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  1. Bobby The Brain Heenan Dead

    I think he had throat cancer. He was 73. Truly a great showman and was the king of pro wrestling managers.
  2. Odds On Which Coach Gets Axed First in 2017

    Today I was reminded Rex Ryan was a players coach. Pagano is said to be a players coach. Sadly now I see a strong resemblance between the two. Depressing.
  3. Possible Luck Update

    Owners never see themselves owing anything to fans. There's just no money in it. The Irsay owned Colts are the shining example of that.
  4. Some pre-game shows have become poor versions of SNL. Stupid comedy(?) skits, guys wearing stupid hats all behaving like college fools. Inside The NFL is still halfway watchable and Fox with Long, Johnson and Bradshaw is OK but the others are just making fools of themselves to try to boost ratings for younger viewers. People in their 40's & 50's being forced by the producers to scream instead of speaking. What ever happened to informing the viewers? College pregame shows are not as ridiculous and their audience is a lot younger than the pros. And to those that would say "don't watch", the point is the trash being put on the screen is done so for what reason when there are so many other options.
  5. Possible Luck Update

    What forum are you on?
  6. Hilton and Moncrief

    They both looked bored and anxious to get their uniforms off so they could go play checkers, not chess.
  7. Possible Luck Update

    Those fans that are screaming for Lucks premature return are the Romans in the Coliseum watching the lions eat Christians.
  8. Say What You Want

    Stupid only if he's 100% healthy. Why risk his future with a 2017 team that has zero chance of going anywhere with him?
  9. Jags Attendance Today - Game 2

    What was the attendance ranking for the Jags last year?!?!
  10. Jags Attendance Today - Game 2

    Try looking up pro sports attendance in the state of Florida before you post. By the way I live in Houston and we got as much as 54.17 inches of water with Harvey so explain to me how the Texans played at home.
  11. At 0-2 and headed to Kansas City in week 3 the Chargers chance of finally being considered for a Super Bowl bid are nil and none again.
  12. Timeout

    Especially after playing the 49ers in back-to-back games he should have had a better game plan. He looks as lost as he is. He needs to stop praising the players after they make bonehead plays. All week he would not reveal who the QB would be. Is there any question??!! "Either one would be ready to play", he said. Like Tolzein was "ready" last week? What is going through the GM's mind right now?
  13. Jags Attendance Today - Game 2

    So I am watching the Jags/Titans during the Colts commercials and I notice there is almost nobody in the stadium. I know Jacksonville has had attendance problems but what I saw today is sad. No one goes to their baseball games either. Just proves fans don't matter, just keep paying out those TV revenues.
  14. Say What You Want

    The better Brissett performs the more games the Colts will win adding to the "Sit Luck All Year" movement of which I am president of (I won that lection fair & square). If you don't want Luck healthy for the next ten years then trade him now and let someone else bandage him.
  15. Say What You Want

    Can't argue with that.