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  1. or maybe we have had some talks with gary barndnidge
  2. sure we can come across one after cuts and such,same way we were able to find doyle
  3. im not sure where the denard robinson comparison comes from,maybe atheltic ability but hes a much more polished runner
  4. id be happy with those
  5. forgot about gallman i wouldnt mind that pick either
  6. king or mack and butts still on board
  8. i like how its no real hard teams lumped back to back,could help or hurt a rythm but i could see 10-6 11-5
  9. i wouldnt be opposed to mcourty or verner,think verner wasnt used right in tampa bay,few injuries though
  10. seems like hes been staying busy with Tennessee spring practice and stuff coming up,and im sure hes had more time to be in an out of the hospitals he helped build.Hopefully we can get him on board in some capacity when the time is right.
  11. Title says it all.but its fun to see all the highlight videos and top career moments for Peyton, Happy Bday Sherrif
  12. thats a fake account.look at the tag under Ademschef
  13. The talent has always been there just not the mental/attitude,i think he still has plenty left in the tank,its not a need for us but at the right price a upgrade is always nice.
  14. looking like a clean sweep
  15. if was a cheap deal and either him or ac would be willing to slide to the right i wouldnt mind it.

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