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  1. Free agency I honestly hope we go heavy Oline then draft defence if not then go Def in FA and draft Oline
  2. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Talk about the inconsistent game planning then. Some games we look for Hilton other games we don’t. If you motion Hilton around you can free him. Slants crossing routes he led the league because Luck will force him the ball period (good and bad at times) but I’d rather force him the ball than anyone else on the team. Every WR can be % down but game planning can free them something we have always lacked we don’t adjust to what the def is giving us we don’t use different concepts to free Hilton we give him the same designs sometimes he makes something huge out of hit other times it’s fully covered but here’s nothing creative about how we use Hilton. Put that man in the slot Only one person I can see shutting down Hilton in the slot is Chris Harris jr anyone else is choose Hilton over them in the slot yet we force him to the outside in bracket coverage we don’t know how to utilize talent
  3. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    lol it’s not a Hilton thing it’s a scheme thing it always has been..and especially look at the games where Hilton goes off he targeted MANY times and the games he’s “invisible” he’s barely thrown to and or running nonsense routes that are being called by Our OC anddd on top of Moncrief playing flag football and a garbage line..for example do you guys honestly think Hilton couldn’t go off week to week like Brown If he saw damn near 10 targets a game with actual pass blocking and creativity in the passing routes? The inconsistency argument goes only so far the man produces when given the opportunity and is the only threat on our offense outside of Luck I’m so confused with the hate on him let’s dump him and see how we manage with everyone else then talk inconsistency
  4. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    one thing they won’t do is run all over New England nor will Bortles run away they will spy him just like mariota. But if thier def can return some turnovers on Brady they have a chance but I’m sure Brady is gonna motion nonstop to beat that pass rush and those backs are gonna catch all over them
  5. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    Blame the refs not pits lol they do this in every game not just specific teams
  6. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    In another note anyone reading that Todd Haley may not be back with Steelers. I’d love for him to be our OC with the way he’s made Big Ben later in his career
  7. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    They need to do what no1 seems to do anymore in the playoffs Run lol it’s working but they’ll probably mess around and start putting the ball in Bortles hands
  8. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    The sad thing is if pits wins the blueprint has been laid..Run it right down thier throats
  9. Could it just be the refs fault for messing up as they do in almost every game every year or do we automatically say “pats paid the refs off”
  10. Titans were and did lose anyway we all knew they weren’t going to win.. lol regardless of the calls Offensively Titans couldn’t do anything besides score 7 pts so you’re telling me an entire game with the pats and you expect to beat them only scoring 7 (ignore the calls that were messed up) New England was gonna win point blank period..now if they play a team like the jags who play some aggressive press man and we see nonstop pass interference calls in favor of the pats I’m I’m all in on this theory
  11. Rex Ryan as DC?

    He talks way too much... id give him a extra bonus if he keeps quiet besides that he’s kinda good but he doesn’t coach like Wade Phillips who schemes around his players he forces players to play in his scheme see His stint in buffalo to understand
  12. Screen Passes for 2018

    As much as I’d agree with you Id Be 500% more excited if we just threw a damn slant pass
  13. Really Love This Mack Kid.

    I’m confused why he can’t be an every down back? Is it his size because there are many backs in this league with the same size as him..his faults have been pass protection and A lot of runs he was hit behind the line before he even began..yeah I know you’ll say well gore avoided that but gores 10+ year vet who’s had ELITE VISION since college Mack wasn’t the kind of back gore was in college but there’s no certainty to say he can’t be an every down back once he learns how to pass protect and has time to work on his vision
  14. TY Hilton Going to Pro Bowl

    Skills challenge was the only thing worth watching
  15. How about the AFC South??

    No hating all honesty you have to respect them we continuously used them as our doormat forever..Jags I like because of the completion they offer with thier Defense. Tennessee still needs some help In other departments they can only beat us without luck lol Texans are also on the rise but the only competition to me in our division is the jags and that’s only because we have seen them play Luck with thier new and improved Def there’s no way they’d shut us out 0 points with luck ever