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  1. I'm guessing everybody cant go 'where they can win a championship' and A lot of guys are going to be changing teams at the end of this week.. .. Its funny. I was just reading some Denver web sites and there was the thought that they better get something for guys like Barton and Mudiay because when their contracts run out, they're not going to stay in Denver..why would they?.. ..and that getting a star vet like Love in trade might be good because 'Who wants to come to Denver'? I'm not sure we know who we want right now...fans sure don't..... I hope our management does
  2. If we sit on $30-$40 mil in cap space we wont be a playoff team .....subtract the contracts of PG, Teague, Stuckey, Brooks, LaVoy and CJ Miles and add nothing but rookies or rookie contracts (like Mudiay) ...but I doubt we'll sign no one on July 1
  3. More likely we'd get Emmanuel Mudiay...6-foot-5 point guard....not a great shooter but still young ....He'll be 22 in the winter.....averages 11.... signed for the next 2 years club option for '18-'19 ,......early 20s with 2 years experience...they seem to have a lot of guards
  4. He's signed for next year but then he's a free agent.. .....Obviously, we'd like one of their better players ...who's from Indiana.. ...scores about 13 a game..42% on 3s Fills a need.. He might like to come 'home' but why would they trade him....with a year left at $3 mil
  5. They don't....but they don't mind going over the salary cap.... ......and somebody like Iman Shumpert might come to the Pacers If it was Will Barton, Shumpert and Denver's 2018 No. 1 (which could be in the Top-10) .....that might be the best we can get out of those 3 teams. Cavs have traded lots of their future draft choices and they really don't have any young players to send us who can play at all ......PG is going....Jeff Teague is unsigned...CJ Miles has opted out of his contract ..we need to put together an offense
  6. The story says Cavs would also get power forward Kenneth Faried I'm guessing we'd get future draft picks and a shooting guard Will Barton, who is at the end of his contract and has declined a player option.... 6-foot-6...good shooter...fills a need for us But we'd probably get Denver's No,.1 for 2018..just guessing
  7. you're right.... I just think if he goes to Boston and resigns..he's in our conference for 4 years. If he goes to Cleveland, odds are, he;s still going to LA in 2018 But again, what would we get from Denver?
  8. wonder what we'd get from Denver. I'd prefer this...so Paul gets out of the conference
  9. I'm reading that Teague may be looking for $18 to $20 mil ..and he wont get that from us..not multi years at age 29..with Paul George gone too bad because he wants to play here and he's solid (for about $12- $15 mil)
  10. I guess the 'Love problem' is $21 mil a year for 2 more years
  11. If the Celtics sign Gordon Hayward..a trade for Paul would force them to include salaries..... ......Avery Bradley would be the first and Crowder would be next. It could happen and we'd accept it......Bradley and Crowder are only 27.. We'd be competitive
  12. could we really have Lance play the point? I love Lance...but starting at the point? 30 minutes a game? If Teague wants $20 mil a year, we may see it. But Lance can be crazy with the ball. I dont know.
  13. Sounds like we are seriously considering Lance Stephenson at starting point guard if Jeff Teague's price is to high.. ..I know he's motivated to play hard and well but that's not something I'd be considering
  14. That's a bad situation....Paul and Griffin want to leave..Reddick is a free agent. Didn't have a No 1 pick.. ...I don't know what they do
  15. Chris Paul opting out means he's probably going to San Antonio... ...which means LaMarcus Aldridge has to go somewhere because he's making $21mil and the Spurs cant afford him and Paul.. If the Spurs would take Monta Ellis contact, I'd like to have Aldridge

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