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  1. You guys are too premature on him being too light..like he doesn't have plenty of time to bulk up plus not everyone has to be 250+ to be successful at olb..as long as he has some sort of speed and strength that's what you should pay attention to
  2. He fell out because the year he did good Steve Smith tore his achillies he's was the Only receiver..but this year Wallace and smith were back and a slight emergence of perriman
  3. You mean butler and no he's s product of thier system nd gets beat with safety help waste of a pick...Sherman I doubt they're trading him where are u guys seeing this and also Sherman is twice as better than butler you honestly think 3rd/4th is gonna get him? Come on shippp I've seen your posts you know too much to want butler lol he's beneath Davis
  4. Highly doubt it lol plus there'd have to be something wrong for them to trade thier best corner
  5. Yeah I know that lol but it's not like they've severely beaten us we've beaten ourselves our playcalling killed us last year vs them and vs the jags if we went back to Peyton styled offenses more hurry up..a little more control given to luck we'd be a top team period
  6. Texans aren't a Qb away from being super bowl contenders stop it lol they're a qb away from going to the playoffs and losing. TBH everyone in the Afc aren't Super Bowl contenders till they knock the damn pats out the playoffs you do that then you see who's a contender til then AFC is simply Pats
  7. Oh please the south still sucks lol these teams other than the colts have had top5-10 picks since Peyton's been here and still have been horrible..each of our teams are talented but neither (us of recently) have any clue how to put it together
  8. He actually did decent with the lack of pass rush.. but it's hard to judge who did good until we get a better rush..yet we clearly can see Robinson/green did not deserve to be covering anyone lol
  9. Eh Julio jones will light them up badly and make him look bad as well lol but good luck to pops
  10. His worst attribute is failure to go down correctly lol he was leaving linebackers 3-4 steps behind but once the safety came in to hit he'd give them the perfect shots at his knees..he got rocked down low a couple times but he got back up I just don't suggest he allows them to get easy hits like that one of them will cause an injury
  11. And it still amazes me how we lost to this scrub..and to think we'll never get to avenge the loss because he won't be starting ever again..
  12. Trade for butler? Lol why he's a product of NE system and while he is an agressive little guy that man gets dogged at times even worse than an injured vontae WITH safety help
  13. Competition in all phases I like let's pray ted can help them produce
  14. Line isn't fine by any means and it isnt talent its durability at times just like how our secondary could be decent if they weren't so damn injured
  15. He can play all and has

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