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  1. agreed but it's just like how we were trying to force T-Rich to work. Now we're forcing our small receivers to do too much instead of doing what would fit them I mean we see Hilton get thrown jump balls (I know he does come down with them) but that's not how he's built we don't seem to utilize this offense at all and it's not lack of playmakers the talent is there it's been there on offense besides rb/oline
  2. Dorsett doesn't have the ideal quickness but he's great speed the playcalling has been lacking in terms for his production even for Hilton I think he caught 1 slant last year and took it to the house..and you see guys like Landry and OBJ get slants weekly to see what they can do after the catch.. it's like we have no counter when people play off coverage on us we just send everyone to same area and hope the play breaks down and luck somehow finds hilton for an amazing catch
  3. We could have a top 3 offense without a lot of additions if we had solid playcalling period to benefit our smurfs instead of these intermediate/deep routes given. Depth has been decent for a while now the playcalls have been garbage besides probably 5 games in 3 years lol
  4. Isn't anyone else excited? They had a full month off and no one got into any legal trouble lol
  5. He wouldn't take that lol it's not in his budget range. Mayweather fights on his terms only being that he went out as the champ and is undefeated..for a challenger you can't come in making demands over a guy who's superior in the sport
  6. It's not impossible a lot of people assume Floyd has no power in which he does enough to snap your head back after a counter punch lol..& Also the reason why he stopped knocking people out is because he has brittle hands and they kept breaking so he became more defensive..that being said Conor will be in a 12 round fight he's gassed after two rounds in the UFC just ask Nate Diaz... so he's either gonna have to knock mayweather out in first two rounds or get gassed and possibly knocked out after because he never keeps his hands up and his elusiveness is garbage ( apologize I'm on my phone thats why I bunched this up)
  7. Mcgregor only in it for money.. win or lose he's going home with bank and i believe he'll make more losing in this fight than he does winning in any mma match
  8. Damn that spin move was nasty
  9. I love the talent in their def but I think luck had Wades number lol he's eaten up his defense in wins/losses
  10. Last time we played rams we lost to the likes of Tavon Austin
  11. One down 9 to go before preseason
  12. Well for me I don't think he gets manhandled I just think he needs to be a factor other than near the goaline his seperation isn't so great besides near the goaline from what I've seen
  13. You're right but I'd rather him Help get us there as well not just be relevant in one area even if it is scoring
  14. Luck has been great against wades defense with much better talent than the rams on defense in a Denver....that being said last time we played the rams Tavon Austin had his ONLY career game of his life against us soo I'd be more worried about how our defense plays against their offense
  15. Pray for no injuries this early lol

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