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  1. Yates: Colts hosted WR Dontrelle Inman for a visit

    A quick write up on him.
  2. This ^^^^^ Bill makes trades for former 1st/2nd round picks who dont pan out with their original teams all the time. Hes doing his due diligence now so that down the road he knows what he can get out of him should the opportunity present itself for him to get Chubb for pennies on the dollar. Why this is even a debate is beyond me....
  3. Desir contract

    Not sure if you got your answer already, but its reportedly 1yr, 2M.
  4. Colts host Cameron Meredith [Merge]

    They also have a lot invested in Taylor Gabriel (4yrs/ 26M) and TE Trey Burton (4yrs/ 32M). Not sure they want to tie up just under 40M in cap on 4 pass catchers for a prolonged period of time.
  5. Pierre Desir is back

    To be fair, our OL DID give a lot of time to throw. They gave Brissett an average of 2.89 seconds (good for 5th in the league and 0.2 seconds longer than Brady got last yr). The problem has always been that our offense was based on long developing routes and little to no extra protection. It doesnt matter if you block for 3 seconds if the routes arent open for 4. I think the scheme change alone should do wonders for our OL (though I am not against adding more talent to increase our chances of success).
  6. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    Cant wait to see how you top this tomorrow....
  7. A Possible Change to the Safety Position (Idea)

    The whole cover 2 zone concept is typically based on 2 safeties dropping back into deep coverage. While teams do still use the designation of SS and FS, in these schemes they typically have 2 safeties who can cover in the back end. At that point it becomes semantics. One is listed as a SS but is asked to do the same thing as the FS (at least in these looks). With us going to a Tampa 2 based defense, this is kind of what we are looking at, at least in our base defense looks.
  8. Send a message Colts fans

    You should lead by example. Start by boycotting the Forum!!!
  9. I will admit about a week ago I had to check and make sure you were still around. Didnt see any hyped FA threads from you and got a little worried. As much as we razzed you about it last yr, it is better than all the negativity we are seeing right now.
  10. Any news on Mewhort?

    There was also rumblings a few months ago that Mewhort may retire. Maybe there is no one going after him because he plans on calling it a career and his agent has already told teams.
  11. I was waiting for these hashtags to start up again
  12. Not in those exact words. There is often the feeling that if a player walks away from signing a deal then they move on to finding the next guy on the list. A free agent might feel pressure that another player will be signed while they are doing other visits.
  13. So close! I really thought id get him!! Oh well, moving on. With the 91st pick in the 2018 draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Chase Litton, QB, Marshall @stitches will be on the clock for the Steelers tomorrow AM