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  1. Here and following the Star reporters on Twitter.
  2. Jabaal Sheard
  3. I'd say this was a bit of a nudge to draft Hooker. Interesting news.
  4. Clayton Geathers, the Colts’ hard-hitting strong safety and one of their few returning starters on defense, is sidelined after surgery to address a late-season neck injury, the team announced Tuesday.
  5. I like what I've seen from Banner so far character wise. Almost a Cory Redding type of personality. I hope he's able to contribute.
  6. you're drunk by now
  7. My wife had a good time making fun of me after.
  8. I ran into Donte Moncrief at the Keystone Mall last night. I shook his hand and awkwardly congratulated him. Not sure what I was congratulating him on exactly but he was cool about it and thanked me.
  9. The guy is a playmaker. Hard not to be optimistic.
  10. With how much Ballard is preaching that this draft is a deep defensive draft, I would not be surprised is we chose Forrest Lamp if available.
  11. I am in agreeance with your concept but the scenario is a little dramatic.
  12. I hope I am proven wrong but I don't believe we have any corners on our current roster, other than Davis, that are more than "just a guy".
  13. Strange thing to play for.
  14. It's really unfortunate that his time in Indy didn't live up to his hype coming in. Hopefully he's able to get/stay healthy and contribute somewhere else.
  15. We are not better without Mathis. Even if he's a depth player, that's still valuable. He is not the player he once was but he is still a great tool in our toolbox. He's not an every down player but still is useful in situations.

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