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  1. Frank Gore to sign with Lions

  2. 4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    That's fair. Almost nobody agrees, you feel it every time you go to shop for food. The necessary nature of the good creates a situation where one feels the price increase.
  3. 4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    This is very common misconception. Food as a percentage of income has significantly shrunk over the last 100years. Mechanized farming tech, chemicals, and GMO's have lead to sizeable yeild increase. The craziest thing is a bushel of wheat cost the same as it did 50 years ago. People spend their money on housing, entertainment, cars, healthcare and various activities. Now an argument can be made about access to quality food. Also less people garden and raise their own livestock.
  4. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    He's heading into his prime and finally healthy. I'm getting very excited
  5. Josh Gordon

    The man is a beast. Cleveland will be happy to have him this year.
  6. It's a multi Billion dollar business. As much as I like the sentiment it's always about money, now it could be tempered with respect.
  7. Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

    LOL Vancouver is way warmer than that. I'm going there in a bit to actually be able to go outside without dying. I'm in Calgary. It's been a very cold snowy winter. Usually we have some cold spells but this has been brutal.
  8. None. From what I can see from all the scouting reports, they all have one groin.Ill wait for the combine though.
  9. Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

    It's so cold up here right now. Beach is the furthest thing from my mind. Please go away wintertime it's 0 degrees Fahrenheit right now. A solid ft of snow.
  10. Mcdaniel's agent drops him (merge)

  11. Can the Colts get draft picks?

    I suppose from a legal view all the bases are covered. From the view of the fans of football. This should not be how business is conducted. This stuff reminds me of WWE. Sports are more than just entertainment, they are supposed to be about team work and competition. Sport should be about sportsmanship. This is some garbage I would expect from a soap. After the last few seasons including; deflate gate the odd calls by refs The relationship of the players, owners and the league is combative The Patriots being the heel Player scandals, coach scandals, owner scandals The whole stuff around the kneeling (people burning their seasons tickets) I feel like the product is losing focus.
  12. Malcolm Butler

    I view Butler as depth. If he signs a contract for less than 5m a year sure
  13. Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    Terrible. His poor family. It's just senseles
  14. Dolyle and Ty help fuel comeback in Pro bowl

    TY and Doyel cant throw the ball. AS much as I like Brisset he's got some room to improve. I could see him doing well in a different system. TY and Doyel are bright spots for sure and at important positions. You need that sure handed tight end and a home run WR. I think we are a complimentary receiver and one or 2 OL away from a potent offense.
  15. McDaniels talking about his time in Denver article

    He went 6-0 to start his head coaching career. I remember him as very passionate on the sidelines during that time. Then the wheels fell off after the by and they ended 8-8. Its very interesting. Taking a team to 6-0 with Kyle Orton and then collapsing. What happened? Did that first loss break the momentum that bad? Did other teams watch some tape and figure him out? 6-0 to start, what a start. Maybe he comes to Indy and we start like that. Very interesting. I think not having to be in charge of personnel will help with his work load. I think with a healthy Andrew Luck were going to be a very tough team to play. I think this will be a career year for Luck if he is healthy.