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  1. Don't sleep on SF, this game is NOT a gimmie!

    We are 1-3 and arguably have played 4 good quarters of football out of 16, and those 4 weren't even in the same game.....I don't see a "gimmie" anywhere on the a fan this one will be enjoyable because the chance to win is greater than most match up's appear to be given our current level of play....that and all the pomp and circumstance with the ceremony of the tin man in front of the luke....and the #18 being laid to rest et. al.
  2. Colts new uniform design ideas

    I love these off season "uniform" topics, I just hate that our team is playing so craptastic to this point that it still feels like the off season, leaving us only this to discuss.
  3. Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    For me, I have kind of come to view Pagano like the Trent Dilfer of the coaching ranks. If the team has enough talent, Pagano's coaching gaffs, timeouts, lack of time outs, challenges, lack of challenges, trick plays when none are warranted are a minor annoyance, as the performance of the whole tends to minimize those mistakes. However the last couple of seasons (AND) yesterday, we see those gaffs on a team that is bereft of talent that can't afford any mistakes and Pagano gets exposed. He often looks like an unqualified leader. I have always been of the camp that firing a coach IN season, is saying, we would like to take a mulligan this year and try again next year for any team. So, I think the lack of talent this year (IF) that is what it is, will make for people calling for his head weekly and make for a long season for people like me. I am not saying I am FOR chuck being our coach, I guess I am simply saying if you were going to make the change it needed to happen BEFORE the season started, or at the very least at the END of this season, at this point, you gotta run what you brung.
  4. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    Funny I just posted in another thread my game synopsis "Wild West style: The good the bad and the ugly" lol
  5. Another Wasted Season

    Sarcasm served today wild West Style: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.........Today..... Run defense good, pass defense apparently played by me, it was baaaaaaaad. Tolzien, was still more consistent then Morris.........apparently......... throwing two touchdowns to the Rams and Moncriefs face mask screwed up the 3rd. Head scratching coaching early, Gore (power runner mid field) Mack small fast guy at the goal line.......Where was the challenge flag Chuck on the Mack those time outs brutha.......Mack and TY's fumblerooskies didn't help.....and AV, missing 2 FG's makes you have to ask, is he starting to lose to father time, or does the new long snapper holder need more practice.....someone ask me today when I thought Luck would be ready, I said judging by the QB play today ...PDQ......Luckily it only counts as 1 loss, although I am sure the Rams will be asking the league to review that count......1 Game peeps, the suckage was large, but look at it this way, we can't look worse than that next week right?....well? Right? LOL
  6. By Definition The Colts Are Rebuilding

    We are rebuilding the tank.....apparently the old one was leaking
  7. The Mystery is Unfolding

    Colts Forged campaign finally ties it all together for Colts fan, here is a sneak peak revealing the secret behind "Build the Monster" : Iron sharpens lron, like a rolling ball of butcher knives chop wood it sticks to the process while showing grit. So what now what? Well it is what it is, so stay in your lane............Colts, Chuck, Luck Strong.......All in!
  8. Dead last.......

    "Facts schmacks, you can use facts to prove anything that is even remotely true"~ Homer Simpson
  9. Should Luck try to find a new team?

    That's an interesting take.....and there may be some truth behind it, I guess this season with Grigson out of the picture should reveal how much truth is within your assessment. I know the inability to maximize talent and in flexibility in scheme have been pretty frustrating to watch the last couple of seasons.
  10. Should Luck try to find a new team?

    Should Luck try to find a new team? Isn't that Ballards job? My estimation of the situation is Ballard took over a team with a suspect O-Line (but a lot of young recently added talent that had promise) and NO defense. He did what any reasonable person would do when faced with a challenge that cannot be fully overcome in one off season, he looked at the O-Line and said well lets take the stance even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut in regard to the O-line, and I will work on building the defense first......
  11. To answer the original posters question: "in a van down by the river" NOT SUPER Seriously its (A) Pre-Season and (B) we haven't lost our two obligatory opening games and everything is doom and gloom week 3 you will be buying SB tickets at least mentally.....that's the way Colt fandom has worked the last couple of seasons.....juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust relaximus maximus
  12. Reports: Phillip Dorsett available for Trade

    If we can get anyone that could make the average 53 man roster that would be a plus, but after 2 pre season games, give me OL depth over a late round pick and Ragland.....bag of cheeto's for the win!
  13. Colts week 1 observations

    That was a good read, I disagree with the article a bit about the O-line, Tolzien may not have been getting levelled early on, it did seem to the naked eye as if the pocket was really more of a small satchel really as the edges were getting good push against the 1's......but I don't get coaches cut ups, just live fox action lol
  14. Dorsett a trade target?

    This just in: Colts trade Dorsett, for a bag of cheeto's team officials refused to disclose whether the cheeto's were snack sized or part of the family pack the team was originally seeking......the staff is confident that they can have the cheeto's up to speed by the start of the regular season.
  15. question

    That is the $64 question. Ballard's assessment is yes there is enough talent there to make it happen. I think RG and RT are the question mark positions at this point, but Ballard and coaches feel the tape shows enough improvement, personally between Luck's style of play, and the developing O-line the possibility is real that he could have a shortened overall career do to volume of injuries........but the Line did improve as the season went on (still had a way to go) and Luck has shown an aptitude to adapt his style of play, if both things happen I think he could be alright career length wise.