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  1. Touchback or Naw

    Doesn't matter... the problem was Chuck was just on sideline, clapping and handing out area boys, and get them next time. the team shows no fight because Chuckie shows none... he needs to get in so.eones face and fight for a call, for this team, for his job. Instead he just para guys on head and chops wood. the obviius facemask of JB and he just lets it slide. we were in row 10 behi d the bench, Gore and JB were upset and notjing from Chuck.. Get mad.. challenge the refs, the team, get tossed but stop being just a spectator.
  2. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    And last Place in the AFC South is something to be positive about..... Pagano hadn't even seen Luck throw just a few weeks ago (what was Pags doing then, head still in the sand) and Luck has only had 4 practices in 2 weeks, with the practice squad, limited to 5 or 6 reps at each and now this.... +++++ so many thigs to be positive about!
  3. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    JMV show just said he will be "Shut Down for next 2 weeks and would not confirm or deny that Luck will PLAY this year" Done with the LIES from this organization...
  4. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    And the coaches and GM..... Pagano hasn't seen him throw yet
  5. Gotta love the AFC South

    What team are you watching... our 2 wins came against 2 teams with a combined record of ZERO WINS. How many more of those teams do the Colts have left to play?
  6. Luck is Throwing

    Not sure he could be even a peanut vendor and throw bags of peanuts at this point.... end of October or early November, he may be back. he is off today, so one day at practice and a day off....
  7. Andrew to return in week 6?

    DD is quoting on his show that he is looking at returning in 3 - 6 weeks..... why did the coaches feel the need to lie on Luck and his condition. That alone is enough to to question any loyalty to the team when they blatantly lie to the fans... The cloak and dagger stuff isn't helping or hurting another team that much.... and if they say they expected back sooner, then they have terrible evaluation skills from the medical side too.... fits this team though.
  8. Say What You Want

    We need the Coaches and Ballard to quit lying about Luck.... these games of secrecy they are playing give the rest of the team cover for playing badly. if the WR's continue to play without effort and drop passes, having Luck back makes no difference. Pagano has lost this team, they are coasting, from OL to WR.. How many times did the defense or someone make a stupid play and Pagano immediately puts his arm around them and consoles them... "here's a cookie and trophy, good try" instead of lighting a fire under them, We have cheerleaders, we need coaches!
  9. Say What You Want

    we need WR's that put out an effort and catch balls instead of dropping them.
  10. Keep chopping wood....

    It will be amazing when the WR's catch passes that are catch-able balls. Even the TV talking heads said that you have to help out a new or young QB and the WR's for the Colts did nothing to help.... other than Doyle they were bad.
  11. Possible Luck Update

    The cloak and dagger secrecy of this staff is my biggest problem. You can't trust a word they say.... OK, so the next team knows Luck isn't going to play against them, the other 53 players are going to play. The games and outright LIES that Pagano and unfortunately CB continue to play are a middle finger to the fans and the rest of the Colts. It is like they are saying that the rest can't win without Luck, even if it is true, you should treat the other players better.
  12. Andrew at practice... watching

    Or..... picking the best spot to watch from for the rest of the season...
  13. Or season to season!
  14. Who would coach us if pagano is fired??

    Philbin to hold the spot until the end of this dumpster fire and meanwhile work on Gruden to come in after the season and clean house....