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  1. LockeDown

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    I would replace Brady and Bruschi with Gronk. Reed would intercept Manning and I would be bragging on him as he ran with the ball. Lol.
  2. LockeDown

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Peyton made a public statement the other day saying he always liked Case Keenum and that he was a winner. I went ..oh, no.....we need them to draft a QB.
  3. I can't even look at comments on Profootballtalk's website. They are so petty and vicious toward other teams and players. Hardly ever respectful. I'm not so sure agents are the worst people. The fans seem to be.
  4. LockeDown

    New Tom Brady Scandal! (Stormy weather ahead!)

    I always thought Brady was a little sketchy.
  5. LockeDown

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    I have an unnatural phobia of team helmets with flying objects on them. ...oh, uh.. I mean
  6. Most people want Nelson in order to protect Luck, but think about running behind this guy. If it's 3rd down and 1, run Jones or Turbin behind Nelson and it's almost an automatic 1st down. It would be a huge benefit to have someone that keeps the chains moving. However, if Chubbs is there, I think CB takes him.
  7. LockeDown

    New Tom Brady Scandal! (Stormy weather ahead!)

    We know it wasn't Andrew Luck. A neckbeard would be a dead giveaway.
  8. LockeDown

    New Tom Brady Scandal! (Stormy weather ahead!)

    Maybe she remembers him best when he was eating dinner.
  9. LockeDown

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    My wife and kids don't like big cities....eerrrr....
  10. LockeDown

    Three Players I hope the Colts Sign May 8....

    Aww, man. I just ordered Franks jersey.
  11. Our guy AC was a converted TE if I remember correctly. That might explain why he has fared well for us.
  12. LockeDown

    ESPN having fun with different trade scenarios

    Crazy talk. You go with Luck until it is proven he can’t play at all. He is a generational talent that is far better than any QB in this draft. To dump him without waiting would be dumb. Chargers gave up on a top 5 QB and he won a Super Bowl with a perennial losing Saints.
  13. I have always thought it had more to do with the system, the coaches and also the culture, ala Pittsburgh. Manning, Marino and Elway had skills that would make them great no matter what team they were on, but they all 3 played on teams that if they weren't there, their teams weren't very good. its not my desire to knock a good system QB, but they shouldn't be called the GOAT either and that gets my goat.
  14. LockeDown

    Mason Rudolph

    I can't remember who, but someone from ESPN or NFL who was on the field during the combine, said Allen was the most impressive with his throws up close and Rudolph was the least. I know it's the combine, but maybe it had some effect on his status.
  15. We're not dealing with the Pats. You can't say the rivalry is back on and then give them Chubbs.
  16. LockeDown

    Matt Jones

    Fumbling is something that should be fixable. I know New England was working on an innovative method.
  17. LockeDown

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    If he were sniffing glue, I'd come unglued.
  18. LockeDown

    Colts Pro Day

    My mother says I'm talented!!!
  19. LockeDown

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    Exactly. Seriously though, Larry Bird played a whole game shooting only left handed, but he was ambidextrous so that helped.
  20. LockeDown

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    I have never worried once he wouldn't be back. If he can't come back ultimately, then you know he tried to do everything possible and it is one of those things that happens. I personally think he comes back with Peyton Manning like abilities, meaning brain power. Remember, Lucks brain is as good as his physical gifts. He might just have to use them more now.
  21. LockeDown

    Colts Forged

    They wear it every time they deposit their NFL paycheck and somehow it looks just fine.
  22. LockeDown

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Thanks i couldn’t remember but my point is that he never had a dynasty defense again...and I’m talking talented wise. I hate it when I get sucked in to a Pats conversation. I should have let it go
  23. LockeDown

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    BB had his most talent when he inherited the Patriots from Parcells who took them to the super Bowl. He never acquired that kind of special talent again except for Gronk and Moss. Instead, he developed a system where he could win using his expertise, coaching them up and preparation. Oh and cheating.
  24. LockeDown

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    He is the Mount Rushmore of coaches, not GMs. We will get as good or better talent than the Pats, but B.B. doesn’t win with better talent. Better game planning and execution. He can trade picks all he wants and just to get a tackle that we aren’t even considering. But it will be good enough for his team. Any GM can do that.
  25. LockeDown

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    First day he will be stacking Atlas stones. His new trainer is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariusz_Pudzianowski