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  1. Time to look to next season

    Doubled “all day”? Incorrect.. on deep balls down the field safety overtop? sure... But I saw with my own eyes multiple times T.Y was single covered and could not beat his man (rookie Adoree Jackson).
  2. Time to look to next season

    Also T.Y tonight lived up to his nick name “ghost” because he was no where to be found, Adoree Jackson locked him up.. These players have to be held accountable as well as these terrible coaches.
  3. Time to look to next season

    Jack Doyle is a second string tightend, I almost want to blame the entire game on him.
  4. 2nd Half

    i've never seen a game turn so fast
  5. It shouldn't have been that hard

    why would i say enjoy the win if we lose that didn't make sense lol
  6. Good: Rashaan showing some dog in him i love it.. T.Y put his money where his mouth is it didn't impress me because I expect these kind of games from him. Passing defense looked much better. Brissett has wheels man seriously. Also Desir stepped up today and John Simon motor is unreal Bad: Turnovers in crucial times really hurts us as well as flags gotta clean that up.. From the eye test looked like our run defense took a step backwards today but haven't looked at the numbers yet.. seemed like we couldn't cover duke johnson for nothing What are your good and bad from today?
  7. It shouldn't have been that hard

    can't please everyone /: just enjoy the win
  8. CB of the week per PFF: Rashan Melvin

    so when vontae comes back with quincy playing so well and hairston and melvin what happens....
  9. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    i said this awhile back and the slander i got lol....
  10. Say What You Want

    great game this defense is very close to being dominate imo cardinals just ran some of the most beautiful rub routes i've ever seen other than that colts defense is legit... jeremiah george stepped up played well loved that and john simon might be our best defensive player! Wrs disappointed me today, but jack doyle is a stud man i tell ya glad to have him!
  11. glad this was cleared up.... the rumor wasn't too absurd to believe though imo
  12. DBs?

    LOL yeah maybe we watched different games because "I saw Wilson giving up just as many plays as anyone." can't be true if he played 1 qtr in garbage time.. there's no way on earth with a straight face you can say he gave up just as much as TJ or Melvin... them missing some time in preseason i can't argue with that, it happened but as a coach you don't just watch your team get torched make the adjustments in scheme or personnel try different things don't keep doing what's not working
  13. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    wow.. lol
  14. DBs?

    Can someone explain to me why Quincy Wilson does not get the time of day? Like seriously you put an inexperienced corner out there over your 2nd round draft pick.. Even when it was getting ugly for TJ they still kept him in? Atleast at safety our guys were being exchange out every other play but at corner they stayed with Melvin and tj when it wasn't working? I cant stress this enough we let the Rams throw all over us and it wasnt like the run was setting it up they were 1 dimensional for majority of the game. Also dont even get me started on Darius Butler looks like he lost a step or few or maybe just gets lost in the play too often
  15. ballards new defense

    hooker played the whole game wilson played in the fourth in garbage time