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  1. Chuck's Presser Today

    This guys is literally telling people to go to hell for disagreeing with him. I don’t think I’ve seen this much butt hurt from a poster in a long while
  2. Desir and Hairston

    How can you say they’re playing fine when our coverage is so bad. Maybe they’re giving up one or two big plays a game but that’s how you lose football games. Lol
  3. Chester Rodgers

    YEAh maybe I’m just imagining this but I feel like Ballard could go out there easily and get/sign proven a tier two receiver to a not so ridiculous deal that would be just fine. If anything with a new offense style Luck could actually make him look better thus being a bargain contract.
  4. This is Ballard's team

    It’s hard to win games when you have as many key injuries as we do. It’s even harder to win games when your injured team is coached by the inept such as Chuckles Pagoneo
  5. Ballard to be on JMV today

    yeah that is some straight nonsense/horse dung
  6. Hmmmmm....

    I mean we’re literally the worst secondary in he nfl right now so lmao. People le see what they want. As much as you want our guys to be good they’re not
  7. Good Victory

    Oh. God. Thinking like this is exactly how teams get stuck with coaches like Pagano and Marvin Lewis...
  8. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Mystery?? Lol
  9. Luck to be placed on IR per Tony Donahue

    You’re not kidding. I tore my ACL as a freshman when some * ran his helmet into my foot bending my leg the wrong way a second after I had punted the ball. There wasn’t another snap in highschool that I took where I didn’t have some primal fear in the back of my mind of seeing my leg go the wrong way again lol
  10. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    I really hope so. But we’ve all seen this song and dance before... Even if it is maturity it’s no guarantee that he’ll ever grow up lol
  11. Luck visiting specialists

    I have no problem calling him a bald faced liar on this matter... maybe he thought luck might play this year but he knew damn well he wasn’t gonna be back for any games in the early part of the season
  12. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Meh. I HAVE to trust guys getting paid millions to evaluate talent over Internet forum posters.
  13. Luck visiting specialists

    WAit until the results to freak out. Any sane person knew that either Luck wasn’t playing this year or that it would be a lost season anyways
  14. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    I don’t like this. Obviously he’s out this game due to knee injury but the guy should already have been playing if he’s any good
  15. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Maybe he’s not actually good? Djoun Smith 2.0? What a waste