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    First Pack of football cards ever bought had a Johnny U ROOKIE card in it & older brother before that had me already a colt fan Colt Fan ever since . My brother's older friend by 6 years thought it was the coolest thing. I lived in Brooklyn, NY then, now live in LION country & childhood friend lives in Pat country which proves interesting. I am addicted to Peyton and have watched every game to my knowledge since he started his illustrious career.

    However am a COLT Fan First

    Still remember Superbowl 3 , Namath in one interview actually said he never called the game, he said since press said he did then why not take the credit for it. Saw that in interview while living in NY. K Now i have only seen it once, & don't know if he was joking or meant it , but it was never again seen by me nor anyone else to my knowledge. Too bad Colts brought in a hurt Unitas at end, he may have pulled it out if brought in earlier. He definitely would have seen the easy open receiver for a TD on the flea flicker Earl Moral didn't & that would have won the game.

    I am a disabled Dr. who did ankle reconstruction from 1982 to 1988 when I became disabled. Was a short career but made a difference in children's lives who couldn't walk do to birth defects that I surgically repaired. One wrote he is now scoring TD's for me as I cant play sports any longer. Helped out many adults as well with various trauma .

    Very proud I made a difference in peoples lives. Exactly what I went to school for, just unfortunately for a short period of time.

    Concerts and more concerts, seen over 400 Grateful Dead when Jerry was alive and many of the remaining groups concerts as well.

    Sundays watching Luck & Peyton at work. I have Watched every Colt game Luck & Manning has played Via Satellite NFL package and when on reg TV.

    Visiting with family, time especially with great nephews & nieces

    Unfortunately as I am disabled - most of my time is with Dr's. , concerts, great dinners out, movies all have decreased with physical issues

    MY my disability restricts many options time-wise . Are other things just hard to get them in. However for someone who medically should be a quadriplegic I look perfectly healthy so cant't complain . I walk,& treadmill when physical disabilities allow me to at slow levels but at least its something , and don't let things stop me. Its all in the attitude one faces life with. Night activities requires a friend to drive or can get increased vertigo from lights

    Unfortunately disabilities have put a curb on concert going but still manage to get some local ones in when friends drive, just cant fly to any

    Visiting brother, grown nephews & their son my grand nephew, rest of family, Sanibel Island Florida with other graduates from my medical residency
    Unfortunately disabilities have put a curb on traveling
    ( again disabilities now prevents this but what great memories )

    Grateful Dead , ZEPPLIN < STONES< PINK FLOYD< THE WHO ., DYLAN< SPRINGSTEEN< CREAM< CLAPTON etc Classic Rock , new stuff is fine as well as is classical.

    Not much of a current reader as can get vertigo , Mysteries , action adventure, dramas other Frankenstein when a kid
    Great book to read:
    JOHNNY UNITAS, AMERICA'S QUARTERBACK forward by Peyton Manning, 2nd forward by Art Donovan
    Book written by Lou Sahadi.
    Many never before published reminiscences , of course all his records , over 300 pages

    copyright 2004

    1st chapter , greatest game ever played , 25 pages & it just gets better

    In the forward by Peyton ( there is another by HOF 'er Art Donovan ) he says when Johnny died he wanted to wear black high tops in his honor but the league said no. IN closing Peyton says that u hear about players from other eras, and some would be good today. well let me tell u theres no wondering about Unitas, he was a superstar then,he would be today as well.
    Finally PEYTON SAYS


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  1. Hav'nt been here in ages but this with this trade let me just say its AWESOME we got tons of trade value in excess of what trading back 3 spots is worth even without next years 2nd round pick At 6 will be someone thats an still an instant starter of possible pro bowl caliber whether its offense or defense This is why that division is always so easy for the Pats, all other front offices well they are awkward in their moves while the Pats simply do stunning , clever twists & turns we can now hopefully select right and Build that balanced Monster around luck that some past coach only spoke of How Ballard got the jets to agree to this is beyond me, Jets must simply be desperate - this speaks of picking Sanchez the last time they moved up to get a QB & we all know how that worked out
  2. Robert Mathis & Dwight Freeney

    I revised mine u liked starting with Saw the article as was e-mailed to me an e- newsletter, get TWO TIMES,a week a cousin signed me up just above this with link to get many free colt articles, letters etc Have a good day, have to go
  3. Robert Mathis & Dwight Freeney

