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  1. I followed his last two seasons closely. He has solid #2 potential. When he's asked to get it done he has the talent to step up.
  2. Creating competition at every position isn't disrespectful to a player it's paramount to winnng. If your ego gets bruised because someone has an opportunity for your job, go out and beat them. It would be crazy to come out and say Aiken has a chance at WR no 1. I hope Aiken doesn't think that way though.
  3. I'm glad to hear he's in.
  4. Maybe this means we don't sign Walden?
  5. I find it odd he's not a pash rush threat. His combine numbers were insane.
  6. When I read your original post it had tones of an inferiority complex. The current trend towards hating and disbelieving educated professionals is alarming. Your penchant for generalizing may help you make sense of the world but that is an illusion. Also, you talk like your experience in life is somehow more real. Do you really believe those who educate themselves to save lives and help people are somehow less grounded in reality? Your thought process is very raw. Take some time to reflect.
  7. What a turd. Pulling the do you know who I am, before he's even in the NFL. Send him home cause that elitist attitude is garbage. Even as an NFL player it's not like you save lives or even help people. You work out and you hit people get over yourself.
  8. I can't justify and 2nd Rd pick for this guy. If we were a piece away sure
  9. Agreed. If he gets paid like a depth player I think it's solid to have him back
  10. Humble brag
  11. We can't go out and spend every last dime in FA. I think one or two guys is reasonable but going out and getting a team is not sustainable. At some point you gotta keep your own. I would be kinda scared if we grab 4 plus guys on FA. You always s pay too much. Good things take time. If you want good BBQ get good ingredients, treat it right, and slow roast.
  12. I might prefer someone else. Rex could be good though
  13. Why?
  14. I'm not sure all this attention is bad for the Colts. They had a very up and down 8-8 season, in some respects boring. The NFL playoffs are full tilt, and the Colts org is making news by doing nothing. To be able to generate this much hype from very little cash input is interesting marketing. The recent news has been more directed to a will he, won't he story. It's shifted from the should he fire Grigs and Pags story that has been running. Irsay may wish to give the impression he's working on things to appeal to a disenchanted fan base, but really he's got his guys for a least one more year.

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