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  1. Time to look to next season

    This one is on the players
  2. If i see doyle play one more game like that

    I really hope he gets better. He might have came back too soon. Doyel, Moncreif, and TY did not come to play. It's terrible drops and no production from your 1
  3. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I'll admit I'm feeling a bit Squirrelly. I want to see some finish from this team. We can't KO anyone with this team. I see good pace at times but as soon as the pace slows it's all on our young and suspect D
  4. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I look at how other teams seem to rush their qbs back; Mariotta, Carr, Newton, RG3. It makes me wonder why other teams have such a gambling mentality with their most important player.
  5. I don't think we are too far off

    I agree. With Luck back maybe our offence protects our D and the whole team works better.
  6. Injury Report 10/12/17

    We're getting healthy at the right time
  7. Colts/Trade Deadline

    We benefit in having a vet present in the secondary. Trading Castonzo is rediculos. People say we shouldn't start Luck behind the line we have. We need to see this out. There's been crazy turn over. Let the boys gel.
  8. ILB's are bad

    I agree it is a glaring weakness that is regularly exploited.
  9. Should the Colts be in new division???

  10. Colts Fall In The Power Rankings For Week Four

    I like the quote. I really think this team is at least 15 wit Andrew Luck back. So we wait. In the mean time go get them 49ers.
  11. Luck will be practicing this week (merge)

  12. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    He tore his quad and needs surgery. Too bad, he was a bright spot. Bond was diagnosed with a torn quadriceps, Mike Wells of ESPN reports. Bond, who left the game on the second play from scrimmage, is likely out for the remainder of the season. The Colts are now down to their third-string center, though Ryan Kelly (foot) seems to be nearing a return to action.
  13. Something I'll Never Understand.

    I agree. Pagano is not really answering the bell either. I'm not sure it's his fault but sometimes it's a matter of fit. I would not be surprised if he goes on to be a very successful coach. Part of me thinks he'd retire though.
  14. Let's just be positive post!

    Who is dr chow ?
  15. Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    I missed the Canada day theme. I'm had a blast. Heck. Even had a half of great competition. Memories for year that I will treasure. The fans down there ar far more gracious. I ran into some Colts fans that took me for a drink before the game. Overall an amazing time. It appears I'm bad luck as the only two times I've seen the Colts have been greasy blowouts.