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  1. I would say that Manning has the better career. When it comes to Luck, my crystal ball is broken. I try not to speculate about careers. That's a long stretch, too much can happen.
  2. I think he will get around 10 (plus or minus 1) sacks this season. Last year he was playing in a role that was being stiffled by dark hoody. I think he will be given a little bit more freedom on the field this year. This will improve his overall performance.
  3. I think when it's all said and done, Sean Spence will be a Starter for the Colts and the majority of fans will be pleased at his overall performance. There's always going to be a difference of opinion with people on this forum.
  4. I noticed his twitter handle is "Hulksmash".
  5. Here's to competition! Let the best man win!
  6. It would be awkward every time he entered a room. "Hey guys! Whatcha talkin bout?!" "Umm........Nothin much"
  7. I think Gore will have another great year. Most everyone wrote him off at the beginning of last season and he ended up running for over a thousand yards last year. I bet he still has some fuel left in the tank. Older running backs are all the craze. Just ask the Broncos and the Saints.
  8. I'm just not sure what to think. PFF is talking highly about a defensive player on the COLTS!!! Wait a minute, this is a joke, right?
  9. Every team has made changes to their team. Some teams more than others. No team has has even snapped a ball yet. So, publishing a list which racks and stacks all the teams at this point isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
  10. Same old song and dance
  11. This was fun to read. Thanks for posting it.
  12. It's a basic function of the defense and something that was sorely missed last year. I like watching Spence's highlights. He knows how to tackle and I'm thrilled that he's a Colt now. I see him as one of the starters at ILB.
  13. "The Defense!" I like it, it has a ring to it.
  14. Give them a half of a season to see how they are. They may not be worthy of a nickname. Then again, if they are, watching them in action might spark an idea for a great name. You never know.

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