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  1. NY and Seattle have higher cost of living. So I eliminate both offers as they are not $$ lucrative enough to overcome that fact in my mind. Now I look at the remaining contracts, I take in to consideration the following items club history with players, location, and current roster relative to what my skill set is in regard to playing time and true opportunity. Cleveland and the Niners have both had a lot of turn over in coaching and player personnel in recent years. They have a couple pieces in place at my position in terms of starters where the Colts have no set starters at my position......... So I do the Jack Doyle and stay home.
  2. Do you spend all your time, money and effort in free agency building depth at LB, and then draft an OT? Maybe, but I would ask why not finish the build at the position in a draft arguably loaded with LB'er talent? Seems a bit sketchy to me.....
  3. I think any reasonable brain trust of any team would want to ascertain was the incident due to lack of maturity or character flaw. If its immaturity, time will negate the behavior ( I mean who amongst us was not a knuckle head at least once in our early 20's?) .....if its a character flaw, take him off the board. I think we are talking about 2 different things here.
  4. The first option gets closest to my liking, but doesn't have enough "edge" priority to get my vote....but honestly although in my heart I would love all of our selections to be defensive ones, I know that would be missing out on some good offensive opportunities at OL, RB, and TE(from Round 3 on) I will say in any reasonable order (defense round 1 & 2) Edge, LB, NT, DB.......and sprinkle in the (3) above mentioned offensive positions amongst the remaining picks while continuing with filling defensive needs as much as possible. So if an option of RND #1 Edge RND #2 NT/ILB (based on best available) that would get my vote...we need DB's and or safety...but my assertion with the FA's we have added and drafting RND #1 -2 as outlined the priority of high end DB's decreases if we hit on most of FA's and Rnd1-2 picks......and could be improved upon next season in the draft if necessary......(AKA spinning yarn into gold more easily achieved for Pagano and staff with raw DB's and Safeties than DL and LB'ers......
  5. For my mock I did not STRICTLY go with "who I want" I tried to be as objective and realistic as possible based on where players are valued at the moment. I took some calculated risks like teams often do, and in other spots I was "hopin' my guys are still there at my pick" thinking......something close to this in reality would make me happy, but honestly what you read below doesn't quite hit the marks I want as a fan.....If that makes any sense. Round 1 - #15 A: Rueben Foster ILB B: Hasson Reddick OLB C: Charles Harris OLB Round 2 - #46 A: Davon Godchaux DL B: Raekwan McMillan ILB Round 3 - #80 A: Kevin King DB B: Joe Mixon RB Round 4 - #122 A: Sydney Jones DB B: Tyus Bowser OLB Round 4 - #137 A: Matt Milano OLB B: Ryan Glasgow DL Round 4 - #144 A: Jordan Leggett TE B: Jalen Reeves-Maybin ILB Round 5 - #158 A: Jelani Hamilton DL B: Fred Ross WR Free Agents: 3 choices: Speedy Noil WR David Jones S Corey Levin OG
  6. I am perfectly content with what has happened so far.....we needed volume (quality second and third stringers)...done with FA money where you don't have to pay redonkulous money.....We need talent do that with the draft where again you don't have to pay redonkulous money........a blind man can see that is a vast improvement for overpaying for names in FA and drafting back ups ala He who shall not be named..... It's a pretty simple formula for anyone with reasonable thought process to dream up......If you wanted a reasonable assessment of this team you could say we needed: 1-WR 1-RB 1-RG 1-RT 2-NT 1-DE 6-LB 3-CB 2-S 1-P minimum to be Super Bowl Worthy......That's 19 position improvements......if he hits on EVERY DRAFT PICK (not reasonable or possible) by reasonable estimation. That would mean he addressed 13 of the 19 needs in one off season that would be phenominal....what is reasonable would be 3 starters from the draft....and hopefully one is a difference maker.....and it would be a GR8 offseason, and we would still be 6-10 players short of a dynasty......but he would have fixed 50% + of the problem which would be awesome...
  7. Poe for me is not a superstar, and not a JAG.....but somewhere better than a JAG, and short of a super star. At any rate a vast improvement over what we have. As long as his pay is commensurate with his talent level, I would be happy to have him. If we can somehow get Butler in the fold, it looks like the Colts draft list is going to be much clearer position wise Pass rush/LB'er DB's/S on defense. RB, OT/OG, TE/WR on offense.......
