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  1. I'd argue that Mewhort is towards the top of the re-sign list if not at the very top. He is a solid lg and has the versatility to play other positions in a pinch. We should do whatever we can to keep the oline intact for a few years.
  2. Is this who we *think* will rise up or who we *hope* will rise up? I think Moncrief will have a big year. I hope Wilson will rise above our perpetual db injury bug.
  3. I predict 10 wins, so eat it Evan!
  4. I'll be happy if he's able to play more than 12 games
  5. The sack stat is in reference to our own defense. This is not a stat on the number of times Andrew Luck was sacked.
  6. If an organization thought he had a big upside they would look past the weed charge.
  7. Here and following the Star reporters on Twitter.
  8. Jabaal Sheard
  9. I'd say this was a bit of a nudge to draft Hooker. Interesting news.
  10. Clayton Geathers, the Colts’ hard-hitting strong safety and one of their few returning starters on defense, is sidelined after surgery to address a late-season neck injury, the team announced Tuesday.
  11. I like what I've seen from Banner so far character wise. Almost a Cory Redding type of personality. I hope he's able to contribute.
  12. you're drunk by now
  13. My wife had a good time making fun of me after.
  14. I ran into Donte Moncrief at the Keystone Mall last night. I shook his hand and awkwardly congratulated him. Not sure what I was congratulating him on exactly but he was cool about it and thanked me.
  15. The guy is a playmaker. Hard not to be optimistic.

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