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  1. LockeDown

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Leonard because his personality seems like leadership potential.
  2. LockeDown

    Linebacker Jenga

    First draft was for Paganos 3/4 defense. We are having to clear those types out who don't fit the 4/3. Almost like starting over.
  3. LockeDown

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    Flacco has to be the lowest key guy in the league. He is offensive lineman like. He gets no press, no elite consideration, no trouble, no respect, etc....very fortunate to have played on a great team with a great GM. Yet, somehow, I like him. Maybe he needs new system and better receives.
  4. LockeDown

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    I tweeted once.....once.
  5. LockeDown

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    These are young guys out there playing in pressure situations in front of millions of viewers, They may forget the snap count, their assignment on the play, etc...a young RB might get Luck killed if he doesn't know who he blocks. Passing a test solidifies confidence during crunch time. You can concentrate on execution.
  6. LockeDown

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    This was the missing piece we've been waiting for. Let's go gett em guys.
  7. LockeDown

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    The more patient Ballard is, the more I like it. I am excited to see our young guys play and see who rises to leadership,positions. We had lots on Peyton's teams. We need lots on Lucks teams. TBH, I could care less about free agency too at this point.
  8. Fast with ball skills and gets lots of interceptions. Sounds like a Ballard guy. Hope he has a good camp.
  9. LockeDown

    PFF analysis of Indy's draft picks

    I get what others are saying, but It's obvious Ballad chose not to go with some of those available players pundits think we should have taken. Landry and or a cornerback, etc..He made a clear choice it seems and you can either assume it was position related or board related.
  10. LockeDown

    Colts make roster moves

    One can never again assume camp body with Ballard. If he brings someone in, they are going to get a shot.
  11. LockeDown

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Great insight.
  12. LockeDown

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    I noticed he has a very different form when he punts. Most punters legs go straight up and high but his leg goes halfway and has a little English on it for lack of a better word. I’m sure it is some kind of soccer style kick. I’m not into soccer so I’m just guessing.
  13. LockeDown

    Bleacher Report likes our offseason.

    You can be my GM when I buy my NFL team one day.
  14. LockeDown

    The NYGs

    Why? They can't get past the Pats with that group..and have tried repeatedly,
  15. LockeDown

    Bleacher Report likes our offseason.

    Yes, it was terrible value. We could have stayed at 3, taken Chubbs, and then traded our entire practice squad for Nelson, Edmunds and a pony that Blue can ride at half time.