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  1. So the Colts get the easiest schedule. Oh well, someone has to have it. I'd rather it be the Colts as opposed to the Pats.
  2. I'm going to do my best to get there. It depends on funds.
  3. My first thought would be "I hate those guys!" Then after a month or two I would get over it and focus one next year. My hatred would calm down to a simmering loathe.
  4. You should have no problem getting all the 49ers games because they are in the Bay Area along with the Raiders (although they are moving and were subject to blackouts from time to time). There's also the Giants and the A's for baseball. The Warriors for basketball and the Sharks for hockey. So, there's plenty of pro sports in the area. Seattle games will be only national broadcasts only.
  5. I'm not sure the Bay Area will broadcast any sports that comes out of LA, unless a Bay Area team is involved.
  6. That stinks dude!
  7. I totally agree
  8. He might be awful for a Bears linebacker, but how does he compare to the linebackers the Colts had last year? Anyway, he still needs to compete and win his spot on the roster. If he can do that, then he might be worth something. If he does get a spot on the final roster, I doubt he'd be a starter.
  9. Hopefully our improved Dline will put a stop to that. Keep my fingers crossed.
  10. I'm going to try and go to the season opener in LA. This is quite a different schedule than what they were getting the last couple of years. I guess starting off the schedule with division opponents got a little old.
  11. I'm not sure what Irsay will use as the litmus for his decision, but we as fans should be able to spot significant improvement from the team's performance on the field. I have a feeling that this coming season will be better than the last two.
  12. That's the trick now isn't it? Too many Indy fans suffer from "the grass is always greener" syndrome. The problem not only is finding a better coach, but if you do replace him, will the next "sure fire" candidate actually be better?
  13. It's getting closer to starting!!!!!
  14. Who in the world is Lavar Edwards?

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