  8. I would love Drafting Jackson, and Reddick, I would love signing Butler and Poe....but all things being what they are the possibility of all (4) breaking our way might be lottery ticket odds..........but I would be oky and or doky with's to hoping.
  9. I got raked over the coals on this forum for suggesting Connor Barwin to the Colts 4 or so years I will pass.
  10. He looks like he may play a bit out of control at times letting his feet get out in front of him, but he pops on the tape and has good drive and power. After watching the Taco tape, slow and mailing it in, and Barnett with the speed and strength of me.....I could take some Takk.....
  11. I would prefer to have Andrew Luck UNDER center......but I would prefer Kelly TO BE the center.....we have enough problems without creating one for no apparent reason........I drive on a parkway, and park in a drive way.....that is all please feel free to post amongst yourselves lol
  12. Alright, lets play the GM game. Here is how it works. First take our current roster and salary cap. If you want to cut some vets to make more room for FA signings, by all means list those here.....Art Jones seems to be a popular cut for example. Re-sign with contract # who you want to retain of our own free agents as well. Ok now you have your cap #. Fill the appropriate positions with your non Colt FA's and their contract. Now onto the draft. Now you can't guarantee your guy will be there just cause you want him its a draft, the Browns might take a punter with the first overall, ok maybe not but my point is the draft is uncertain, so if you are planning to draft for a position you need to list your top 3 choices. Example if you are drafting an Edge Rusher your response may look like this #1 Barnett , #2 Lawson, #3 T.J. Watt or what have you. Lets see who builds the best defense for the team. Don't let me down, there will be a new air breather in most of these positions this year don't make us fans curse you for your choices the pressures on...."Make the Colts Great Again" We got some whip smart fans on here, and I am still getting up to speed with the draft class this year so I look forward to learning something with this, it will take some effort, sorry about that.....but it should be an interesting read. The premise to this format, is many good threads go bad around here when a mock draft gets shot down with the following phrase, "Fill in the blank wont fall that far" or, "I wouldn't take fill in the blank that high" this attempts to ignore what round and pick the player happens and examines only who you would take if he is available. Defense Edge Rusher back up Edge Rusher Run Stop OLB back up Run Stop OLB ILB pass cover ILB run stuffer CB#2 CB#3 Pass cover S NT Offense RT TE #3 TE RB back up RB WR #4(or #3 for the Dorsett haters ;)) ST P
  13. Responding to no one in particular but to "general comments" on this thread made by several. Ballard said it starts in the trenches on both sides of the ball, that's true...However, you have to be reasonable as a GM there is arguably more quality talent in this draft at LB'er and Secondary. Couple that with the Colts have more NEED in those two areas defensively because although the D-Line is not the iron curtain, it is far from the biggest weakness on D. Next thought Vontae Davis, I would agree with the nagging injury assessment of late, he was hopefully suffering that this last season at best or has lost a step at worst. To me this is his show me year as his contract will be coming up soon. Now having said that, I remember back in the Dungy era when we were suffering many Secondary injuries Dungy alluding to the fact that it was in part to failure of the front seven making the majority of the tackles, that the DB's being smaller framed by design cant take the punishment. Now I don't believe that to be the only contributing factor to the secondarys injuries of late but I think you can argue it adds to it. Lastly in a kind of joking/serious point of view we could actually draft all LB'ers in this draft there is that much need at the postion Starting and back up Rush, (if walden is not resigned,) start and back up run stop OLB's and pass protect ILB and run stop ILB.....we won't do that of course, nor do I think we should go all LB. Just ironic that we "could" and no one would bat an eye.......
  14. If we can acquire enough talent on defense this year to improve to "average" or near average, we have the offense to be a playoff/wild card team. If (and I think this would take a few off-seasons) we could inch our way to/into the top 10 defensively then we become SB contenders (based on where our offense is currently) .......Even if Ballard does such a good job this year that he is GM of the year, we will still have holes and needs in significant numbers that there will still be a lot of work to do.....He probably needs to have 3 good years of GM'ing to get us to the point where there is enough talent to have the opportunity to be a dynasty....and that might be optimistic.
  15. I would prefer if he is going the FA route its with 1 maybe 2 impact additions as opposed to Grigson's rent a D mentality. Just get a top tier FA that is available due to the players current teams cap restraint and leave it at that. Then draft like 6 LB'ers lol

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