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  1. My guess is that our starters are Sheard and Simon on the outside (with Ayers/Basham mixing in for passing downs). Spence and Bostic seem to be leading the pack on the inside, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Morrison, Edwin and Walker all see time as well.
  2. Well the chances of me having kids are relatively low, but if I do have children and they want to play, then I would let them. No question. I realize that there is a risk of injury. I played for years, and 10 years after walking away from the sport due to injury, I still walk with a bit of a limp. That being said, I have been the worst case scenario in my family for 3 generations. My grandfather and his 5 brothers played, my dad and his 4 brothers played, me and my 2 brothers played, and 9 of my cousins did as well. Sure there is a chance at injury (I know all too well), but the memories I have from playing, and the friends I made far outweigh the pain. If my theoretical child wants to take that risk, then I would let him. Better that than hockey, which not only has similar injury risks, but has the added "fun" of 6am practices that I would have to take them to .
  3. I was on the Lamp bandwagon simply because I never believed a player like hooker would ever fall into our lap!
  4. To be fair, Gillisee did get 5.7 YPC on 100 carries (leading the NFL in YPC), and this on a team with no discernible passing game, against teams routinely stacking the box against him/McCoy. If that isnt talented, I dont know what is. Yes the offense goes through Brady, but that system seems to get the best out of every player they bring in. If they can get MORE out of Gillisee than he has already shown, he will be a beast. If he can average even 5ypc (which is considerably lower than his 5.7 average last yr) with the amount of carries Blount got last year (299), he would be just short of 1500 rush yds. With Brady taking the pressure off of him, the sky is the limit. But the rest of them are, like you said, products of the system. I would even go so far as to include White as one of the system players, as I dont see him as an all around good player that could succeed on any team. Hes a good west coast 3rd down RB. He's never going to be a workhorse back. Hes another interchangeable tool in the Patriots toolbox, much like Shane Vereen before him. The Pats do a tremendous job of getting a bunch of different players who do one thing really well, and then they rotate players in to fit the gameplan they need for that specific week/quarter/drive. They play to a players strengths and never really ask them to do something out of their comfort zones. Its very frustrating as a Colts fan to watch this, as we seem to constantly try to fit square pegs in round holes when it comes to our players.
  5. Hence why it may be tough for him to instruct bigger guys, as the OP stated.
  6. I wouldnt count out Turbin as our 3rd down guy. His pass blocking skills are far better than Fergusons, and I do not expect a rookie RB (who is reportedly a bad pass blocker) to be a better blocker either. With Allen gone, I can see us keeping our RB in to block even more in passing situations, as Luck seems to trust Doyle quite a bit as his dump off guy and we probably wont stick him (or Swoope) with blocking assignments. If this is the case, then Turbin could be the most used RB on 3rd downs (although not exclusively).
  7. Why dont we call up Vince Young while we are at it??
  8. On this forum, that is literally impossible. It could be the greatest piece of art ever created and wed still be divided.
  9. Given the talent they have at RB already, I have no problem with them signing Blount for another 1 yr deal. Its not like they are going to keep 5 rbs on the roster. One of Burkhead, Lewis, Gillisie or White will hit the market, costing them almost as much talent as they get back by signing Blount. Blount has flamed out with multiple teams and only seems to be successful with the Pats. Add in the fact that he has a terrible attitude and is a locker room cancer, it makes perfect sense why no one wants to touch him.
  10. Well the other two (Hogan and Brown) were part of the Bears scouting staff during Ballards stint in Chicago. Chances are they also had a hand in helping create that dominant Bears defense, same as Ballard.
  11. Agreed. I dont see Green making a leap anywhere close to what Collins did. Id be happy just to see him improve and become a solid rotational guy down the line. Green has a much tougher learning curve than Collins. Collins was a top prospect with a decent skill set. Green was a project that barely played the position in his life. I expect his timeline to be closer to Swoope's progression than it is to Collins. I am willing to be patient, and our safety situation is good enough now that I think the coaches can afford to be patient as well, at least for another year or 2.
  12. That is like asking why a 7 yr old cant read war and peace after learning the basics of reading throughout 1st grade. Obviously someone who is inexperienced and just learning the proper way to do something isnt going to be the best at it, or even average. Just because he didnt light it up doesnt mean he didnt learn anything when he got those reps last year. Landon Collins got lots of reps his rookie year, and was rated the worst safety in the league. If Collins didnt learn anything during his struggles, how did he end up an All Pro the next season? I dont expect Green to be an All Pro, but I do expect to see an improvement which he can build upon and eventually be a solid contributor to our team, whether he starts or not.
  13. Nothing new to be honest. PFF LOVES Anderson. Called him one the best steals of his draft class and listed him as a top breakout candidate for 2016. They also have good things to say about Geathers, who they ranked the second most improved safety in 2016, behind only Landon Collins (who went from worst coverage grade in the NFL to All Pro). They hate our defense as a whole, but think we have some good, young building blocks.
  14. We as fans never really did find out what the issue was that lead to him being cut loose. He was just designated waived/injured, and then when asked why the Colts waived him instead of waiting and moving him to IR when able, it was reported that it was due in part to his "lack of professionalism". With the lack of any criminal charges, suspensions or anything like that, I would have to assume its some sort of attitude/maturity issue. It could even have been an issue that he had with the coaching staff, which would definitely give cause for a team to cut a player loose. He is still on with the Titans, so either he doesnt have the same issues he had here, or they have been willing to overlook it. Some teams are willing to overlook more than others, and the Titans have been known to overlook character flaws in favor of talent in the past (Bernard Pollard and Albert Haynesworth are 2 high profile guys just off the top of my head). At the end of the day, he was only a PS player for them and only made the roster for 1 game, in which he didnt record any stats. Chances are he isnt going to make the final 53 this year. If he does still have off the field (attitude) issues, he might even be overlooked for the PS by a younger player who is less of a headache. Only time will tell.
  15. Not only did smith have have health issues, but it was reported that the main reason he was cut was due to "lack of professionalism", indicating some off the field concerns that the coaching staff had.

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