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  1. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    I don't see any coach winning games with this injury plagued roster
  2. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    This team will s maybe the most injured Colts team I've ever seen
  3. A Few Late Thoughts on Tonight's Game....

    This team is just decimated by injuries. I don't know who some of our players are
  4. Winning out

    Yeah Houston and Indy with their QBs. This Div will be pretty tough.
  5. Is our defense as bad as rankings and stats say?

    I like this breakdown. I fully think we would be in the thick of a playoff race with a slightly better offense. I think Jacoby would be capable of winning these games with a full camp and pre season. This is very promising. I think Pags is a better coach than he gets credit for.
  6. Winning out

    If we win out I think we make the playoffs. We can hand Balt and Buf losses and take the last playoff spot from them. This is all whimsical though.
  7. Winning out

    The AFC is looking quite weak in general. I see the Pats and Steelers as the only serious contenders. JAX picked a good year to get serious. With some luck they could hit the AFC conference championship game. So yeah we could win out. The conference is in flux. I can't wait till Brady and Big Ben retire. There's a solid chance the AFC south sends two teams to playoffs next year.
  8. Thoughts on the Defense:

    Again, and trust me I like to be positive. We have given up the most big plays. The stats just tell a different story. I get it, I like the players but someone is somehow letting big plays. That's a safety, and corner issue many times. I've watched every game and have seen it. The secondary gives up some big ones. Maybe it's just a familiarity issue from crazy turnover.
  9. Thoughts on the Defense:

    I'm wondering why guys like Hairston, Melvin, and Fairley are getting so many props. The stats tell a tale of a weak secondary. They do have promise, maybe they can gel And finish the season strong. I liked the Pitt game
  10. T.Y. Hilton - AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Congratulations TY. You're the man.
  11. Good Victory

    I really see this being the case. Pus well get a pretty easy schedule next year
  12. The Colts are a Circus

    Love this
  13. The Colts are a Circus

  14. The Colts are a Circus

    Okay. This culture of outrage has reached fever pitch. People feel so entitled to their life being free of dispute, disagreement, disrespect, disharmony, discord. So they absolutely flip. It's everywhere in society and now it's become a nasty part of what is supposed to be nice little diversion. A hobby perhaps? Jeeze this should be fun. It's a game! The whining and crying has turned to name calling and outrage: "Chuck is a stupid *" He is one of 32 people in the world entrusted with his position. He has a winning record. He's not an * and is prolly smarter than half the people here. "Irsay is turning and Blind eye..." Ha. This is his business. I'm sure he's watching. "The players are playing politics and disrespecting the fallen" Pure speculation and even reappropriation of the real message. God forbid players draw attention to the fact that if the weren't playing ball, they would be 6 times more likely to be in prison. Not to mention they could get killed. Step back from the ledge. I hope I haven't overstepped but it's getting weird here. I like this board. I've been lurking and posting for 8 years. This is getting bad.