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  1. Well put your money where your mouth is. If QB is bpa is best player at the time then take him.... I hate when guys claim bpa, it's much more complicated than that
  2. That guy is straight up lying about being 3% body fat, lol. But as an AnSci and Biology double major he's not wrong about the hormones and muscle gain. Luck has already peaked hormone, and physical wise so it's technically harder for his body to put on lean mass with minimal "fat" gain. But the guy has world class staff, doctors, and fitness dudes so it's a non issue. It's not like he's 32+ years old yet. He'll be fine
  3. Man just think if we had just signed Brown...
  4. Into the heap Green goes.... For now
  5. Of course he can.
  6. No backing up neccessary. You admitted your wrongness a few posts down. A lot of people jumped the gun on Hankins
  7. I'm sorry but 10 mil per is ridiculous 

  8. Why is that?
  9. No problem. You're wife asked a variable question and got one of many possible answers as the answer lol. Someone should be proud of what they do. As long as she's not bragging about it or throwing out Salary numbers then there's no issue. IMO, but what do I know? I'm only a 21 year old student
  10. Definitely a scam. If you have the free time I always enjoy trolling Craigslist scammers. My dad was trying to buy just a beater Pickup truck for company use and a few people putting ads out were trying to scam him. So being the Internet savvy vengeful person that I am I managed to find some of their personal info out and messed with them with hilarious results. They deserved it for trying to scam hard working people that are just trying to buy and sell honestly via Craigslist.
  11. LOL. I get wanting commitment, but for that price we would have had a very clear improvement over anything we're going to be able to conjur up before next season...
  12. No. I hope we don't feed him enough at his ypc to get 1000. Ideally when we use him, it's effectively, and while giving a good amount of carries to someone else. Preferably our future Starting RB... IMO of course
  13. I would be very disappointed in Ballard if he took a RB with the #15 pick

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