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  1. Ahhh geeez
  2. Beautiful
  3. Everyone and their mother (except a select few who will pop up soon) knows that Pagano is a lame duck coach This year. Ballard is just letting nature take its course on him until he can plug in his own coach
  4. Pagano apologists and Pagano internet defense force are gonna have their work cut out for them this year
  5. Manning was just incredible. This will be blasphemy to some posters but Jesus imagine the damage that man could have done if his coach/gm had been named "Bill Belichick"
  6. Does anyone here actually think we're going to be seeing Kelly at all during this season? If you do then you haven't been paying attention to this medical staff lol... Dude is gonna be Ir designated to return and just casually slide past the deadline
  7. No one should take anything away from these media puffpieces We read junk like this all the time. All of us read the Grigson and Pagano articles
  8. . (Side note: Pagano rarely heaps praise on rookies like this) Oh, please....
  9. I'm sure they have practiced him there extensively in the past. He just can't do it better than the other guys apparently. That's not even possible lol True but the reason he under performed so badly was because he played 3 tech instead of NT... We signed him so we could put him back in his "natural" position and overplay his contract lol
  10. He's a big guy
  11. It's an easy choice lol. $500 a week just for one year equals $26,000 (actually slightly more) You'd have to be stupid or owe a lot of money to the mob immediately to just take the 26k right away. Literally waiting two years doubles how much you'd make.
  12. You can't count on Jamaal Charles at this point anyways. Guy's knee is going to explode within the first half of the season. Guarantee it.
  13. I'm excite
  14. Ironic that he posted something like that when his name is literally "King Colt" lol
  15. It was pretty evident that Frank the Tank was more like Frank the Tricycle back there last year. It's pathetic the way we ran the football these past few years

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