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  1. NaVarro Bowman released

    He’s not a cover guy but he’s a better run defender than what we’ve got currently. If he’s good with taking a pay cut I’d definitely bring him in.
  2. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Wouldn’t take much cash to resign him I don’t think. Although that knee issue scares me out of any more than a 2/3 year deal right now.
  3. Why isn't Vontae Davis in press man?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the coaches don’t have the faith in his quick agility from press anymore. Especially against more compact, quicker receivers. He’s on the back 9 of his career and getting more and more injury prone in his lower body which won’t help the quick agility either. Being 5 yards off allows him to play to what are his strengths now.
  4. Geathers update?

    Yeah I doubt he’s back this year. Can’t rush neck stuff.
  5. Colts/Trade Deadline

    I’d want at the very least a 3rd for Vontae. He’s getting older and less healthy. And we have 3 solid options behind him. We’d be crazy not to cash in while we can. I wouldnt trade AC. No sense in making our already holey line worse.
  6. Vontae Davis

    He's a CB on the back 9 of his career. Happens to the best of them. Darrelle Revis, Joe Haden, Nnamdi, Charles Woodson, everyone declines. To be a truly great man to man CB you need to have that quick twitch and the athleticism to stay with WR's. Vontae has always been exposed by smaller, more sudden route runners (Antonio Brown torches us on a regular basis, Doug Baldwin the same). Vontae for a couple of years there was a top 5, arguably top 3 CB in the league. He is not that now. Also got to give it to Doug Baldwin that he is a great route runner. If Quincy comes back healthy and continues to flash, Melvin keeps up the solid play and Hairston continues to impress, I can see Vontae being the odd (and expensive) man out come the offseason when his contract is up. But with the 3 previously mentioned, Hooker and Farley as our safety pair and the prospect of Geathers maybe returning? The future of this secondary is very bright indeed.
  7. Interesting topic

    Trade please. If we somehow end up with a top 3 pick I'd trade back to about 1 and grab some more 1s and 2s. Best case scenario going forward
  8. CB of the week per PFF: Rashan Melvin

    A beautiful thing happens. It's called being deep. Something we haven't been in a long long time.
  9. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    I highly doubt it. But in the end an injury is an injury.
  10. Trade Castanzo

    Correct. But Castonzo is still the only starting caliber LT on the team.
  11. . A 46-9 defeat lights a fire under some people . Playing at home helps . Brissett is better than Tolzein . The coaches played to his strengths for the most part
  12. Malik hooker's first int

    He and Wilson were great picks I think. Wilson's coverage is really impressive for a non-1st round rookie. Hooker is going to be one of the best FS in the league sooner rather than later I think.
  13. Trade Castanzo

    Well apart from Kelly and Mewhort, he is our best I'd say. Haeg is quite close but not quite there yet. But if you seriously think we could start Clark or anyone else at LT without a drop off then you're being very optimistic.
  14. Trade Castanzo

    If we had a competent replacement, maybe. But we already have a weak Oline and a QB with an injury history. No sense in letting go of one of our better Olinemen at this point.