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  1. 'Championships are a funny barometer.. John Salley won 4 titles.. and Jordan 'would have won 8' had he not retired...early to play baseball But I agree.....It does matter who you actually saw. We don't consider Wilt the best ever because none of us saw him in his early and mid-20s when he set unbreakable records in an era when he was triple-teamed and teams played 3 games in 3 nights ..and because he won only 2 titles in an era when The Celtics could get all the good players they wanted .....
  2. Sources: Luck to throw before possible surgery

    Iv e heard this NCF.....There arent others. Greg Cook was 50 years ago..right?. Medicine and surgery have somewhat been updated since then and and, no disrespect, but he was never 'Andrew Luck' good....His career may not have ended because of the injury. His level of play couldn't afford to diminish Chad Pennington was never very good...and, I dont think his career ended because of the surgery. My point is that, even with a diminished throwing strength, Andrew can still be a great player. No one's career has ever ended SOLELY (which is the key word I used') do to shoulder surgery. I've heard more than ne of the NFL 'TV doctors say that and there are no examples of it in the present day. Gayle Sayers career ended with an injury (torn ACL) that would have been one off-season re-hab now No injured player is 'out of the woods' until he gets back on the field if he still feels pain but NFL QBs play with some shoulder pain. most all of them. I'm just not as worried as you are. We just saw a Colts QB with 1/4 of his original arm strength set all-time NFL records after multiple neck surgeries and 'career-ending' nerve damage. What even happened to that guy?
  3. Sources: Luck to throw before possible surgery

    I dont think you have to say that no one wants surgery. But I repeat 'IF its the bicep, its good news' I've long accepted the possibility.....that he may need another surgery of some kind I dont want him to head towards next season just 'hoping' ....But either way is fine. Nobodys career ends at age 29 'solely' because of shoulder probelms.... Its never happened that I know of. I've always been confident that Luck will be back.
  4. I think he's an egomaniac, ever heard him interviewed?
  5. Our centers both played very well....(it was free weekend on NBA 'League Pass" ..and we were active defensively.. Funny how we don't fall behind 10 in the first quarter when we play on the road. What's up with that?
  6. Hey, Vince Carter is still playing
  7. He's kinda like Rob Gronkowksi, except that Gronkowksi has won something
  8. Sources: Luck to throw before possible surgery

    I agree with you.....LIN... If its the bicep, its good news... I think a lot of us have readied ourselves for the possibility that Andrew might need a second surgery. He's got to be pain free..,,and he has the entire off-season to get there. To me, this is a path to being 100% other than just 'hope'
  9. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    But Jules... How can I say this.......It doesn't matter what..."IT LOOKS LIKE TO US' It doesn't matter what 'WE THINK IT SHOULD BE' I think that, as fans, we have a wildly overblown opinion of our own opinions. We've seen that rule 10 times. You almost have to hold it throughout the catch, get up and hand it to the ref. Nothing short of that is a TD catch.
  10. Browns cant go 0-16, can they?

    ..Getting the No. 1 overall draft choice sure lifted Cleveland from last year, didn't it?
  11. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    I missed everything after the early games... ...What's funny is..there are so many highlight shows...you almost don't need to watch... Sounds like the Steelers did as well as they could without Antonio Brown. ..and I would have wanted them to go for the win and not just tie the game on 3rd down
  12. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Do you really think that he'll be okay if he has a torn calf muscle? Just asking
  13. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    The ball hit the ground and moved......it was the right call....There isn't any question about it. The only debate is 'is the rule that asks you to maintain possession al the way through the end of the play and hold it at the end.....is that rule fair? But we've seen this before. According to the rule the way it is written now...that's not a TD...
  14. The First Down Measuremnt In The Dallas-Raiders Game

    The ref has to be told...you simply don't do that. ..who said the 'card' is straight.? What card was it? American Express? His kids report card? You have to go by the 'sticks' as the FINAL judgement ...if you don't......what are they for...
  15. Marvin Lewis leaving Cincinatti after this season

    Bengals lost by 4 Tds to the Bears and by 5 TDs to the Vikings in back-to-back weeks. Coach Marvin isn't the only one who wont be back