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  1. Chester Rodgers

    possibly alshon he’s pretty good lol
  2. Chester Rodgers

    agree but you can get wrs in FA ya know?? maybe you thought i was talking about the draft?
  3. Chester Rodgers

    Forgot to post this Sunday but wow definitely missed Chester Rodgers this year what a game he had! Better watching him than kamar aiken ...Felt good seeing Donte get his but I still think we should move on after this season I also think we should go out and get a true #1 to pair with TY and Chester that would be a nightmare for teams
  4. no one compares to ravens as of late
  5. IMO DD asked some very fair questions literally after almost every question I was dying to hear Chris Ballard’s answer... DD definitely sounds like a Colts hater though lol
  6. Twitter Action on TY

    if we get that pick btw i would love to see courtland sutton picked there
  7. Twitter Action on TY

    i agree it just sucks at one point in time in my opinion i believe 2014 was the best wr in football such a waste
  8. Twitter Action on TY

    Hilton for pretty much a late 1st round would be ideal and i wouldn’t be mad if they threw Josh Gordon in there
  9. The Ghost vanishes again (Merge)

    wrs also have to be able to create separation which indy wr core is incapable of doing from what i’m seeing this year
  10. The Ghost vanishes again (Merge)

    I remember a few years ago people telling me TY can never be a number 1 favors more of a speedy slot wr who has a big game here and there lacks size and strength... maybe we are starting to see that. I will also say Crief and company are not helping in taking pressure off him whatsoever
  11. Halfway Mark (2-6)

    you can almost guarantee a loss from pitt and texans and a healthy mariota titans....
  12. Any news on hooker yet?

    a lot of clowns in here boy i tell ya
  13. Jim Harbaugh

    josh mcdaniels please
  14. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    josh mcdaniels please
  15. Time to look to next season

    Doubled “all day”? Incorrect.. on deep balls down the field safety overtop? sure... But I saw with my own eyes multiple times T.Y was single covered and could not beat his man (rookie Adoree Jackson).