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  1. A huge thank you to everyone that put in the time to run this. I know how much time/effort went into it. Cant believe we finished it so fast!!
  2. I dont think anyone really questioned Doyles ability as a lead blocker (which they mention he did most of his blocking from), but its his skills blocking on the line that was being compared to Allens. While Doyle did show improvement with in line blocking last yr, hes not exactly good at it. Hopefully the issue was the lack of reps and he pulls it together this yr.
  3. At least you learned how to spell the word this time around
  4. With the 186th pick of the draft, the Baltimore Ravens select: Carrol Phillips, EDGE, Illinois @Jared Cisneros is up for the Jags.
  5. Exactly. So why does it make sense to slow down on running the ball only to put them in a worse position with the way our pass offense works? It seems like if we made one change because of the line, we would do it across the entire offense. You dont negate 1 weakness by amplifying another. Hence my assumption that our lack of running has little to do with the line, and more with what they want to do in general. Our coaches just appear to be set in their ways when it comes to their schemes, and hopefully CB either lights a fire under them, or gives them the boot by this time next yr.
  6. Its a possibility, but then that kind of logic would mean that they would play to the o lines strengths in the pass game as well, and not run pass plays that take 4 seconds to develop. Seems pretty ridiculous to minimize an o lines "weakness" by constantly using a pass offense known for being tough for o lineman to succeed. Add in the fact that we dont give anyone but Gore carries, and knew going in that he has been on a ~250 carry/yr limit for 5+ yrs now and it seems to paint a picture that this is by design. Had we given Turbin significant carries for a backup RB (8-12/game) at any point in time last year it might be worth arguing that we want a better running game and at least tried when a game wasnt on the line or early in the season. But it never happened. Not even in the preseason. That means either they dont think Turbin can hack it with the line they have, or that they only planned to use him sparingly or if Gore went down. Not sure why a new GM would resign him if the coaches dont believe in his skills, which to me points to the latter of the 2 options.
  7. Dont you know!?! Those numbers are simply because Gore is in his 30s!!! A 1st round RB will magically fix that!
  8. The issue is that we are a team that doesnt run the ball much, regardless of whether we are up 20 or down 20 and regardless of who we have at RB. We didnt run more when we thought we had a stud RB in Richardson (not even the first few weeks before we realized we got swindled). Our coaches have a tendency to not cater their playbooks/gameplans to our teams strengths, and we seem to be stuck with the offense that we have. Simply drafting a RB wont make us a team that runs the ball 30 times a game like the Cowboys do. If we havent changed to help Luck (our franchise QB and the highest paid player in the NFL) we wont change for the 2nd/3rd/4th best RB in this draft class.
  9. That is somewhat correct. It appears that he made $470/yr for 2010 and 2011, but in 2012 it was increased to $560, Putting him at an even $1500/month or 18k/yr. Not great, but still a decent amount of money to get from a deadbeat dad. I know it sure would have helped if my deadbeat dad helped me and my 3 siblings that much. That being said, looking at the CBA, it appears that there is a section that increases benefits in the event of death, with payments going up to $4000/month as of January 1st, 2014, and increasing to $4400 as of Jan 1st, 2018. That falls in line with the numbers I had quoted earlier. Straight from the NFLPA handbook: "If you die before you begin receiving retirement benefits, your surviving spouse or your children may qualify for a widow’s and surviving children’s death benefit, or your surviving spouse may qualify for a spouse’s preretirement death benefit. The amount of the monthly widow’s and surviving children’s death benefit will be $9,000 for the first 48 months following your death. This benefit then decreases to 50% of your benefit credits, with a minimum of $3,600. (Increasing to $4,000 January 1, 2014)" Player Resources/Benefits_Book.pdf So definitely not peanuts....
  10. I came across this number in my travels earlier. Not 100% sure how reliable this is as most other reports are saying that the amounts are unknown. I take it with a grain of salt. If it is that much then its relatively good. "Hernandez’s daughter would get $9,000 per month for the first four years, then $4,400 per month until age 19 – or age 23 if she enrolls in college."
  11. They would have gotten it when Hernandez got to a certain age (55 for monthly pension payments). Now they get it sooner rather than later.
  12. They can try and sue for the guaranteed portion of his money from the Pats (which AH's estate is unlikely to get anyways), but it sounds like his pension is safe. Pensions are apparently safe from most creditors, including civil judgments against defendants due to something called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Not too familiar with it myself, being Canadian and all. Just going off what I have read.
  13. I think the days of just assuming we go 6-0 against our division are over. Pretty much guaranteed we lose another game or 2 off your list.
  14. Not only that, but his family should also be eligible for his NFL pension since he played for the 3 seasons needed. In the grand scheme of things he might have done this just to try and ensure a better life for his daughter.
  15. That might be why they seem against trading Jimmy G. Even mentioning they might slap the franchise tag on him next yr. Its either a ploy to up his value, or they are actually looking out for their own future. Time will tell.

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