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  1. That's always been the case though. Most teams would do some adjustments to their rosters right after the cuts took place before the first game of the year. Shoot realistically you are never safe being at the bottom of the roster or on the PS. Teams flip shuffle through players quite a bit during the season.
  2. Things can change quickly, but I'll believe it when I see it. Jags have been next year's champs for a long time now. Everyone thinks they have talent because they go out in Free Agency and in the Draft and get name players. But a lot of name players don't work out. I'll give them credit when they actually have a decent season.
  3. At this point it seems like he's trying to find excuses to take shots at Grigson. At some point when two people who don't like each other no longer have to work together and no longer have to see one another and they have aired their issues with the other guy. . . At some point it's just a good idea to just let it go. McAfee is past the point at which he should have just let this go and it's making him look bad. At the very best he looks immature by continuing to bring it up.
  4. I would argue the bigger problem is that the gap between the Jags and the Colts. . . or really the Jags and everyone else is far too small. Really sick of the Jags always being next year's champions. Every draft they are drafting in the top 5, they never make major improvements. But then every year you've got writers convinced they have an actual shot this year. I say take 14.5% from the Jags. Give the Texans 4.5% and put them at 40.6%. Give the Colts 10% and put them at 38%. Leave the Jags at 10% and that might be too much. This is a 3 way race between the Titans, Texans and the Colts. Last year the Titans and the Texans had the same record and the Colts where only 1 game behind. The Jags where dragging up the rear and only had like 3 wins.
  5. I didn't know the artist rendering was publically available. I thought it was all a secret.
  6. I don't know much about her personally, I just think she's cute. Realistically I'm happily married to the mother of my children and I wouldn't want to change that.
  7. I enjoy his music for the foxtrot. I have few opinions on the topic other then this.
  8. If I remember right Mother's day is the busiest day of the year for resteraunts. Everyone takes mom out to dinner. On other hand Father's day see's the most collect calls placed. Everyone calls dad to wish him a happy father's day, but they make him pay for the call.
  9. Havn't seen her mentioned but Anna Kendrick would be one of mine.
  10. So what do you think it will be? Will it be an action pose where he's throwing the football or something? Will it be a neutral pose of him standing there? Will it be a victorious pose of him celebrating something? I was thinking an action pose but after listening to the video I think it will be a neutral pose now. Main reason is he talked a lot about his face and head and how it would appear. But if it was a football pose with him wearing his helmet, far less effort would have to go into the face and head as the helmet would cover most of it.
  11. Is it possible practices where cancelled due to heat and humidity? That's the only thing I can think of as to why multiple NFL teams canceled their last mini-camp practice.
  12. Why are practices being canceled?
  13. 10 M per year would put him at #15 among WR contracts. Ahead of: Jordy Nelson - 1257 yards 14 TD's last year Micheal Crabtree - 1003 yards 8 TD's last year Marvin Jones - 930 yards 4 TD's last year Julian Edelman - 1106 yards 3 TD's last year I think 10M is way too much. I'm thinking more like 7 or 8M. Of course a lot of that depends on what kind of season he has this year. But at this point I wouldn't drop 10M a year on him.
  14. The usage of the shoulder between Luck and Ridgeway is a lot different.

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