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  1. Spence and Bostic probably. Although I'd like to see Walker get the nod for MIKE
  2. Awesome
  3. I really like Sickels on tape. I can see him beating out Mingo for the situational rusher role.
  4. Doubtful. I can see Hooker doing a Landon Collins and taking a year or 2 to get up to speed and reach his potential.
  5. Love em
  6. He got those totals because he was thrust into a 3 down starting spot. He would not have started over Gore if he was here. He might have put up some numbers as a COP back but he wouldn't be a 1000 yard runner here last season.
  7. Yay! Another defensive player down. Soon we will achieve the dream of having a 100% offensive roster. Soon. He wouldn't have started over Gore and Morrison didn't start over DQ. Probably would have been a wash.
  8. Dayyum I've always quite liked him, gotta admit. Nice move there CB.
  9. A passing league now. You could say the same of probably 10 other WRs in the league right now. Marv did it in a very different league. Not taking away from it, he's a Pro Bowl player.
  10. He is really bad. Like Dee Milliner bad. Long with a bad locker room presence. Hard pass.
  11. Not worth the headache, big contract and loss of picks. Pass.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily want them to, but I wouldn't stop them if they wanted to.
  13. Short strider, cuts well, sets up blocks, has some speed and shift to him. I like him. Wouldn't count on him making the roster though with Gore, Mack & Turbin (at least) in front of him. Practice squad possibly. Roll on preseason.
  14. I'm no lawyer. But I believe the victim can take it to a civil suit where they are more likely to get some decent compensation and a condition of that settlement could be the dropping of criminal charges against the assailant. I'm not saying that's what happened in this case. But it wouldn't surprise me if she ended up settling out of court.

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