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  1. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    A very DULL tool at that!
  2. Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    Watching the steelers and jags... Bell and Fournette is the reason Colts should take Barkley. Get OL in free agency reat.of draft for defense. Barkley is as good or better than Bell or Fournette and can be a game changer.
  3. Volin and his article; a BLINDING FLASH of the obvious!
  4. On Mike & Grady, on WIBC have discussed with some others including a physician and they said that for someone who would be using the bicep and arm like Andrew, true recovery time is more like 6 to 9 months. it is basically January and could well put him into missing the start of next season. That's assuming he is ready or is able to get ready for the season. Lot's of questions that will need to be answered before the draft now.
  5. Brissett in concussion protocol

    Not only that, but the Doctors are independent, not affiliated with either team and hired by the NFL. they have the say so, and if he went on the field, then they would have to had cleared him. Seattle is in hot water and may be fined 150,000 plus more because they didn't put Russell into the clearance procedure last Thursday night during that game.
  6. Coaches made Brisett play with concussion

    No one can force him..... he has to pass the protocol by independent medical staff first of all. If they find that they allowed him to play, the team is subject to large fines and more, $150,000. Stop believing everything you read in the Media (Doyel) or that they plant in your head as a possibility.... they just want readers or clicks!
  7. Vontae Davis released

    The Patriots and their fans are going to have a hay day with this..... fudging injury reports, cover ups... Guess if you can't beat them, join them.
  8. Vontae Davis released

    This seems to be the new SOP for this team..... cover up, lie, mis-direct.... mislead...
  9. Good Victory

    They tried very hard to lose it at the end, another 30 seconds and they would have likely lost...... Next game will be bad, at least we won't have to worry that they will choke at the end.... it will be over long before that. this team is going to have to rebuild, and now.
  10. Irsay furious about Luck situation, feels he was misled

    I agree, but the coaches and CB insist there wasn't...... thus the misleading begins and continues. they were trapped then in a spiral trying to justify their previous comments... Like anyone believed Pagano when he said he hadn't seen Luck throw at all.
  11. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Those who believed Irsay, Ballard and Pagano ....
  12. Trade Deadline Now Expired

    Davis, Moncrief and Gore will not be back next year, so there is nothing there either...
  13. Twitter Action on TY

    He also prefers ones that catch the ball and don't disappear against average to good teams..
  14. Ballard’s silence

    The bulk of the defense is Ballard's....
  15. The Colts are a Circus

    Maybe they do.... in 4.or 5 years