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  1. MarquisJ

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

  2. MarquisJ

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Didn’t see this one coming
  3. We resigned Robert Turbin hard to see us keeping 4 backs kinda seems like the odd one out
  4. competition.competition.competition
  5. tbh taking someone starting job on the colts roster isn’t saying a lot. “did we get starters” shouldn’t be the question
  6. it’s so funny when people on here say stuff like “you think you know more than ballard” “you should of been gm” “you’re not a gm” DUHHHH lol this is a forum let people say their opinion without you bashing it were all colts fans here..
  7. MarquisJ

    After TY.

    Simmie Cobbs please
  8. two shoulder surgeries
  9. Yeah let me just pull up all 32 teams boards... I’m obviously talking about my personal opinion but tbh i’m pretty sure you can find a lot of people who find this pick a reach
  10. 1. Obviously no one on this board knows more than CB no one ever said I knew more? LOL 2. Not too sure if you can read but I said don’t be dumb Good luck
  11. yeah that’s exactly what I think? Don’t be dumb, I just think it was a complete reach on a project when there is better talent on the board..
  12. okay now i’m just confused at this point
  13. I thought there was way better talent available looks more like a reach for need rather then BPA imo