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  1. #3 The OL played pretty much the entire season with 2 and sometimes even 3 rookies starting. Rookies make mistakes, everyone knows that. A good chunk of our problems might have just been rookie mental errors that will happen far less often when we are starting players with a bit of NFL experience.
  2. I never got the impression that Denzelle Good was a solid NFL starter. This write up seems to have rose colored glasses on. Not entirely against it but I think there is a guard out of IU we could have on the 2nd day that would probably provide more value. I recognize the need we have at both RG and at RB. But I look at our offensive rankings and our defensive rankings and then hear people talking about spending our first round draft pick on an offensive player and it makes me just shake my head. We can't sit here and try to make the offense perfect while we string the defense along with bum players that wouldn't even stick on most other NFL rosters.
  3. Not at the cost of a dynamic threat on defense we don't. And honestly we don't even really need a dynamic threat on offense. A guy who can churn out 4 YPC with about 15 carries per game plus catch the ball reasonably well would do us quite well for the next couple years. We didn't miss the playoffs because our offense couldn't score. We missed the playoffs because our defense couldn't even stop Brock Osweiller from scoring.
  4. I just didn't think of him. I'm not super high on him although I'd be ok with him. Walterfootball listed him as hiving high bust potential. Which I don't just automatically believe what the guy has to say on everything but he has a fairly good record which he keeps track of when he says a player has a high bust potential. Honestly I'm tired of boom or bust picks and would rather just go with less risky players if possible.
  5. I hope not. That only makes slightly more sense then taking a quarterback in the first round. I mean what would people say if Goodell walked to the podium and said, "with the 15th pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select; Mitchell Turbinski, Quarterback, North Carolina" BPA has to be tempered slightly by what makes sense for your team.
  6. Just for the record I was automatically discounting any player that I didn't feel had much of a chance of falling to us at 15. So names like Garrett and Adams I would be extremely happy to get but let's be honest it's not happening.
  7. Saw it. . . Not liking their picks. We need a RB but we don't necessarily need a star. It would be nice but we are a top 10 offense without a star at RB. We need some freaking stars on defense. Because we are one of the worst defenses in the league and our star player (Davis) hasn't even been playing that well as of late.
  8. I wouldn't trust their draft reports either honestly. Honestly the quote "Who the heck is Mel Kiper" is pretty accurate. He's just a guy who got interested in the NFL draft a little earlier then most people where interested. Started writing some stuff about it and eventually got picked up by ESPN and suddenly he's an expert who can tell NFL general managers they are stupid.
  9. It's poor reporting but that's something they do consistently. There is a reason for it though. While we're interested in contract structure and things like that the general public just thinks "Oh some football player just made a bunch of money." So it's in the media's best interest to inflate things and simplify things as much as possible. Quite frankly the modern media doesn't do their homework on even more important topics then football contracts these days. Remember this is the same group of people who's sophisticated investigative technique for getting all the information on a suspected criminal is to go look up their facebook page and show the picture from facebook on TV. Which has more then once led completely innocent people who had the same name to wonder why they where being labeled a terrorist by the national news. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to advocate any alternative media here. I am just saying never trust the media to do their homework on the details. Sensationalism always wins out over details. You have to do your own homework on the details.
  10. If we draft John Ross I will become convinced that Ballard is really just Grigson in disguise. You could look at Grigson's draft picks, even many of his UDFA signings and you can tell the man had a thing for really fast WR's. John Ross would be his dream player. With Peppers a lot of it is just off my personal belief (maybe misguided) that he is a guaranteed bust in the first round. I honestly don't understand what the fascination is with him other then he hits people really hard.
  11. BPA that makes sense like what UKColt is talking about. Straight BPA might lead you to taking a WR or a QB. So before the draft you need to figure out what positions make sense to take a player in the first and what positions don't. One should be towards the pessimistic side when deciding this too. For example while we might have the guys in house for a decent OL, there is still a question mark there, so one can't say that OL doesn't make sense for us. I would say for us the only positions that don't make sense are QB and WR.
  12. How are you feeling about the prospects that could realistically fall to the Colts. For me: Would be happy with: Taco Charlton Derek Barnette Gareon Conley Would be ok with: Reuben Foster Zach Cunningham Cam Robinson Forest Lamp Malik Hooker Would be disappointed with: Dalvin Cook Christian McCaffery Takkarist McKinley OJ Howard Uttlerly dejected Jabrill Peppers John Ross
  13. No it's not "fully guaranteed". . . When the media does these numbers they look at any money that could ever become guaranteed at any point in the contract and post that as guaranteed money. Realistically it looks like only 10M is fully guaranteed. All in the first year.
  14. Overthecap indicates that the 4.5M in 2018 salary isn't guaranteed at signing. It likely becomes guaranteed if he's on the roster next year.
  15. Agreed I doubt this guy is guaranteed a roster spot, much less a starting job.

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