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  1. Ebron to visit

    He'd make our pass attack....our strength......even more difficult to stop. ...and we have the money...don't let him leave town
  2. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    free agency isn't over everybody...Its not over yet
  3. Man,. we agree on that. I just don't think we'll be able to contain a totally energized LeBron..and Kevin Love hurts us on the boards... lets just see if we can play a whole game Saturday without getting anyone else hurt
  4. Not Fluky abut streaky...we saw that, too. For years.. Lets hope he doesn't score 10 in the fourth quarter every night against us in the playoffs Arguably...he was the difference tonight
  5. No doubt...but we don't have a choice now.... Like you said earlier....I wouldn't play Myles and Sabonis again until they're 100% or close to it.. Big Al can still score and rebound....I guess I can live with his weak 'D'
  6. I'm pretty impressed with Toronto.. Their starters didn't play that well and their bench won it....on the road
  7. I hate to lose home games but, without Sabonis and with Turner limited, this isn't a game we figured to win ..... The only non injury concern is that I'd like to see Victor play better. I know hes getting extra defensive attention but in the post-season..when we play the same team seven times in a row....we're going to see a total 5-man focus on Victor. That's how the post-season is. 40-29 with 13 to play...as you say....on to Washington..
  8. That's it...we just didn't shoot well and we didn't rebound well.. Jefferson and Collison kept us in it...
  9. Booker is going to get to play and I'm sure that's what he wants.. ..and Big Al always gets a few points
  10. Still alive..:25 second s left..Collison with a big night..102-99
  11. With Victor and Bogdonavic shooting poorly...its a miracle we were close in this game. 102-96 with a minute to go
  12. we could be without Turner AND Sabonis Saturday night at Washington
  13. Yeah..he's clearly not right......and without Domas....we're outmanned