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  1. I wouldn't necessarily want them to, but I wouldn't stop them if they wanted to.
  2. Short strider, cuts well, sets up blocks, has some speed and shift to him. I like him. Wouldn't count on him making the roster though with Gore, Mack & Turbin (at least) in front of him. Practice squad possibly. Roll on preseason.
  3. I'm no lawyer. But I believe the victim can take it to a civil suit where they are more likely to get some decent compensation and a condition of that settlement could be the dropping of criminal charges against the assailant. I'm not saying that's what happened in this case. But it wouldn't surprise me if she ended up settling out of court.
  4. Agreed
  5. Pete Carroll. The Pagano one wasn't really a bad coaching decision it was a bad play by Whalen because he hadn't been practicing as the snapper. A bad play by all involved but blame isn't squarely on Pagano's shoulders.
  6. 3 months until training camp. Calm yourself.
  7. He's top 3 imo, but his lack of postseason success keeps him behind Brady and Montana in that order.
  8. Dayyyyyum. That would be a serious ILB competition. If he makes that signing then that would be a great move.
  9. Walker. If he brings his weight down to around 230lbs again then he's a starting caliber WILL.
  10. Oh yeah definitely. It's an interesting positional battle. Could go either way tbh
  11. I'm very much looking forward to seeing him in camp and preseason this year. Not sure he beats out Clarke by week 1, but I think he will during the season.
  12. Hasn't hit anything but a bong in 3/4 years. He was an all-pro, now he's almost unhirable imo. Hard pass
  13. I miss that guy. Hopefully Clayton's injury doesn't follow the same path.
  14. Those discussions probably went as follows. Defensive Assistant: "We could move 32 back to corner?" Ballard: "Can he cover?" Defensive Assistant: "Not really" Ballard: "Ball skills?" Defensive Assistant: "Eh" Ballard: "Then let's not" Defensive Assistant: "He's big and fast!" Ballard: "Get out of my office"
  15. I think at this point Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson are the ones to beat. Looks like an intriguing class though.

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