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  1. Did you disregard the whole second half of my post.  We don't care if they benefited or not.  Its the fact that they did it at all is the issue.

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    2. Narcosys


      I don't know, I cant find the personal message, I thought this was it lol. It says leave a message, so I did.

    3. amfootball


      Did you just sent to me or others? I wonder if it is the same as PM or different.


      I respect your opinion and was not trying to bring up DG but just sharing the data given many, many here wanted to see if Brady's performance or the team's fumbles would be affected. I was just posting the data that emphatically says it was not. I did not create a separate thread because I did not want to rehash DG but just give the update on a Brady related thread ...

    4. amfootball


      To be fair, Brady seemed to have a pretty good deep ball this season (I don't have the stats just going off the eye test) as compared to other seasons and a football that has more air in it is easier to throw further with more velocity. He was throwing more deep balls because Edelman was out half the season but IMO his deep ball seemed much better.

  2. Why in the world did BB elect to kick the ball. There is no way he could ever justify that decision to anyway that understands odds. Trying to be smarter than everybody else ?

    1. Jules


      I didn't see it, but didn't BB kick it away a year or two ago vs. Denver in OT in NE since they wanted Peyton to throw against the heavy winds in that game? And they won that game. I think it's hit or miss. But, in OT I think you kinda have to take the ball. Again though, I didn't see this game really but I keep hearing about it.


    2. amfootball


      I didn't have much of an issue with it. He did the same vs Denver two years ago and kicked to Peyton and we won the game. Bill felt his defense was playing better which it was as the offense had only mustered any momentum the final drive to tie. It should have worked out as the Pats had a third down but they called a bogus PI on Butler to extend the drive. Then the next play the Jets ran a pick play that was not called and it went for a big gain. A real bummer and I would have liked to see Brady get the ball but I understand the decision and don't really disagree with it.

    3. Synthetic


      If his plan had worked, everyone would be calling him a genius right now. It's always 50/50 with big situation decisions like this. I'm going to stick up for BB here, because plenty of times, Sean Payton's trick plays have backfired on us. It could have worked, but it's always a 50/50 chance of it backfiring. 

  3. I figured I would stick this here as I don't want to start any issues on the main thread but Gary Myers has written a book called, "Brady vs Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry That Transformed the NFL" I don't normally read sports books but this one seems great as it delves into both these players who apparently gave unprecedented access to Myers. It literally was just released and I have a copy coming to my local library. Here is the scope of the book: From Acclaimed sports journalist Gary Myers comes the definitive inside account of the greatest rivalry in NFL history Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are perhaps the two greatest quarterbacks of all time. They are living legends who have come to embody the quarterback position and shape an entire generation of the NFL. They have also been fierce rivals every step of the way, and their many epic duels have not only ranked among the best and most exciting games ever played, they have fundamentally shaped the lives of and careers of both men. But for all their shared brilliance, they are a study in contrasts. Tom is the underdog turned ultimate winner, an unheralded draft pick who went on to win a miraculous Super Bowl and become the leader of one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties. He is as firmly associated with big game brilliance as anyone who has ever played. Meanwhile Peyton was born into NFL royalty and a mountain of outsized expectations, yet somehow lived up to and exceeded all the hype, claiming virtually every passing record along his path to football immortality. The contrast in greatness—between the overachieving underdog and the crown prince of football, between postseason brilliance and statistical dominance—has served as an endless source of fascination for fans and media, and over the years as the two players have faced off again and again in classic games, the argument has only intensified. But until now, there has never been a definitive treatment of the debate that tells the real story. What do Tom and Peyton actually think of each other? What do their coaches think of them? What about teammates and opposing players? What are they like behind closed doors and in the locker room, and how does that influence their careers? How did their vastly different upbringings shape them, and how has each handled the injuries, setbacks and defeats they’ve dealt with over their careers? In this extraordinary book, veteran NFL correspondent Gary Myers tackles this subject from every angle and with unprecedented access and insight, drawing on a huge number of never-before-heard interviews with Brady and Manning, their coaches, their families, and those who have played with them and against them. The result is a remarkable collection of the most entertaining and revealing stories ever told about Peyton and Tom, from how they developed their vastly different leadership styles, to the unlikely friendship they’ve built over the years, to their respective exploits as locker room pranksters. Wildly entertaining and deeply thought-provoking, Brady vs Manning is essential reading for anyone who truly wants to understand these extraordinary players.
  4. Seems like King turns out a new book every few months. His production of new material is unbelievable.
  5. I see you like history books. Anything in particular you would recommend reading pertaining to Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries? I had minored in European history with a focus on Germany (World War 1 through World War 2) and an always looking for more books on their history.
  6. I finished "Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee and have to say it was better than I anticipated. For all the talk that this book was actually written by her publisher, it was definitely Lee. No one can mimic her writing style and brilliant dialogue exchanges. Also for those that don't know, this is a prequel to "Killing a Mocking Bird" as it was written first but when reading it, it feels more like a sequel given Scout is an adult in it. I don't want to share too many details in case others are reading it but the book made me laugh out loud several times as Scout flashes back to memories of her adolescence. She is 26 when the book opens and has been living in New York and then comes back to Maycomb. As is typical with Lee, there is a lot of talk with race relations in the south but somehow she is able to discuss these things without making you feel like you have to pick sides. It is such an honest portrayal of the struggles the south was going through in the 50s with the NAACP came in. There are supposedly more novels in Lee's Alabama home that are supposed to publish so I will look eagerly forward to those and sharing on this thread.
  7. It is coming out this week!! I will discuss up here as I read it.
  8. You know I have never been a big sci fi fan I think just because I am a realist in my every day life. lol. I saw all the Matrix movies years ago and loved them and decided then that I should really give sci fi a chance. I will check out the Secrets of the Immortal.
  9. Hi all, I had been thinking about starting this thread for awhile for those of us that are readers to share what we are reading. I am always interested in good books out there and will read just about anything in terms of genre and topic. I had mentioned on another thread that in two weeks Harper Lee's prequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird" is due to come out. It is called "To Set a Watchman." I am not sure I have ever looked more forward to a book before. I love Lee. Her writing style, conversational tone and ability to make you feel like you know her characters through moving dialog. Once I read it, I will share up here. I also recently read 'Wild" by Cheryl Strayed, It is a memoir of her life where she goes on a hike to sort out her life's issues. I am not a hiker but I have to say this book got me interested in it and was well written with lots of metaphors which were very cool. I did feel like Strayed was a bit whiny but overall a good read.
  10. More snow. Yeah! /sarcasm

    1. HungarianColtsFan
    2. southwest1


      WI got nailed with it last year. Boston can experience the joy this year AMF. Woo Hoo! Just Kidding!

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