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  1. Douzer

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    Love that Ballard refuses to yield to armchair GM's and media talking heads outside the building.
  2. Douzer

    John Simon Interview

    Finesse Defense? I don't remember any other 4-3 team getting that label hung on them but the Colts. I always thought of that as a backhanded insult Colt haters in the media perpetuated. As I recall, back in the day, guys like Bob Sanders, Antoine Bethea and others had no finesse in their games, they just laid the wood.
  3. Any gems here? Purdue sent a bunch of defensive players..
  4. Douzer

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard

    Looked up Castonzo, he turns 30 in August. Howard just turned 31 in March. Perhaps this would take some pressure off the draft. He doesn't have enough picks to build an elite OL in one draft. I hope he can strike a deal with Howard.
  5. Douzer

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard

    Agreed. But he may see it as prudent given the current state of the OL...
  6. Douzer

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard UDFA Eagles 2010 PS Jets 2011 Became a Starter with Jets in 2012 Signed a 5 year deal with Raiders 2014 (RT) IR 2015 - Knee Missed Games 2016 - Ankle Signed 3 year deal with Ravens (RT) Waived as a cap casualty from Ravens 2018 Age 31
  7. Douzer

    Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    Basham came in at 269 lbs., he's now listed at 266. I expect to see them trim a little more muscle bulk off of him to aid his natural speed and to help improve his bend angle at the top. Mathis played at 255 and I expect they'd like to get Basham closer to 260 in this speed based 4-3 defense.
  8. Douzer

    New OL observation

    Castonzo, Mewhort, Kelly, Slauson, Good Clark, Draft, Bond, Draft, Haeg
  9. Douzer

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    To quicken up the passing game, guys who can get separation early and often are desirable. Ebron fits the formula. Good signing.
  10. Douzer

    [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I like the signing. We'll get the best years of his career, and he's a massive upgrade over Margus Hunt. Anderson now has real competition. I guy who can actually sack a QB.
  11. Douzer

    Saying it for weeks

    By the numbers, half the starters in the NFL are below average, half are above average. When you see it for what it is, a mix of average and above average players will produce a quality team. Sprinkle in a few top tier talents (draft picks hopefully) and you're a legit contender. Buying 6 all-stars to go with 16 average to below average guys, will only get you beat and broke. So, I'm in the camp of signing average to above average FA's and drafting the stars. High priced FA's are for teams who think they're one piece away.
  12. Douzer

    "The T.J. Green Project"

    To me, TJ Green is on schedule. The moment "project" is added to a players description, an extra year is added to their development curve. Swoope for example spent 2 years in development on the P.S.. 3rd year, he makes a positive impression. We didn't see all of his development bumbles and stumbles, we saw the more polished, ready-to-compete version. Then you have a guy like TJ Green, who's also a "project" player, but because of his draft position and lack of depth at his playing position, gets his number called early, putting all his learning curve bumbles and stumbles on full public display. He has quality measurables, and if he put in the work, and took the coaching, he could show up very well in his 3rd year. To me, this is the year that determines if the "project" was a success.
  13. This confirms my game day rants. Rob Chudzinski sucked as a play caller. Pagano deserved to be fired just for the hiring Chudzinski and Pep Hamilton.
  14. If Ballard wants to run a 4-3, so be it, he's the GM. But if he's declaring that a dome team, running a 3-4 can't win a SB, I call bull%$&^. Just run the defense you want, no need to hard sell it with statistical tripe.
  15. Douzer

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    I'm another who didn't get on the JM bandwagon. It wasn't because I had any preferences about JM, it was because I was so uncomfortable seeing us dealing with the dirty filthy Patriots. I loathe them and didn't want any future Colts success to be credited to them. Colts are the losers in this for now, because (just like deflate-gate) the big NE media outlets like ESPN, will establish a narrative that will inevitably come out; Patriots good, Colts bad. WINNING IS THE ONLY WAY THIS NARRATIVE CAN BE CHANGED. Things happen for a reason though. Often something happens that seems bad at the time, but in retrospect it turns out to be awesome. This is one of those moments. Go Colts!