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  1. A little cherry picking there..I dont see TDs (not TD %) or team victories....or rushing yards Detroit 'seems to be on the rise...'last 2 years' really? weren't the Lions 7-9 two years ago.? Colts have never had a losing season with Andrew... Career team victories and division titles put Luck ahead of Matt Stafford, a good QB They are not equals, to me
  2. Hall of Fame player?
  3. The more you say, the more people can understand and misunderstand,,' we are early in the offseason.....Luck is early in his recovery....and his vacation ....In 3 months, he can talk about what has happened and how he feels about it instead of what he hopes to happen and how he hopes to feel.. Plus, I think Andrew likes to be quiet and private
  4. I would agree that when there is a score....the networks go to a commercial break. They comeback for the kickoff...and then there is another commercial break... You can almost count on it ..8 minutes of spots and one play....they should stop that practice. But they pour on the commercals early in the game and ease up on them later...I do like that
  5. 109-100.....we don't have the firepower to win on the road right now. Myles and Miles didnt have it ....we have alternated wins and losses for 15 game sin a row ..that's hard to do if you try
  6. ..all I said was I'd ask....and we do have the power. Be serious If they wants Myles Turner for Jimmy Butler..I'd consider that, wouldn't you? .....I hear a lot about how we are helpless..we must give up trade our best player because he's leaving anyway. We cant do this..we cant do that.....we must be afraid of Paul leaving so lets just get picks and be last You have to be realistic about how you run a franchise.. Don't give up so easily....we are not hopeless We cant not ask because we're afraid they wont say yes. Don't be afraid to be disappointed....sports is about winning and losing and most teams don't win the title every single year //celebration and disappointment. Embrace it and root for your team to make the playoffs and take their shot
  7. 87-74 after 3...they're shooting over 55%
  8. Like most teams...we cant contain Isaiah...down 73-62 late 3rd
  9. but not everybody goes...the same argument that applies to George applies to Hayward
  10. He says he's interested in staying.....in Indy Like Hayward says he's staying in Utah... That's exactly my point.....I guess you can believe what you want. But some of us are ignoring what both players are saying
  11. The NFL spoke publically Wednesday about limiting the time between a TD and the kickoff.. ...restarting the clock after a player goes out of bounds.. ...and limiting commercial blocks to speed up the game. There were other things Do NFL games seem too long to you. I actually don't like staring the clock after a player goers out of bounds Commercials are annoying but we all understand why there's so many. Is this an issue to you?
  12. Nobody knows about the Texans until they get a QB, right? There's three teams that have a good chance to be playoff teams.. ..and Jacksonville which has spent 2 years now raining big money contracts
  13. down 49-42 at the half at Boston.. Myles Turner is still struggling...cant win on the road if he does do much
  14. I know you want us to win..I just don't think we KNOW Paul George wants to play in LA, either.. We have a chance to build around two quality forwards.....I'd ask the Bulls what they want for Jimmy Butler Let's see if we can build...at the trade deadline, we obviously couldnt
  15. Utah isn't going to win the West anytime soon... I think the offer should be made to Gordon....its ther same 'comin home arguement some accept about Paul. ....and we never hear ANYTHING about Hayward or Utah. we wouldnt know what he wants till we ask

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