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  1. The priority is O-Line and TE on offense & Front 7 on Defense. Ballard believes this, he has said it clearly, and IMHO he will not be distracted from it by any "bling" picks! That's how I see it, so I think Chubb is definitely on his radar.
  2. Interesting Trend with our WR's

    Indeed! "Combat catches" matter. Ask the Giants about their last 2 SB victories, or see Gronk, or Antonio Brown, etc.
  3. 3-4 vs 4-3 Preference

    3-4. Vastly more flexible.
  4. What is the rule on asking to interview a coach? I thought permission was only required when that coach was in post season play. I also thought the option to deny a request exists until such team is eliminated from post season play. If this correct, there are potentially many other candidates already scheduled for interviews that are not noted, because no formal public request is required. Some one get me up to speed on this please...
  5. The Mack stiff arm on Clowney

    Clowney got posterized by Mack! He's just one of many more posterizations to come!
  6. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    Correct. Chuck haters have said it with disrespect. I'm not a Chuck hater.
  7. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    I don't mean it as an insult. I like the saying and it applies to anyone who really wants to succeed.
  8. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    I think Chuck will land a job as a DC, and get a chance to make a name for himself in that capacity. Like here, some of his fate will be tied to the Personnel Director he's paired with. Success and additional experience from a good run could get him back in a HC conversation down the road. Those best case scenarios could still play out. Lessons from his Colts tenure should be (but are not limited to): Coordinators matter. Clock management matters. Game planning matters. Personnel decisions matter. It's a climb to the top, and the overwhelming majority don't make it - high performance matters. Best advice I can give Chuck is: "keep chopping wood".
  9. Brad Kaaya signed off Lions PS.

    Factoring age into this group... Brees = 38 Manning = 36 Cutler = 34 Fitzpatrick = 35 Alex Smith = 33 Matt Moore = 33 Bradford = 30 Keenum = 29 Tannehill = 29 Cousins = 29 Tyrod Taylor = 28 Gabbert = 28 Glennon = 28 McCarron = 27 OsWeiller = 27 Bortles = 25 Bridgewater = 25 Brissett = 24
  10. Pass rush. Must have it from the DE position.
  11. True. With a new HC and new DC, nothing is guaranteed. I hadn't really given that any thought.
  12. I agree he's the best RT we have and that he's played the position well, but I really think they want to get him inside where his freakish strength can and be used against NT's and DT's. I don't know that for sure, it's just my take on how to fix the O-line.
  13. Yeah, typically the elite edge rushers go early, but so do the elite DE's. That's why I see DE as the #1 need. With no threat from the opposite side DE, the OLB 's are more easily thwarted.
  14. Hankins is listed as a DT and I believe that's where they want him taking snaps long term. Anderson, Hunt and Anthony Johnson are the 3 DE's on the Roster. As much as Anderson and Hunt play solid against the run, neither of them have demonstrated the athletic ability necessary get to a QB. That skill is an absolute must for a DE in a 3-4 scheme and IMHO, means they don't merit a starting roll and are a huge reason why the team lacks pass rush. I see it as so essential to the scheme, that it ranks higher than the giant hole at ILB. Sheard, Simon, Mingo and Basham make the OLB group in less need of an immediate upgrade than the current personnel group at DE.
  15. A realistic assessment of Jacoby Brissett

    After 16 NFL starts, it's clear to me he's easily in the top 40 QB's. Playing behind this O-line, for this OC, on this team, with no camp, will not be lost on QB gurus around the league. His size, arm strength and durability make him a viable candidate for another 16 games at the helm.