB, but that's no excuse for getting utterly shredded in the passing game. Whatever flashes he [EDIT: TJ GREEN] showed in preseason, it was clear he wasn't ready for significant snaps at the CB position, yet he got them anyway. Wilson might have trouble getting turned around in coverage, but it seemed like Green was getting beat with regularity. I don't get why Mack was in on goalline, particularly after the first hurry up play after the missed review opportunity. Morrison looked lost half (dare I say uninterested?) the time and got washed up in blocks the other half. Little creativity rushing hte passer. Just a mess.
  5. R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    Truth be told, I don't think they even looked like a 6 win team without Luck. They looked like the 2008 Lions.
  6. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    How do you think that reflects on Ballard's evaluation of players? Without knowing who pulled for him, it's kind of hard to say. Though, even if Chuck was the one who wanted him, Ballard still acquiesced. Probably its too early to say anything about Ballard's ability to evaluate players, but he did bring in Brissett too. I just have to wonder what they saw in him that we all didn't see, or at least what they saw in him over Morris. A miscalculation for sure. Hope its not a sign of things to come...
  7. R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    I am relaxed. This team was still terrible and worthy of being ranked dead last in everyone's power rankings until further notice.
  8. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Honestly, thats fair. And i really feel the same way. I wish we all ccould be right, or at least accepting. Its impossible to do both, let alone one and not offend. I have too much feelings and opinons on it, and really, brothers of all races could be offended. Best you can do is hurt with one another.
  9. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    I guess i have never been one to report. If thats the prereq, i will be better about.
  10. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Yeah, you really did not miss much. I could describe it for you, but some of those words dont appear in any bible or dictionary.
  11. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Dont mean to indict anyone at all. I hope everyone understands. Im all for discussion. It promotes both understandinf and acceptance in the face of difficult concepts. But unfortunately, not everyone is accepting or understanding. And things can go wrong in those convos.
  12. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    And whats worse is, people firing back with nothin but defiance is not helpful either. I wish i could remember the safety's name, but he is interning with a judge to better understand everyone. Like, a legit top 5 or 10 safety. It was an impressive story.
  13. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    I hope thats the case. Not trying to cast aspersions. Its just unusual this topic has continued as ling as it has.
  14. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Maybe, but thats never been a deterrent before. What i dont want, and a reason i really would stop passing by here is if certain political discussions were permitted as opposed to others. Censor discussion and im happy to leave.
  15. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Its certainly not as bad as it could be. Still, the mods have quashed threads more immediate than this one, even if just as cordial. Are we beginning to be open to political threads, and if so, whats the criterion?