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  1. 2018 Free Agent Class

    I'd rather have Sammy Watkins if he gets out of LA. He's 3 and a half years younger then Jeffrey. Jeffery is going to be 28 by the time next season rolls around. Watkins will be 25.
  2. He had some injury concerns going into the draft, I think with his back. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with those concerns. While he was dominate and tempting I'm glad we picked Malik Hooker. His injury concerns where not nearly as bad and we had a much bigger need in the secondary. We've gotten a decent DL with our free agent pickups.
  3. Draft Question ?

    No they don't know who they are going to get. They do all their scouting and then they put together a big list of all the players in the draft based on how they as a team value them based on need and scouting. As the draft rolls teams generally just then draft based on their board drafting the highest available player on their board. Now it's a little more complex as if they have their eyes really set on a player but fear another team ahead of them might draft them they may trade up in order to get that player. And if they are not particularly attached to any player that's available where they are picking they might take offers from other teams to trade down. This often happens near the top of the draft where teams are jockeying to get the best available quarterbacks. If you don't need a QB or simply don't believe in any of the QB's in the draft you can gain a lot of draft capital by just trading down.
  4. Draft pick 2018?

    If we arn't targeting Key then I would say you try and trade down for some team trying to target a QB. Could potentially get a 2019 first round pick out of that deal. If we trade down then we probably want to target OL or maybe ILB.
  5. What you said is it. He got so much hype coming out of college it would be nearly impossible to live up to that hype.
  6. A Statistical look at the Colts

    This is my entire point. The defense is better, not tops in the NFL but better. But it's made to look worse by an offense that just isn't getting the job done in the 2nd half.
  7. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I agree. . . he's been recovering from surgery for a long time, they where taking him slow and he's got soreness now. Seems less likely that he will play this season. And it makes me wondering if he's going to be able to play at all. 10 months after surgery guy can't toss it around to the scout team in practice without needing a cortisone injection.
  8. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I think the biggest thing is TD/INT ratio (and/or TD % and Int %) and yards per attempt. Passer rating takes all those things into account but it scores completion percentage too highly because it scores the actual percentage itself AND the yards per attempt (which takes into account completion percentage because you gain no yards on an incomplete pass.) I think I read somewhere that a player going 40/40 for 100 yards scores the same passer rating as a player going 20/40 for 300 yards. But the yards per attempt for the 100 yards is only 2.5 but the yards per attempt for the 300 yards is 7.5. I avoid the "clutch play in the 4th quarter" because it's too subjective. If you build up a 21 point lead going into the 4th you don't have to be clutch. On the other hand a lot of QB's get huge increases in stats in the 4th quarter because opposing teams start going into a prevent defense. That's not to say that a certain clutch play ability doesn't exist, but it's subjective and you can only see it by watching the player and watching that player in multiple games.
  9. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Every defense runs out of gas when it plays nearly the entire second half. There isn't a single team in the NFL that has a defense that's conditioned enough to do that.
  10. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    No I doubt he's going to get anything out of it. It's desperation. Ultimately he's going to have to prove that 2 or more teams discussed an agreement to not sign him before anyone is going to go make those teams answer for anything. I really strongly doubt that 2 or more teams got together to do that. Ultimately each of the 32 teams individually decided that the potential fan reaction was not worth what Kap could provide them in terms of talent. There just isn't positives for the teams to collude on this. There is no motive for the teams to do so, nothing to be gained but everything to be lost. Think about it, you are a team owner or GM. You know you arn't gonna be signing Kap. What's the point in talking with other teams about it? I mean do you hate him so much that you are gonna risk EVERYTHING in an attempt to try and make sure another team doesn't sign him? Even then it's not like you can make another team do what you say. I mean if he has the evidence I would love to see it. But right now I just don't buy it. There just isn't any point or value in teams talking with one another about not signing him.
  11. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I think we're saying the same thing here. His talent isn't worth the problems he would cause by being signed. But I totally reject the idea that if he never started the protest at all that he isn't in the NFL. I would say he would be starting somewhere as a "journeyman" QB. And he would likely bounce around the league that way for a while had he never protested.
  12. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    Here is something I don't understand with Chud. He treats Jacoby Brissett like he's a fast mobile QB. Brissett's 40 time is 4.94 which makes him slightly faster then Tom Brady. He's not fast at all!!!! He has some agility and shiftiness that you have to give him credit for. But he's not fast. He is big though. So on 4th and 1 why in the world would you attempt a naked bootleg with Brissett?? Either let Gore pound the rock or QB sneak it straight up the middle.
  13. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Agree, it's shameful how few touches Mack got. Especially when you consider the one that he took for 20+ yards wasn't some gimme, I believe he had to avoid a tackle at the line and then found just a sliver of space to break it. The 2nd one wasn't going to go anywhere. Defense knew the play and had him bottled up. You could say maybe he shouldn't have lost as many yards but you have to give the kid a chance to learn. Hooker seemed to play decent. He gave up that TD on coverage but he should have had help underneath. But he also had a nice pass defensed early on I think against Walker.
  14. If Luck doesnt play next week

    The videos that where posted on here last week looked like his shoulder was fine. He was throwing deep and had zip. Timing of course is probably off, he didn't get to practice at all until recently. On the other hand I do trust Hasselbeck's knowledge of both what's required to play the position and his knowledge of Luck as a player.
  15. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    I want Todd Bowles. Jets management handed him the worst roster in the history of the NFL in a naked attempt to tank and he's 3-3. And even in those 3 losses his team has been in the game. They don't get blown out. Colts can give him something he's never had before as a HC. A real NFL QB and not just some journeyman.