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  1. CoachLite

    Interesting topic

    I'd agree about your assessment of Andrew Luck. But, maybe, that is (was) part of the problem. The team over-relied on Luck to be the hero: "Relax, Andrew will save us from all our stupid mistakes". No one should be put in that position.
  2. CoachLite

    Interesting topic

    There is so much we don't know at this point - about Andrew Luck's progress, and about the potential of current players - to make any guess at the future.
  3. CoachLite

    Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    No talent besides Andrew? That is the biggest assumption, and probably wrong. I think the player talent level is at least adequate to reach any desired level, it is just under-performing. It is my opinion that this is attributable to the culture created by the coaching staff and made worse by Grigson. Ballard can't solve these problems alone. It seems to me his primary "front line weakness" is the coaching staff. Can that be changed? In time to benefit Andrew Luck? I don't know. I do know how long and hard it is to bring about organizational culture change. This is going to be harder with the falling NFL (and Colts) ratings.
  4. CoachLite

    Joe Haeg

    Good question. All I keep hearing from coaches is "we have some mistakes to correct", and that is problematic. There is a concept in quality assurance (Crosby Zero Defects) that basically states `it is better to do things right the first time, than to spend the additional energy, time and money to correct faults and mistakes'. Of course, that means someone has to know what is "right the first time", and that seems suspect. This is a larger issue than is targeted at any one coach. It generally points to a coaching approach to football.
  5. CoachLite

    Joe Haeg

    It seems like everyone on the O-line is under-performing their talent levels. Coaching merely by criticizing and "correcting mistakes" won't ever get the job done. IOW, you can't teach everything you shouldn't do, you should be teaching what you should do. Also, you must teach the reasoning behind proper techniques. After they "get it", it takes time and repetition to make it become second nature. The game of football happens too fast to "think" about what you need to do. You need to "know" that without having to think about it. I suspect this is a big part of the team's problem - across the board.
  6. CoachLite

    Possible Luck Update

    I agree that being deceived would be much worse than just losing football games. While this is a possibility, it doesn't seem to be a probability at this point. It may simply be tunnel vision or misplaced optimism.
  7. CoachLite

    Another Wasted Season

    Seems like lots of people are going to Ram that comment down Chuck Pagano's throat.
  8. CoachLite

    Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    Since this seems to be a consistent pattern, you'd think that someone would do some research into the problem. It could be that players are coached into trying to give 110% on every play. That is a recipe for disaster. It is important to learn to play wisely and within your capabilities, while developing better skills. In other words, "play smarter not harder". Of course, there may be other reasons, and they need to be looked into as well.
  9. CoachLite

    Looking for answers

    No. Over-reliance on Andrew Luck to be the hero is a major part of the problem. In light of very poor performance, it is hard to evaluate talent. My concern is that whatever talent we have isn't being properly developed, and the lack of a cohesive winning strategy and implementation is the problem. I've heard the "lack of talent" rant for years, but I've also seen players who didn't perform well with the Colts go to other teams and perform well. Fans will believe what they want to believe. Unfortunately, coaches will too.
  10. CoachLite

    Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    If true, it makes you wonder who, in the city of Indianapolis, honked Jim Irsay off. I suppose it could merely be laissez-faire management, but equally it could be, that by keeping Pagano, he's intentionally tanking just to make the team and the city look like a laughing stock out of revenge. Whatever is going on, it isn't good.
  11. CoachLite

    Reggie Wayne Statue Coming

    Is there a nice, quiet football library for Marvin's statue?
  12. CoachLite

    This team's scheme (or lack thereof)

    Re: schemes: You can try to align the players to the scheme you'd like to play, or you can align the scheme to the best use of the player's talents you have. It seems Pagano is trying the first option and there is a mismatch - the players can't implement the scheme (the Xs and Os) he wants to play. This is not the same thing as a strategy - which changes from game to game and quarter to quarter - which is obviously missing in the Colts. In my world, this is called the "round peg in square hole problem". It's becoming really hard to watch, let alone enjoy watching.
  13. Regression to the mean. First, Fredd Young and now Chuck Pagano.
  14. After another 5 or so seasons, we should be (marginally) better. Maybe even .500 winning percentage.
  15. CoachLite

    The "PAINFUL" truth....

    The Colts are much larger than merely Ballard. Ballard may potentially be the best GM in history, and yet fail because the Colts as a team (from FO, staff, coaches, trainers, players and beyond) won't align as a team to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. I have thought that the player talent was always sufficient to perform. Yes, it could be (could have been) better. And yet, they continually grossly underperform. Imagine how frustrating that is. Altogether as a team, they are clueless. We could have all #1 draft picks and not win many games (seems the Redskins tried this once). For whatever reasons, the coaching staff isn't getting the job done, and after this length of time probably never will. Worse, they (and here I refer to the coaches) are damaging the "brand" of the Colts, almost to the point of no repair, at least for Andrew Luck's career. It would take several years to correct the culture ... if ever. Who in their right mind would want to risk that possibility with their career? See, for example, the Jets, Browns and Bengals.