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  1. Ballard often cites at least 3 examples of learning when he talks. Barry Alvarez, Bears, Chiefs. All 3 were proven winners. It just seems like Ballard is mature and ready to be a GM, while Grigson only cites his time with the Eagles. I think Grigs needs to hang in the system, mature, learn from this experience and he can probably be successful if ever given another GM chance. That being said, I do believe the hype about Ballard. He just comes across as the most common sense guy ever.
  2. Haha..yeah I forgot to quote Def Jam who compared him to Hester
  3. I wish he were Devin Hester, then we could move him to return man and cross that position off our list.
  4. Yep, gonna miss Kevin. Really enjoyed his mailbag.
  5. With a better Dline this year, Morrison should have more time to get to the runner and lay the wood. Previous years, we would have needed Urlacher to be effective,
  6. I agree with most every reason stated, as they all make sense In this case. I am eager to see our running attack on the right side with this lineup.
  7. I hope he is the defacto best center in the game for many years. I think he can be.
  8. While I am in no way claiming that Davis is Revis, but Revis is still able to play...just not as well. As long as a CB has adequate speed, their craftiness can overcome their defficiences at times. I hope we keep him if he's healthy.
  9. I'm going to call my mother-in-law and see if she is worried about the right side of our Oline.
  10. Autographed pic of K.C. Jones (Celtics coach during Larry Bird days).
  11. Dan Marino would be the guy I'd pick. He had the size, arm, accuracy, leadership...everything but a great defense and a running game....which is what you need to win a Super Bowl. What a shame.
  12. I remember our Super Bowl year. Our defense was struggling. Some people only remember we added Booger McFarland and brought Rob Morris back which really bolstered our defense. However, before that, Dungy said he was going to get back to the basics and he emphasized tackling and reacting quicker. It worked. Tackling? I'm for it.
  13. I go back to when Tarik Glenn suddenly retired. Manning and company tried to talk him out of it to no avail. Polian tried that guy from Arkansas who failed and then spent a whole draft on linemen that fell through. Hasn't been the same since until now. Grigson made some good choices in his last draft.
  14. Yes, but he said Howard Mudd said that. That's different.
  15. Consecutive wins vs the Titans

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