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  1. Desir and Hairston

    We see how Ballard keeps turning over stones. He will keep searching even if our unit is top 5 probably.
  2. Brian Decker

    Most of us forget about this hiring, the ex Green Beret brought in to measure and analyze e very player the Colts attempt to sign. His analysis involves character as well as many other things to help us determine if the plAyer has the right stuff for an NFL career. I only bring it up wondering how much influence he may have already had with some of our trades and signings. Like Brissett maybe. I know he wasn't involved in the previous draft. Here's a link. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2017/5/10/15611404/chris-ballard-explains-what-brian-decker-rex-hogan-bring-to-colts-front-office
  3. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    Polian said he tried to draft linemen who were good pass blockers and that was to protect Manning. We should too. These guards who may be road graders sound great, but they may get Luck killed. If Quentin is great at both, and is BPA I would want him. Kelly was BPA when. We picked him. I would prefer an elite pass rusher but those don't always pan out ie Mingo and Hunt. Good but not elite.
  4. Nate Hairston has been our best rookie draftee

    That's a great stat. I'm still holding out that all 3 (hooker, Hairston and Quincy) will be special.
  5. brissetts ranking

    My point is he is inexperienced as an NFL starter and he is slow. He runs a 4.94 40 yard dash. There are Olinemen faster than him. He is forced to make reads early in his development against 1st string NFL starters instead of taking off after his first read is not there. With that in mind he might develop into a better QB sooner because of this.
  6. brissetts ranking

    You must have not read the entire thread. This was discussed.
  7. brissetts ranking

    My take is this. The only QB rookies that seem to play well are running QBs. The pass first guys tAke a few years. Jacoby is a slow runner a d is forced to read defenses his rookie year. That is great experience and I think he is doing well. Taking his lumps though.
  8. Chester Rodgers

    Why is it we don't target Moncrief enough ,yet a no body like Rogers comes and plays big every game he is in? Somebody wants it more than somebody else is my take.
  9. I know but it actually happens all the time. Jordan Palmer, Carson’s brother and former QB as well as David Carr, Kurt Warner and others all had lives too and they mentored current QBs in the league. David Cutcliffe gave his time to bothe Eli and Peyton every offseason.
  10. it wont happen, but I wish Manning would mentor/train Luck in the off season. when he isnt helping brad paisley in the studio.
  11. JG, Wentz, Goff, Dak, Mariotta, all look promising because they play with good Oline, good RBs and good protection. Put them in the Colts lineup and they will be in concussion protocol or in Europe looking for miracle cures.
  12. What type of coach would you prefer?

    I want a good/wise decision maker. Football isn't rocket science. A coach who weighs each decision he has to make everyday, every week and every month and comes away with the right decision most of the time, is the kind of guy that will probably bring eventual success.
  13. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    The doctor in Germany, if that's where he is going, is very unconventional, but he apparently has good results. The track star Usain Bolt went there regularly. Lots of athletes like Kobe, already mentioned.
  14. This is Ballard's team

    Yes, I had Vontae, so I'm hoping Hooker is a lockdown safety...is there such a thing?
  15. This is Ballard's team

    ....KC plays NE well. That's always been my hope.