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  1. At the rate we are going.......

    here before the merge or lock!!
  2. Quincy Wilson #1?

    quincy time to shine i’ve always loved this pick hopefully we can get some pass rushers to help the kid out
  3. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    yeah i don’t understand tbh... the kid had 53 catches and 500 something yards lol playing 16 games in 2017 who knows could be i good compliment to JD?
  4. If Barkley is available

    i think browns take sam with their 1st and denzel ward with their 4th (wow that’d be great for them) but anyways giants will most likely trade out or grab believe it or not quentin nelson ... If Saquon Barkley is there you grab him immediately unless the bills offer you 12 22 and their 2nd & 3rd pick otherwise you grab the best player in the draft
  5. Should colts make a play?
  6. great talent and if you only have to give up a 5th (speculation) why not? there’s no harm whatsoever
  7. crazy if you rather have moncrief over bryant and you’re even crazier if you wouldn’t give a 5th for him either
  8. we are getting away from a colts football forum I don’t get on here for this
  9. Joel Thomas

    Ehh he has a lot of coaching experience as a rb coach and he was also a co-OC at idaho in 04-05 but it still seems like it would be a gamble as oc IMO. I’m not really interested in wasting anymore of Lucks career at this point.. I will say his running backs do seem to be really good everywhere he’s at (mark ingram, alvin kamara, alex collins in arkansas) but I think i’ll pass
  10. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    so what about josh mcdaniels coaches that were linked to us?
  11. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    jokes on us i guess
  12. Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    rip to one of the hardest hitters to put on that indy gear!! you will not be forgotten 2018-19 season is for you
  13. Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson