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  1. We're number 1...we're number 1...
  2. Articles on Colts.com are already suggesting Turbin wants and might get more of a prominent role in our backfield. He is $$$ as a short yardage back. CM would be a nice compliment to him.
  3. Ballard did say he thinks long term.
  4. Malik is the kind of player that if he matures, a future redraft will have him top 10-15. You just never know.
  5. I think BPA is always right unless you have a franchise player at the position. For instance, Luck is ours and he is in his prime. I would only draft backups for him. Adrian Peterson was the franchise player in his prime, so I wouldn't draft the top RB, but instead his backup. THis is how the real world works in the NFL. It's more of a common sense approach. It's a terrible idea to draft on need only.
  6. Usually, its linemen that lack desire and not skilled players.
  7. Can Howard be better than who we have? Is he BPA? Then drafting him makes sense.
  8. I just think McKinley, Foster, or Reddick are the biggest bang for the buck and would change our defense the greatest.
  9. Ballard may not be done on the Dline. He has mentioned a few times that you need plenty of bigger, stronger, faster linemen to make a deep playoff run. I think we are much closer to having the right Dline and Oline than we have been in a very long time.
  10. Right. I was referring to a comment about Clark needing more strength this offseason and I was demonstrating he is working on that now. The group thing was an aside.
  11. Ballard noted the Oline has already been working out and they do it together which he liked.
  12. Nobody mentions Good anymore. What if he comes into camp at a good weight and really competes hard like Ballard is wanting? He is still the physical specimen of the group.
  13. TOp 10 is reserved for prototype players. I like Harris, but like someone said, he doesn't have premier speed for an edge rusher. Maybe some gamesmanship going on.
  14. We need to loosen the grip N.E has in our conference. I hope Chris can be the architect who does that. I really believe that defense and pressuring the QB will be the key to success and that means up the middle as well.

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