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  1. I really liked Frankie Williams at slot CB last year in preseason. He showed quick feet and quick recognition. I think that kid makes the 53 this year.
  2. I agree here. I'd also throw in that he played big minutes in preseason, then 16 games as a rookie. New to the NFL, new city, new to safety, longest stretch of games in his life. I think mental and physical fatigue played into his season. I'm inclined to withhold judgement for a year.
  3. 6'. 246. MLB for Arizona. 2nd rd pick in 2014 out of LSU Is that the guy?
  4. In the past two seasons at Ole Miss, the 6-foot-4, 303-pound offensive tackle started all 26 games, and in 2015, he was selected as the Kent Hull Trophy winner, awarded to Mississippi’s top offensive lineman. The Pro Football Weekly draft guide ranked Cooper as the 16th-best offensive tackle in draft. PFW’s draft expert Greg Gabriel, who spent 32 years as an NFL Scout and Director of College Scouting, praised Cooper’s work ethic and leadership. “A legitimate tough guy with good strength, but he lacks the athleticism and range to play tackle in the NFL,” Gabriel wrote in the draft magazine. “Most teams will start him out there because of his length, but I would bet that he will end up inside. His traits are more like a guard than a tackle.”
  5. Good stuff... Gaging the Chiefs and Jags defenses based on yards, one might think the Jags were a contender and the Chiefs were crud. Yards just don't matter at the bottom line, points do. The Chiefs are similar to the good Dungy Colts teams, who also gave up a bunch of midfield yardage but stiffened in the 'red zone' and forced field goals.
  6. The 19 point mark is a big deal! While defenses can be ranked by 'yards against', and other various measures, points against is the only one that truly matters. Historically you are not a 'good' defense unless you give up less than 20 ppg, thus 19 ppg matters. 17 is the marker for 'elite' defense, and 15 & under defines 'great' defenses. And, despite those various rankings, the team that won the Super Bowl this year gave up the least amount of points per game this season... 250 in 16 games, that's 15.6. Next closest was NY Giants 284-17.7, then Seattle 292-18.2, followed by the Broncos 297-18.5. Notice a pattern? You should, it's a list of modern Super Bowl Champs...
  7. I think Reitz, Harrison & Blythe are 2nd/3rd tier players that don't meet the position competition definition articulated by Chris Ballard.
  8. Seems to me; until Vonte Davis, Darius Butler, Mike Adams, etc., are the least productive of their position groups, they would stay. It's counterproductive to cut your top players, when you have no other player that can beat them out for the position.
  9. Young talent is a key word there. Guys coming off their rookie contract are ideal FA's because they are still young (24, 25, 26 year olds). They had a rookie year, where their contributions were limited, a second year where their weight room work and film study improved their game. A third year where they really started putting it all together. I like looking at these players because they're still young, yet now much more ready to truly compete with the early learning curve behind them. Many, also had any nagging college injuries addressed in that window, which could have affected their draft rankings or early career playing time. The next 5 years will be their best years of their careers as maturity, strength, knowledge, etc. kick in. Those early years also provide NFL level film for use in evaluations, unlike college players where the 'can they compete at this level' question is always a speculative unknown. There will be guys (like Jerry Hughes was) that will be out there for the taking because of scheme fits, or position depth bubbles. I'd like to think from his outline, we'll see young FA players matching this profile brought in to help balance up the roster.
  10. I am thrilled to see the "big uglies" comment. I preach it, because I know it to be true. If you get those 12 players right, you can win with average skill players. Without them, an early exit from the playoffs is your ceiling. I'm now officially optimistic we might actually become more than regular season champions...
  11. Perhaps this 'Debo' style finally explains how some players got in the starting lineup, while better players stood on the sideline?
  12. Coincidence for me, as I had rotator cuff surgery yesterday on my right shoulder. Went in at 10am, went home at 9pm. What a surprise to come home and see this thread. In my case, it's 6 weeks in a sling and not 1 day less. 6 weeks is around March1st, then off to rehab. I hope to be throwing again by mid April as well. Get well Andrew!

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