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  1. Harbaugh

    None of the names mentioned as the next head coach will get the job. Guarantee it.
  2. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Art Donovan on talk shows revealed what went on in the pile ups, the locker rooms and the bars after the games. Worlds apart from todays richie rich kids.
  3. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    A professional bad butt and did it with a smirk. Loved him.
  4. Bye Week: Gaining Some Perspective

    In ten months we will know more.
  5. If Peyton agrees to join the Browns his statue should be moved to Cleveland then a brown paper sacked be placed over its head.
  6. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Not criticizing him but there are many alternatives to him plus he will not be unemployed for any length of time and he commands talent if traded. If he stays that is fine with me but he should be valuable on the grading block and the Colts need talent.
  7. Zeke Elliott

    Really? His job has nothing to do with the flag that players disrespect. Goodell makes and breaks players ask Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cupcakes.
  8. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Get rid of Bostic and Vinatieri
  9. RIP Terry Glenn

    I think he caught Brady's first TD pass.
  10. The AFC is loaded with major disappointments for 2017 while the NFC has several teams that may face New England or Pittsburgh in February. The Raiders are the biggest disappointment while the Rams are the biggest surprise winners. Who gets fired and hired in the coming weeks? This could get brutal and fun to watch.
  11. Zeke Elliott

    Elliott screwed everyone on the Dallas Cupcakes including Prescott.
  12. I saw that this morning. Saturday got a good roar out of that one. I would love to hear Manning's opening speech to the Browns team/staff if he joined.
  13. last six

    My guess is Ballard has made his decision on Pagano so what happens from now on is not his focus in terms of the HC job. A good manager prevents disasters, not patch them up after they happen.
  14. What happened to KC??

    Jeff Saturday said this morning KC started off with some trick plays that worked but now the defenses are ready for them. Someone else said this exact same thing yesterday.
  15. New England (-7) vs. Oakland in Mexico City (11-19-17)

    I understand all the facts about not having a capable backup QB in the NFL but looking at the results I believe the thinking is flawed. I don't have the solution but over the years of watching most not all teams, go in to nose dives with their backups something needs to be changed. Some backups look like they have no ability at all. The number of snaps they take during the seasons practices might have something to do with it but what good is a spare tire if it has hole in it?