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  1. Looking back, even to the time of AQ Shipley and Mike McGlynn, the problem (I attribute to Chuck Pagano) is an inadequate strategy for player development. Many on this forum complain of the lack of player talent. It may not be the best, however, many of the tactics Pagano employs are de-motivational (musical chair positions for D. Good, demoting Morris, underdevelopment of A. Luck ... I could go on). With many players, it is not how they perform at some moment in time, but how well they are coached and receptive to making dramatic improvements in the future. Yes, this was made worse by Grigson's "looking for a diamond in the rough" approach. No one in the Colts could cut and polish a diamond. Together, that duo made a perfect storm for underperformance.
  2. Sign Kap? No. It wouldn't matter who we bring in as a backup quarterback. The problem is a systemic culture of underperformance, and whoever is in any position won't be able to perform to expectation.
  3. And how is this different than the past 3 years? The Colts brand has been severely trashed and all we get are excuses -- the blame game. It might take 3 - 5 years, if ever, to correct this.
  4. I wonder if they've decided to rest the fans until next year because it is just too painful to watch?
  5. I've seen some pretty terrible pre-season football, week one. At this point, Tampa Bay looks like a sure thing for the SB.
  6. Maybe Jack Mewhort would be opposed to it. Has anyone asked him? He's as likely a center as Denzelle Good.
  7. Never said I thought Pagano was stupid. I don't think that. I think he believes he's doing the right thing staying the course he's on, and furthermore, he doesn't see viable alternatives to his approach. My point about the bull is: The ownership and FO may be asking something of Pagano that he is incapable of giving.
  8. The problem is: When your philosophy is "keep chopping wood" with the same dull axe nothing is going to change. Psychologist A. Maslow once stated, "When your only tool is a hammer, everything gets treated like a nail." IOW, keep pressuring that bull to give milk.
  9. If the cultural problems attributed to Grigson v. Pagano v. the FO v. the team aren't solved, I'm not sure we could get Gruden, or any other NFL coach - maybe not even Adam Morris of Muncie Central HS - for HC. Ballard has his hands full with the bigger issues. He's not wearing a cape and red tights. We'll see.
  10. We'll find out in a month or so.
  11. That's the trap, isn't it? But Andrew Luck plays into that trap by taking on the "super hero" role. Like asking someone to always give 110%, it simply can't be done. The subtle brilliance of Bill Belichick is "do your job". Even that is impossible when you're trying (usually too hard) to cover for others who aren't doing theirs. Can this be corrected? Yes, Will this be corrected? That remains to be seen (soon I hope).
  12. Even potentially great quarterbacks need competent coaching. Is this indicative of a lack of confidence in the team by the coaching staff?
  13. As fans, we wanted to believe all the hype and optimism. As reasonable, thinking and intelligent people who follow NFL football (most all teams), we can analyze the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the Colts team - players, coaches and FO - along with how difficult it is to consistently win in the league. The problem, as I see it, is that any reasoned criticism put forward is personally attacked with vitriol. So I will expand - it's not just analysis of the Colts players, coaches and front office that is under the microscope, but also the nature of many of the fans as well that are tiresome. Some of us (potentially ex-fans) are not impressed with the product as much as we used to be. I hope things turn around. Hope, however, won't even buy a cup of coffee
  14. Multiple Lombardi trophies? Seems I've heard that talk before ... about 4 years ago. THAT's the problem. It can't just be talk. There needs to be some achievement and performance. Is it possible to be hopeful and suspicious at the same time? That's the plight of a Colt's fan.
  15. Negative, no. Critical, yes. I never said Pagano was a bad coach. But, Pagano has had 5 years to develop better strategies (granted in concert with the other coaches and players Grigson and the FO provided). I suppose some would try to put all the failures on Grigson, but in my experience with teambuilding, that (the failure of one person) is almost never the case. In fact, I would speculate that, for whatever reason, the lack of a coherent strategic vision for the team resulted in players "trying too hard", getting hurt, and ultimately coming up short of their potential. Part of that under-performance is the lack of development of the mental aspects of the game. Slow starts, mis-matched playcalling, poor clock management are indicators of strategic mental lapses.

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