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  1. Hooker/Geathers are probably your starting safeties from day one.
  2. I would love Lopez, he wouldn't help our rebounding that much, but he's such a talented scorer and wouldn't get bullied as much as Turner. Teague Stephenson George Turner Lopez That's a pretty damn talented starting 5.
  3. How much better is he than Robinson?
  4. Agreed but between Davis, Langford, Butler etc. on the defense I think we still have a lot of leadership there. Even Sheard has been in the league a while and knows what it takes to win.
  5. Out go Parry (probably), Mathis, Walden, and Jackson... In come Hankins, Sheard, Simon, and Spence. Upgrades all across the board in my mind.. Gotta love this off-season.
  6. I like the Spence signing, definitely think he can be a good piece to this defense and probably a starter at ILB.
  7. Corner is a pretty glaring need I'm hoping we'll address with one of those picks.
  8. I'm not one of those guys that says you need to take 3 years to build a championship team, because as far as I'm concerned, if you're in the playoffs you have a chance and I think this team should still make the playoffs. However, it's incredibly unrealistic to expect us to have a good player to plug all of our holes in one off-season.
  9. Agreed, one of the positive things about trying to get a NT is Parry isn't very good. So even signing someone like Woods to a cheap deal is an upgrade to our defense for a pretty cheap contract. Adding another big body like Jenkins for cheap would be a good way of upgrading the defense while also not putting a lot of money into the position. Obviously you wish you could of landed Poe, but Woods/Jenkins is better than Parry.
  10. Offer him a 3 year deal worth 20ish million. Anything more than that would be way too much for him.
  11. And Simon/Sheard can't start because?
  12. While I like Hankins, he isn't worth Poe money and shouldn't be offered that.
  13. I personally think we're probably only landing one or the other, hopefully Brown.
  14. I'd prefer a Jenkins/Woods duo over bringing Parry back, so why not. I'm sure Ridgeway could give us some spot snaps at NT as well.
  15. No Poe, so Woods/Jenkins would be okay as a duo to try to come in and give us some solid play. Jenkins seems like he was cut from NO due to not being a fit in their scheme, but he seems ideal size wise to be a 3-4 NT. So hopefully he can come in and between the two of them give us a higher level of play than what Parry gave us.

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