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  1. The "Best" Teams Defined

    That's sorta what I was saying. Today teams are building with 2nd,3rd,4th type draft players or trade for such types. They're not throwing it at 1st rnd type players anymore which tended to burn teams.
  2. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    Can you send me that newspaper ;)
  3. The "Best" Teams Defined

    Parity was supposed to make it more even but most teams didn't handle the cap right. Now they do. No more throw big money to a few players. That's why we see these type of games today.
  4. Belichick With Spiral Notepad and Pen

    plus you have an idea what he's doing. Like the defensive guy who got the penalty pushing to the face when we had them stopped on 3rd down. Switch to the sidelines BB making a note. Bet he heard an earful the next day
  5. Belichick With Spiral Notepad and Pen

    Old school pencil and leger for accounting was also quicker (depending on scope) than all this fancy software computer stuff.
  6. Washington (+7) at Kansas City (10-2-17)

    It wasn't long ago KC was 10-0 and then blew it. 2nd time a charm?
  7. Well BB has always said it takes 4 games to see what he's got and then make player adjustments should they be needed. You still want to win 2 out of those 4 to stay in the hunt.
  8. Indeed they did despite all those penalties they committed. Alex had one of his best games and on the big stage. They only lost by 2 in the playoffs last year. It's a long haul so we shall see.
  9. Andy Reid > BB ???

    lol you can't even get tainted on that. It's not even close.
  10. Andy Reid > BB ???

    yeah he did. Weird indeed.
  11. Listen up Tankers

    Lol- this always comes up as if it's possible. You cannot tank in the NFL. There are huge fines for it. Nor do players want to- they are competitive.
  12. Who will be the next dynasty?

    Too easy. No one. Easy bet. You might get a couple teams for a couple years but post salary cap.......
  13. Julian Edelman may have tore ACL

    I would agree. Plus he's smart having been a QB and knows how to adjust and Brady knows to throw to a spot to that adjustment It's still a team game and he's only one man but a big piece nonetheless. Goodbye Pats....maybe
  14. What If The Pats Had Lost Their Last SB?

    For me I would disagree on 2007. I was having great fun watching each game without a loss. The SB would have made it 19-0 but they had a chance but the helmet catch sealed it. What made me mad was the play before that where Eli was in the grasp and they didn't call it. 2011 I totally agree. That was not a strong team especially in the secondary. The fact they had a chance and the 2nd miracle catch ruined it was not as big a deal because they honestly didn't belong there and its a testament to BB they were. When (forget his name now) that star corner went down early I knew the curtain was coming down.