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  1. Would You?

    Josh Gordon will finish this season with less than 6 games played, not earning him an accrued season. That leaves him at 2 official accrued seasons, which should leave him as an ERFA for the Browns, should it not? Thats what his upcoming status is listed as on Sportrac. If thats the case, why would Cleveland let him walk when they have him locked up for another 2 seasons for pennies on the dollar? ERFA salary is minimum salary, and then next yr hes a RFA, which should be just over 4M for a 1st round tender. Seems like a bit of a pipe dream at this point....
  2. Wait... Who? Time to Throw (TT) is currently averaged at 2.83 seconds per play. Which on that list, ranks 7th. Last year we were 4th at 2.88 seconds per play. Unfortunately they are being asked to do the impossible, with Chud designing plays that take 3+ seconds to develop, WRs having issues getting separation, and Brissett holding onto the ball probably longer than he should. I still wouldnt mind grabbing some more talent for the OL for next yr, but I think a better scheme and a bigger, more physical target at WR will do wonders for the offense.
  3. Colts should have drafted T.J. Watt 1st round!

    Still the INT leader for rookies too. Tied with Tre'Davious White (BUF) and Justin Evans (TB)
  4. Colts awards

    Partially. Its just a deficiency of talent in general. We dont really have the top shelf elite guys and the few potentially elite players we do have (Luck, Kelly, Hooker, maybe even Simon) have been hurt. We also dont have a lot of quality depth/role players, which puts more pressure on the few above average pieces we have.
  5. Celebrations

  6. Joe Philbin

    I personally think that the scheme Philbin has brought in is very sound and has a lot of potential for being able to overcome a lot of different defensive looks, but it seems like it needs a very wide ranging skillset that a lot of our current players just dont have. Chuds offense does put a lot of pressure on them, which magnifies the problem, but I think there are deeper issues at work as well. We seem to run a mix of Man/Zone blocking concepts and have a mix of players who excel in either one or the other, but very few who have the skills for both (only AC/Kelly, if anybody). The problem that arises is that we will always have players on the field who are not playing to the scheme that gives them the greatest chance for success. When we run a zone play, our slower/stronger players are at a disadvantage and when we run a man play our athletic/weaker players are at a disadvantage. Part of the problem is that they dont have the proper personnel for one or the other (which isnt really Philbins fault) and he seems to be trying to figure out a way to make it work. Its not really working, but you have to give props for trying to make due with what hes got, especially considering all the new faces coming in due to injuries and the fact that the OC insists on making it as hard as possible for the OL. Its not an easy job and hes at least trying to make adjustments, which is more than we can say about any other coach on the team. It seems like it would make more sense to start by constructing a line that can do one scheme really well before we start trying to put square pegs in round roles. Especially with a lot of young guys in the mix. If we get a young group of lineman that all excel in zone blocking, it doesnt mean that they cant eventually work in some man concepts once they get comfortable in their zone skills at an NFL level as a unit, and have some time to work on strength programs with the trainers. The same goes for if we started with a group that was more suited for a man scheme. We could work in zone concepts after they have time to get comfortable in the man scheme and have time to work on conditioning/ shedding a little weight if necessary. TL/DR: I think Grigson was a bad GM and wouldnt commit to looking for OL to fit any particular scheme, which has left Philbin in a tough position trying to pick up the pieces and make it work. Injuries and Chud havent helped either.
  7. Any particular FA Tackles you have your eye on? Doesnt look like much of a selection this yr.
  8. Winning out

    I dont think we will make the playoffs (nor do we deserve to), but I mean technically we arent eliminated. This time last week Cleveland was still in the playoff hunt
  9. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    How do we go about trading him?? Hes a free agent at the end of this season....
  10. Frank Gore

    If you look at his contract notes, it doesnt say anything about his 2017 numbers being guaranteed at signing, or about them being guaranteed as of a certain date (like the 5th day of the league yr or something like that). My assumption is that his full 2017 base salary shows as guaranteed now because he was on the roster as of week 1, and as a vested veteran has the option to take his entire seasons salary if we decided to cut him. Here is his contract page on OTC. While I usually prefer Sportrac for contract info (as its usually way better at staying up to date on bonuses and such), OTC does have one interesting feature that helps in this case. It lets you know cap savings had we cut him prior to June 1st, while Sportrac will only tell us what happens if we cut him today. Notice that the dead cap for a pre June 1st cut is $0, with a savings of $3.5M. Hope that potentially clears things up.
  11. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    Another very good point to bring up.
  12. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    Thats actually the opposite. Kubiak has always ran a bootleg style offense, but started moving away from it because PM couldnt run it. It wasnt something he brought in for PM. He went back to it in 2016 with Seimian/Lynch, and it was when his offense really dropped off.
  13. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    Brissett isnt as athletic as some OL in the league. He was just under a 5 second 40 time. Not that Flacco was too much faster, but he did have a better OL than we do to help mask that (Monroe/Osemele/Zuttah/Yanda/Wagner) I also think Flacco throws better on the run than Brissett does, although admittedly I think its because hes young and not 100% confident in the playbook. I expect him to improve but im weary to rely on it. So if Brissett makes some improvements and we somehow got a top 5 OL, then I might feel better about bringing in Kubiak. But as it stands I think there are much better options out there.
  14. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    Oh i agree 100%. My point isnt that Chud is good, or even that he made us better than any other OC. Just that in the same time frame, Gary Kubiak wasnt any better. I dont want Chud anywhere near our offense next season.