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  1. No one NFL Network liked this pick either.. time will tell... but there was a lot of talent that would have been a better choice at 15...
  2. Injury history... 1 yr starter.. poor angles and misses tackles... We needed a lot more than a safety. Butler would be fine... We need CB, EDGE, LB.... with Allen and.lots more available, more of a Grigson pick
  3. Cap Space doesn't rush the QB or protect ours.....
  4. Not sure we are better... not by much if any... still a lot to prove....
  5. I agree.. haven't seen anything to really help the defense improve.. some say depth.. but depth can come from draft and UDFA's.. this defense has no difference makers still. I doubt even a 1st round draft pick will fill that role immediately. Looks like another long season so far and another year off Lucy's career....
  6. We have to field a team pretty soon.... We are clearing roster spots and money, certainly we don't expect to fill them all with rookies and UDFA. We don't need lots of cap space for our picks, we only have 8 total I believe with the Allen 6th round give back and one compensatory. If we go only for rookies and UDFA it we need to call it a rebuilding year and risk waste another year of Luck's career. Picking up ST and roster fillers like Mingo hasn't changed anything yet...plus we will likely have to pick up a kicker, Locke hasn't done both punting and kick offs. Hope they have a plan to compete, the rest of the AFC South is trying ...and having some successes. We still have no difference makers on defense and only 1 on offense. Rookies and all the cap space in the world doesn't fix that.
  7. Now Romo to Texans is next....
  8. Will be extremely disappointed in JMV if this is it... big deal.. a FG attempt in a non game situation... lame publicity stunt.
  9. maybe Mathis as new LB coach........
  10. He (JMV) also now states that he has been told that the Colts are moving forward with "what they have right now". He did go on to say that with Irsay that could change, but he hasn't seen anything to believe it will.
  11. I have been a supporter of Irsay till now.... but this is truly the definition of insanity... Doing the same crap and expecting different results". Colts will have to try to totally build thru the draft, because no FA worth anything is going to want to come play in Indy. It has turned into a real side show, clown act.
  12. Twice to Texans (which they said were better than us at the beginning), plus the Lions and Jags..... all wasted games and poor coaching... bad decisions
  13. Unfortunately, the talking heads at ESPN and their low view of the Colts has been proven to be accurate these last 2 years. I know I was thinking they were uninformed and just crazy when many of them predicted the Colts would finish 3rd at best..... I hate it when they are right..

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