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  1. Review of Ballard's first year

    Actually it's not been. Grigson's initial draft was very good. He also made a very good trade for Vontae Davis. He couldn't do much in FA so you couldn't really judge him on that. The problems where what Grigson did after his first draft. He busted on 3 first round picks in a row and busted on tons of highly paid free agents. So his great initial draft in 2012 and whatever talent was left from the Polian regime slowly became less and less able to make up for the lack new talent that was coming in to replace the old. Ballard did pretty good in free agency this year. Pretty much every player he picked up in FA lived up to their contract. His draft was so so. He appears to have hit on the first round pick but the 2nd and 3rd round picks are both questionable at this point. Mack was a decent pick in the 4th but Banner was so bad they cut him in training camp. So the draft was sort of a mixed bag. The best things that Ballard did was he managed to trade away Dwayne Allen and Phillip Dorsett and get something small for players that would have not likely been here next year.
  2. Review of Ballard's first year

    To be fair, especially with the Banner pick. Ballard had to deal with for the 2017 draft the recommendations and information from Grigson's staff. And Banner does sort of have the stink of the type of project players that Grigson liked to draft for his offensive lines year after year after year. So there is a pretty good chance that the person who argued hard for Banner was sent packing after the draft as part of the staff change over.
  3. After looking at the top candidates available here are the following people I'm liking in random order. Pat Shurmur - Vikings offense has been fairly decent despite playing with Case Keenum all year. Shurmur also made Nick Foles into a pro-bowler in Philly. Has head coaching experience with the Browns winning 4 games one year and 5 the next. Which is Browns terms is a pretty darn good season. Matt Patrica - Quietly been fielding good defenses year after year after year. A completely unsung hero because all the media attention is on Tom Brady, but no one ever talks about how Tom Brady always has a top 5 or top 10 defense. I think in part he's hurt because he doesn't have the "look" of a head coach. Of course the negative on him is that Belichick assistants don't have a good history of doing well away from Belichick. Frank Reight - Philly offense is hot. Guy has developed Carson Wentz from a standout FCS quarterback to one of the top QB's in the NFL in the space of 2 years. I'm also noting that this has happened while Philly doesn't have any grade A level skill players. They have Zach Ertz who is probably a top 10 TE. But I don't see a top 10 receiver on their team ( I don't think Jeffery would be a top 10 receiver) and in terms of RB's they just got Ajayi but they got him mid season. Bonus: Frank Reight started his coaching career in Indianapolis. Todd Bowles: If he's fired. The Jets have terrible talent. People seem to forget in the offseason the management of the Jets purposefully tried to tank the season to get the #1 pick. Before the season the talk was if the Jets would win a single game. Many people where asking if they would even get a single first down!!! Todd Bowles squashed that and has won 5 games. Thoughts
  4. Would You?

    Only on a contract with no guaranteed money.
  5. To be fair if you assume the Colts stay at #3 then Chubb is the most realistic possibility. But trading down to a team who's in love with Chubb, Barkely or a QB is the best case scenario for Indy.

    Colts give #3 overall pick (2200) Denver gives #9 overall pick (1350), + #41 overall pick (490) + 2019 2nd rounder seems fair. But basically if we can trade down to the bottom of the top 10, pick up 2 - 2nd round picks and then at the bottom of the top 10 grab an OL. The biggest problem here is that if the Browns and the Giants both grab quarterbacks then you might not see a lot of teams wanting to trade up to #3. And even if the Giants don't want a QB and decide to stick with Eli they will also likely want to trade down to a team who wants to grab a QB. Now we could trade down to a team who's in love with a player like Chubb or Barkely.
  7. Review of Ballard's first year

    Free Agency: B+ Pretty much every free agent performed up to their contract. So that's a positive that puts it up there to a B+. However I don't see any major steals out of free agency. Draft: B- Hooker looked good and the later round picks have given us some usage. But Wilson and Bashem havn't done much yet. Plus Banner was a wasted 4th round pick. Now Wilson and Bashem still have another year, so this grade could improve dramatically if they two of them improve their play substantially. Trades: B Dumped Dwayne Allen and actually got a pick for him. Got a useful future backup and starter for the season for Dorsett who was proving out to be at the bottom of the WR chart anyways. However we didn't completely fleece anyone. Overall Grade: B Most of the moves where in the draft and free agency so the trades count little towards this grade. Plus the trades where pretty low level moves. Moving a TE for moving up in the draft and moving a WR for a future backup QB.
  8. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    Interesting on this front after Sunday. The Eagles had to duke it out and won a 1 score game over the hapless Giants. But by the scoreboard at least this doesn't appear to have anything to do with Foles as the Eagles still put up 31 points.
  9. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    See that surprises me. He played well, at least at decent starter level for the whole season and on a cheap deal rookie deal he can't fetch anything more then a late round pick?
  10. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Well it's helped us evaluate and give some guys some experience.
  11. I like Mack as a #2 back but I think we need someone who's better between the tackles. Mack's pretty good on outside runs, but he doesn't seem to be that good between the tackles.
  12. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Geathers was playing against Denver.
  13. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    Guy has played pretty well for us all season. Looks like a decent NFL starter out there. Next year if Hooker is back from injury and Geathers is healthy he would probably be regulated to the bench and special teams duty. He's also on a cheap rookie deal. It's nice to have the depth of course but could be be traded away for a good pick to a team looking for a safety?? What kind of pick do you think we could get for him? I wouldn't give him away for some low round pick, depth is much more valuable. But for a mid-round pick I could see a trade there.
  14. Quincy Wilson played well

    I only watched the first half but D Thomas owned the kid. Caught nearly every ball that went his way and if he didn't he was usually drawing a PI penalty. D Thomas is a tough draw for a rookie with as little playing time as Wilson. Sanders would have also been a tough draw too. The Bronoco's do have a good pair of WR who are both basically #1's. There's a good chance that Wilson can be a decent #2 CB if posted against a receiver that is more of a #2 caliber. We will have to see. I think the Ravens are up next and I don't think they have a lot of talent at WR. If Wilson still looks bad against Baltimore then while I would give him another year it's worthwhile to question if Wilson can play at this level. If he can hold his own against the Ravens receivers then maybe there is something there and you can chaulk this bad game up to being a rookie with very few games under his belt and being overmatched against one of the better receivers in the NFL.
  15. My thought is if she was sent all this stuff and still has it then her case is really easy to prove. But what I find crazy is this woman who is a bit up there in age is being hounded and harrassed by like 6 different former NFL players. If no one else says the've experienced or seen anything, I just don't buy it. As I pointed out before these guys work around a lot of women they share the camera with who are clearly there for eye candy. So these guys are going hard core sending pictures of their junk, whipping out there junk, just grabbing her wherever they feel like it. . . all 6 of them. But their eye candy co workers receive none of this treatment? It just doesn't make much sense to me. If there is evidence I will see it and believe the evidence. If this woman has a selfie taken of Ike Taylor and his junk then I'm gonna say "Yeah she's probably not lying" or if a bunch of other women who worked there start saying "Yeah I saw this, this was par for the course" then again I will agree she's probably not lying. But absent that there just seem to be a lot of questions that don't make a lot of sense to me.