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  1. Rank The Colts IN AFC South

    If all 4 teams stay healthy (not likely) If the Texans rookie QB phenom picks up where he left off (not guaranteed) If the Jags get a better QB (not likely) If the Titans don't take a step backward with their coaching change situation (not likely) If Luck looks like his pre-injured shoulder self (with each passing day (no pun intended) not looking likely) If' all those If's can happen this will be a pretty tough division.
  2. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    Two things about that post....and while I am at it welcome to the newby whoever you are.....wherever you are...:) Two things which make me feel a bit better about the Luck situation in general The Bo Jackson blood flow retirement thing (well that was a long time ago), I would like to think medicine has progressed in dealing with this just like how medicine has progressed with ACL repair/recovery. The second point, I was encouraged by seeing Andrew Luck at the end of the season, he was looking more like his old self musculature wise in his upper body, I would think blood flow would preclude or at the very least making building muscle mass difficult if not impossible. It might be a bit true that maybe that WAS an issue and why he took a trip across the pond to "overcome" that impediment in Europe.
  3. First the obvious disclaimer for those whose vision does not extend past the tip of their nose: No two people are alike, no two shoulder injuries are alike ......noted. I found it interesting during the Panthers playoff game where Cam Newton got poked in the eye through his visor and it made his knee know, that game?....that the TV announcers made comments that his shoulder was still bothering him and had been all season, and how the Colts treated the Andrew Luck situation. It will be interesting to compare and contrast the health of these two QB's in that regard as their careers play may mean nothing but it might mean something.
  4. What if, The Browns Take Barkley with the 1st overall, and due to the situation in NY the Giants don't want to further alienate Eli by drafting a QB with the #2 pick, and they select Bradley Chubb.......who do the Colts take and why? Do we go safety for the 2nd year in a row? Do we grab an O-Line prospect? (I hope not) Do we reach at ILB, or some other position?
  5. Offseason Mock 2.0

    I would be cool with 2 legit starters in Free agency for the O-line hopefully one being a RT......if we can get 3 guys even better....and draft a guy somewhere in rounds 3-5.......this is if Mewhort doesn't have diminishing returns from his injury and can be in theory we would have a solid 5 and 3 solid back ups........and we roll from there with whatever the 2018 season brings.......draft skill positions at the top of the draft and we can all debate whether that's RB, OLB, ILB,S, WR or whatever.....but BPA skill guys
  6. Offseason Mock 2.0

    If we as fans have learned anything....and I mean ANYTHING...we have learned that there will be multiple injuries every year on the offensive line......Look at the C position alone this year, We started with Ryan Kelly, then Deshawn Bond and finished with the street walker Mike Person....we need multiple FA-OL AND draft at least 1 in the mid rounds.....5 solid starters and 2-3 reliable versatile back ups.........IF everyone stayed healthy this year we would have had a decent line with 4 of 5 good starters, but we were one guy short of a solid 5 and suffered 3 injuries leaving us to finish with 1-2 good guys and 3 street walkers (essentially) We need talent AND depth on the O-line.....I don't want to use our 1st or 2nd rounder on O-line we have too many other needs at talent positions for that, so I want to see those players acquired in FA....that's my perfect world scenario
  7. So our choices are between a current Pats coach or a former Pat player.....It feels a little wrong lol
  8. I think he would make a nice RT for no I don't think, nor do I want him back....but I am dead serious on the RT thing
  9. Colts were 'all in on Nagy

    I am glad we didn't get him.......not that the new HC needs to have years of experience Nagy's situation was too similar to Pagano's level of experience for my liking. And whatever happened to Ballard's boy Toub if they were all in on Nagy? I would bet we are leaning toward McDaniels honestly in a "his job to lose" scenario.....and I don't necessarily want him either.....but we will see how this all shakes out.
  10. Any room for Tyler Clark anywhere in there for the Colts....he's got a nasty I have come to admire
  11. I am glad the draft won't go down in that order....but it is interesting to see where everyone rates talent if we can just get some QB happy franchises in front of us, and some QB envy behind us we can have the pick of the litter.
  12. Reality's 1st 2018 Mock

    I would also like to keep Deshon Bond (think that was his name) over Person, or at least keep both
  13. Shurmur is intriguing but so is Jim Bob Cooter....just not sure we as Hoosiers could live down Jim Bob's name.......Wilks is interesting to me as well. I am not interested in McDaniels, he mucked things up in quick order in Denver....maybe he is more polished (see crack made in another thread) but I don't want to be the litmus test for that theory.
  14. Mike Vrabel to be interviewed tomorrow

    I don't know a thing about Vrabels coaching acumen but hiring him would be as weird to me as the Pats hiring Mathis as their head coach......just feels a little dirty and wrong lol