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  1. In fact Ray Lewis might be the worst example possible haha.
  2. Forgive me, it's early where I am. Ray Lewis was probably a bad example.
  3. We need guys that are tough and play with a mean streak. We do not need thugs. We do not want thugs. Big difference between an intense tough guy like Ray Lewis or similar and a thug like Greg Hardy.
  4. Why would we cut Langford? At this point in FA it would hinder us more than help us due to the depleted talent left on the market. Langford is veteran leadership, good continuity and solid if unspectacular.
  5. A shame he didn't work out. Liked him as a signing. Best of luck to him.
  6. Productive ProBowl ILB in his prime. Hightower just got 11. Id be surprised if he got much less than 7 tbh.
  7. I'd still like to move on Zach Brown. He's got new representation and I'm not hearing about him signing with Miami, especially as they just extended Kiko Alonso. Sounds like he burnt a bridge with Oakland. I'm thinking they probably low-balled him. I'd still give him a 7.5/8mil per. Could play MIKE/WILL and be a nice piece next to Spence.
  8. He is Darren Sproles 2.0. But slower, and less agile, worse hands and worse vision. I think Christian McCaffrey ends up being Darren Sproles 2.0
  9. Reddick is my biggest draft crush as an ILB/OLB hybrid. Although Lattimore being available might just be too good to pass up.
  10. Awesome! Who is he?
  11. Irsay will likely vetoe the pick. He's a PR nightmare especially in a league that has taken a hard stance against domestic violence and violence against women. Ballard wasn't the GM in KC so it's likely it wasn't his decision to draft Peters and Hill. Although since they worked out he'll probably take some undue credit for it. CB came out and said that you have to evaluate individuals differently but has more recently said he wants to build the team with "players that deserve to be here". Not going to happen.
  12. I'd take SF. Great ILB partner. Decent money. Nice area. Brand new stadium. Good young and up and coming coach. Get in on the ground floor of a rebuild with a good opportunity to start at WILL next to Bowman.
  13. Well I suppose that's where we differ. I don't necessarily want to have him on my team because I find it hard to root for him. I want players on my team that I can be proud to support. Mixon is very good on the field but he's not the type of guy I want playing for my team or in my locker room if I was GM. But that's an argument for a different thread. CB has said that you have to evaluate individuals differently. Also worth noting CB wasn't the big cheese in KC's back office. We don't know who put Peters and Hill's names on the card, but it's easy to imagine that it may not have been his final decision. More recently CB has been saying things that make me think he's going squeaky clean. And to be quite honest, I can't really argue with that, especially when it comes to rebuilding a locker room that has haemorrhaged veteran leaders this offseason so far.

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