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  1. Better now than the regular season
  2. Its pre-season. This is about player analysis not game planning. These are glorified scouting/warm up games. Fairly sure the Colts won't be concerned with losing this one.
  3. After 1 week of preseason when we were missing half our starting defense, starting QB, starting RB and the leader of our Oline? Okaaaay.... We're a .500 team right now.
  4. Edwin Jackson continued to flash. Liked what I saw from Anthony Walker. Kid can move and looked comfortable dropping into zone coverages. Quincy showed his physicality which was good to see. Looked good in his coverage too. TJ Green showed some chops, he's made improvements. Pope reminded me a little of Doug Martin low to the ground tough to bring down. Liked him very much. A rare bright spot on offense. Ty McGill continues to impress me and earn play time. Not an amazing showing but there were bright spots.
  5. It's week 1 of preseason. #1QB, #1SS, #1DT, #1 & #2 ILBs and #1C out. Huge roster turnover. There were positives to take from this. A lot of talent flashes on D. Not a great showing but there are positives to take.
  6. No. Just no. You are what your record says you are. He is a 71% kicker.
  7. Has been in camp so far
  8. Big ones for me will be the rookies. Malik Hooker Quincy Wilson Nate Hairston Anthony Walker - I loved him pre-draft. Zach Banner Chester Rodgers
  9. If he returns to solid pro-bowl form then I think we probably will. In some ways I hope we don't though. Paying a CB on the wrong side of 30 a big contract when he already hasn't been the healthiest of guys? I think we should move on personally.
  10. I haven't had a chance to look at any players yet. I'd be surprised if our no.1 next isn't either a LB or CB though. We still need to add a blue chip edge rusher, and I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be Vontae-less come next season unless he returns to all-pro form. Unless Hairston or Quincy show significant no.1 chops, Vontae will need replacing. It's going to be the best QB class of the last few years by the look of it, so there could be nice defensive pieces available a few picks later than normal due to the inevitable QB run. Difficult to call where we'll be picking though. Need to see how healthy Luck is going to be come week 1. You do have Vea low though. He's going to follow the Dontari Poe trajectory draft wise. Low 1st pre combine, blow up the combine, go top 15 on draft night.
  11. I'll always hope for the best, but find the silver linings
  12. Oh a bad injury to Ryan would suck. Hopefully it's nothing 4 rest weeks before the season won't fix.
  13. Extremely slim with the depth we have. Practice squad candidate probably. Nice to see Ballard taking chances on guys like this though.
  14. Good grief. I'm not saying you did crown him! There were a few posts above my original posts that I though were a little over-zealous. And I just put up a post temper things. Remind people that people often look great in camp and don't workout in game action. Griff Whalen was our camp MVP like 3 years runnin and now is roster bubble material for whoever he's with. It's the nature of camp. He looks pretty good, I'll openly admit that. Runs well and the stuff I'm hearing out of camp is encouraging, but that's what camp is. It's drills not a game. I will get excited about players if they perform well. In my book the first 3 practices of camp doesn't count as performing. If he flashes in preseason then I'll join you on that side of the fence. But for now I'm happy sitting on my nice comfortable fence admiring the view below thank you very much. Nothing I write matters. It's just my opinion. Was a passing comment that didn't really require a 6 paragraph response in my mind, but whatever you're into.
  15. I'm not saying we can't say he looks good. College is a different game to the pros. Everyone who got drafted must have looked pretty good to be drafted. I'm not hating on him or anyone in the forum. But let's see how he does at least in preseason before we start crowning him the future of the Colts backfield eh? I think he looks good and camp reports are encouraging. I'd probably say Vick Ballard was the best prospect since Addai. He could have been a legit RB in the league if he stayed healthy.

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