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  1. I don't think we are too far off

    Oh my god, you guys agreed on something! I can tell that both of you love the Colts. You guys are just looking at the season from different standpoints.
  2. Why are the Colts so undisciplined?

    The title of this thread is such an easy question to answer. The coaching is the reason.
  3. Chuck - Where is the line?

    I bet Ballard goes with some up and coming young coach with a lot of potential. He probably won't be on anyone's radar, except his.
  4. Let's just be positive post!

    We looked competitive in the first half. Besides, this game loss just gave us another higher pick in next years draft. I liked the way our defense looked for the first half of the game. Also, we finally have a good backup QB. we're also closer to Luck coming back.
  5. Callin 'em out -- Week 2

    No, you're right, that's tuitie fruitie
  6. Callin 'em out -- Week 2

    I'm calling out the coaching staff. Their play calling can't be so vanilla and they need to make better in-game adjustments.
  7. looking for

    Also, the playbook can't be too big, the Colts offense is pretty vanilla during games. They are actually very predictable to watch. That playbook can't be that long of a read.
  8. Colts Roster Move

    I keep hearing the excuse about "the playbook". It's obvious that "the playbook" didn't help Tolzien last week. Maybe Tolzien skipped over the part in the book about not throwing interceptions and sucking real bad. Who knows, maybe he has a learning disorder. They might find another QB who's a speed reader and can understand the bigger words.
  9. looking for

    I just want to get excited seeing the offense march onto the field again. Don't get me wrong, I like our defense right now (minus the secondary). I just want that feeling back, when the Colts offense takes the field and I think to my self, " this will be the turning point in the game". Hopefully Brisset brings that feeling back. When will Luck return?
  10. Colts Roster Move

    When I clicked on this thread I was hoping to see that we got rid of Tolzien, but sadly enough, that wasn't the case. I don't understand why we just don't kick him to the curb and then pull some other QB off of another teams PS.
  11. And you'd keep commenting on them. In your own self righteous way. Thank you for reminding me that everything can and will be scrutinized by people who feel they need the last word.
  12. Looking for answers

    What I find amusing is that our head coaches specialty was the secondary and what our defensive coordinators specialty was linebackers. The two most screwed up things about our defense is the secondary and the linebackers. Imagine that!
  13. Thanks Grammar Nazi, what would I do without you?
  14. This team's scheme (or lack thereof)

    I honestly believe that Pagano is in over his head. He would probably make a good high school football coach, but that's about it. Our 2 coordinators are atrocious and Pagano thinks they're great.
  15. Why is Tolzien still on the team? If it were any other player that put on such an embarrassing performance, they would be gone. It can't be that hard to find another QB to sign. I could care less how he looked in practice, it's the games that count. His game track record has to be the worst in the league.