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  1. How many Super Bowls does Big Ben win without Troy Palamalu (sp)?
  2. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    Basham. Time to show something. Other rookies have.
  3. Good Stampedeblue breakdown of the Run D vs Arizona

    Kansas City is a team that continually languishes in mediocrity. It took a few years and they are a contender these days. He had a big part of that. His Time on the Bears, they were great and went to the Super Bowl. But it took time and drafts and getting the right people. It's not magic....Abracadabra. Hocus Pocus. Abraca Pocus. (Bugs Bunny reference)
  4. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    We are going to have a great defense and Luck will finally get the help he needs so he doesn't have to carry the full load. Ballard had no choice but to gut the team. He knows what standard it takes to win at a high level and he gets rid of players early if he doesn't think they can achieve that level. It seems scary now, but will pay dividends later. Eli, Big Ben and Brady won early in their career because they had phenomenal defenses to carry the heavy load. Manning didnt and Luck didn't. It takes longer. Manning won when we finally got Bob Sanders who was a very high caliber defensive player and I believe Hooker is going to be on that level. Rookie, No training camp, limited practice, finally starts and gets an interception from across the field where Quincy was all over his man. QBs are going to fear this type of coverage going forward.
  5. Colts Make New Hire

    Authentic custom iron horseshoes for the first 100 fans on game day. Hand forged by Jim Irsay himself, with the welded initials of our rookie draft class. Andrew Lu....errr...Jacoby Brisett will personally toss them to each fan, so practice your jug machine and bring your heavy duty gloves cause these babies leave a real mark. See ya at the game.
  6. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    Defense is gonna be good last half of the season as the rookies grow.
  7. Team doctor steps down

    IS he retiring because of injuries? I blame it on LOS turf.
  8. Marlon Mack

    Gore needs to start and Mack needs to watch him and study him this year. His vision and efficiency is unbelievable. Turbin on 3rd and short. Mack on 3rd and long.
  9. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    The whole point of a Ballards off-season FA plan, was to get a certain type of player with a a favorable short term contract...see how each plays...reward the good and release the bad. Meanwhile your draft picks play, take their lumps and get better as the season unfolds. Mack, Quincy, Hooker, Basham...all should be playing. Tolzein never should. Green isn't ready. The Oline is a mystery to me. I thought Joe would have them ready to play. Pagano looked as shaken as Tolzein. I think we have talent, but Monachino, Pagano and maybe Chud probably shouldn't be here next year.
  10. Was Game One The Gauge For The Season?

    No. I have found that the 1st game is almost never indicative of the seasoN. I'd call it a throwaway that still goes toward your record.
  11. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    Take TJ Green. He starts camp as a safety just like last year. All of a sudden he is moved to CB and Ballard states that while employed by the Chiefs, he saw Green as a CB and not a safety. This proves that Pagano saw Green as a safety and Ballard didn't. Ballard allows it for a short time and then gets Pagano to change Greens position. So I think he did the same thing with Tolzein. Short rope....failed....traded for a QB before the season is lost....that's okay because he has to work with the coaches and he said mistakes would be made and he would admit them. We don't want another dictator.
  12. the good? Not many people saw the game.....live..
  13. Brady doesn't do enough "special" things to ever be considered the best. He is just super consistent as long as he has time in the pocket and/or a short receiver open 5 yards away. Every 5-7 plays he throws it in Gronk's vicinity which is all he needs to do. He will NEVER make that crazy pass that Aaron Rogers made last year in the playoffs to get his team a win.
  14. Ballard and New England

    Nevertheless, Ballard did help build that KC team and not many teams have been able to take it to NE like that. There's hope.
  15. Peyton Manning on Andrew Luck

    He's the man. I hope he has met and talked with Luck at some point during his injury. I know it would lift him up if he did.