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  1. Technically free agency is year around. There just happens to be a specific date when player contracts expire and they can't be signed before that date. But there are a few decent players out there and there are going to be some that are released from teams after the draft happens.
  2. What I'm curious about is since Simon and Sheard both have pass rush ability. Who plays the Rush LB and who plays the SAM
  3. Agree the line looked better later on in the season. So we may very well have the people on the roster right now to give Luck a solid OL. As for the issue with rookie linemen, I think it's more of a technique thing and picking up the right rushers thing then it's a strength thing. It's more mental mistakes they have to get past then physical ability.
  4. Wondering why it took so long to do the release.
  5. Well I for one forgot he got surgery until I noticed this thread today. Whole thing struck me initially as no big deal and as far as I'm concerned I still don't see any evidence that it's a cause for concern.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this sort of surgery fairly common for QB's to have in the offseason? I really don't think it's something we have to worry about.
  7. Remember if you stay quiet in FA you can get a comp pick for him.
  8. I think in 2015 injuries forced him into action.
  9. Don't mind this signing, I think he can be a solid #2 if necessary. The problem is as I said in another thread, who's he taking snaps from? Or is it possible that we brought him on because we're going to use TE less often and more WR's.
  10. To be fair a lot of coaches are good at that. It's called coach speak for a reason.
  11. Low level guy who will either be the #3 TE or he'll be cut out of camp.
  12. Rookie WR's are usually not all that productive unless they are forced into action. So that takes out 14. His 2nd year he was decently productive. And that was with Matt Hasselbeck at QB most of the time. His 3rd year he had injury issues. I'm not entirely sold on him yet, we have yet to see him be real productive with Andrew. But there are reasons for his overall lack of production.
  13. Question. . . how does one get the all 22? Is that something you have to pay for?
  14. Boy this is annoying. Luck is coming off one of the best seasons of his career statistically despite terrible protection in the early going from the OL and you have people saying he's regressing. Do people even look up information to confirm if their *feelings* make sense in reality? 4240 passing yards yards (8th in NFL) (3rd best of his career) 31 TD's (5th in NFL) (2nd best of his career) 5.7% TD % (6th in NFL) (2nd best of his career) 7.8 yards per attempt (5th in NFL) (career best) 12.3 yards per completion (5th in NFL) 96.4 passer rating (9th in the NFL) (2nd best of his career behind 2014's 96.5) 71.2 Total QBR (7th in the NFL) 4 - 4th quarter comebacks (5th in NFL) 4 - Game winning drives (6th in NFL) His only flaw is that he's a gunslinger and has a relatively high INT % at 2.4% (20th in NFL) But it's still the 2nd best of his career. (He had 1.6% in 2013)
  15. Doesn't Sherman excel at zone defense while we use a man to man philosophy with our corners? I don't think he'd fit into our defense all that well. I'd much rather go to the draft.

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