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  1. Don Shula deciding one perfect season was enough instead of back-to-back perfect seasons. What a jerk! ;)
  2. Giants vs. Philly one play left with the Giants winning just take a knee but instead they decide to hand the ball off to Csonka he fumbles the Eagles pick it up and run it in for six and win..
  3. It's called hush money to be paid now that he has signed for millions.
  4. Buffalo NEW YORK (EON – NFL owners are set to gather next week for a brief series of meetings, and at least two new rules changes are expected to be approved., owners will vote on a motion that had previously been tabled to shorten overtime periods from the current 15 minutes to 10 minutes. As reported by Yahoo Sports, the reason for the shorter OT proposal is unclear, but it is expected to receive the three-quarters approval vote needed. If social media is an indication, fans are not in favor of the change, believing it will lead to more tie games. NFL overtime rule changeB The proposal was originally raised at the owner’s meetings in March, but was tabled at the time . It will be discussed again at next week’s meetings, where Battista says it will get approved. For a proposal to become an NFL rule, it has to get a “yes” vote from 24 of the league’s 32 owners. CBS Sports adds: The downside here, by the NFL’s own admission, is more ties. “There’s no question that when you shorten that overtime period, the potential for ties does increase,” Dean Blandino told ProFootballTalk in March. “And I don’t think we feel that ties are necessarily a bad thing. They’re certainly great for tie-breakers when it comes to postseason. But ultimately you want to have a winner in the game.” Prior to 2012, any player placed on injured reserve was forced to miss the entire season, but that changed with the designated for return rule.
  5. "One of these days Alice. One of these day! Bang! Zoom! To the moon!"
  6. 2017 Indianapolis Colts W L 16 0
  7. I'll guess most of you have seen the current commercials with Tom Brady nixing any idea of a curse. Now, I don't wish anyone a serious injury but would it not be humorous if Brady suffered an injury at home or away from the field that would no allow him to play this coming season. Again, I don't wish him any harm but a dislocated shoulder while working in his yard might be worth a chuckle in view of his now running commercials.
  8. Several "authorities" say he needs to stop with the dropping the shoulder style or he won't last long in the NFL. Mike Golick was animate about this.
  9. The Colts have never been media darlings and that is fine with me. Dallas could be winless for a decade and get more air time than 90% of the NFL teams. Keep in mind what goes on the air is what will get the goons talking nonstop. It's called "media hype". I don't spend much time worrying about the status of Romo or Kaepernick but their stories linger like an old wart.
  10. Recall the "No Name Defense"? With their success the "No Name" handle should apply to their teams every year. They are the chef that turns out great meals regardless of the ingredients.
  11. Are we forgetting an improved OL? With the first half of the season last year being one of a make-shift OL let's wait and see if the OL is finally set and if so how will it open up runways for the Colts ball carriers.
  12. he did his job....... unique to most Colts RBs
  13. incredible
  14. Most everything you say is as wrong s it is belligerent.

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