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  1. What is the title of your book?
  2. A Colts/ Chargers story- Leigh Steinberg wrote a book called "The Agent" and in it he stated the Colts were set to pick Ryan Leaf over Peyton. Leaf did not want to play for the Colts so his agent told him how to get out of it and go to San Diego where he wanted to play. Leaf was at the combine and there was a meeting set for Leaf and Colts coach Jim Mora. His agent told him to skip the meeting and that would send Mora through the roof. Leaf first cleared this with Chargers GM Bobby Betheard and Betheard agreed. He shipped the meeting. Mora went ballistic. The Colts picked Peyton.
  3. Apparently the deal is all but done. I think he is 32 years old.
  4. Nonsensical because you don't agree with it? Yet your response is childish at best. If you don't agree with a post you can say simply you don't agree but you choose instead to be the little smart butt that your posts verify.
  5. I am not going to look it up (because I don't care) but how many QBs have they had since Smith took the job?
  6. could go either way, I hate see players in the game after their time and or body are not. good luck to him.
  7. The Real Reason: They don't give a %$^@. You can't tell me when they are approaching the combine and or the draft that their thoughts are "keep cool, don't do anything to start something so small as the tiniest hint of a rumor of something being wrong". If their is one time in their stupid lives to behave it is that period. Yet the punks (and stop calling them kids) don't care about anything but themselves. Also, isn't it reasonable to assume since they got caught that they do this more than once? At least Mixon was a high school punk when he did "his thing" but I was in high school and I got through like millions of others every year without being a spineless *. Ban these guys from professional sports for life and see how they fair in the working world with the "education."
  8. Bill Polin said he and coach Dungy always insisted on the potential player being trustworthy, meaning no druggies or women beaters or jerks in general.
  9. VP & GM Rick Smith said recently with a chuckle in mid-sentence the Texans are in no rush to get another QB. They now have only two. Smith has been in his position for eleven years now and never had a QB. It's hard to buy in to the lack of urgency for a QB with their defense now primed and ready to do it's part to get to a SB. JJ Watt is 28 nd has a lousy back. No rational person believes Cutler or Kaepernick will be the answer for this team. Why Rick Smith is still there is a mystery Granted, Savage can't be judged yet as to his potential but so far he is not viewed as the type of QB that can lead the team to the SB.
  10. 1. Lucks shoulder is normal. 2. A much improved defense with a good pass rush. 3. An improved secondary. Since the Texans are apparently going with Savage at QB despite their defense I see a runoff between the Colts and the Titans for the #1 spot. Curious to see how well Mariota's leg has healed and how his mobility is affected.
  11. Both teams tread water which is fine if you have no desire to reach the shore.
  12. I agree. It's not a matter of who is the best but who will be of greater value. Example, Walter Payton can't compare to some of the statistics of other former RBs but his value was obvious. The consensus on McCaffrey is he will be gone easily in the first round. If he is still there when the Colts pick comes up I hope they grab him regardless of their secondary needs.
  13. Odd how NE gets their bye at week nine when that is the best time to get it.
  14. The top RB's all have a neg, like all players.There is no one RB that can compete with McCaffrey's versatility. Several commentators urge teams to pick him over the competition.

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