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  1. The al-night ESPN tribute to Lebron is underway... …...I cant stand it.....maybe they're re-running the Fort Worth Open on the Golf Channell
  2. Jeff Green..19 points....8 rebounds and no turnovers in 41 minutes...I did not see that coming Jeff Green went scoreless in Game 1 against the Pacers
  3. Paul George is a real option....a two-year deal ..something like that.. LeBron likes him …. PG wants to get to the finals..and Hill, a former friend, is already there
  4. I will say this about LeBron. I don't know how anyone plays 48 minutes in an NBA playoff game... ….That's the stuff Wilt did
  5. You're probably right..Cavs get the 8th pick in the draft..... They wont keep Rodney Hood..and they might not want George Hill
  6. I dont want to bring this up..(yes I do) ...but the Pacers had them......We were a missed goal tending call away from maybe playing tongiht
  7. LBJ played all 48 minutes..he cant do that against Houston or GSW.. ...but folks..I think we can forget about LeBron leaving Cleveland
  8. Both Houston and GSW will.. and there's no guarantee Kevin Love will be available Thursday for Game 1
  9. I wouldnt jump to that conclusion..they scored 87 points and Boston missed 56 shots CBE...He'll play....he may not be any good but he'll play
  10. LeBron and Al Horford..there at the end..that was something. It was almost like Horford was holding up
  11. wonder if they'd trade Kevin Love...nice homes here in Indiana
  12. Its good to see George Hill get to the finals....always a good guy
  13. I don't know what happened to the Celtics..IT wasnt great Cavs defense 6 of 36 on 3s..many open shots..Boston missing layups now..
  14. 81-74....1:16 left.......Boston cant do it now ..they were dominating this game early.. …. ..and ESPN-LBJ is warming up the all night tribute
  15. Terry Rozier has been a total loss tonight Marcus Smart is running the offense and he's not bad