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  1. Last year, I woefully overthought this thing, and stunk the place up. Using flawed logic like if they take "A" in round 1 then that changes the positional "A" for round 2 etc. Not this year, using Draft Tek's big board, I went to whatever #' pick we had and chose position of need in a 10 pick radius for each pick, and that was that.....good luck everyone. Round 1 - #6 A- Bradley Chubb Edge B- Denzel Ward DB C-Tremaine Edwards LB Round 2a - #36 A-Courtland Sutton WR B-Will Hernandez G Round 2b - #37 A-Brian O'Neil OT B-Sam Hubbard Edge Round 2c - #49 A- Da'Shawn Hand DL 5T B-Nick Chubb RB Round 3 - #67 A-Josey Jewell LB B-Billy Price G Round 4 - #104 A-Darius Leonard LB B-Tony Brown DB Round 5 - #140 A- Dorian O' Donnell LB B- Marcus Allen S Round 6 - #178 A- Austin Corbett G B-Jack Cichy LB Round 7 - #221 A-Michael Joseph CB B-Trey Quinn WR
  2. Nice write up NCF, I know just enough about this years draft class to make me dangerous....but in general your assessment is spot on....I like you would like to see as many QB's as possible go in round 1 to save us the "goody" from the draft for the Colts. I think if history is the litmus test, you can feel good no matter how quirky the class, teams will begin to freak and reach for a QB at some point in the first round, and it becomes a monkey see monkey do scenario, so even if that top 5 QB's don't go in the top 10 picks, Someone will be the one to start the run from 11 on....and I hope that includes reaching beyond the top 5 QB's I hope that teams lose their mind in the first round and clean as many QB's off the board as humanly possible.
  3. Crunked

    NFL removes Color Rush

    My favorite uniform ruling ever was when the league said teams can't use throw back helmets with their throwback uni's citing player wasn't like teams were trotting out there in leather skull caps, they were changing the color or logo of modern helmets, but the league must have been afraid that throw back colors and logo's would lead to more injuries because they were older styles.....
  4. Well if they are targeting him for the Will position, then I suppose his block shedding is not as critical. But comparing him to Cato June in any way is not really saying much..... June was like a 3rd or 4th round selection not the 6th overall....If the Colts are targeting him for the Will then I am probably pushed even further Tremaines way.....just because my ideal (positions to draft forgetting the who for just a moment) would be edge rusher or MLB......with that 6th if we get something else, I won't lose my mind, but my preference is to get difference makers in those two positions before all else.
  5. To me Tremaine's knocks are not mountainous obstacles to overcome, I am quite fine taking him at worst he will be an "ok" LB for 10-12 years....and although that would be disappointing I don't consider that HIGH risk, HIGH reward.....TJ Green in the 2nd round was a HIGH risk, High reward proposition. If CB and the scouts do their due diligence, and if the kid is a worker, and they believe he can be taught bring it on.........
  6. I do not like Roquan Smith, I think its been widely covered and discussed and you tube'd that he cannot come off a block, and most teams ran the ball right at him in College for that reason.....Bracket 2.0 without Sanders to pick up the run stopping slack.........Tremaine is not perfect either but their is an upside to overcome his deficiencies you can't make Smiths arms longer, frame I will lean toward #4 Tremaine #5 the rest of the draft class field and skip options 1-3 in this thread.....If we are picking 11-12 James is someone I would consider though, and I am not a Guard with this high of a first rounder fan......
  7. so Barkley, Chubb an Nelson all available at #6 and we choose a lost me after that....I began to speed scroll just to get through the stupid faster.........we even take a C to convert to G in the 3rd just kind of capped the bafoonery.......How about a RT to play RT there......
  8. Crunked

    ESPN ranking for Colts

    Pagano once moved up 11 places in the coaches rankings 2 off season's ago (He must have been coaching the heck out the empty locker room that year) shame it didn't translate to the field....but.....anything is possible when your making it up lol
  9. In my opinion the ONLY way the Bills trade with us for the #6 is if they know 100% that the Giants are NOT drafting a QB. And if the Giants are not taking a QB, I am all for trading back and amassing some more pickage......if I am at 6 I want Chubb or Barkley, if those two are gone, I am okay with picking from the best of the rest from 7-15 area of the first round.
  10. Crunked

    Odell Beckham Situation

    I wont even touch the who is better and how portion of this thread, but I will say trading a home grown talent in TY, one who worked his way up the food chain and was rewarded accordingly for a guy that has had some drama issues from another team would send a hella' bad message to the players in the Colts locker room, it would read something like this, "we don't care what you've done for us, we are willing to drop you like a hot potato just to name grab at any moment, now get out there and put it on the line for us" ...........
  11. Man I hope your right, that is my sentiment, its the one thing about relying heavily on the draft and not hedging your bet with at least a little FA, the draft can be a bit of a crap shoot in terms of what happens with the transition to the pro level. Ballard has deployed a lot of new peeps and technology, to ensure the surprises are minimized, but nothing is guaranteed.
  12. Crunked

    Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    I agree with the OP in that, if (G) Nelson is our only option as great as he is I would be disappointed if we spend a 6 on him. We aren't (1) super star Guard away from fixing the O-line we are (1) good RT and a couple good/avg. (G)'s away from fixing the O-line.......we don't need a super star on the O-line we do at edge rusher, CB, S, WR, RB, LB though.....
  13. Crunked

    Rousing Rabble

    If our only legit choice is G, I can live with it, but in principle I don't want to draft a guard with the 6th pick when it will take hopefully a really long time before we are this high in the draft again....I would rather have a difference maker on offense or defense with that pick than a guy in the trenches.....plenty of good guards in the 2nd round.
  14. I remember last year Ballard exalting his love/ importance of DB/S what if Fitzpatrick is his top guy on the board? That has been rolling around my marble since the Giants JPP move, what if Chubb and Barkley are gone at picks 2 and 4....and we are faced with Nelson/Fitzpatrick and the rest, does he say I aint makin' a guard a 1st round pick and go Fitzpatrick, and does the majority of this board lose its collective mind? I think so....... But to be on topic: 1 Chubb 2 Barkley 3 Fitzpatrick 4 Vea 5 Nelson That would be my top 5, taking need into account without reaching too far Vea ( is climbing the board in my mind by draft day I am thinking he may be top 5)
  15. aaron, I am right there with you....I wasn't in the go nutz with the cap camp but I thought we could add some more (john simon level) roster fill to go with the draft this year.....I guess the way CB has approached it will be better long term, but the suck level now is elevated lol