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  1. The Importance of Malik Hooker

    They will take a deep ball shot if they see it open don't fool yourself. There where several passes of that traveled 20 yards or more in the air in the SB. It might not be their bread and butter, but no one sits back and purposefully refuses to throw deep unless they are scared of the opponents safeties. Belichick knows how important a free safety is. Devin McCourty is the 3rd highest paid player on his team. Makes more then Gronk. If a good free safety wasn't that important then do you think Belichick would have handed all that money to Devin McCourty?
  2. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    NFLPA wouldn't want it. You would think they would but ultimately the way they get their players paid more money is by comparison. For example they are talking about inking Rodgers to a new deal. You can bet he's going to be talking about the money Kirk Cousins got and expecting the Packers to beat that.
  3. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    Despite having 573 yards last year its the first time he really became a regular contributor. His previous seasons look like this. 2014 - 7 rec for 68 yards 2015 - 23 rec for 268 yards 2016 - 9 rec for 76 yards
  4. Compensatory Draft Picks

    It does make sense. I don't much like the idea of compensatory picks overall but the system does make sense. Basically if you have FA's who's contracts run out (not released or traded) and they sign for big money deals elsewhere then you are afforded a compensatory pick based upon how much they signed for. The biggest money guys net you 3rd round compensatory picks. So Kirk Cousins is likely nabbing Washington a 3rd in 2019 (Not 2018). Now if you sign another guy who's contract ran out to a similar deal it can cancel out your compensatory pick. Look at the link on overthecap it explains it pretty well. To keep track of it all you'd have to do a lot of work but fortunately overthecap does that work for us and they've been pretty accurate in the past as to who was getting a compensatory pick and where.
  5. Jags Release Allen Hurns

    I'm an advocate of bringing in a big WR to compliment TY's deep speed. Wouldn't mind Hurns at all.
  6. OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    I'm ok with a stop gap player if it keeps Luck off IR.
  7. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Saying a max value of 15 million seems to mean there are some incentives there. What are the incentives, how much are they. How much is guaranteed and how much is base salary?
  8. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    I'm not saying go all in on FA's. But a few to fill a few spots would be good.
  9. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    I think he's going to have to do something in camp this year. They might not let him go quite yet, but I think he's far from guaranteed a spot in the 53 man roster.
  10. While that may not been what he was referring to I don't think that is too unlikely. Jets will either be going with Bridgewater, McCown, or breaking in a rookie QB on a roster that has quite a few needs. To be in the top 50 the Jets just have be in spot 18 or higher. Essentially the question is, with all of those things being true of the Jets, do you think they are likely to be an above average team next year or do you think they are likely to be an average or below average team? The #18 team this year won 9 games. Even if the Jets pick their QB well, winning 9 games, especially when they have to play the Pats twice a year is going to be tough.
  11. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    Completely agree. So many needs and so much money and you won't fork over the money to fill a couple of them with some high quality FA's. And OL is by far the most critical. Andrew Luck missed an entire season due to injury. Presuming he's returning for next year, the Ballard plan is to protect him either with some of the worst starters in the entire league or a line full of rookies? Crap Ballard hasn't even brought back Mewhort yet which might help to give the line a little bit of experience. And don't get me wrong I hope we draft some great OL, but rookies make mistakes, they miss assignments. Then you have other spots like linebacker or CB where one really good FA could make a huge and immediate impact.
  12. Unpopular Draft Strategy

    Maybe we're open for business soon and if someone falls on draft day we might cut a deal. But for right now #6 is not seen as territory for drafting a QB, but just outside of it. That's why the Jets wanted to move up 3 spots. So I really doubt Buffalo would be interested in 6. If they are trying to get a QB they are probably more interested in 2 or 4. (If Cleveland picks it's QB at 1 they may be interested in dealing 4.) Of course all that could change on draft day, maybe someone falls and someone gets really interested in 6. But for now I see it as unlikely.
  13. Odell Beckham Jr.

    All you can tell is that there is someone who has a similar hairstyle to OBJ. Evidence seems lacking.
  14. Good trade, the points value on it strongly favors us.
  15. Not that many decent starters left out there.