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  1. Maybe I have unfairly formed and opinion, but I suspect it's at least partially correct. She was sure to let everyone know she was having a difficult time choosing among a Porsche, Mercedes and Land Rover SUV for her new automobile. And spoke much about her recent trips to Jamaica and Europe, LOL. I will erase my first impression from my mind and try to be newly impressed upon at our next get-together.
  2. LOL...
  3. I know her answer is technically correct. IMO, there are potential ways to answer some questions without, IMO, looking self aggrandizing. I have a couple of relatives that have excelled (financially, notoriety, etc.) in their respective fields. One nationally known and the other internationally known (in their respective fields). Neither one would ever introduce himself by his title. They're both very humble. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  4. Guess it's jus me then. I'm the VP at my company, but I don't introduce myself as VP of ... in a casual conversation. Even in that situation, I didn't feel the need to be specific as to my title. When I meet with fellow business people in my field, that's a different story.
  5. Not too long ago, I met my brother-in-law's new girlfriend. The first time I met her was at dinner at my father-in-law's. My wife ask...so, what do you do? She replied "I'm the COO of blah blah blah". IMO, throwing your title out there is sometimes a bit much. I'm not saying it's never appropriate, but oftentimes sounds pompous. She could have just said I work at blah blah blah instead? What are your thoughts?
  6. We have an ACE Hardware just down the street. That's where I'm going to meet everyone. Can't be too safe these days.
  7. Yeah, much of what this guy posted sounds like my prospect. He even said send me your name and address ASAP, I didn't, of course.
  8. I only glanced through this topic on my phone, but don't recall any replies from the ladies. So, I'll post my wife's celebrity crush... Matthew McConaughey
  9. Jessica Chastain...
  10. At least at this point, the guy hasn't said anything about sending me more than what I'm asking. He even said "wait for the funds to clear, I'm in no hurry, I can have someone pick up the ATV whenever convenient for you after the cashier's check is totally cleared". Very tempting as I'm curious how he thinks he might get me. If I waited long enough, surely a fake cashier's check would be realized. No matter, it sounds too good to be true. Doesn't pass the smell test, LOL.
  11. Wanted to get some input from some of you guys. I already posted this question on a website dedicated to scams. I'm selling my son's ATV. Posted it to Craigslist Saturday afternoon and got an inquiry on Saturday night. The interested party asked if the ATV was still available. I told him it was and I could meet him on Sunday to take a look at the ATV. Here's his response... Thanks for your response,I am sorry I am not available to view due to the nature of my job, I am in the United States Army and serve as a CBRN Specialist (74D).. I want to buy this for future use. I am currently deployed. I'm satisfied with the price & condition,I'll have a Certified Check issued out to you from my bank,then I will arrange for a pick up after check cleared at your bank...Kindly send me your full name and address so that i can mail the check out to you quickly.God Bless you How could this guy possibly scam me by sending a cashier's check and I wait for it to clear? Seems to be fairly straight-forward, but I must be missing something.
  12. Bill Belichick MVP (Most Valuable Person) for Pats.
  13. My father just called only 15 minutes ago to talk about this weekends games. He said "what about that Matt Stafford...". I should have let it go at that, but I offered up the excuse "but he was playing against a bunch of back-ups". Technically, that's no excuse, but it was the first thing that came to mind.
  14. At least most of it was for me. Not only did the Colts lose, but they lost to a Georgia college QB. I have nothing against Georgia college QB's except that my father might like a team ONLY because the QB is associated with Georgia is some way. He will even root against my home team if the opposing team's QB is tied to Georgia. My dad is a big-time Georgia homer. EVERYTHING in or from Georgia is the best in the world! I'm sure he was snickering at the Colts loss. Also, NE won! Another big disappointment for me. Atleast a team I followed and rooted for last season, Denver, won and beat a team I can't stand. Not much of a statement here, just venting as I'll have to listen to my father's bologna. LOL, Atlanta lost by a larger margin than the Colts, so maybe he won't bother me.
  15. Just heard Ninja Tracks on a video I'll post in another thread, but love their music... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ninja+tracks+citadel&view=detail&mid=8B87D0236FE841D706FD8B87D0236FE841D706FD&FORM=VIRE

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