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  1. Chubb would be great, but as I have read, the FO are looking for more speed now to take advantage of our home field in LOS. He is fast for his size,but he's not Freeney and Mathis fast. Maybe that's another reason why Ballard is willing to take a chance he won't be there at 6. That and that we need more picks. Either way, we will get a great player if we stay at 6.
  2. This is how he works and He hasn't misled us afaik. I'm not even disappointed a little. I really admire his ability to stick to his guns. He could have outbid for several guys by now and he held fast. He's not a bad closer and he's not cheap...he just sticks to what he thinks is right.
  3. We have the guru trainer on board now. Maybe he can get these guys playing.
  4. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Silvers take seemed very unprofessional to me. Make your case with facts and reasoning and that's fine, but don't act like it's personal. Which, somehow, I think it is.
  5. they might end up being good players, but not the 2 I would want.
  6. And I wasn't being mean, I just noticed the crowd size in the videos. Looked like people were doing their homework during the game.
  7. He shouldn't be nervous. he's used to playing in front of crowds in excess of 300 people.
  8. Didn't they get that lineman from the Rams? I can't see them getting all 3. I wish we could though.
  9. QB room. Has everybody looked at the playbook? We've memorized it, coach. I know it backwards, coach. I made copies in Sumerian symbols that I think the rest of the team will enjoy, coach. I created a new language so nobody can steal our signals, coach..... Chris, can you send someone from Bama to the QB room?
  10. it's football IQ!!..football IQ!! not regular IQ....
  11. I looked up his highlight reels and none of them had music.
  12. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    Nobody here said they liked the questioning.its a right to free speech. When that right gets taken away, then we're all in trouble.
  13. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    And the last posts you've made are condescending.
  14. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    That's not a cool thing to say to a fellow poster.