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  1. Great college player, smart, fundamentally sound, advanced technique... but, he's under sized, with T-Rex arms. That's a bad combination. Frankly, it was wasted draft pick and Ballard saw it right away. The Rams taking a look is cool, but he's much more likely to fade into the business world than rise in the ranks of the NFL.
  2. It turns out Grigson wasn't just a really bad GM, he was a jerk of a person too. That's insider info I like having. Pat will tire of it at some point and move on. Until then, reap what you sew rules apply.
  3. Punt Return / Kick Return No one owns those positions right?
  4. OK, maybe Frank didn't demonstrate world class speed, but he still displayed world class vision and quickness. He read offensive and defensive movements at light speed and made brilliant adjustments and decisions. Watching him make something from nothing, take chunks when only crumbs were present, and rip to the second level when blocks were made, was very impressive to witness. I know what I saw, and it was good. When Frank decides to start the clock on his HOF induction, so be it. Until then, I say give him the ball and block somebody...
  5. I sense Haeg is doing everything necessary this off-season to better his game, yet have no sense for what Good is doing. Personally, I believe Good has a vastly superior ceiling. He possesses core power and athletic gifts, Haeg will just never match. To me the question is; does Good want it as much as Haeg? From where I sit, if both are equally motivated and working their butts off, Good owns the RG spot.
  6. What's not to like? Low risk, high ceiling. Love the pick.
  7. Yikes, last I saw, Haeg was not developed enough to start at any position on the O-Line, let alone LT.
  8. Good! So do I...
  9. Film room: A once in a lifetime FS. A gift from the draft god's!
  10. This is right in line with my observations. With this in mind, I expect Ballard to bring in another OT in the lightning rounds.
  11. IDK, last I saw, the Colts O-Line was NOT good enough. It was an inconsistent patchwork that included a bunch of ifs, maybes & could bes. I, unlike some I guess, do not see a rosie, rock solid group, two tiers deep that fills me with confidence. I saw a lot of fumbling and bumbling by players with holes in their games. I'm all for adding a first tier RG, and keeping the development players in the back row until they're ACTUALLY ready. I too see big holes in the defense and understand the argument, it's a good argument, but I refuse to go as far as pretending the O-Line is OK, it's not.
  12. I'm thrilled with this signing. A metamorphosis is underway, and I'm loving it.
  13. I said all that during the season about Haeg. My speculation is he won't have the needed core strengths for another full year. Good has the power now, but his recognition and techniques were raw all season. I have no idea how long it should take him to refine those. Both of those guys should be very solid in 2018. 2017 is still iffy.
  14. Since it took time and effort on both sides to put together a meeting like this, and neither would waste the others time, they must be in the ballpark to go this far. The emoge tells me he received an offer worth pondering, rather than Just a truckload of cash and a pen.

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