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  1. I think we need to bring in RB competition, but the draft is deep enough that we shouldnt have to spend a high/mid pick on a guy that could very well go undrafted. He'd be a good UDFA pickup if he doesnt get picked in the 7th.
  2. Especially when we dont have a 6th/7th round pick. Hes definitely not worth a 5th or higher.
  3. What are you talking about??? Dorsett had 33 receptions in 2016 vs Swoopes 15. Its not even true that he had almost as many receptions as Dorsett THIS YEAR, let alone Dorsett's entire career. Next time maybe check the numbers before you make ridiculous claims based on your opinions.
  4. Lovely.... Another good addition for the Jags.
  5. So I figured I would see if all the details are out for some of the lower contracts (Mingo, Hunt, Schwenke, Woods, and Spence) and what I have found so far: -Mingo is another 1 year signing, so he only came with a signing bonus of 500k -Hunt was signed for 2 years, with 2 separate roster bonuses. One has already been guaranteed at 500k and his other bonus is a per game bonus of ~31K per game (which is a cap hit of ~469k) -Schwenke is a 1 yr signing, and comes with a signing bonus of 300K, but also comes with a Per game bonus of 12.5k/game (or a cap hit of 200k) -Woods full details arent out yet -Spence gets his signing bonus of 750k, As well as the same per game bonus that Hunt gets of ~31k/game I think this confirms what I was assuming, as all the one year signings have signing bonuses so far. I do like the added per game bonuses for Spence, Schwenke and Hunt. Really adds to that competitive, tough, "Earn your spot/paycheck" culture Ballard seems to want to bring. Maybe we see them tough it out through a few games while dinged up a bit or maybe it keeps that fire under their behinds to stay productive and not be healthy scratches. Kind of surprised Mingo doesnt have the per game bonus as well. After looking at the higher signings as well, Sheard, Doyle and Simon all had roster bonuses for year 1 guaranteed at signing, but surprisingly get the same ~31k per game bonuses as well. Very interesting.
  6. Absolutely. At the end of the day, his grade of average is what we his. He is an average player that has strengths and weaknesses. He isnt breaking records anytime soon. But, given the state of our defense he is an upgrade, which can only be seen as a good thing. He is an average player that is young enough to be coached up and improve to an above average player, and given his low cap hit, can probably outplay his contract. Those are the types of contracts I like to see.
  7. Grades are as follows: 0-59.9: Poor 60-69.9: Below Average 70-79.9: Average 80-89.9: Above Average 90-100: Elite With that in mind, our highest graded player for our front 7 last year was Edwin Jackson at 61.6 and our lowest graded player was Walden at 41.2. 74 might not be amazing, but its far above anything we put on the field last year on defense.
  8. Depends on the contract really. Roster bonus can be paid any time, as specified in the contract. Day 1 of the new year, day 5, week 1, week 13, etc. My assumption is the roster bonuses, at least for most of the guys we signed, have already been paid up front, like a signing bonus that isnt spread over the contract. Cant see any reason why a player like sheard or doyle would forgoe a signing bonus until they made the 53. Its probably a hard enough sell to make them take the roster bonus over a signing bonus period, as no dead money after year 1 gives them less job security then if next year there was 6M in dead cap to release them.
  9. Yes it is, but its because its a 1 year deal, and the issue of the signing bonuses cap hit being spread over the length of the contract doesnt really change anything in this case.
  10. He gets open, just doesnt get a lot of looks because hes low on the progression for a good chunk of the playbook. I also think he would do well with some designed screens or slants, which we dont seem to do often. The other problem is that we put him on a 4 second route and our line can only hold for 3.
  11. To be fair the Titans top 10 pick is from a trade. They technically pick 18th with their pick. Not the Titans fault that the Rams sucked.
  12. You are going to be sorely disappointed if you expect 12 sacks out of ANY rookie pass rusher.
  13. And yet he has shown production in small sample sizes. Why doesnt that deserve a chance to prove he can produce when given the opportunity?
  14. So you think he wouldnt have had a chance to have a bounce back year had he not been arrested? If not, why havent we cut countless other players who only have 1 bad year? You yourself said it was because he was bad AND got arrested. So again, do you expect Swoope to be arrested? Because chances are it will take both him being bad and being arrested for him to get cut. At worst we let him walk next year and replace him then. Lots of good free agent options for a 2nd TE next year.
  15. You know that Newsome was cut due to an off field incident, and not due to his play, right?? Or are you implying that we cant trust Swoope because he may secretly be a criminal??

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