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  1. You can tell Peru is one of those town where there was once money, but it was some time ago
  2. Seems like the sort of act one might see at their local Dollar Inn lounge. Don't forget to tip your bartenders & waitresses folks! Seriously I do respect some of the iconic music and its influence in American culture. But I don't really dig the persona. I feel similarly about Elvis Sinatra wasn't bad, though, as an actor in his younger days
  3. I wonder why dryer lint typically appears grey in color. I mean, little, if any of the clothes I put in the dryer are grey
  4. I like it. I love watching our busy busy wrens setting up house every spring
  5. Everyone in the house claims they clean it religiously, but I have always had a deep rooted suspicion they are all lying about it for some reason. I acknowledge it's likely crazy, but...
  6. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
  7. Puccini's & Some Guy's here in Indy
  8. Hey man, is that Free Bird? Turn it up!!
  9. We have all found lint in the traps our dryers have set for them. But has anyone ever witnessed dryer lint roaming freely in its natural habitat? And has anyone ever heard of dryer lint paranoia. I suffer from this in a bad way. It is a clinically classified condition where one always believes his/herself to be the only person in any given household that regularly cleans out the lint trap prior to each load. Anyone ever save lint for other creative purposes? I have heard kids like to let it get thick and use it as blankets for their dolls
  10. Dear gawd! Not free enterprise!!
  11. Try these...
  12. lol
  13. The entire active roster can do a choreographed Rockettes routine in the endzone
  14. Ron Mexico
  15. That explains why she never returned any of the 297 voice mails I left

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