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  1. Best guitarist Peter Townsend But yeah perfect point. There are many great guitarists
  2. I think half his haircuts are good- the other half not so much. I liked him with the long hair back in 04 or so.
  3. Here's my opinion what NE is doing. BB as a GM has had more 2nd round picks than any other teams over recent years. The other teams started following suit. Now the trend is to trade draft picks for young players with proven experience. Actually makes sense since draft picks can bust. This is part of the reason what NE is doing this year. 2nd if you're riding a wave why bust it- improve even more and keep riding that winning wave. 3rd. Is NE going for it all this year. Sure but I don't think it's because BB is retiring anytime soon. Brady who knows so yeah I would say that's part of the thinking. But it's not the same other teams have done in the past where they haven't won a SB recently and trade for "older" veteran stars...something like what Denver did. BB got younger players which is sorta like a draft pick without the risk other than the usual risks-injury etc.
  4. About as odd as getting it the 5th week that happened recently
  5. AFC South is a trash can! Just kidding. I don't believe in easy outs in football.
  6. Yes. Absolutely. Agree with both posts above.
  7. Great. I read he played the free agent tour and Steelers said if you get on the plane offer is off the table. Obviously the Steelers were wise to the little FA tour game
  8. Sold I did that with the Titanic..it was so popular I figured prolly goodie goodie typ. Finally saw it years later on TV--oh that was good:) BTW- Camp X Ray was really good with Kristen Stewart. She's an MP in Gitmo.
  9. I'm going to have to watch it. I've put it off thinking it is so popular it can't be that good- if that makes sense
  10. FWIW ESPN's opinion is he will spell Gronk more early in the season to keep him fresh late in the season.
  11. could be. BB has never given up a 1st round till now. The players he traded for are young which says he's still thinking of the future. In the past he's acquired good but older vets. I heard he doesn't want the team to become complacent after the SB.
  12. thanks for that report. If he's good in the slot maybe part of 5 wide with Edelman. Should be interesting how BB uses him.
  13. ya think
  14. Well that would be Moss going up for it more than Brady I would say his accuracy was 35% on deep balls in the past. He had the arm to get it there- just not so accurate. I was more impressed with his deep balls this year especially in the SB than in the past.
  15. I don't see the drop off in deep pass accuracy because it was never great to begin with. He's always had the arm strength. If anything it seems a tad more accurate last year. It was pretty horrendous years past.

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