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  1. Brian Cushing to be released by texans

    Too many drugs and too many injuries. Popular in Houston nonetheless but no to looking at him.

    Sorry, but consult the schedule for 2018, One game and one only. No rivalry an their won't be for many moons. The Jets are more of a rival to the Pats.
  3. Don't want to see Drew Brees leave N.O. ever.
  4. ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    You seldom if ever read before you react/post and so I ask what does "to be serious" in my post mean in relation to the two sentences prior??!!. Get a grip.
  5. Your Favorite Colts Team and Non-Colts Team?

    I watched "The Greatest Game Ever Played" lying on the floor in front of the TV. My dad started taking pictures of my after he saw how intense I was which he found to be funny I was much more of a Baltimore Colts fan than an Indy fan perhaps because I was a young boy when I became a Colt fanatic. Living in the Chicago burbs I got to go to Colts games as they were in the same division as the Bears. Unitas and the team were all I gave a hoot about back then. The 85 Bears would be my second team and I still pull for the Bears.
  6. ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    Manning would soon grow to be hated by fellow broadcasters because of his preparation before going in to the booth. He would spend hours analyzing everything and his partner would fall asleep during the games every week. But to be serious I don't want to see him go in to broadcasting. He should go in to college coaching a much more honorable trade.
  7. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Luck has signed with the Patriots!!!! go to www. to verify!!!!! b-o-r-I-n-g
  8. The truth about the coming season is hidden in the Vatican and will never be revealed.
  9. a guy we missed out on ... Scott Frost

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Nostradamus where are you when we need you?!
  10. The Colts New Offensive Approach

    If they draft Barkley then Griggson should come back and resume his duties.
  11. Tony Dungy's response

    Water under the bridge. McD ruined his career for many years to come. Concentrate on the Colts now and tomorrow.
  12. Happy VD!

    They know all about sacrificing everything.
  13. Derrick Johnson

    The plan is to build not to win now so a vet of 13 years is in no way an option.
  14. Happy VD!

    Veterans Day, Never Forget!