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  1. What if the QB was born with one groin but he grew another groin and it wasn’t showin?
  2. True enough. “One Groin Kaslowski”, never won a Super Bowl.
  3. if college produces more and better 4/3 players, then that's the defense I want to run. Availability. I don't want to wait 6 years to find a Vince Wilfork in his prime.
  4. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    To quote "Roadhouse", "He's good.....he's reeeaaalll good."
  5. Dungy never got the defense he needed. One year he did. He cooked the meal but didn't buy the groceries.
  6. The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    Let's see. A QB who throws for a ton of yards, but doesn't get the win because he doesn't have a good enough defense.....hhhmmmm..that sounds so familiar...I think it was a guy....no, I think 2 guys........yeah, 2 guys named Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck who we've watched years and years playing like that only to have some people claim Brady is better, when we all know he had a top defense to,help him and we didn't.
  7. Adam Schefter's lastest Tweet

    Was it the "firstest" tweet maybe?
  8. Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    2 things. Convert 3rd downs and half time adjustments. If we can do those 2 things well, I don't care if it's the coach or the OC, but someone has to be smart enough to figure that out on the team.
  9. Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    Polian vs Parcells. Who do you trust?
  10. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    Belichik isn't ashamed of his actions. That's all I'm gonna say.
  11. Florio Reporting Colts Down To Three Candidates

    Polian was praising him on Sirius on my way from work. Polian was the Bills GM when Frank was their backup and Polian helped him get the job with Colts. Good enough forme.
  12. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    Has anyone ever seen Ballard and Captain America in a room at the same time?
  13. Dan Campbell to get Interview

    Ballard is looking for someone ALL IN. This guy would be that for sure. I would be concerned about half time adjustments. Somebody on the team needs to be good at them.
  14. Some Clarity, hopefully?

    Polian was successful with 3 different teams and 3 different HCs. If Ballard is as good as we hope he's going to be, he can be successful with a variety of coaches. Not just McD or Vrabel. Give him time to build the roster and select a coach with the right system and we should be ok. I don't think there's just 1 guy who can get us to a SB and nobody else.
  15. Remember when, Bellichik had only 1 answer to Peyton's no huddle offense at its best. Faking an injury and then the player could come back the next play? The problem is that his underhanded tricks usually work. He had to literally hold Marvin Harrison because he feared him. Both acts caused rule changes. I would say we were more than a worthy opponent during the rivalry.
  16. Yes, you picked the one guy who is most like Josh McD.
  17. I have always liked him. That's not a bad combo.
  18. ST Coordinator Joe Judge coming with McDaniels

    True but something seems different now.
  19. ST Coordinator Joe Judge coming with McDaniels

    If the Pats lose all of these guys, who are they replacing them with? Slim pickings right now.
  20. The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    It all comes to an end eventually. When Brady had to run those few times, he looked like those old stop-motion sci fi monsters in Sinbad and Hercules. BB demands perfection and we know he wanted Jimmy this year, so it's hard for me to believe he could spend the next 5 years with Brady degrading and not go crazy.
  21. I felt the same way at first, but then I realized something. I have been thinking all along that the only way we were ever going to get past the Evil Empire was to have someone who has the ability to match wits with BB. Little did I ever think it might be someone from the Dark Side. But as I watch Ballard and McD operate, I now think we will have a whole team of bright people, with the ability to plan a good future and think on our feet. We have arguably the smartest QB in the league but we've not really utilized that. Josh in theory gives us that chance, imo. So I have changed my thinking a bit. Doug Peterson and Josh McD were the ones who shined tonight, not the defenses. So, , maybe we get some of that going forward.
  22. Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Aguilar has played great all game.
  23. Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Please let this be Bellichiks last game with the Pats.
  24. Darrell Bevell to Colts? [Merge]

    Remember, we have an ex Seattle front office guy now. It makes sense. I completely disagree with the Wilson detractors though. Everyone knows that Oline was terrible. Everyone knows our Oline was terrible. Wilson ran for his life and made 2 Super Bowls. Luck hung in there and look where we are.