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  1. Anticipating the draft is a gut twister. I hang with it until the last man is chosen. Nothing is worse than watch a high draft pick turn out to be a bust unless it's for another AFC team..
  2. The "coolest" of all time...... 1. Jim McMahon 2. Ken Stabler 3. Joe Namath 4. Joe Montana 5. Bert Jones
  3. Baseball and football need to kick it in the butt. NASCAR runs commercials in split screen mode so should other sports.
  4. That is what we all are waiting for. It's pathetic to see him go down every game but it was good to see the OL get better at the end of the season. With a good OL the running game improves and Luck will be unlimited with what he can do. All fingers are crossed.
  5. The name Josh Ferguson sounds like a name for a tennis player. Don't care much for his play so far. Gore should rip some acres with an improved OL in 2017
  6. Carolina and Indy failed to protect their QBs and both QBs had shoulder surgery. Duh, what can be wrong?
  7. Any relationship to the All Pro Joe Fortunato that played for the Bears for 12 years and was on the 1963 championship team? Hope so, good DNA..
  8. What if it was his jock strap that was stolen?
  9. I'll let the GM & staff make the calls on talent because something tells me they know more than I do on the subject. So far my complaining has not had an impact on the Colts seasons.
  10. Texans have the best defense but that defense is going to be on the filed for a very long time in games this coming season due to lack of a QB. The Jags have made some solid moves but they too have a QB issue. To me it is the Colts barely over the Titans if Luck's shoulder is OK. I think I read he is not going to play in any of the preseason games and that is worrisome.
  11. What about Earl Morrell?
  12. Isn't the OP the story of the Pats? From no-names to champions. Their QB was a no-name from Michigan and Belichick came from the Browns, the silliest team in the NFL. I wonder if Pats fans even watch the draft-why should they?!! Aggravation over and over and over like last year's Super Bowl.
  13. And the winner of Super Bowl 52 is.........the Patriots! Surprise, surprise, surprise
  14. Manning is a Louisiana guy, his dad and he grew up there and he lives there today along with the other members of his family. His dad would not cry if Peyton took a job with the Saints. Just saying and he is dead loyal to Tennessee college ball. I could care less what he does as all I care about is the Colts getting back to be respected as a SB contender. "Thanks for the memories and let's move on".
  15. Smart move-gobs of money and his brain is still working. Great career

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