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  1. actually, thats my point. We had our first chance Thursday night to 'upgrade the small forward spot' We did not feel the need to. Money is pbviously not an issue with signing Glenn. If we have to back up the truck to pay him it will be a very small truck. A tonka toy. Our management has always said they believe Glenn will be a very good player. .....not drafting a small forward suggests that we still believe that.
  2. Rebounding is his thing..from the video... Lets see how many he grabs in the Summer League.. ...He does run the floor.....and his highllights suggest he shoots better than the numbers say WE may not bring Al Jefferson or Trevor Booker back....and we were outrebounded last season....
  3. The draft also suggests that we still believe in Glenn Robinson... ...because barring undrafted free agent pickups..we still have Glenn backing up Bogdonavich...right?
  4. I guess what we havent talked about is: Both Collison and Cory Joseph have contracts that end after next season... Shapes up like we're keeping the guard line together for another year and then letting Cory or DC go. Also,,Collison missed almost a month with a knee injury and he's almost 31... Holiday should be good offensively and defensively....he ls just small...like Darren is... Lets see Johnson in the summer league ......
  5. wow..Alize Johnson...6-foot-9 forward.. (I missed the pick..ESPN again went to commecial when our pick came up) This is a project..He's 22 now and He's grown 11 inches since he entered high school Officially 6-foot-8, 207......15 points, 11 rebounds a game at Missouri State. Not a 3-shooter..entered college as a guard..and handles the ball OK but seems very 'right=-handed' Who knows? But we need small forwards. We dont have many
  6. MInnesota took our guy Kieta Bates Diop..at 48... Thibedeau.. grabbed him Who's left?
  7. The 3 Holiday brothers are very funny... ..they're going to be on a lot of TV and radio
  8. I agree...I wanted Diop in the first round. To get Holliday and Diop would be a big night. Maybe we can move up
  9. Well..no trade with Atlanta..They sure didnt draft Omari Spellman at '30' for us
  10. There's no guarantee we keep Bogdonavich or now, Collison. WE have team options on them right? Fans have to understand that we cant return the same team. We badly need shooting...and we can take on any deal for a year or two...if it improves us You dont like Bazemore..OK..but we will add a vet. We have to..and we cant worry about short term bucks.. We have Vic locked up for 3 years...we cant do nothing Here's Atlanta's pick at 30.. Lets see what happens
  11. Golden State is going to get a good player
  12. Very very fast....and a 43% 3-ball shooter..83% foul shooter played 100 games at UCLA... He will fit with Vic... ..and he knows Leaf well
  13. No, dg...not long term..not at that price.....He just hasnt show max play yet Myles is a very nice guy and a good teammate..but not a $20 mil guy for 4 or 5 years
  14. He started at UCLA three years ago...played behind Lonzo Ball 2 years ago ..and was all Pac-12 and all Pac-12 defense this year ....we play a lot of 3-guard lineups....Hey..we took the best player available
  15. He's very good on offense and defense..Just 6-foot-1 but it didnt stop him at UCLA.... He knows Leaf and Ike Ingnobu, right? We are "UCLA East" Our summer league team is going to have 3 UCLA guys
  16. The drafting of Holiday means that Collison could be traded... ...we arent trading Lance or Cory Joseph..
  17. dg..I'll say it again..... Myles may ask for $20 mil a year for 5 years..Then what? Choosing not to meet his contract demands is not giving up on him We could get Holiday's brother from the Bulls, too......he;s available
  18. Pac-12 leading scorer...1st team all pac 12 6-foot-1 but 6-foot-7 wing span The point guard for UCLA...is like QB at Notre Dame..you better be able to play
  19. No respect..ESPN goes to commercial when the Pacers are on the clock..No respect!!
  20. Bulls take Hutchinson.....I didn t know they promised him they'd take him I'd be Okay with that.... Older player...20 a game....true lead guard...His brothers are all players (and his dad's name is not LaVar)
  21. I wanted no part of Grayson Allen It looks good for us
  22. I'm not assuming max will be resigned......I would do it......This was Bazemore's best year until he got hurt. We have to admit we need vet help and go get it... His contract is fine if we want to maximize our game in Vic's contract window (3 more years) Cant just bring the same team back
  23. aaron Holliday....? Hadnt thought about him