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  1. With how much Ballard is preaching that this draft is a deep defensive draft, I would not be surprised is we chose Forrest Lamp if available.
  2. I am in agreeance with your concept but the scenario is a little dramatic.
  3. I hope I am proven wrong but I don't believe we have any corners on our current roster, other than Davis, that are more than "just a guy".
  4. Strange thing to play for.
  5. It's really unfortunate that his time in Indy didn't live up to his hype coming in. Hopefully he's able to get/stay healthy and contribute somewhere else.
  6. We are not better without Mathis. Even if he's a depth player, that's still valuable. He is not the player he once was but he is still a great tool in our toolbox. He's not an every down player but still is useful in situations.
  7. Edwin is young with lots of room to grow. I hope he's still around next year to see the evolution of his play.
  8. It was towards the end of the game. ESPN didn't show who was injured but made a verbal comment that there was an injury.
  9. Cory Redding was a huge asset. He brought a lot of passion and inspired the D to play better than they were at times.
  10. Could it be related to poor attitudes? They were bubble players already so if they were being disruptive in the locker room it might have pushed them out.

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