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  1. It can be accomplished. I see the existing O-line capable, but I have no confidence in the scheme - yet - so it probably won't be accomplished. We can't ignore the elephant in the room.
  2. Maybe. All the charts, models and stats are merely trends - they don't necessarily apply to the team fit of individual players - and this may have been Grigson's problem. Each team probably runs many simulations of their "integration models" - how particular individuals become a team (or not). Or, it could be that most folks (even GMs) just don't understand statistics very well. IOW, it's complicated, and most people tend to go with simple scenarios.
  3. But I'll never forget Patty Mac's slobbernocker on Trindon Holliday. Classic.
  4. Which means the coin is probably not a "fair coin". This should make Deflategate look trivial.
  5. Of course.
  6. That's my point. What is it that makes "the better team"? Winning doesn't necessarily mean being the better team. "Great teams make their own luck". This doesn't guarantee winning, but it helps.
  7. My concern with FA is having the right cultural environment to attract the right kind of free agent at the right price - to be the kind of winning team that players really want to play for. How would you make a case for the Colts, other than having Andrew Luck who is trying hard to overcome his constraints? In the tech world, see Google and Facebook and compare with Baidu's harder road. Otherwise, the GM will be faced with Art Jones and Gosder Cherilus types as the best that will come aboard, and expensive.
  8. BTW, this is how we often beat teams that are more talented than we are.
  9. I take it you do not play a competitive sport. I do. Playing against good competition, you not only need to know the competition's strengths and weaknesses, but your own team's strengths and weaknesses -- especially the kinds of errors your team is prone to make under duress. One component of our strategy is giving the other team the opportunity to make their mistakes. Not rocket science. In order to play against the best, and win, you need to analyze what nuances it takes to overcome their advantages and get into their heads. This isn't Xs and Os.
  10. Most people don't critically analyze the reasons the Colts came up short. They DO come up with all sorts of excuses, however, quite easily. I wonder if the Colts organization really learned the needed lessons from both winning and coming up short in winning the SB? "People are believers. They can, and do, believe almost anything." But, some beliefs, when tested, will prove to be false. The paradox (Quine) is that you can't completely believe all your beliefs (a human cognitive bias).
  12. Most certainly, you don't know what I'm basing my comment on.
  13. C'mon folks! Think about this critically. While it is possible that Pat McAfee would want to retire for no other reason than "going out on top" or "wanting to explore other opportunities", what are the real reasons most people bail out on their work teams? Putting up with the s*** in the workplace isn't worth it. This is often the hallmark of a dysfunctional workplace culture. Those who think that Grigson was the major, or only, component of the problem are delusional.
  14. Pagano stays. Fans leave. It averages out in the long run.
  15. "You can't get blood out of a turnip." I think the problem is, "there is no there, there".

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