    Saw the article as was e-mailed to me an e- newsletter, get TWO TIMES,a week a cousin signed me up When read headline i was furious, came to post it for 1st post in ages and saw already was but had to comment Had great trip To Richmond Va ( too short ) & stayed with brother & sister in law, saw both nephews & nice in law and got run ragged by 2, 5 & 7 year old great nieces and nephews Every day is a fight but as i wake that means every day I won Hope u and yours are fine too here is link to subsvribe for free Read instructions, are many things can subscribe to above info from Colt E Newsletter
  4. Robert Mathis & Dwight Freeney EXCERPTs From 2003 (Mathis’ first year in the league) until 2012 (Freeney’s final season with the Colts), this Indy duo combined for 186 regular-season sacks.Think about that: over a 10-year span, Freeney and Mathis averaged almost 19 sacks together each season. ....... but nobody did it better for a longer period of time than No. 93 and 98. Elliot Harrison's Top 5 0- NOTE are basically individual years, not over a long term period ( whomever owns stocks knows results obtained over long term are worth far more tax wise than short term - crazy analogy but same thing ) 5. Von Miller & DeMarcus Ware, Denver Broncos; 2014-15: The duo averaged more than 10.5 sacks together over this two-year span, and won Super Bowl 50, a 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers, to wrap up the 2015 season. Obviously these two were huge pieces of one of the best overall defenses in league history, so while they’re great players, the whole team success stands out.4. Derrick Thomas & Neil Smith, Kansas City Chiefs; 1990: Thomas erupted with a career-best and NFL-leading 20 sacks that year, while Smith contributed 9.5 sacks — an average of almost 15 sacks between the two of them. These guys obviously belong on this list for this particular season, and many others to follow.3. Harvey Martin & Randy White, Dallas Cowboys; 1977: Martin and White were co-MVPs of Super Bowl XXII. Martin had an unofficial 20 sacks in a 14-game season that year, while White reportedly had 12.5 sacks. A very deserving duo, though obviously quarterbacks weren’t nearly as protected then as they have been the past couple decades.2. Reggie White & Clyde Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles; 1991: This duo averaged 14 sacks together that year, and both were First-Team All-Pro defensive ends. They belong, no question about it.1. Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen, Los Angeles Rams; 1967: Two standouts of the Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome,” Jones had an unofficial 26 sacks that year, while Olsen had 11. This Hall of Fame duo should stick, too.
  5. back out there to all, cant stay, going to fly out visit great nephews, great nieces, staying at brothers etc but had to comment once on draft , love the zoo intro bye
  6. mack is great pick, ,go0d draft in total

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      as far as country Joe, are days watching colts is like the song   

      I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag


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      @ bayone Lol!  Give me a "F" ah heck I'll stop!

  8. I need your number to call back...



  9. Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    way injuries are more like a pile of splinters
  10. Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    What ever happened to building a monster line on both sides of the ball, Wasnt that Paganos Mantra when hired ?
  11. Had my yearly trip ( only 2nd 1 )  to my Brother and sister in law ( where i stayed ) ,&  both nephews, and 1 with 3 kids that is 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew- all live close to each other


    TERRIFIC TIME , only to short due to my issues and took  all could handle and the kids can run u ragged


    Ate at some great restaurants in and around Richmond, Va , this 1 Chinese place run by & called Peter Chang's who was cook at the Chinese Embassy in DC for like 5 years so u know it was good . He was hand picked  from China to be the cook a stayed here


    I could go on was truly fantastic and worth every effort- No way will i let those little ones grow up without them knowing me in person and also spoiling them a bit


    The hugs they gave me on arrival alone were so long they were dragging me down to the floor and that alone was worth the trip



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      Good going Barry!  I have somewhat of a bottomless pit and love most (lol not all) food!  Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, French, Portugese, Greek and on and on and on!  I'm in heaven!

    3. bayone




      Italian Dinner dessert  was Ice cream Naples Italian Special version   Gelato with  combination of 1. white chocolate, Oreo's & peanut butter  type with 2.  Chocolate Decadence


      & when first got to brothers house they had already bought ( knowing how much i loved this from last year ) a great large  layered chocolate cake with various icing layers & cake itself so moist & good alone yet  from some famous desert place that has lines around the block where can eat in or , its annex at corner can take out.  I must have had 3/4 th's of the thing by the time I left , every bite  better than the previous one


      I insisted on paying for the Seafood dinner as was my brothers birthday - This may have been first time i was with him on his birthday since childhood with each of us in med school, then practice and me disabled and he first retired end of last summer while commuting across half the country to work as he had  moved east when grand kids born yet worked in west ohio

    4. DillyDilly


      Chocolate! White chocolate! Peanut Butter!  I'm already in heaven!

  12. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    Born in Brooklyn, Older Brother brought me up a Colt & ingrained then into heart & soul Now live in lion country moved to Indy in 1980. Colts followed me! Great Line till another time - i must go now & many appointments Thursday then Springsteen Thursday night , hes doing the river tour , playing 3 hrs straight as its the album The River's 35 Birthday I beleive
  13. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    man I'm 62 & grew up with Unitas to Berry & Moore,Art Donovan , alan ameche ( most famous TD of all in greatest game OT ) marchetti etc etc & knew that was Mattes nickname " LOVED THOSE OLD DAYS " Great Article
  14. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    Thanks I do remember that name now of backup, good catch, didnt know that was first time a QB had plays on wrist
  15. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    very good 12 year career but not great , best known for 3 TDS Vs Browns in NFL champ game in year they lost to Jets in SB but in that SB game he set a still record 10+ yards per carry, but only carried the ball 11 or 12 times was also good as kickoff returner and receiver out of the backfield but was no Lenny Moore he also subbed rarely as ER QB when Unitas and whomever was his backup that year both were out