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  1. Adldai was an SEC backup. Polian saw potential in him, plus he liked the fact there wasn't much wear and tear. Great guy, great blocker, but Rhodes hit the hole harder and faster while Adlai had that studder step that never worked.
  2. Hairston in the slot seems sounds like a sleeper pick to me.
  3. When fans think they need the best coach in order to win championships, I think of Bobby Knight at Texas Tech or Larry Brown wherever he plays or Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson for the Dolphins. All of those coaches won championships with talented teams but couldn't without talent. I say we Assemble the Avengers Front office and scout team and let's become the most talented team. Then let's see what happens.
  4. the new punter/kick off guy will be impactful either positively or negatively. Hopefully he doesn't have to punt much this year
  5. It was said this draft was so deep for the RBs, that teams could get 1st - 2nd round talent in Later rounds and we took advantage of that.
  6. Frank Gore, Ken Griffey and. Lincoln Kennedy.....I know Ballard is using anslytics, but I didn't know DNA was Factored in.
  7. I think Banner has the potential to be really good and it isn't strength, conditioning and diet I worry about. I worry that he has the big mans lazy gene. If so, he will never make it. I heard a basketball scout say a lot of big guys really don't love basketball but they have the body and the opportunity and it pays well.
  8. If you are a great college back and there is no hole between the tackles, You break outside. Pros do that too...I agree it's overblown....now, picking up blitzes and blocking? They all have a tough time learning that.
  9. Thanks, Mr. Irsay. Now......Avengers assemble!!!
  10. Yeah, I picked up on that as well, but I don't know the answer.
  11. Especially since players are always using military phrases like "going to battle"....."He is our field general out there"....leadership....just tons of that jargon. This is one crazy good offseason.
  12. Surely, there is something redeemable about the player.
  13. My pet peeve is calling someone garbage....nobody needs to be called garbage. It's more indicative of your personality than it is the players value.
  14. So Deckers process will also weed out players who don't really love football, but they do it to make big money for their family. Lots of people in real life fall in this category. Just curious about the psychology of his models.
  15. Decker and Ballard seem similar in their approach. It might be a good fit. That was a really interesting article.
  16. The Colts do get the combine ever year, hosted a Super Bowl and Is being considered for the draft. Marquee events. We are right in the mix organization wise. We just have to get that great defense Ballard is building and we will be right back at the top again. I just know he is going to build A top 5 defense....I am getting pumped up just thinking about it.
  17. I guess that means the Jags, Titans and Texans are drafting 27th, 28th and 29th.
  18. Sorry, I wasn't taking a shot at you. Just having fun with the whole thing. I really think he'll have a good shot at it honestly though.
  19. I am so thankful Hooker won DROY. For a few days there, I was worried, but imagination and expectations came through in the end.
  20. Haha, I wrote that wrong. He does have smarts and skills. Look, every Colts fan is pulling for Haeg...we just want him to succeed.
  21. Not Goode and Banner...Clark has those long arms that helps. Haeg doesn't have special physical traits, smarts and skill so he needs to be stonger. As that previous scouting link showed.
  22. Haeg seems smart and skilled. I believe the strength will come. Hilton gained bulk and muscle his 2nd year because he was told he needed to bulk up his frame. We know from reports that The whole Oline group has been working out together this offseason. He will be stronger for sure.
  23. Regarding Crossan, i know the competition is lower, but he looks really fast and he breaks a lot of arm tackles. who knows...it should be really fun in camp.
  24. Ballard looks for that one unique trait in a player. Well, Clark has the longest arm reach of all linemen. That has to be a top LT characteristic. Haeg seems to be a jack of all trades and a master at none (I don't mean this harshly cause I think he is great). I can't really tell where he should be but I do think he would make a great 6th man with very little if any drop off.
  25. If Ballard isn't impressed with Allen, Overton, etc, I can't imagine he is too impressed with Bray either. There has to be someone better than him out there and I am including UDFAs. He could be cut.

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