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  1. Rookie standout: Hooker Breakout Star (Offense): Turbin Breakout Star (Defense): Bostic Rookie To Watch: Wilson
  2. Here's to hoping that Luck truly is on track with his recovery and he can start throwing. That would be awesome!
  3. Go Kelly!
  4. So, I here that Andrew Luck is getting close to throwing again ...
  5. I think Hooker will. He has the skill and he'll be put in a better position to make more interceptions.
  6. I'm going to take Hankins. I know his primary job is to eat up lineman, but what the heck, I wanted to be different. I'm really excited to see these guys play together. I hope they gel quickly and become fun to watch.
  7. Oh boy!
  8. Ok, I got ya. I was thinking that Cam was on the Colts. I get it. Apparently Cam Newton had a similar shoulder problem. Sometimes it takes a while for the old brain to function properly. Thanks CR91
  9. Cam? Who's that? Did I miss something, or maybe my brain hasn't switched on yet. It is pretty early, I haven't finished my coffee yet.
  10. Only time will tell. Anyway, my hope is that the Colts do way better than what he projected.
  11. Based off of the title of this thread. The answer is linebackers.
  12. I'm glad they chose the Titans to win the division because the majority of off-season predictions turn out to be wrong. Besides the Colts always tend to do better when there's limited focus on them from the media.
  13. I get that. He's also good at running with the ball.
  14. They need to start tackling all of the camp bodies that won't make the team. Turn them into something useful (living tackling dummies) before they are let go.
  15. I second that!

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