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  1. I thought the most interesting remark he made was that current young players don't know how to deal with failure. As a personal note I would add that this extends beyond football.
  2. I watched him on every offensive snap of that game. I agree, once he gets his hands on his guy in the run blocking, if he gets them, that guy is out of the play.
  3. I watched highlights of a few of them, and I like both RBs, from New Hampshire and Louisville, particularly Radcliff from Louisville.
  4. Hooker, Wilson, and Mack
  5. In my opinion neither Woods nor Stewart can beat Parry unless off the field problems weigh too much. And no way Margus Hunt can beat McGill or any other main DE.
  6. This guy looks so funny on the field. I just watched that Youtube video of USC vs. Washington and all I can say is that he puts a lot of effort, but he's way too slow because of his size. When he gets his hands on the opponent he does well, both in run and pass blocking, but when he misses a block or when a fast player gets around him he looks ridiculous. I hope Philbin can do something with him, make him lose more weight first of all, otherwise it's a wasted pick.
  7. One thing is certain, the guy is well spoken on TV, and if he has a short football career he can do TV.
  8. I predict 50% success rate, guys to get a 2nd contract, including restricted FA tenders.
  9. I like this pick too, along with the first two and the RB. 50% rate of success from this draft would be great.
  10. At his size and alleged strength he gets pushed around too much for my taste.
  11. I need to read about RAS, no idea what it means. I noticed that he has same number of bench presses as C. McCaffrey. Anyway, I'd watch highlights of this guy runs all day.
  12. I looked at that video of him against Tennessee and he looks fast when he gets going, but he often looks hesitant at snap time. His bend is not that great, and his moves appear limited (e.g. no spin move). Anyway, these are my observations, not claiming to necessarily be right.
  13. What do you guys think of that OSU safety, Malik Hooker, good enough for a top 20 draft pick?
  14. I hope not, Moncrief is better than all receivers on the roster, except Hilton. He is also the youngest, they need to be patient with him.
  15. I'd definitely like to see a very good corner and a linebacker drafted in the first 2 rounds, in no particular order. After that any position would be good as long as the player is evaluated correctly, RB, TE, S.

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