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  1. Hankins Released

    Does anyone just think he didn’t wanna play in a 4-3?
  2. Hankins Released

    Lol somehow the jags will get him
  3. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Pugh doesn’t make a good tackle keep him inside where he excels
  4. Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    Idc who is brought in competition is needed Ballard has let everyone know that from day 1 your spot is not guaranteed
  5. 31 isn’t really that old for a DT I think and he’s also never had any major injuries (not sure if he’s missed many games at all) and he’s still one of the top defensive players
  6. He’s bad but they could’ve went to the super bowl if not for the collapse. If they solidify the line even more and add receivers Bortles can shine doing exactly what he did last year
  7. Butler is not great he he’s demolished on double moves..he has some good plus but a lot of them are based off horrible passes lol because when they’re on the money he gets beat and beat deep
  8. Can’t run routes nor catch and is a headache to coaches apparently lol
  9. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    A lot of people commenting sound stupid lol regardless of if it’s to see how you react what does someone’s sexuality or thier mother being a prostitute have to do with football the person asking is just being an *** and disrespectful period end of story., those of you justifying it and saying oh they’re being a wuss sound just as *ic as the people asking the questions
  10. Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    Hard comparison..how often was Manning not playing thier first 6 years together? 2. Manning pretty much ran his own offense that he knew benefits his receivers. 3. Peyton manning. 4. Peyton Manning reader of all defenses 5. Hilton has never had ELITE help at the WR position besides a near old Reggie (who was still great) fleener nor allen was a Dallas Clark..we def didn’t have an Edge James for Hilton..nor slot receivers like Stokely. It’s easy to take Hilton out yes it works that way when you’re not schemed to get open and the defense only has to worry and focus about you because A. You’re the only threat at receiver. B. There’s no Luck. Lol and let’s not forget Marv got continuously Locked Up in the playoffs WITH Manning as his Qb. I don’t think Hilton would match thier TD scores in a Manning led offense but he’d be at least like 40+ tds with the speed and above average route running he learned from Reggie
  11. Ravens want moncrief according to nfl home site hmm interesting
  12. Tavon Austin

    Throw him slants..crossing routes or go route on play action guarantee he’s burning whoever’s trailing him..him catching the ball after he beats them I can’t speak for but I know he can get open
  13. Tavon Austin

    Lol can you really blame him..his coach was fisher and he has no qb pretty much besides this previous year..but the concerning part is that mcvay had no use for him in his offense..
  14. $30,000,000 for the QB

    I’d go to the Vikings if I was him they’re defense is young and will be around longer..offense is missing some WR only and a qb