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  1. My degree is in finance and generally speaking with most lotteries that I've seen the better option is usually to take the cash now because that cash can be invested. (Assuming that you in fact do invest it.) The amounts obviously matter but generally speaking with equal or close to equal amounts, money now is worth more then money later. But the option presented in the OP if true that is obviously not the case. In fact the numbers are so far off that it's completely obvious without requiring a great deal of calculations. But I've never seen a lottery offer a "for life" number. It's usually something they pay over 20 years or something, not an open ended amount you get for life.
  2. I don't see this sticking. Green had problems in coverage last season. I just can't see him playing well as a CB.
  3. That photo sums up Richardson's on the field problems. He had the physical ability to be a great RB. But he could never find the hole.
  4. It depends on what you mean by a "True #1" I think a lot of people are looking for a WR with no weaknesses to his game. . . someone who can do anything and everything. TY has a glaring weakness with his size. This tends to hurt him with his touchdown total as most of his TD's come on long passes. Whereas in the red-zone Luck looks towards Doyle or Moncrief. Other people just define it by who's getting the receptions and the yards. In that case TY is clearly a true #1 and one of the top receivers in the NFL.
  5. This is probably a good way to get his start in coaching. Hang around with the Colts for a year doing the work but not getting paid (He's not hurting for money.) Along the way a person who coached him in the past or one of the coaches who's working with him now will give him a ring for a full time gig in the future. It may not be with the Colts per-se but it will get his foot in the door. So much of staying employed in the coaching business seems to be about networking with other coaches.
  6. Yep. Hopefully he'll get another head coaching shot though.
  7. I couldn't figure him out. When I was at TC that year he made some really great acrobatic catches during practice. Then I would flip on a pre-season game and he would let the ball go flying through his hands. Ultimately I see him as a quitter. Colts kept him on practice squad all year and wanted to bring him back next year to try out and despite the fact that practice squad guys here earn more money then they earn in the CFL he just sulked back to the CFL instead of taking another opportunity with the Colts.
  8. Un-used cap space rolls over into next season. If we are unlikely to use the guy then lets save the cap and let it roll over into next season.
  9. It's not that. Grigson had a thing for fast WR's. Question. . . what is the 40 time of the slowest wide receiver that Ryan Grigson drafted?? Answer: Donte Moncrief - 4.40 Grigson never drafted a big body WR. Instead he always seemed to prefer pure speed. At least in the draft.
  10. Not saying we should cut him right away, but sometimes you have to be willing to admit a sunk cost. IMO he's got this season to find a good role with this team. Otherwise he's a sunk cost.
  11. Can someone please explain to me what is important between calling refs full time employees verses part time employees??
  12. You know I remember that Eddie Debartalo used to attract free agents to his team by doing everything first class. Maybe this is Kraft's way of adopting that mantra. I mean knowing that you will by flying around in first class seats on a team plane that's ment to cater to you could be an attraction. Not only in signing free agents, but also bringing in coaching staff and getting your players to extend with you.
  13. If the coaches put them about even why is Hopkins already saying he wants Savage. I propose another theory. Hopkins through his own eyes might see the better QB as the one who focuses mostly on him instead of spreading the ball around. Say Savage drops back and immediately looks to Hopkins and when in doubt always throws to Hopkins. Sort of like Luck was in his first year with Reggie Wayne. If Watson is a guy who spreads the ball around a little bit more, Hopkins might not see him as being as good as Savage. And I don't mean that Hopkins is necessarily intentionally doing that. But he's likely going to base his biases on how often the ball comes to him.
  14. Not necessarily. TY is with him and considering his contract isn't even in the top 5 of WR contracts but he just led the league in yardage last year, we got a good deal. But what this means is that he caught the attention of a big time agent who might not have had much to do with him back when he was just a UDFA.
  15. Joe Wagner's sister Tracy? Actually I have her on my facebook. Knew her fairly well in HS.

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