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  1. My brother's car got stolen from our driveway yesterday in broad daylight... He turned the car on, had the door open and ran inside to go to the Bathroom before going to work. In the 10 minutes he was inside someone literally came and just stole the car. People can be cruel. It wasn't smart to leave the car like that but Jesus Christ we live in Naperville...
  2. Firstly. BMI is trash, any person in the medical field will tell you. Secondly, these weight charts are a nice discussion point. I personally don't put much stock into them. As NCF said I just think it's a barometer to see what we're trying to do with our players. Or just a way to call out the lineman that accidentally balloon up lol.
  3. Well Belichick likes himself to have a low profile. What better way for God to be lowkey than to just convince people you're not actually God?? ;)
  4. lololol
  5. If what Pat says is the truth then Grigson is human scum. Treating someone like an object. Not cool
  6. Too bad that our early schedule, which are vs bad teams, is actually going to be very difficult because Luck won't be 100%. Hell he might even miss a few games.
  7. My man most of us are thinking he's going to take a coordinator and turn him into the HC. Kind of like how every head coach becomes a head coach I'm pretty sure CrazyColt is actually Pagano at this point. That explains the username at least.
  8. No one really cares what Pagano does. Most "see between the lines " type people can tell that Pags is dunfer in Indy after this courtesy year. Ballard isn't going to let a clown turn his built football team into a circus was
  9. For sure for that first part. But I have a gut feeling it's being highly recommended to him to quit playing while he still has his fully mobile life.
  10. Good thing this is a no expectations year for us considering our coach is a lameduck. Regardless of record Pagano will be let go. Let's just hope we see improvement from all our layers.
  11. Be as optimistic as you want but common sense says that Geather's career is in jeapordy if not already close to being done.
  12. Pequod's definitely. Giordano's or Lou Malnati's as secondary picks.
  13. Or if he's a real bad guy then he'll act like a good dude thus duping poor Chad...
  14. Diego Maradona!
  15. It's not really a good thing for Crief. Watching him you can see how one dimensional his game is... Or at least that's how the coaches use him

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