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  1. I'm reading that it's a legit competition between him and Dorsett for the #3 spot. Good luck Kamar
  2. We're gonna have a very bad time if we ever line him up in coverage. Let me tell you...
  3. You can just tell the guy is cancer
  4. Rings don't mean Jack. Marino was and is currently the GOAT
  5. Andrew Luck is already a vet. Where do the years go?
  6. You also didn't mention that Davis had a very poor year on top of him being the last year of his deal. We should be very very worried about our secondary this season. And I don't think there was one game where Green performed acceptably but that's jmo. Morrison is also pretty terrible and no one should feel comfortable with him leading any defense. The rest of your post is solid. And there is a lot of it. So don't take my very small criticisms as me vehemently disagreeing with you. Just things that stuck out to me.
  7. Lol I know this is completely irrelevant but I just looked up Poe's rating on Madden after not playing for like 4 months. He's rated 79 overall. I had no idea things had gotten that bad for him that even the scrub Madden Ratings team would knock him down so far.
  8. Also it looks like he got a signing bonus. If I'm not mistaken he's the only one who got one so far, right?
  9. Yeah I agree. That's why i find it odd. Seems like Ballard is avoiding guys who want to take one year deals and "bet on themselves". Therefore I guess he really likes this guy and is willing to pay him if he performs spectacularly?
  10. I mean if he thinks he'll be a good starter from us who will further develop his skills then why the heck did we give him a one year deal? The low money is consistent with Ballard but idk why he would ever give a guy with "this much" (i use that generously) potential a one year deal. Seems like we're begging for him to stand out on a weak defense and get paid by someone else. I like the talent he brings. He plays with a chip and isn't afraid to stick himself into contact
  11. Don't worry the Browns are still going to trade all their bounty of picks for Garrapolo.
  12. Extremely overrated player
  13. Yup I just saw this too. Huge difference so disregard any speculation on Brown's contract from my posts. This is good for us though
  14. Lol He's definitely getting more than "5-7" million a year. I'd say no lower than 9 unfortunately
  15. That's what I'm wondering. Seems to me like there's an equally likely chance he performs poorly what with being in a whole new team, scheme, mindset, etc etc. I'd have just accepted the poor offer(imo) from us (assuming we were the only longterm offer he got). Chances are this will blow up in his face

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