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  1. That was a good read, I disagree with the article a bit about the O-line, Tolzien may not have been getting levelled early on, it did seem to the naked eye as if the pocket was really more of a small satchel really as the edges were getting good push against the 1's......but I don't get coaches cut ups, just live fox action lol
  2. This just in: Colts trade Dorsett, for a bag of cheeto's team officials refused to disclose whether the cheeto's were snack sized or part of the family pack the team was originally seeking......the staff is confident that they can have the cheeto's up to speed by the start of the regular season.
  3. That is the $64 question. Ballard's assessment is yes there is enough talent there to make it happen. I think RG and RT are the question mark positions at this point, but Ballard and coaches feel the tape shows enough improvement, personally between Luck's style of play, and the developing O-line the possibility is real that he could have a shortened overall career do to volume of injuries........but the Line did improve as the season went on (still had a way to go) and Luck has shown an aptitude to adapt his style of play, if both things happen I think he could be alright career length wise.
  4. Although I have no empirical data to back this up, I would say in general terms that Luck began to trust in Chester Rogers more as the season progressed. As Rogers basically became the Moncrief safety valve for when TY was not open. Dorsett, has not won the trust of Luck on anything other than outrunning the opponent to the end zone type situations (which he rarely does-strange for a guy with Flash speed) Having said all of that, I have never really gotten the sense that we play call to our strengths on offense, but rather are always calling plays to to fit a pre determined "this is what we game planned to work" it sometimes seems whether the game plan is valid or not adjustment comes as a concession not an observation, and some times its too late to save the game from the gaff.
  5. To channel my inner Al Davis, "Just win baby!"
  6. My only expectation is that we can mount some sort of defense from time to time, that would be an improvement over last season.....once I see that I will start pointing the goals higher........but in all honesty a middle of the road defense would be the peak achievement this season with the pieces that have been added talent wise, but since they all have to gel as a unit I would expect some ugliness early a 20th ranked D probably will be where we stand with it being more 15th-ish by playoff time. IF Andrew and key offensive guys healthy, that might be good enough for a playoff appearance......and build from there.
  7. I want to see them execute first..........but if they play up to potential and we don't have to hide from other teams fans from embarrassment when the D is on the field I think the nick name should start with an S given all the "S" 's we have signed. Simon... Sheard... Spence.... So my vote would be Stampede or Swarm if you think the secondary will be the strength of the D....the "S" idea doesn't fly zone is cliche' and used by other teams I would suggest from military origins.....38th parallel, DMZ, or if you want to go sci fi The Neutral Zone...... If you want to generalize referring to all aspects of the defense refer to the defense as meeting" Cold Blue Steel" .....of the Colts.... Before I am fired for naming the defense I fire you were lol
  8. Let me shake up the thinking for a moment, someone has to be the wildcard in this thread..... DE: Henry Anderson NT: Jon Hankins DE: Kendall Langford OLB: Basham ILB1: Spence ILB2: Simon OLB: Sheard CB1: Vontae CB2: Quincy Wilson Nickel: Butler FS: Hooker SS: Geathers
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....these are all the players the Colts WILL NOT select. along with 200 + Congrats to whoever won, whatever they won, hopefully the carribean island cruise was worth all of your effort and diligence....(great fun! thanks Doc)
  10. I think it would be interesting to know the Colts top 20 since Davis and Charles Harris are both a part of that list......allegedly.
  11. For me personally? Winning the lottery or getting a big fat promotion.....for the team, well there are many ways to explain success, in short success as it relates to the Colts for me, would be growing a defensive spine. If they do that, they can go anywhere.......
  12. Sorry I forget that sometimes my dry sarcasm doesn't translate to type on these type of settings (probably if I emoticon'd it or lolz'd it I might not have lead anyone down the wrong path)....I will work on my delivery.......but anyway.....that was the point I was making, that these types of threads are totally opinion based, and that actual results may vary. Interesting read, none the less.....Again I apologize for any confusion......was just lol'z-ing in sentence form. As you were
  13. Round 1 - #15 A: Derek Barnett Edge B: Marlon Humphrey DB C: Charles Harris Edge -------> trade back pick which will screwgy my later rounds but I got a feelin' Round 2 - #46 A: Adoree Jackson DB B: T.J. Watt Edge Round 3 - #80 A Jourdan Lewis DB B: Tyus Bowser Edge Round 4 - #122 A: Kareem Hunt RB B: Teez Tabor DB Round 4 - #137 A: Josh Jones S B: Nico Siragusa OG Round 4 - #144 A: Matt Milano OLB B: Kendell Beckwith ILB Round 5 - #158 A: Connor Harris ILB B: D'Onta Foreman RB Free Agents: 3 choices: Speedy Noil WR David Jones S Corey Levin OG Ok Dr T this is my final, final, final, final.....finally sorry for all the rookie pre-posting earlier........when I get a new gizmo I push all the buttons first and then read what they do after that lol.......
  14. Wasn't he the 20 something best coach at the end of the season? Now he's the 11th, that's a heck of an off season Chuck congrats.......(scratches head walks out)
  15. FalseStart, you know on Humphrey depending on which depth chart/team needs list you look at its possible he's available, it typically means there is/was a deeper run on Edge players in the top 14 than whatever the experts term as "usual" and I would be ok with him, I am just going to my happy place and saying that WON"T happen lol.....Lawson and Dawkins are legit suggestions.....and could work as well....I didn't list Lawson because with the addition of Hunt at DE, (and I know Lawson could be a cross over Edge guy) well I just had other edge guys so I kind of blew him off lol........but anywhere in the defensive heavy draft is ok by me.......

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