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  1. A lot of you people mentioning qb as bpa hypothetically speaking are just being extra..none of these qbs are even first round material that being said why keep using them as an example lol
  2. True we'd be getting vontaes replacement a 2nd corner and a nickel then next year draft pass rush heavy being that a lot of our pass rushers now are on 1 year prove it deals pretty much and draft a safety if green doesn't pan out
  3. Yeah I I understand what you mean but this draft isn't pass rush heavy as it is corners lol my idea is pretty absurd tho I just had to suggest some odd idea just to make the most out of this DB class
  4. TBH with the revamped pass rushers (although unproven) I'd honestly go all Corners/ilb and rb this draft and pick up a bunch of edge rushers via udfa to compete...only cuz our dline looks solid w Langford Anderson Hankins Ty and ridgeway....draft would bring in corners ilbs and that rb we need..it'd be risky but are we truly expecting to win the bowl this year lol it's the goal but is it immediate I'd love if it happened.. input anyone? And yes I know it's allll bunched up I'm lazy ;)
  5. I actually like Ac but it's been said and seen that after he got paid for being an above average Lt his play has downgraded..I mean some games he's good in no issue then it's those games where non stars are constantly getting pressure from his side
  6. Nah he's the same way with or without JM as of lately and that's average
  7. Lol for 1 I could care less if it helped him or not he kneeled for what he felt was right get over it and also could also care less about speaking so properly on the internet you're judgment of me doesn't concern me I'll laugh at you either way
  8. Aww don't bring up the kneeling of the anthem thing ^ it's not mandatory nor a law so who cares lol
  9. lol it's funny tho
  10. I can see jags taking him just like they did jack last year when he dropped
  11. Then I'd take a fly on him but eh then what the hell if he was to surpass green what do we do with him lol
  12. I'd like him but is he always willing to tackle from the safety's position ?
  13. No rb is best suited for this offense hell we play defense all first half and begining of the 3rd then we have an offense the remainder of the game lol...
  14. True but it does get tiring waiting for this man blocking scheme to fully work lol it's been how many years now..and we saw what a zone stretch did for Peyton and edge..I feel the colts need to go back to thier ROOTS in terms of offense for sure
  15. I wish we'd just switch to a zone blocking scheme so we have actual cutback lanes which gore can easily find with his elite vision but noooo let's have our linemen block people one on one instead of in unison

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