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  1. A Statistical look at the Colts

    Its more than plausible. But it doesnt mean that the offense isnt doing their part. Regardless of the team, all 3 phases of the game are connected. Its a completely cyclical arguement, as they all help each other succeed. They get the stops on defense in part because they are fresh, giving the offense more chances with the ball. The offense has more chances with the ball and long sustained drives keep the defense off the field, keeping the defense fresh. Either way it takes both sides (and special teams) doing their job to keep it running smoothly. You can see the issue with our team. The offense does well in the 1st half, and the defense looks good. Then the offense falters in the 3rd quarter and by the 4th our defense is gassed. Our defense looks worse on paper than it has been playing. For the first time in a long time I can say that the defense isnt the issue. They arent perfect and still need some work, but they have been holding up their end for the most part.
  2. A Statistical look at the Colts

    You left out a very important statistic when listing their offensive rankings. They were 2nd in time of possession in 2016. Thats exactly what you need to keep a defense fresh and dominant. Meanwhile our offense is 25th in time of possession this year. Not exactly doing our defense any favors. Between that and the lack of time to gel, I think the defense needs to be cut a bit of slack.
  3. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    Sorry there must be some confusion with what Ive said. We WOULD have 50M to work with if we traded for Luck, we just have so many holes to fill this offseason that we wouldnt really be able to make any significant upgrades to the roster. We need to spend AT LEAST 40M just to "break even", by which I mean wed be able to sign/draft the same talent level of players that are walking out the door. That doesn't give us any room to improve the roster, so we essentially end up a worse team in 2018 because we havent improved the roster while losing Luck. If we dont trade Luck, we have that 20M to use strictly towards upgrading the roster. Sign the same number of players, but sign better quality players. We have about 25-30 players to replace this offseason. 10-15 will be PS level and UDFA signings, which cost about the same as every year regardless. The other 10-15 players are where we would need to drop the extra money, getting us better depth and some key starting pcs. That extra 20M will go a long way.
  4. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    The answer is yes and no. We do have the cap to absorb the hit, but it comes at a serious cost. Now bear with me, as I am not exactly Superman when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I like to think I have a decent grasp on it. I am sure (and I hope) someone will correct me if I have messed something up. We have ~70M in cap for next year (~50M after Lucks hypothetical cap hit), but we also have 31 players with contracts expiring. While we probably wont resign most of them, they still have to be replaced for the most part (id say 25 players would need to be brought in at a minimum). Looking at their current cap hits, they account for ~35M of our cap this year. A handful of those players are also under their current market value, and if you take into account the rising salary cap/ extra cost of additional 1st round draft picks (3.5-5m per top 10 pick), there is no way we can replace those players at the same cost. Even if we got the same number of players of the same skill level for 40M (which would take some serious work by Ballard), we have upgraded -1 positions (as we have no franchise QB) and are sitting with ~10M in cap. Not going to make major improvements with 10M. We would only be able to rely on our draft class to improve the team and replace Luck, which puts us behind the ball for 2018. That is not even mentioning the ridiculously small window we would have to actually make that trade with Luck. We cant trade Luck until the 1st day of the new league year (in March), and he has a roster bonus that is guaranteed as of the 5th day of the league year. That would add another 3M to his cap hit. That gives other teams leverage as we are the ones to lose out by waiting for them to up their bid, which would lead to us either losing another 3M in cap or possibly taking a lower offer for Luck, which is already going to be lower than usual due to the long term outlook of his injury not being entirely clear. Hopefully that clarifies things a bit. If needed I can probably go into it a little deeper or take a swing at anything you need clarification on.
  5. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Mr P has some sort of crush on Jvan I think. Keeps asking him about whether hes a virgin and now something about some sort of pizza delivery boy role play. We all think its a little weird, regardless. Not sure this is the best suited message board to find a life partner. Seems a little off topic here.
  6. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    The same Bowman who signed with Oakland on Monday?? Little late for that unfortunately.
  7. About those late game timeouts..........

    I can sort of see both sides of it. I think he should of taken the time outs earlier rather than letting it run down to 2 min, but on the other hand I can also see how it makes sense to hold on to the stoppages you can control for when you need them, rather than potentially relying on one that you cant control. If we took the time out and forced a turnover the next play wed be kicking ourselves as wed have one less time out and with our luck the 2 min warning would occur during the possession change. Wed be saying Pags mismanaged the time outs and left us down one on the ensuing comeback drive. Either way its a moot point because our defense couldnt make the stop.
  8. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    Ive already touched on this in another thread, but its worth mentioning again. While the scheme and surrounding cast are absolutely part of why he is doing better, and I do think he looks better in Philly than he did here, his PFF rating doesnt exactly tell the whole story. Im not a fan of using PFF ratings as the be all rating on a player, and take anything they say with a grain of salt. He only has 22 targets on the year (not counting last nights data, as I dont have it handy), which is a very small sample size to go off of. This means that any single play can affect his grade greatly, especially if it is something good, such as the 1 INT he has this year. With his INT he has given up a QB rating of 78.6 (which is in line with a above average #1CB). Take away the INT and his rating given up skyrockets to 97.5 (which is in the running for league worst) Could he have made the leap and become an above average or even an elite player? Its not out of the realm of possibility. But I wouldnt bet on it, and Im definitely not willing to crown him a solid player, let alone elite. Not yet anyways. Its an interesting story to keep tabs on as the year progresses though, and it does merit further investigation, as he does have a low number of targets for a player on a defense that has given up a lot of catches and pass yds this year. I'd be interested to know if its due to him being good in coverage, or simply a coincidence based on what could be several other factors.
  9. Is this the same Patrick Robinson?

    I havent watched much of the Eagles this year, but a small sample size would be my guess. On a defense that isnt ranked very high vs the pass, he seems to have been targeted only 22 times, which is not a lot. That low number means that just a few pass breakups/ INTs can skew his data. For example: his one pick changes his QBR given up from a 97.5 (would rank in top 10 QBR for the season) to a 78.5 (would rank in the bottom 10). The big question (which I cant answer, as I havent been watching closely enough) is if his low targets are due to good coverage by him, or due to worse coverage by the players around him (or some other external factor).
  10. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    We arent great, but it could be worse. We could be the Giants. After seeing 4 wrs and a rb go down for them this week, i dont see them having much of a chance going forward either. Not a lot of hope in NY unless you are a Jets fan (which also goes to show how unpredictable the NFL is).
  11. Geathers update?

    Might still be a few weeks before we get a definitive answer. I do believe we have til week 9 to either put him on the 53 man roster or move him to IR. The good news is he is allowed to practice, hopefully he is actually cleared to do so soon.
  12. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Can we just skip to 2nd down every possession. The 1st down runs are just wasting time at this point.
  13. Colts Finding Intriguing Ways to Create Pressure

    I just hope we keep a good mix. If we rely on those inside twists too much it can leave us very vulnerable to designed rollout plays. Especially when our edge rusher sometimes doesnt take a wide enough rushing lane outside to properly contain a quick QB. Last thing we need is to let Wilson start running for big chunks of yardage.
  14. Brissett vs Luck

    That's the thing. If Luck is cleared, he is contractually obligated to play if the coaches say so. He cant just decided if and when he wants to play.