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  1. After 5 years of mediocrity, I'm convinced there is no such thing as a make or break season for Grigson and Pagano.
  2. This team sucks including the QB.
  3. I did. I predicted 5-11.
  4. I became a Colts fan when I was 5 yrs. old in 1958. My older brother was 7 at the time and I remember watching him going crazy as we watched the '58 Championship game. He had made a Colts scrapbook for a school project and I thought the Horseshoe was cool. I became a Colts fan because of him. We still get together for every game along with our offspring, most of whom have wisely become Colts fans themselves.
  5. No. Too many glaring weak spots.
  6. This team is nauseating to watch. I'm outahere.
  7. Looks like Cromartie forgot to get up off his knee after the National Anthem.
  8. 31-20..Chargers
  9. Hard to say. I predict 3 maybe 4 wins this year.
  10. Hard to say, but I predict 2 maybe 3 wins this year.
  11. 31-17..Denver

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