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  1. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    At least they are willing to admit they screwed up. That's probably the closest thing to a win we'll get for a while.
  2. Injury Report 9/13/17

    Chuck said day to day so... IR?
  3. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    Lack of interest in dming a moderator I suppose. This seemed like a perfectly acceptable route. Long threads always get derailed eventually. Regardless of the rumor status, it is a hot social media topic. Her response was that a Google search didn't produce any leads. A twitter search of the Indy / Colts media would show a conversation re: this topic. I'm not advocating that this is the truth. I'm just a fan of an open web. Change the title and let the people discuss if they want.
  4. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    Why would topic "luck see's the light? " be closed? It may be just a rumor but it's being talked about heavily by the media on Twitter and was introduced by ESPN this morning. If the forum wants to discuss the idea then we should be allowed to do so. Change the title and let it be.
  5. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    We've seen a glimpse from him before. Maybe he needs a bit of time to get back into it? Maybe he sucks? Let's try him it out and see.
  6. luck see's the light?

    Why wouldn't Andrew be upset with the condition of the team? Every person in the organization should be.
  7. I know this thread is about QB but I wouldn't say Bond was a non-issue. While he may have been 'ok' physically, it's his job to make a lot of line calls. It looked to me like our linemen were confused and I have to think that could be attributed to the line calls.
  8. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    Play Clark. See if he can get his stuff together and be decent like he was EOY last year.
  9. Reggie Wayne Statue Coming

    Read the article.
  10. Mike & Mike Comments On The Colts First Game

    They thought highly of the Titans. If Indiana teams were better that would be reflected in their commentary.
  11. Mike & Mike Comments On The Colts First Game

    I agree. Kelly makes a lot of line calls / protection changes that didn't happen yesterday. He won't make them a top 10 OL but definitely better than what we witnessed vs the Rams.
  12. The Most discouraging factor IMHO

    Gone are the days when we could walk into a place and make fun of another person team.
  13. Indy Star's 2017 Predictions On The Colts

    Agreed. Don't sleep on the Titans. I think Colts, Texans, and Titans all finish very close to each other. Tight Division until the end.
  14. Colts fans, something is wrong here....

    I thought the same thing.