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  1. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Ha, ha. What if it’s one of those temporary profile picture deals and the logo changes to that of the Titans 24 hours from now.
  2. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    Eberflus is 100% the new DC. Funny, Jeremy Stevenson on Twitter showed his wife’s new Facebook profile, and it has the Colts horseshoe added to it, with her talking openly about moving to Indianapolis in the comments.
  3. REPORT: Colts expected to hire McDaniels as HC, per

    Color me skeptical about McDaniels too. I agree with those who point out that there is no evidence based on his time outside New England that he’s going to be successful this time. And contrary to the general belief people often don’t learn from their mistakes, they just end up repeating them over and over. It takes special qualities to learn from your mistakes. That being said, I hope I’m wrong and I’ll be unexpectedly rewarded (best feeling) as a Colts fan during McDaniels times in Indianapolis.
  4. I prefer Teddy Bruschi over Vrabel, more intelligent and had some respect for the Colts.
  5. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    If his arm didn’t have any blood flow it would have fallen off by now.
  6. The greatest NFL coach of all time

    Bill Belichick must be close 2nd if not same level, with about 70% winning percentage and 5 titles (6 likely this year). It’s true, he has “only” been head coach for 23 years, but that’s still a long time.
  7. Bill Polian on Dan Dakich

    I enjoyed listening to Mr. Polian. It felt like the old times.
  8. Philbin leaving Colts for the Packers (merge)

    I’m not sure Ballard can stop any assistant coach to leave the Colts if he has an offer and resigns.
  9. Mike Vrabel to be interviewed tomorrow

    I don’t get this idea of interviewing Vrabel. I remember his Hard Knocks moments when he just kept saying something along the lines “Hold the edge! Can somebody just hold the edge?”
  10. Another coach bites the dust....

    Philbin is also going back to Packers as their OC. Edit. Never mind, just noticed the dedicated thread about that.
  11. Hire the Next HC of the Colts(list updated 1/12/18)

    I voted Steve Wilks because I like his thoughtfulness although his trajectory does look similar to Pagano’s. Shurmur would likely be a good choice as well.
  12. Edgerrin James makes finalists for Canton

    I agree, he probably was not the best teammate but it’s hard to ignore that he is 2nd WR in yards and 3rd in TDs all time.
  13. Edgerrin James makes finalists for Canton

    He is currently the best RB statistically who is not in HOF. And with Terrel Davis finally in the HOF it is hard to believe Edge won’t get in. When the time comes for the next RB to get in that will be Edge.
  14. Edgerrin James makes finalists for Canton

    T.O., Moss, Lewis should be locks. Yes, it’s going to be hard for Edge this year but he should get in the next couple of years.
  15. Colts to Interview McDaniels on Thursday

    I hope they don’t hire McDaniels. There is just not a single success story from anyone coming from Belichick system, except for the mad genius Belichick himself. I believe Rick Venturi is spot on with his theory on why that is.