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  1. Sure it is...but he wasnt playing the JV....of the other SEC schools ...that also has to be considered... That logic would suggest that talent playing with talent cant develop fully because of the talent I cant go with you there
  2. Pack needs O)-line help
  3. good choice......nice move to get in position, too
  4. True..but when confrontations come on the field..you have to make plays...you 'win' or are 'defeated' by the guy you confront. ..and the SEC is talent laden....I'm just saying that you have plenty of opportunity to make accurate evaluations against quality foes
  5. I don't know how good he actually is
  6. I don't think players can be carried by the talent of others at most positions
  7. bad night for Alabama, isn't it?
  8. Browns trade back into the first round?..must be for a QB..
  9. That was something....he had so much emotion and anger....I dont even know who this kid is ..I dont think I:ve seen a pick react like that. That was pretty real
  10. Denver has nine picks after the first round
  11. I do, too..I think he's an outstanding college player who does not fit in the NFL
  12. He majored in medicine at Michigan Wants to be Dr. Peppers (sorry)
  13. that does make some sense.....actually
  14. Peppers..that's a gamble.....he isn't a pro linebacker and he isnt a nickel corner. He better be a good safety

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