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  1. will426

    If you could..

    Aaron Donald /Antonio Brown
  2. will426

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    I slightly agree with you I just was trying to understand why people say he “can’t” do this & also yeah coming out of college he was known to run to the outside when he landed with us i didn’t see him try and bounce to the outside many times..he simply got stopped trying to run up the middle his best runs seemed to come from running to the outside as well though we don’t utilize outside runs often and for some reason when we did gore got them
  3. will426

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    Lol exactly I’m simply trying to understand why people say he can’t be a rb who he runs between the tackles yet someone smaller can ? I mean if it’s there I’d assume if he has the “vision” he’ll go between the tackles
  4. will426

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    So he’s 5’11 and 210 compared to Freeman’s 5’8 205 yet people say he can’t become an inbetween the tackles kind of back because he’s too small I’m lost lol
  5. will426

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    What do you mean though he’s not as light and small as everyone makes him up to be? He’s legit the same size as many backs who start in this league and the same size as some of the teams who run by committee.. I will judge him behind a good line not the makeshift that we had I applaud Gore for his great Vision he made it work for this line lol
  6. will426

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    Lol idk why people assume Mack can’t be an inbetween the tackles kind of guy..he’s literally about the same size as freeman on the falcons if not bigger and he’s an inbetween the tackles back.. you don’t have to be 230+ to run the football up the middle just have to have vision an explosive burst to shoot through..
  7. will426

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    I don’t think he sucks I think it’s the qb position along with some nagging injuries he tends to get. His final 3 years with romo before injuries killed them both he averaged 1,000 yards and romo trusted him enough to throw into double coverage whether he was open or not...Dak on the other hand does not take those risk nor does he utilize Bryant’s jump ball ability..he was never super fast or had an amazing route tree but what he can/could do was outjump and muscle the ball away midair
  8. will426

    Ryan Grant and Eric Ebron Highlights

    So what I see from Ebron is that he gets open and catches the ball just doesn’t score much..that’s not even a problem to me as long as he’s catching that ball
  9. will426

    Raiders Cut Marquette King

    He gets a lot of penalties and is just has a personality that gruden probably doesn’t like lol
  10. will426

    Odell Beckham Situation

    This this this !when he’s targeted nonstop he produces amazingly when you don’t look his way or throw him the ball all of a sudden he “disappears” when in reality that’s not on “Him” and also you’re right in games where he’s actually been shut down the entire offense was as well Luck included
  11. will426

    Rams sign suh

    I think it’ll mesh perfect since wade Phillips is controlling it he always makes the most out his defense wish we picked him up when we had a chance
  12. will426

    Rams sign suh

    I know he loves his job he always gets a beastly def to coach
  13. will426

    Odell Beckham Situation

    I’m going to need people to define how Hilton disappears..I mean if he’s continuously dropping balls when being targeted maybe I could say he’s disappearing..now when the qb doesn’t throw you the ball nor look your way is it you disappearing or the qb being fearful and not trusting thier receiver..when Hilton gets thrown the ball majority of the time it’s caught whether he has to jump and fight for it or not..now if your claiming that the qb isn’t throwing him the ball then you blame that in the qb..when thrown the ball the man produces the thing is we don’t consistently throw him the ball nor use him the way we should and we rarely take advantage of his speed anymore
  14. will426

    Marlon Mack

    Lol he’s played 1 year sparingly..now if this year he has those same issues then you can state this. He was a rookie it’s a training phase is not? Some are more developed some are not can’t judge off one year though
  15. will426

    Josh Mcdaniels Rule

    It’s actualt a great idea lol don’t accept an offer if you don’t want it in the first place