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  1. Yet another person has passed away...that of David Cassidy from the Partridge Family and in the teen idol if you all grew up in the 1970's. RIP



    1. JPPT1974
    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      RIP, I had a huge crush on Susan Dey when I was younger. Man does time fly!

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      Rip "Keith Partridge".  I too had a huge crush on Susan Dey...aka Laurie Partridge...back in the day.

  2. Hey not much of a country music fan but here is for those who liked Mel Tillis who died at 85 today. RIP



  3. Remembering AC/DC front man Malcolm Young dead at 64 years old of dementia



  4. Pat McAfee

    Retire his number please. Want to get a petition. Very rarely a P jersey gets retired.
  5. Have a Blessed and Great Veteran's Day for those who had served in the Call of Duty in the men and women in uniform. Past, present, and future! Know the feeling over with a family member serving our country with a badge of honor and pride.

  6. Polian states he will not ever become NFL commssioner

    Yeah as that being a Commissioner is no picnic. As it takes a lot of responsibilities and having the right sense of responsibility. But Polian's seems to have the right kind of attitude. Even though he may not want the job. Really tried to give Roger Goodell a chance but now he really has ruined the league.
  7. This month and next month will be doing some Christmas songs here! To get everybody in a Christmas mood.

    1. Nadine


      I got in the holiday spirit this weekend.  Searching for a artificial tree with my daughter and I even bought 2 gifts!

    2. 100GFB


      Are you gonna sing live for the Colts Nation!

    3. JPPT1974


      Love to sing but not that good of a voice my friend!

  8. Hey what did you all do for Halloween? Just hand out candy. Nothing out of the ordinary. BTW it is my least favorite holiday. Just love it for the candy! Tisk Tisk!:cheer:

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Pretty much did nothing, just watching the Baseball game. I went to Sam's and bought a huge box of Snicker Bars for the Trick or Treats, had a few earlier lol.

    2. 100GFB


      I bought couple bags of Snickers for all the aTrick/Treaters that never show up!  The kids haven’t shown up for 25+ years, parents take the kids to younger neighborhoods, malls and/or Halloween events.  Guess I have two bags of Snickers for myself.  Darn after 25+ years you’d think I’d learn no kids are coming around!  Next year I’ll buy Kit Kat and/or M&M Peanut.  If no one shows up I’ll try to make a mental note.

    3. Nadine


      I love halloween.  You get to meet neighbors because most kids go out with their parents.  We got about 20 kids, the best was a mummy with 2 swords!  I turned my porch light into a jack o lantern and I'm pretty sure it drew the trick and treeters in.  Cutest was a little boy who said twick o twee :)


  9. In with Halloween what was your favorite Halloween TV show like growing up...

    "The Adams Family" or the "The Munsters!?" 

    Love both to be honest as hard to tell.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I love me some Munsters, I used to watch that all the time.

    3. teganslaw


      I liked "The Addams Family."  Cousin Itt was one of my favorites.

    4. southwest1


      I just watched the movie "Addams Family Values" recently. I love that scene near the end of the picture where Tuesday played by Cristina Ricci refuses to comply with the pilgrims sanitized version of Thanksgiving &, while portraying an American Indian leader; she proceeds to burn down the village & prevent the english colonists from stealing tribal land, relocating Indians to reservations, & signing fraudulent treaties that would never be honored anyway in American History. 


      What makes the scene so funny is that a goodie 2 shoes girl at summer camp who thinks she's perfect gets the tables turned on her by Tuesday who has had enough of the blond ray of sunshine. Therefore, it is time to right more than a few wrongs. This definitely isn't the traditional tale we all know & that's why it resonates with me I guess. 

  10. Peyton Manning: ''Will He Ever Return To Indianapolis?"

    Really he needs to let him grow with his kids. As he had kids late in life remember. So that he can enjoy them when it was time. Denver stop was the beginning of the end for him football wise.
  11. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Yeah Golic but know whom she was talking about!
  12. Patience...

    Yeah as really seems like that of Luck is getting better. But needs to not rush into things.