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  1. The Colts have been starved for a great Oline for years and this temptation is staring us in the face. He will be there at 15. We really need defense but man......
  2. It's cliche but true. The media, sportscasters, network producers, sports columnists all tell the public what to think. They romantisize the games. They want there to be a story for them to tell. If you win, you make them tell your story. If you lose, they make you a bum or sympathetic figure. Fans have their own opinions, but we still are bombarded by their articles like the top 10 greatest QBs and they always use rings as the final piece. Anybody fan who saw Marino knows he was top 3 or 5. Brady being picked late went to a dynasty defense with the all time great coach. Peyton and Luck being picked 1st, went to the worst teams in the league. That's apples to oranges.
  3. I spent time looking over the local articles when this happened and easily the majority of men felt the same way I do. Of course women do. That leaves a small minority of the community where it happened who were more concerned about his NFL career. All of the men repeated the same thing...a man doesn't hit a woman unless she is threatening his life with a weapon. If a man is threatened by a woman w/o a weapon so that he needs to hit her, he isn't much of a man. There are women on this board and it's downright embarrassing that they have to read drivel like yours that you dont think this is all that bad.
  4. 2/3 will be defensive front seven and 1/3 CB.
  5. How many young men have gone to prison because they lost their temper just like Mixon and in the heat of the moment, stabbed or shot someone and that victim died? Mixon did the same thing, only he used his fist as a weapon. He's really fortunate that his weapon wasn't a knife or gun or he would be in prison too.
  6. This is probably a wake up call for Dorsett. He either rises above the competition or he loses his spot. I would like for him to answer the Bell.
  7. Right. We still pick up one, but just not at 15. I am torn between that but if we did that it probably means Ballard wasn't crazy about the 1st round ERs.
  8. He talked about the new guys rushing the QB. That coupled with Kiper now picking us to take Foster instead of Tak makes me wonder if the thinking is we don't go edge rusher in the 1st round.
  9. Theres nothing wrong questioning a top 10-15 pick. It happens every year and something as strange as the combine incident would get my attention, too. I certainly don't think it's Mixon bad, but if he is going to be your defensive leader for the next 10 years, you do need to be careful. I remember Johnny Manzel leaving ( or being kicked out of) the Manning QB camp. In that case the red flag was legit. I haven't seen Fosters explanation so I don't know if it's fake sounding or sincere.
  10. So basically, our depth will always have a contract year mentality. Our draft picks will theoretically be starters with bigger contracts who are the team leaders. Thats probably how a lot of teams want to be, but fall to the wayside at some point. Old FA vets haven't been kind to us so that's fine by me.
  11. Haeg and Clark should be our future LT and RT imo, so if we draft Lamp, then we are not only good now, but we have depth and the future for when Castanzo is done.
  12. The problem with that is you know he isn't a pass option so the defense has an advantage. He needs to catch the football.
  13. Yes. I signed up for the group Sunday matinee tryout. It's me, a 10 year old and her grandmother.
  14. As far as Mingo....I remember years ago, Darius Butler was not tearing up the league either. One of our Thursday night games, Deion Sanders told him that the Colts might be his last chance and he needed to take advantage of it. A lot of Colt fans weren't too high on him either. Look at him now. A team leader, plays 2 positions and considered heady by some. I'm not saying Mingo is the same player, but he is kind of in the same situation and he does have talent.
  15. The draft is full of talented players, but they have to match what your team is doing. That's where Grigson is different from what I see of Ballard. If the 2 of them both grabbed equally talented players, Ballards will probably play better because they fit the MO of them team. Grigson's players seemed mismatched to me.

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