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  1. We're going with Tolzien.. Everybody loves the QB who is not playing Tolzien is our backup QB. It wont be Morris and it shouldn't be.
  2. we've played one pre-season game....I have little to go on. I like the defensive improvements and I assume (until I hear differently) that Andrew Luck pays week one\\ Guessing is hard: Don't know why so many have us losing to Jacksonville but beating Denver: Losing to Tennessee but beating Houston I still say: 10-6
  3. Do we know Andrew will not play in week one. Why do we assume he'll be back for week two?
  4. Elliott needs to let this go and serve the 6 games. There's photos of her bruises.....there's police reports. He really does not need that to go public .....He's lucky he only got 6 games. Hs needs to let it go before a big bowl of mess goes public
  5. Every team's fan base blames its doctors for injuries. Every teams fan base thinks they have more injuries than they should. Every teams fan bass believes that doctors should be able to tell exactly when a player will return from injury
  6. Everybody loves Jacksonville in August
  7. With that said and accepted, when was the last time the team with the 'best roster' won a title? It usually comes down to the quarterback making the difference. That's why our chances are good, with lots of Luck. Because none of the QBs in our division are close to Andrew
  8. You get a compensatory pick for a free agent leaving. You don't really lose a good player through free agency and get nothing.. I'd trade him for a No 1 but do you think anyone would give them a No.1
  9. Jets play Buffalo twice so they'll win at least one
  10. This was the risk in drafting him. He had foot problems in college but most knew that. They'll have to take it easy with him his entire career.
  11. Sometimes corner is simpler than safety..he's got the speed. .and if if doesnt work..try him at linebacker
  12. why would a defense poor team give away dirt cheap corner
  13. Very strange move...Barth is a good kicker and they have other issues
  14. LaPorte drops from 6A to 5A this year. ..Could be playing well into November
  15. Maybe it was Peyton......but he didn't want to give up his lucrative career in stand up comedy

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