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  1. Clark was a mess against the 1s. Once the 2s & 3s cycled in, he did OK. The whole o-line was a train wreck against their 1s. Tolzien was pulled for his safety. Walker was given many roll-out and screens early to try to offset the calamity up front. I say this having gone through the game again in slow-motion and rewind on NFL Game Pass.
  2. Cut to 53? I foresee Ballard and Pagano going as deep as 48. In 3 weeks, over 1,100 players will be cut from other rosters. Guys better get it straight, Ballard & Pagano will not be sitting idle with that many fish in the pond.
  3. They want TJ to improve his cover skills, so they line him up over TY and let them go at it all day. What's not to like?
  4. Wilson and Hairston most likely need rest after the reps they put in Sunday. Plus TJ had a good showing Sunday. He's hungry, athletic and young. Why not take a look and see if he has a little position flexibility. It's practice...
  5. Defense Strength = D-Line (best mix of talent, speed, strength & experience) Neutral = LB's (decent mix of talent, speed, strength & experience) Weakest = Secondary (unbalanced mix of youth & experience, talent level undefined) Offense Strength = Ball Handlers (decent mix of youth & experience, talent level above average) Weakness = O-Line (unbalanced mix of youth & experience, talent level below average) Special Teams Strength = Skill Positions (proven vets) Weakness = Other Specialists (experience, youth, talent & continuity undefined)
  6. Every time I've seen Morris play, including today, I've liked him. I'd like to know who set the depth chart at QB, and what criteria they used, because it doesn't seem to pass the game day test.
  7. I liked his north/south instinct. I hate wussies who run straight to the sidelines.
  8. Seems like there's been a lot of energy spent on selling Tolzien/Walker to Colts fans. Both failed my eye test today. There has also been a sales job to have us forget Morris. Well it's not working on me, I still like Morris better. What I saw looked more like rust from not getting reps in practice.
  9. Only TD of the day comes with Morris at QB. He should be getting the reps in practice.
  10. 1st he's demoted to 4th string, then he fumbles when he finally gets on the field. We'll have to see what that does to his confidence.
  11. Sanchez... How do you pronounce that? Shank-Chez?
  12. One 3rd down conversion today!?!? That's an 0-16 offense.
  13. Pope is making his case for the #4 spot nicely!
  14. I really, really, really like Ballard!
  15. Me... I'd say Morris seems better equipped to function behind the current O-Line than either Tolzien or Walker. I won't be surprised if he puts together some drives once he gets in.

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