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  1. I'm sitting at the counter of a café with a plate of raw shrimp. I cut the heads off and hand the plate to the waitress and the cook comes out and tells me he will not cook them without the heads attached. I get * off because he won't give me the reason. I eat shrimp maybe once every two years. The real mystery of dreams to me is the "why" we ream what we do. One scientist said we know more about the universe thane we do of the human brain.
  2. On WR the Texans have one and that is good for us when you add they don't have a QB.
  3. You are right on all accounts. I have been to a horse race track three times and casino in Tucson once. Each time I brought $100 and left without it all three times. The race track is a lot of fun even if you don't bet. Just plant yourself near the finish line and watch the betters jump and scream as the horses approach the finish line.
  4. Heard this today on the radio- the tape of the bar incident has been erased. Not one witness is talking and the guy that got whacked is no where to be found. So the logical conclusion : The bar owner is a Cowboys fan. The patrons that witnessed it were told by the bar owner "You saw nothing"!. The guy that got hit or whatever recently made a large deposit to his savings account. "How bout them Cowboys!
  5. As a life long investor and saver in order to someday retire comfortably which is where I am now I cringe at the people that blow there money on gambling. My now decease best friend was a life-long habitual gambler and never could see one thing wrong with blowing 100% of his cash. He was always bumming money and getting him to pay it back was a struggle. It include people of all ages and sadly the very old in some cases. I think I won 20 dollars about 20 years ago on a scratch off. I bought a friend of mine 30 $1 scratch offs for her 30th birthday. She got a $2 and a $6 winner out of that stack. I'll buy a $1 weekly ticket once in a while. I have never been to Vegas and have no plans of ever going. The crazy thing is how many of the winners blow it all in a couple years.
  6. How many "incidents" will Elliott create before he gets suspended. It may be the NFL has another head case whose life could be wonderful but instead a small brain will lead him in another if not, opposite direction. Children should be disciplined at a young age not when they are in their 20's.
  7. From Jul 24 2017 Time mag. A California teenager won $555,555 on a scratch-off then in the same week won $100,000. Seven people have won the lottery more than 100 times over the past three years. One man has won 150 times since 2014. An Orlando man claims he has won lottery prizes seven times. He claims it is from his system in a self published book. A couple from Portsmouth won two one million dollar prizes and a $50,000 prize in the state lottery in one month.
  8. One of the reasons given for the "no strike" idea was unlike basketball where the players presence is only a few feet away and you can see their faces in football all you see is the uniforms and from far away and to a point I agree. Even Richard Sherman said there is no chance for a strike. The immense power of the owners was brought up more than once. The Cowboys are valued at 4.1 billion last I read.
  9. He dated Marilyn Monroe and married Barbara Bain one of the most beautiful women ever. He was doing something right!
  10. When there is no apparent reason for something it is a "trigger" to insert racism on any subject. When you run out of material in an interview bring up racism, it's an old, old trick still used today.
  11. Judging from what I saw this past weekend on this subject on Mike & Mike a strike has zero chance of happening. One reason given was the last strike when they simply replaced striking players as easy as buying a new dog.
  12. If you want to be permanently marked as a bad pill in the NFL add "domestic violence" to your resume. It politics and I you don't get it by now you never will.
  13. When one is destined to be stupid then stupid it is.
  14. If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
  15. Watching an ESPN documentary on Mike & The Mad Dog last night got me to thinking growing up In Chicago I don't recall sport talk shows on the radio. I listen to some shows during the football offseason but when the season grows close I listen exclusively to sports talk AM and zero music. Houston has a great channel that is staffed all day and night with smart and funny hosts.

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