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  1. Sources: Luck to throw before possible surgery

    Hoping this isnt true and we don’t gave to go through all this speculation again next year.
  2. Who would be better for us mcglinchey or Nelson?

    Out of those 2, Nelson, hands down. If we end up with #2 then I’m wanting to ransom the pick to a QB needy team though. I expect Ballard to go after Oline hard in FA.
  3. If we can come out with #2 pick and ransom it to a QB needy team then I’m happy.
  4. What the Colts have and still need on D

    2 ILBs, 1 more pass rusher. After that assuming we dont don’t lose people and guys come back healthy, I’m good with it.
  5. Brock Osweiler is now 3-0 against the Colts

    Is it sad that as soon as Osweiler got on the field I knew were going down? That stat makes me sad.
  6. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    I’d rather have the solid depth at S than a 5th round pick. Hooker is coming off a torn ACL, shouldn’t be an issue but still a risk, and Geathers hasn’t been going full speed for a year and a half.
  7. Color Rush unis

    I’d love if these became our regular home unis. Keep the whiteouts outs for the road.
  8. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    Depends what another wants to give him. Can’t see him being back here. Degenerative knee issues are seldom positive attributes in OLinemen.
  9. Broncos at Colts

    I’m watching games more for individual performances rather than final scores at this point in the season. Looking for some nice defensive performances on Thursday night
  10. Whats causing all these injuries?

  11. If it’s not in the top 6 I don’t have a problem with it. You don’t use a top 5 pick on guard in this kind of draft class. I’m still hoping for a trade back.
  12. Colts awards

    Offensive MVP - Frank Gore Slim pickings here. Brissett has hung tough and played well in spots but hasn’t found the consistency in his play to be a front runner. Gore’s experience and his tough style has kept us in games longer than we should have been. Defensive MVP - Rashaan Melvin Has show the ability to be a legitimate and consistent number 1 corner. Holding Antonio Brown to 2/3 short catches is worthy of the award by itself. Overall MVP - Rashaan Melvin Most Improved - Rashaan Melvin Has gone from frequent target of opposition offenses to shutting down top receivers almost overnight. Just hope he gets resigned now. Most Disappointing - Donte Moncreif Not fair to give it to TY since defenders have keyed on him all year. Moncreif should have been able to take advantage of the lack of defensive attention. He has been invisible for most of the season. Adding my own award... Pleasant Surprise of the Year - Rigoberto Sanchez
  13. It’s pretty evident we’re letting Pags see out the season. If we were going to fire him we would’ve done it already. And the players love him, so there’s that.
  14. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    A 3rd round pick deserves praise for getting his 2nd sack of the year in week 13? I’d have my shoe half way up his butt by now if I was his HC. I’m not labelling him a bust yet since it does sometimes take a while for college pass rushers to get up to pro speed, but I’m not impressed so far.
  15. Roquon Smith ILB Georgia

    The draft is no guarantee when it comes to trading down. But to put the idea into practice. We are likely the #5 pick. Smith is good but even Kuechly wasn’t taken until #9. Right now I don’t have Smith rated as highly as Kuechly was. He’s very good and I think his range is 10-15. But at #5 I don’t want to reach. You take the best player available that makes sense. Especially as this is likely to be the last time we pick this high for a while. I’m not saying Smith isn’t good enough but I think there will be higher rated players that make sense at that point. Moving away from Smith. If you are picking at around #20 I can see your point. If you have a player you like and you know is going to make difference but is rated as a fringe 1st rounder then pull the trigger. No problem. Mainly because from the 1st pick after every pick the draft gets more and more uncertain because every pick adds another variable. But if you’re a top 5 pick then draft analysts can fairly accurately predict who’s getting picked where and by who (Mike Mayock should come with a spoiler alert warning on the broadcast) due to fewer variables. The higher you pick the more difficult it is to justify a reach with blue chip players on the board. Way too early to have any of these discussions properly yet though. I’ll get back to you post combine