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  1. They always say good things about a new GM when he's hired the same way they say good things about a new coach when he was hired. The proof will be in the pudding. For the record I hope they are right and Ballard does a great job. I'm just going to temper my expectations.
  2. It always strikes me as odd that someone says that the NFL is paying for being a "money grabbing machine" through lost viewership. But one admits that the NFL was good at making money. How did the NFL make so much money without first increasing the viewers? The NFL is doing great how it is.
  3. The idea of a players only list sounds good, but when you think about it, an NFL team only plays 13 different teams in a season. So ultimately if the players are pulled evenly from across all of the NFL teams, over half of the players who are voting on it, never played against your team this year. So what are they left with? The same stuff the fans are left with. Team wins, reputation, stats. And in fact it may be worse then fans because while fans are busy actually watching the games, the players on the other hand are kind of busy on Sunday playing someone else. So in a sense they may in fact be less informed then the fans. And that's doesn't even take into account the fact that offensive players don't play against other offensive players. So if you are looking at players who actually played against a specific player on the field at the same time this year, it's not a very large percentage. Maybe 20 to 30% at most.
  4. He seemed to slightly outperform Tolzein in the pre-season games last year. But Tolzien had the guaranteed money on his contract. That having been said, in the actual game against the Steelers, Tolzein did surprisingly well with the exception of the fact that he couldn't seem to get the ball into the endzone. He drove us down the field really well, but when it came time to score, we couldn't do it.
  5. He will skyrocket when the Colts start getting more wins I think. Remember after his 2014 season he was ranked #7. But that year the Colts went to the AFC Championship game. The list is biased but a lot of it, especially when QB's are concerned is based on how well the team did.
  6. I don't think that's a concern. Ivory is declining and Yeldon was never really that good in the first place. Fournette will be the primary back in there unless he's just a flat out bust. They wouldn't spend that high of a pick on an RB for him to share carries. But that having been said, he's not going to have anything close to the season that Zeke had. Fournette just landed on a bad offense. The Cowboys offense however was one of the best in the NFL if you look at it in terms of across the board abilities.
  7. No way. Zeke had the best OL in the NFL and a solid QB (even if a rookie) to keep defenses honest. Don't get me wrong because they did play well on their own merits but both Zeke and Dak where put in the best situation in the NFL to succeed. Jags OL is no where near as talented and Bortles is no where near as good as Prescott.
  8. To be fair he didn't deserve to be on the list at all last year. His 2015 season was rotten. Yes it was because of injury but he still played terrible. I think this is a little low. I think he's more top 30. But it's not a big deal.
  9. Glad to see the guy got another gig.
  10. I'm not sure how much it's going to affect it but it stands to reason that if you have a game that is tied and both teams are having a difficult time scoring. Taking 5 minutes of game time away would make it less likely that one of those teams actually does score and win the game. This is the real problem with OT in the NFL and I'm quite frankly unsure why it hasn't been changed. Games ending in a tie doesn't bother me too much. It's not necessary to keep going and going and going until someone breaks the tie. If we're really dead set against games ending in a tie then they should just handle overtime like college football does. To be fair quite frankly college football overtime is one thing that college football just does better then the NFL.
  11. More like misinformed. OP is under the impression that players who arn't signed can't practice or even get a playbook. Neither of which are true.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can't play in a game, especially not a regular season game without a contract. Maybe not even a pre-season game. That said you can practice and get the playbook without any contract. So ultimately we don't have anything to worry about. He's got like 3 months before not having a contract becomes any sort of a hold up. It's not really a concern for the fan base at this point. Let the Bashem and the Colt's work out the business side of things. I'm sure they will have it hammered out before training camp.
  13. 1. I believe that draft picks can and do get playbooks and practice with the team even if they havn't quite signed a contract yet. In fact I think the only thing you can't do as a draft pick without signing a contract is play in a game. 2. It's only May 19, a lot of players have not signed. In fact the Colts getting all but one of their draft picks signed by now is actually fairly early. Relax, I'm sure he's learning the playbook and practicing during mini-camps. It's usually good to have them signed before Training camp but I don't think they absolutely have to be signed until the first pre-season game. Let him and his agent hammer out a deal with the Colts that works for both sides. This isn't holding him up at all and it's still about 3 months before it could even start holding him up the smallest bit.
  14. I can't say I know what happened either but I think we're reaching the point where nearly every draft you are going to have a couple of players who have someone, with a grudge against them that are going to drop some sort of accusation or expose an old skeleton in their closet right before the draft in an effort to hurt them the most.
  15. Great now I'm scared.

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