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  1. Terrible tackling, gave up 24 points in both preseason games, 1st string scored against the other #1's, FG's only,(TD was against their 2nd and 3rd team) and the opposition spends more time in our backfield than we do.... we loose to Rams if ST plays, lose to Cardinals, Browns will get to the statue ST and win and Seahawks.... let's save the jet fuel and forget them. With Luck we'll beat the Browns, but it is not likely he'd be sharp enough to beat the rams game 1 (if he were to play at this point) and expecting this defense to stop any of these teams with their tackling is rose colored glasses right now. we'll see Saturday, if they can stop or hold Pittsburgh below 24 points and if the 1st team can score more than 3.....
  2. They never do good in the preseason....... not doing good iin the regular season either since Bruce A was coaching.... same problems... can't tackle, can't block, can't stop score, can't score... 0-4 start on the way if Luck doesn't play and at this point 1- 3 if he does.....
  3. Forget "Chopping wood" and buy pre-cut firewood...
  4. 7 - 9, this team still has too many issues, besides Luck and Kelly. Tackling is terrible as well as the angles they take. Everyone keeps talking about increased aggressiveness, and physicality, I don't see much yet. Team seems to have little on field direction, and Pagano and his supposed tirade on the sideline is a joke. Yes, it is just preseason, but so far it is the same preseason we have seen for the last several years.
  5. D) Mack has to learn the playbook first and earn time
  6. If it's useless why have it.... this team needs time together, even in the classroom...
  7. And the 2017 season has officially started..... not even in pads yet.. not the way Colts needed to start..
  8. If you are a rookie, and allowed to be there, you better stick around period or just don't plan on coming back.
  9. I agree with you...... and IF we were a winning team with lots of returning faces, then that would be the smart thing to do..... but we have not demonstrated that we are either, and especially not lots of returning or familiar faces.... including many of the position coaches. time is so limited with the new CBA, they really can't afford to waste it. thank you for the updates an feedback.... otherwise we'd have to rely on team and coach speak, which would mean nothing.
  10. Exactly, Mini-camp is for learning and getting used to who's next to you.... other teams are filled with veterans from that team. This team is more new then returning vets and they need all the time together they can get. Another example of a lost opportunity, its not like they were hitting in pads. Then they wonder where the label "SOFT" comes from. This team needs all the walk thru and learning time possible. They all know how to get in front of a microphone and play to the press..... That doesn't improve a player or win games.
  11. I agree, but that's assuming that his injury and subsequent surgery are not more involved then they are saying. Many times they get into a repair and find it is a lot worse then they thought... and all the cloak and dagger around this, not willing to commit to when he will even start throwing is troubling. Let's face it, once he starts throwing it will be weeks before he gains regular control and strength, let alone what it takes to be "Andrew" again. He may not be full strength at all this season, and if pushed, it could be longer. It is possible he won't be ready for the beginning of the season and if he is he won't be at the level he wants. Hope to you know what I am wrong......
  12. That's a pretty important "IF"..... he did look bad many times and i wonder if we have the coaches to coach him out of those mistakes.....I hope so. In his position a missed tackle or bad angle equals TD for the other team.
  13. A "BIG MACK ATTACK" would be an exciting thing to see, see or a long time...... I hope Hooker works out, not very experienced, 1 year college player, but looked very good in that year, except for his tackling. He wiffed several times in the Michigan game.... So i vote Mack, then Basham and hope Hooker ends up being worth the 15th pick.
  14. Unfortunately, I think this year is going to be rough still. I believe TN will win the division and Texans will finish 2nd. Colts stuck in 3rd again, albeit, with an improved record. (we may tie Texans for 2nd but lose the tie breaker). With the division improving, not just the Colts, we could be 2 years away before we win the division, maybe we get a wildcard a season after this one. Not fun, but we are headed the right direction for future. I agree with Irsay, I see Ballard being here for a long time (maybe not Pagano)
  15. Project at best.... had to be better options....

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