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  1. Why Ballard should take Bradley Chubb at #3

    what if Barkley and Chubb go 1-2 to Cleveland and NY? It won't happen, but if it did, we might actually get that king's ransom we're looking for.
  2. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    Yeah....Jack "Freakin" Doyle.
  3. Should the Colts trade for Bobby Wagner?

    Yeah, I'm against it, too. We are young..in a good drafting position...those picks are precious.
  4. Good, I hope Kiper starts the hype on all of the QBs. Take turns being #1. We will be guaranteed trade back offers. I don’t want to trade Brissett yet though
  5. Interesting Trend with our WR's

    That has to be the most positive NE writer piece ever written about the Colts. I kinda agree. I don’t think we mimic their system perfectly. But I do believe he will need to get rid of the ball quickky whatever it is
  6. The highest grades Colts.... all on defense??

    Freeney might be held sackless all game being double teamed, but in the 4th quarter on 3rd down in our territory, for the game, he would sack the QB taking them out of field goal range. We win. Would PFF grade him highly for that?
  7. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    I still think Ballard doesn't bring in older guys. I think he continues with his younger free agents who have potential but don't get enough playing time. Short contracts. Prove yourself. Josh and Everflus coach them up. Teaching.
  8. Let Frank Gore Walk

    I would like Barkley and Gore and Mack and Turbin. Why not? You get a back for every occasion. If the money is right.
  9. Its easy to find an Edelman. They are everywhere. Welker, woodhead....they are everywhere. They are tweeners. BB just coaches them up. Or McDaniel does. Now, we should be able to do that too. At least that's what we hope.
  10. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Berflus, Peet's and McDaniel are fairly young. 30s to 40 range. So we may be getting younger all the way around.
  11. Free agency changed everything. You can have 2 good drafts and 2 years of wise free agency and Boom! You're back in the saddle. Always assuming you have a QB.
  12. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Well, yeah..if McDaniels is calling the plays while this guy learns, I'm all about that.
  13. McDaniels won't be By himself. He will have Ballard and his front office and his scouts and Luck and hopefully a locker room full of talent at some point. In other words, I am buying in to what Ballard is doing across the board. I was against JM too at first, but it's Ballard I believe in and I think he has vision. Remember that Irsay said Chris blew the interview away. He has all of these notebooks full of data like how to choose a HC, etc....he has been prepared for this moment.
  14. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Haha, did you read the linked article? This guy is extremely humble and missed his opportunity to play to be at the side of his dying brother. What do you not like about that?
  15. What if Josh says....."Chris, how about the Barkley kid? I could sure draw up some plays for him. Just saying...."