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  1. Cole Hikutini, unsurprisingly goes home, signed with the Niners. *
  2. Would LOVE to see Cole Hikutini (TE) and Devonte Fields (Pass Rusher) from Louisville. Both killed it at UofL this past season and have solid upside. Go Cards.
  3. Just in case you guys forgot about me, I'm Jason and I am back!
  4. Alright. *sigh* Liking the upgrade though.
  5. Any update regarding this, since the upgrade is close if not completed?
  6. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. vBulletin, MyBB, IPBoard, Kunena, SMF, phpBB, and XenForo are the supported board server types, and it is free to activate onto the forum. The app itself for the device costs $2.99, but it was the best 3 dollars I have ever spent. It is easily navigated and so much better than having to pinch in and out of Safari on my phone.
  7. Has anyone here ever thought of making this forum tapatalk compatible? I use tapatalk all the time and it would be a lot easier to post from a mobile device (as I am now). Also, it would enable more people to find the forum as a search result.
  8. The Blue Crew in Carmel, its an amazing Colts themed sports bar/grill. LOS tour Indians game Childrens, State, Eiteljorg and NCAA museums Mozzi's pizza in Greenfield (20-25 minutes east on I70) is the best pizza in the history of the world. It has a basketball theme with every room filled with memorobilia. Indianapolis Motor Speedway also offers tours, and it is pure racing history. The Indy Zoo is pretty neat, also.

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