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  1. Not the first nor will it be the last time the critics are doing the Super Bowl at New England!
  2.  Song is in my head!

    1. southwest1


      Ink blots with a beat baby! Oh yeah. :thmup:

  3. Hope you do get to see your children get married and have children of their own.
  4. Know the feeling as it took up to four months for me to heal. After I had surgery. But really good luck with him as hope he can heal right.
  5. Any plans for Easter you all? My brother and brother in law as firemen have to work on Sunday. Duty calls. Celebrating today with family.

    1. Jules


      Food. Lots of food.




      And NBA playoffs.


      Hope you have a good Easter!!!!!!!

    2. Nadine


      We gathered and made brunch at my house.  Ate on the deck because the weather was beautiful.  Played trivial pursuit family  edition because we had an 8 year old with us.  Made me feel smart. usually I'm terrible at that game

  6. Welcome to the Colts Sean!
  7. RIP Don Rickles Another Blast from the Past Gone!

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      RIP you "hockey puck"!  I loved that man...he made me laugh so much!  Does anyone else remember "CPO Sharkey"?

  8. Love that 60's helmet. Goldie Hawn you can't go wrong.
  9. Hey last Quiz for March until May 2017. What is the name of the group with the late Roy Orbison, the late George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynde(if that is his will name) formed in the late 1980's?!

    1. JPPT1974


      It is the Traveling Wilburies!

  10. Quiz #10 March 2017 Which late game show host was married to Betty White?!

    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      I always liked the repertoire between her and Allen Ladd in "Password" ...they were married.

    2. JPPT1974


      Allen Ludden but will give you it.

    3. TheRustonRifle#7
  11. Quiz #9 March 2017 What is the name of the song of "Pulp Fiction" John Travolta and Uma Thurman danced too? Hint it is by the now great late Chuck Berry!?

    1. 100GFB


      Good one JPPT!  Had to look it up but won't tell.  

    2. JPPT1974


      It's Called "You Never Can Tell!"

  12. Hope you like my new avatar of Chuck Barris!

  13. Loved his game shows as a kid!
  14. Yet another Chuck has passed away. Chuck Barris the creator of the Gong Show and host. As well as created Newlywed and Dating Game dies at 87! 

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