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  1. I'm on board. I think the O will be even better. If the D can be top 20 we're in business. Maybe not Super Bowl but definitely playoffs and if we get the right matchup maybe a win or two in the playoffs. The AFC has four teams that are really good the rest have notable deficiencies. Gotta beat Houston. That's key. None of it matters if they sweep us again.
  2. Talent wise Richardson is an amazing player. Maybe a change of scenery nets us a Hughes type uptick.
  3. Ramsey's biggest issue is he plays for a perennial dumpster fire.
  4. I'm on the fence about Sheard too. He had a weird stint in NE, sometimes productive and flashed ability, then getting benched. He wasn't bad in Cleveland, 8 ff's in the last two years is nice. If he gets a hair better that could be the difference that turns him into a double digit sack player.
  5. This is hilarious. The comments are great. Big smiles
  6. Nice to see his reasoning. The D has so many new faces. I am optimistic it should head in the right direction.
  7. The poor Green
  8. I followed his last two seasons closely. He has solid #2 potential. When he's asked to get it done he has the talent to step up.
  9. Creating competition at every position isn't disrespectful to a player it's paramount to winnng. If your ego gets bruised because someone has an opportunity for your job, go out and beat them. It would be crazy to come out and say Aiken has a chance at WR no 1. I hope Aiken doesn't think that way though.
  10. I'm glad to hear he's in.
  11. Maybe this means we don't sign Walden?
  12. I find it odd he's not a pash rush threat. His combine numbers were insane.
  13. When I read your original post it had tones of an inferiority complex. The current trend towards hating and disbelieving educated professionals is alarming. Your penchant for generalizing may help you make sense of the world but that is an illusion. Also, you talk like your experience in life is somehow more real. Do you really believe those who educate themselves to save lives and help people are somehow less grounded in reality? Your thought process is very raw. Take some time to reflect.
  14. What a turd. Pulling the do you know who I am, before he's even in the NFL. Send him home cause that elitist attitude is garbage. Even as an NFL player it's not like you save lives or even help people. You work out and you hit people get over yourself.
  15. I can't justify and 2nd Rd pick for this guy. If we were a piece away sure

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