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  1. Like Poetry...
  2. Nope just Soccer and Basketball.
  3. We knew you well friend
  4. My longtime cat Angel died at the old age of 18 a few months ago. So we decided to adopt a new kitty as a companion for our other cat. Meet Luna, the Himalayan cat. She's a 9 week old rescue that we got just yesterday. I have to say that it's the cutest thing right now although I'm not a fan of their adult look. Anyways here's a good picture of her being possessed by the one ring. I guess you guys can post cat pics and stuff in here lol...
  5. Relax
  6. What they say really isn't worth anything. We all know how they like to treat their injuries
  7. Someone has been talking to Pagano I see... After reading all the comments I can tell that some of you will disappointed this year
  8. Maybe Bruce Banner...
  9. The claim that we have depth at MLB is laughable. I guess by that definition every team has depth
  10. I got your reference high5
  11. Well before this all gets locked, I'll just say that I have tried all the spices of the world. You aren't the only one here with a pledge paddle, my friend ;)
  12. Can't say that I've ever been into the Asian persuasion
  13. It's not that people "wrote him off", It's more like people used their brains and saw his decline. Which is of course natural for all football players. He definitely showed it last year
  14. He might be the best rookie defender but I'd put money on it going to a passrusher. Goodell enjoys his sacks
  15. They probably did.... I'm sure they've added a few popcorn vendors and stadium custodians that will be superbowl or probowl mvps

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