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  1. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    I'll join the others asking for Jim Bob Cooter. Not only does he have a great name, but the guy has done great things in Detroit the last few seasons despite not having a plethora of talent on that side of the ball. It is a pass-friendly offense that I think Luck would be great in. Now I would love Harbaugh too, but he isn't leaving Michigan UNLESS they lose to Ohio State again this year. That would mean he was 1-5 versus MSU and OSU since he has gone to Michigan with zero Big 10 titles much less national championships. I think he will be ready to come back to the NFL at that point.
  2. Colts new uniform design ideas

    Does the NFL still have the rule about no alternate helmets? I remember teams like the Steelers (yellow helmets) and Pats (white helmets with the "old" Patriot logo) used to wear alternate helmets and I feel like I heard the NFL nixed that, hence why you never see them wearing these anymore. I feel like the Packers can get away with it when they wear their ugly blue unis because they just rip off the Green Bay "G" on the helmet -- it is still the same helmet. If Colts switched to a blue helmet for away games it seems like they may have to always wear the blue helmet if this rule is still in play.
  3. Should the Colts be in new division???

    I actually think the Colts just switching with Miami would make the most sense. In the OP, you don't want to displace the Ravens since you would lose the Pitt-Bal rivalry, although geographically that division makes the most sense for the Colts. But the AFC East still works better for the Colts than the South. Plus, the Colts don't really have any big time rivalries in the South, and I am unaware of the Dolphins being some major rival for the Pats, Bill, or Jets. The Colts are actually a rival with the Pats, so if anything a rivalry is gained for more TV by this move. Plus, the Dolphins would be a more natural rival with the Jags since they are both in Florida.
  4. I really question Pagano and our staff

    I don't think most people were against getting more conservative in the 2nd half with a three-TD lead. What most took umbrage with was the horrible play-calling. There are other run plays besides handing the ball off straight up the middle, and you can still throw short, safe passes that are conservative but are effective against a defense that is being overly aggressive due to being down as the Browns were. Neither of those things happened. It was Gore running into a pile of linemen and linebackers right up the middle almost every 1st and 2nd down in the 2nd half. It was frustrating to watch.
  5. luck see's the light?

    Luck is only in the second year of a six year deal, and it is more than likely that Pagano is gone after this season. Of course Luck is getting tired of the same thing each year. So is everyone else on the team and all of the fans. There will be change. Pagano will be gone, Luck will probably get to have a small amount of input into who the next coach is, and everyone will move foward. However, Luck's ability to get out of his contract is nil, and quite frankly it doesn't matter if he doesn't want to play for the Colts. He isn't going anywhere -- this isn't the NBA. He isn't the first QB who will be ready for a HC change. It's happened here in Indy before.
  6. Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    Luck and his "family" were so * off that he signed a 6 year 140 million contract and tied himself to them.
  7. 2017 Colts vs. 2012 Colts

    From 2012 to today, can we really say the team as a whole has made progress? About the only thing you can say is that two of our core players in Luck and Hilton have gotten experience, some of it in the playoffs. This is offset by Luck's injury history that has accumulated over the past few seasons and horrible roster management. It was just two years ago that we were thinking the Colts were ready to take the next step after their AFC Championship appearance, but it seems like things have completely unraveled at this point. Most of the players that we had on that AFC Championship team are gone now outside of our core offensive players. We're only one game into the season, so perhaps this is premature, but after the abomination that was the Rams opener, it is hard not to be pessimistic and say we are no better than we were at the start of the 2012 season. Maybe even worse -- because this defense clearly isn't as good as it was then (not that it was great in '12). Most pundits think the Colts roster, outside of Luck, may be the worst in football -- worse than the tanking Jets. Luck will be on the other side of 30 by the time we are ready to compete for a Super Bowl again it would appear. If the ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl, it appears that the last five years essentially went nowhere. I hope I am wrong and the defense just had a very bad game in the opener and Luck can come back and salvage this season. It is not too late. I'm just feeling pretty negative along with everyone else after that game on Sunday.
  8. R-E-L-A-X Everyone

    I think expecting to win the AFC South at this point is on the extreme side of optimistic. Impossible? No. But not likely. Outside of the QB position, every single team in the South has a better roster at this point. If Luck doesn't play we are far outgunned period. Bortles seemed to figure out that his team is good enough that as long as he doesn't turn it over they have a shot to win. If he plays TO free ball I actually like their chances this year despite being the doormat for the past 6-7 years.
  9. Wr speed

    Yes, "Lucky" is slow and dumb. Surprised he can even stay upright without tripping over his own two feet. If anything this has definitely exposed Stanford as a fraud of an institution of higher learning. Why do we keep him around anyway? We have a short-throwing Tolzien after all who is much better.
  10. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    I agree. Whenever the media starts proclaiming someone champs or a sure-fire SB participant before the season begins it definitely is obnoxious. I feel that you always get in trouble doing that for the NFL or even college football but it doesn't stop them from doing it almost every single year. It was dumb to be talking about the Pats being undefeated this year before the year even began, not because it was likely they would lose game 1 to the Chiefs, but because it is likely that they are going to have a Sunday or two where they don't play well and will lose to a less talented team. It is just how it works in the NFL. I think the only sport where you can definitively say who the champ will be before the season begins is probably the NBA. And it is partly why that product isn't nearly as fascinating to watch for 95% of the season.
  11. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    Alright, don't put me in a position that I have to defend the Pats! Seriously though, saying that the Colts "inexplicably" lost the Pats during the Manning years is a bit of a stretch. The insinuation that the Pats were cheating in order to beat the Colts in those years would be complete speculation. It's not like they were completely devoid of any talent and the only explanation was that they were pulling shenanigans in order to win. To be honest, I thought the whole deflategate thing was pretty silly. Especially since the Colts got blasted after a normal football was introduced but had kept it close while Brady had his preferred flat football.
  12. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    Pats fans certainly are spoiled. Cowherd actually just talked about how spoiled Boston fans are in general just yesterday on his show. My experience though is that every fanbase in any sport has their share of arrogant *s, but most fans are generally okay. Some fanbases are certainly worse than others though. And we can try to act like it isn't due to envy that we enjoy seeing the Pats lose, but if you knew a bunch of arrogant Browns fans I doubt you would care one way or another when they lost. Am I right?
  13. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    Yes, my wife and a couple of buddies all loathe the Pats as well. You certainly aren't alone. It is hard for me not to respect Belicheck and Brady though. I know that if they were our HC and QB we would worship the ground they walk on and wouldn't care at all that Brady liked putting less air in the football he throws. So for me to actively dislike them just because they aren't affiliated with my team and have experienced tremendous success over the course of the past 15 years, albeit sometimes in a dubious manner, seems like it is less about despising how they do things and more about envy.
  14. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    Yes, let's all celebrate the end of the Patriots dynasty. Of course, when they win 6-7 straight beginning next week we'll all come back down to Earth. I have never understood why so many Colts fans relish the Pats losing. I was pulling for KC because they were the underdog, but some people are actually elated to see the Pats lose and actively root against them. I am sure someone will bring up Spygate, Deflategate, etc., but it makes our fanbase look like we have a serious inferiority complex.