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  1. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Sheard has been in on almost every play so far,gtho
  2. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    alright lets go boys ! frank needs 50 to pass dickerson
  3. Colts @ Steelers Preseason Game Night Thread

    Great Bend dont break boys !
  4. Marlon Mack Signed

    first professional contracts, so I imagine they want to make sure their agents/lawyers and such go over ever every fine detail, and usually with first rounders, there's a lot more contractual language with the new 5-year team options and things of the sort.that's what held up bosa last year because they have some jacked up rookie contracts for the chargers which is a big reason Eli told them to kick rocks
  5. T.y Hilton Ranked #61 on nfl top 100 list

    led the league in tds
  6. T.y Hilton Ranked #61 on nfl top 100 list

    lots and lots of guys to pick from,he didn't even make the list last year so he's at least finally getting some recognition
  7. T.y Hilton Ranked #61 on nfl top 100 list

    I prob would have had him in the later 40's early 50s, but is what it is.
  8. Title says it all
  9. Interesting tidbit re: Mack's scheme versatlity

    usf has gotten bigger but they are still a smaller school when it comes to Florida, so didn't get as much hype as a cook or some of the other gators, canes, and noles.but he has home run ability has shown flashes of being physical,but between frank and turbs wearing people down, mack is going to compliment them beautifully with his speed .
  10. A fair question regarding Hooker

    The Buckeyes were able to play more aggressive up front with Lattimore and Conley because of hookers skills behind them, which will also benefit Vontae and Wilson,we like to play a lot of man to man and be aggressive at the line having a safety like hooker allows you to do that because he's there if the corner gets beat, the corners can be more aggressive to allow the pass rush to get there.
  11. No TE?

    or maybe we have had some talks with gary barndnidge
  12. No TE?

    sure we can come across one after cuts and such,same way we were able to find doyle
  13. Colts select Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (Merge)

    im not sure where the denard robinson comparison comes from,maybe atheltic ability but hes a much more polished runner
  14. Trade in 4th

    id be happy with those
  15. Trade in 4th

    forgot about gallman i wouldnt mind that pick either