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  1. I wouldn't rule it out
  2. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Kevin Bowen‏ @KBowen1070 5m5 minutes ago More Ballard says the soreness has built up over time with Luck. Ballard won’t speculate on if Andrew Luck will play in 2017. Kevin Bowen‏ @KBowen1070 7m7 minutes ago More Ballard on Andrew Luck: He won’t practice this week. Has had some soreness in his shoulder. Retwee
  3. Robert turbin just broke his arm.

    Mike Chappell‏Verified account @mchappell51 24m24 minutes ago Season ‘probably over' for Colts running back Robert Turbin after elbow injury http://via.cbs4indy.com/qPFMv via @cbs4indy Mike Chappell‏Verified account @mchappell51 3h3 hours ago Colts PS moves: Sign RB Josh Ferguson, release WR Cyril Grayson Jr. Ferguson probably needed with loss of Robert Turbin.
  4. Time to look to next season

    Still we don't have any pass rush.
  5. Colts Inactives

    Basham was great on special teams during the preseason. Made many tackles. The coaches say Wilson inactive because he doesn't play special teams... Yet they deactivate Basham who is one of our better ST players.
  6. Gotta love the AFC South

    Mariota may be a game time decision: http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Will-Marcus-Mariota-Play-vs-Colts-An-Update-on-Titans-QB/2e7e1d82-f35d-46ad-b590-06f8fbf252fe
  7. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I wouldn't bet on Mewhort being here next year.
  8. Don't sleep on SF, this game is NOT a gimmie!

    Pagano should have them ready.
  9. Colts Injury 10/6

    Don't hold your breath but... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/07/chester-rogers-may-finally-make-2017-debut/
  10. Vontae Davis

    I know he's basically delegated to Special Teams, but don't be surprised if Kenny Moore II develops into a quality corner over time. https://nesn.com/2017/07/patriots-undrafted-cornerback-kenny-moore-opening-eyes-at-training-camp/
  11. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    Looks like Person's best season came in 2015, when he started 14 games at Center for Atlanta: http://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/roster/mike-person/310e8f80-27a8-4f7d-8884-9ede97743a53/ 2015 (Falcons) Started 14 games at center and blocked for an offense that ranked seventh in the NFL averaging 374.1 yards per game. Helped Matt Ryan become one of four passers to throw for 4,000 yards in a fifth straight season. Made his first NFL start against Philadelphia (9/14) and blocked for an offense that totaled 395 yards. Started at center and blocked for an offense that totaled 402 yards at New York (9/20). Started at center and blocked for an offense that totaled a season-high 438 yards, including 158 yards on the ground, in a come-from-behind win at Dallas (9/27). Started at center and blocked for a rushing attack that totaled 135 yards and four touchdowns on the ground against Houston (10/4). Clearing running lanes for RB Devonta Freeman who ran for 68 yards and three scores on 14 carries. Started at center and blocked for an offense that gained a season-high 418 total yards, including 176 yards on the ground against Washington (10/11).Started at center and blocked for an offense that tallied a season-high 496 total yards against Tampa Bay (11/1). Blocked for an offense that gained 375 total yards against Indianapolis (11/22), including 100+ rushing yards for the eighth time in 2015. Blocked for an offense that compiled 326 yards of total offense, including 116 rushing yards, against Minnesota (11/29). Atlanta rushed for more-than 100 yards nine times in 2015. Blocked for an offense that tallied 373 yards of total offense, including 306 yards through the air, against Carolina (12/27).
  12. Ballard Interview - Colts Roundtable

    So far, Stewart and Basham haven't done squat
  13. Luck will be practicing this week (merge)

    Just keep him away from Vujnovich.
  14. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    Interesting story on Kalis. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2017/03/23/ums-kalis-gets-nfl-draft-combine-snub/99558620/
  15. Ballard's work ethic

    He'd better get back to work