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  1. What do you guys think of that OSU safety, Malik Hooker, good enough for a top 20 draft pick?
  2. I hope not, Moncrief is better than all receivers on the roster, except Hilton. He is also the youngest, they need to be patient with him.
  3. I'd definitely like to see a very good corner and a linebacker drafted in the first 2 rounds, in no particular order. After that any position would be good as long as the player is evaluated correctly, RB, TE, S.
  4. I can see this as a potentially good signing. The guy seems to be on an ascending trajectory coming off that horrible injury. I think it would come down to how coaches are able to use him, put him in the best situation to succeed, at the right time during the game. For him being fast and good in pass coverage is great, and in line with what Ballard said he expects from modern day NFL linebackers.
  5. Currently Colts only have 5 players who are at least 30 year old.
  6. OK Chris Ballard, you're starting to redeem yourself Happy to see one of my top 5 favorite Colts players back.
  7. Fishy, I agree. It doesn't pass the common sense test.
  8. I completely agree with you, threeflight, my sentiment as well. I can see why he signed Simon and Sheard, but the rest looks like quantity over quality. As I said in another thread, I hope he does better in the draft because in the free agency it looks , at least to me, that all he did was to replace Grigson's mediocre players with his own mediocre players.
  9. I'm trying to understand this signing and I can't. And 5 million for a bottom of the roster guy? Who else wanted him? Can anybody convince me that this guy is better than Kerr who only got 3 millions from the Broncos?
  10. Yes, he progressed as the season went on. Colts have a good D lineman in him.
  11. Interesting, speculations and rumors such as these make the offseason exciting.
  12. I hope Ballard does better in the draft because I'm very skeptical about his free agency transactions.
  13. Colts O line is just fine. The young guys (hello! drafted 4 last year!) are only going to improve. They may get another guard in the 4th round or sign another free agent in a week or two.
  14. I see the signing of Sheard as likely Ballard's first mistake in free agency. I don't trust guys coming from a team that just won the Super Bowl to buy into a new team's aspirations and culture. I'm sure Patriots would have kept him if he was that good. I listened to the guy and he sounds like a mercenary who just signed a contract just for the money and taking advantage of coming from New England.
  15. I would love to see a full year with Darius as s safety. The big hit from the Vikings game is missing from the video by the way, perfectly legal hit.

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