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  1. Love your list other than 1lol I believe you chose peters for his turnover ability i like ;) last one tho between watt and suh take that "or" and scratch suhs name off its watt by a landslide
  2. The way he crashes down on the run makes me thing he could play a safety role lol like geathers..but I think he's a bit too small for that and it's too late for him to bulk up that way
  3. Hey You're Not a Colt until your on the INJURY REPORT we know the rules don't try and skip the process rookies
  4. lol just don't call him a cheater cuz that makes the people who lost to him worse playing with a concussion and owning the league righttt
  5. The division is getting back to their common sense lol with Peyton led teams the goal was to RUN on the colts and thier soft defense...division all has multiple running backs who can run now so hopefully our run defense is better than before
  6. Most teams start to do bad when they lose thier top corner..only team who invests in corners and make it work is Denver every other team you lose that #1 they're gonna struggle..so I don't look at it as that serious pass rush was our main issues last year our scrubs played decent at times but the pass rush still left them on islands for 4-7seconds sometimes plus we played zone
  7. Lmaooooo that's an all time favorite comment
  8. Eh our end result for offense is nice and all but last year if our defense matched out offense we still would've lost lol..being that the offense only played in the 4th qtr mainly I want them both to be prepared this year equally through all phases of the game
  9. Lol that pass rush of the Texans lowered him a lot and the playcalling didn't help
  10. Hmm wait they did great with hogan, amendola, Blount , white , Lewis ,Mitchell, Edelman ,Bennett , sprinkle in a little gronk..now let that sink in..they added two backs one power back with a good ypc, another Back who has good Ypc and can catch out of the backfield or slot, Dwayne Allen (who im sure is gonna be 100% healthy and catch 8+ Tds being used perfectly in that offense) and Cook who's one of the most if not the best Deep Threat receiver in NFL..just think they lost one person out of that and gained 4 good players they're going to feast on the league
  11. If we had a number 1 defense in any of the years we had Andrew we would've had 1 super bowl lol and that's the year we made it to the afc championships..any year after I think not because the offense struggles to play a full game regardless of the defense eventually that great defense will get tired if the offense can't score
  12. This has that dream team aura that Dwayne Allen brought to us couple years ago lol we kno how that went
  13. Didn't the Jim S (thinks he's the eagles DC) make the bills defense look great and then Rex Ryan got rid of him?
  14. This is exactly what we should do lol especially if vontae is 100%
  15. Welp having Clark at RT and banner at RG wouldn't be bad either Two giants

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