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  1. Team doctor steps down

    IS he retiring because of injuries? I blame it on LOS turf.
  2. Marlon Mack

    Gore needs to start and Mack needs to watch him and study him this year. His vision and efficiency is unbelievable. Turbin on 3rd and short. Mack on 3rd and long.
  3. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    The whole point of a Ballards off-season FA plan, was to get a certain type of player with a a favorable short term contract...see how each plays...reward the good and release the bad. Meanwhile your draft picks play, take their lumps and get better as the season unfolds. Mack, Quincy, Hooker, Basham...all should be playing. Tolzein never should. Green isn't ready. The Oline is a mystery to me. I thought Joe would have them ready to play. Pagano looked as shaken as Tolzein. I think we have talent, but Monachino, Pagano and maybe Chud probably shouldn't be here next year.
  4. Was Game One The Gauge For The Season?

    No. I have found that the 1st game is almost never indicative of the seasoN. I'd call it a throwaway that still goes toward your record.
  5. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    Take TJ Green. He starts camp as a safety just like last year. All of a sudden he is moved to CB and Ballard states that while employed by the Chiefs, he saw Green as a CB and not a safety. This proves that Pagano saw Green as a safety and Ballard didn't. Ballard allows it for a short time and then gets Pagano to change Greens position. So I think he did the same thing with Tolzein. Short rope....failed....traded for a QB before the season is lost....that's okay because he has to work with the coaches and he said mistakes would be made and he would admit them. We don't want another dictator.
  6. the good? Not many people saw the game.....live..
  7. Brady doesn't do enough "special" things to ever be considered the best. He is just super consistent as long as he has time in the pocket and/or a short receiver open 5 yards away. Every 5-7 plays he throws it in Gronk's vicinity which is all he needs to do. He will NEVER make that crazy pass that Aaron Rogers made last year in the playoffs to get his team a win.
  8. Ballard and New England

    Nevertheless, Ballard did help build that KC team and not many teams have been able to take it to NE like that. There's hope.
  9. Peyton Manning on Andrew Luck

    He's the man. I hope he has met and talked with Luck at some point during his injury. I know it would lift him up if he did.
  10. why brissett

    So you are saying the decision was pretty easy or that Brissett isn't any good either?
  11. why brissett

    As the OP said, I wonder why him. Did Ballard watch tape of every backup and d cide on him? Tolzien reminds me of every backup Peyton had.... below standard.
  12. By Definition The Colts Are Rebuilding

    We are going younger and deeper. I think Ballard may always keep that balancing act as long as he is here. Grow your core group, rotate the rest as needed. Playing it safe with Luck is just the right thing to do, . If he gets a high priced backup to be competitive, he still doesn't have the team to win. I don't think he had much choice.
  13. Colts Release Depth Chart

    Nobody is safe anymore....you bring your A game or go home
  14. Chris Ballard Press Conference

    Guess I will need a new name soon
  15. I think he is doing the right thing. He got younger, acquired real 3-4 defensive players, said we would create turnovers and we did in preseason, upgraded backup QB, upgraded RB, got Hankins who could be 2d best player on our team...etc...imo he struggled with Oline and pass rusher but we don't know...both of those might turn out ok
  16. IndyStar

    Dungy proved you don't have to call anyone out in public. Behind the scenes I believe he held them accountable because he is all about that. A good coach can keep his unique personality and be successful as long as he is a ......good coach.
  17. Will Ballard become the next Bill Polian?

    Polian won without Manning, and so did Dungy. Our problem was Bellichik was coming into his own. He knew to rough up Marvin...how to fluster Manning in the beginning. How to spy, etc...plus his defense was simply great. I think that Colts team would easily beat today's Patriot teams.
  18. Mr.Ballard.... where is the OL and DL improvement?

    I didn't get to see the game. Was it because of missed assignments or we were overmatched physically?
  19. TJ Green at CB

    Swoopes was a project that is working out. Green should probably be one as well, but most everyone won't let him because he was drafted high.
  20. Ballard often cites at least 3 examples of learning when he talks. Barry Alvarez, Bears, Chiefs. All 3 were proven winners. It just seems like Ballard is mature and ready to be a GM, while Grigson only cites his time with the Eagles. I think Grigs needs to hang in the system, mature, learn from this experience and he can probably be successful if ever given another GM chance. That being said, I do believe the hype about Ballard. He just comes across as the most common sense guy ever.
  21. TJ Green Updates

    Haha..yeah I forgot to quote Def Jam who compared him to Hester
  22. TJ Green Updates

    I wish he were Devin Hester, then we could move him to return man and cross that position off our list.
  23. Kevin Bowen let go by Colts

    Yep, gonna miss Kevin. Really enjoyed his mailbag.
  24. Colts Training Camp 8/4/17

    With a better Dline this year, Morrison should have more time to get to the runner and lay the wood. Previous years, we would have needed Urlacher to be effective,
  25. Guard spots

    I agree with most every reason stated, as they all make sense In this case. I am eager to see our running attack on the right side with this lineup.