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  1. I remember our Super Bowl year. Our defense was struggling. Some people only remember we added Booger McFarland and brought Rob Morris back which really bolstered our defense. However, before that, Dungy said he was going to get back to the basics and he emphasized tackling and reacting quicker. It worked. Tackling? I'm for it.
  2. I go back to when Tarik Glenn suddenly retired. Manning and company tried to talk him out of it to no avail. Polian tried that guy from Arkansas who failed and then spent a whole draft on linemen that fell through. Hasn't been the same since until now. Grigson made some good choices in his last draft.
  3. Yes, but he said Howard Mudd said that. That's different.
  4. Consecutive wins vs the Titans
  5. ...and he said that when we first hired him, that he would do the very thing he is doing now.
  6. Adldai was an SEC backup. Polian saw potential in him, plus he liked the fact there wasn't much wear and tear. Great guy, great blocker, but Rhodes hit the hole harder and faster while Adlai had that studder step that never worked.
  7. Hairston in the slot seems sounds like a sleeper pick to me.
  8. When fans think they need the best coach in order to win championships, I think of Bobby Knight at Texas Tech or Larry Brown wherever he plays or Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson for the Dolphins. All of those coaches won championships with talented teams but couldn't without talent. I say we Assemble the Avengers Front office and scout team and let's become the most talented team. Then let's see what happens.
  9. the new punter/kick off guy will be impactful either positively or negatively. Hopefully he doesn't have to punt much this year
  10. It was said this draft was so deep for the RBs, that teams could get 1st - 2nd round talent in Later rounds and we took advantage of that.
  11. Frank Gore, Ken Griffey and. Lincoln Kennedy.....I know Ballard is using anslytics, but I didn't know DNA was Factored in.
  12. I think Banner has the potential to be really good and it isn't strength, conditioning and diet I worry about. I worry that he has the big mans lazy gene. If so, he will never make it. I heard a basketball scout say a lot of big guys really don't love basketball but they have the body and the opportunity and it pays well.
  13. If you are a great college back and there is no hole between the tackles, You break outside. Pros do that too...I agree it's overblown....now, picking up blitzes and blocking? They all have a tough time learning that.
  14. Thanks, Mr. Irsay. Now......Avengers assemble!!!
  15. Yeah, I picked up on that as well, but I don't know the answer.

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