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  1. seems like hes been staying busy with Tennessee spring practice and stuff coming up,and im sure hes had more time to be in an out of the hospitals he helped build.Hopefully we can get him on board in some capacity when the time is right.
  2. Title says it all.but its fun to see all the highlight videos and top career moments for Peyton, Happy Bday Sherrif
  3. thats a fake account.look at the tag under Ademschef
  4. The talent has always been there just not the mental/attitude,i think he still has plenty left in the tank,its not a need for us but at the right price a upgrade is always nice.
  5. looking like a clean sweep
  6. if was a cheap deal and either him or ac would be willing to slide to the right i wouldnt mind it.
  8. AV is a hall of famer and should be ok with any holder, but that would be the one thing that concerns me is that chemistry between holder and kicker will now be different , Cameron Johnston would be a good option if available late or udfa,Go buckeyes.
  9. Not just on a buisness aspect and making the right choices etc,This move can be a huge moral boost and atmosphere change in the locker room, Chuck does need to fix the slow starts etc,but from most the reports as we have all seen,i think there was always a philosphy clash and trying to force certain things.I like to see what chuck can do with a little more talent on the defensive side,the players seem to love him and play hard for him,but had grigson meddling too much in every aspect.
  10. Should applaud Pat for having the balls to say what everyone in the damn locker room/forum was thinking,we can sit around as fans and bash every player,gm,coach that walks through the door,but as soon as a players whose actually in the situation deeper than us speaks out people want to bring out the pitchforks,the # kind of sense does that make, if you judge a player over a few tweets than you got bigger problems,i was glad he spoke out,as "fans" wouldnt you want some of the personal inside scoops,the tweets made me laugh and was glad to see it was really that bad not just the sugar coated media nonesense
  11. And this was problem a big part of the problem,Players werent allowed to speak their minds in fear of grigson being a jack butt,Im sure they arent worried about one of you bumbling fools whining about it,but everyone has to whine about something or the other,get back in your * bubble and wait until august.
  12. this is from a year ago,before the extensions ...
  13. sucks,but with the money hes earned over his career im sure hes not sweating it. His networth is around 18 million alone from the colts,not sure on earnings with the pats
  14. A lot of our holes were caused once again to health,Geathers has been good when in,i think p rob is better than shown but nagging injuries and could of been used a bit diffrent,Anderson hopefully back at full strength,E jacks has shown flashes but can be helpful in depth,with the right cuts,we can be looking at close to 60 mill or so going into free agency,as far as our own i say butler,walden,and doyle are priority if the prices are right,wouldnt mind adams back on a 1 year or 2 with easy out in 2nd,The offense with Andrew always shows flashes of its potential, a lot came down to whack play calling and rookies up front who started to come along well.There is defientaly holes but i dont think its as gloomy as we are making it out to be,guess its just us so used to being spoiled with peyton and than luck coming onto the scene hot.There's going to be 31 other fan bases just as * as us at the end of the year,lets just hope the pats are part of the 31
  15. With easy Illegal streams or bars close,i have never paid a penny for nfl ticket or network or any of that. if you pm me later i can send you plenty of decent sites or ways to find games in hd for free. been doing it for years,since im in florida so dont get a lot of games either. but do have the luxury of colts @ jags every year besides this one because of london

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