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  1. I hope Christine Michaels injury isn't bad. Hope he can come back by the time the season starts.
  2. I forget Luck threw 2 picks but us giving up the kickoff return, interception and a missed field goal sealed our fate. Indy played great that day. The way we played we might not have beaten the Browns that day.
  3. You guys think when you returned that kickoff from the start of the game against us last year jumpstarted you and knocked the life out of us? It seemed like the Packer sideline was deflated after that return. What other plays in that game really were the key to your victory over us last year? It seemed like the Colts played very similar to their win over Denver in 2015 IMO. They played their hearts out. Us Packer fans hope you have a great season coming up and your team, organization and fans are all class.
  4. This game still hurts but happy for Indy and their fans that day.
  5. I like the Colts especially in the Manning days and enjoy watching Luck too.
  6. We own the Cowboys as of late in big games and Rodgers is 1-0 vs Brady.
  7. Lol I wouldn't doubt it. Every team owns another team for some reason. Rodgers is winless against Indy. It's the same with how tough Denver plays New England a lot.
  8. You guys were the better team then Detroit last year. You would beat them 9 times out of 10.
  9. If you guys joined as a 5th team?
  10. How do you guys think you would do if you were in the NFC North? You had to play us, Detroit, Chicago and Minnesota? How well do you think you would do?
  11. The Patriots should have 2 less Superbowls then they do right now.
  12. I think we would have had we didn't get conservative with a 2 touchdown lead against Seattle in the NFC championship game. We beat New England in Lambeau that year 26-21. I think we could have again if we played them again in the Super Bowl.
  13. I hope so. You see how brutal our schedule is this year though. We have road games in Dallas, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Carolina. Home games vs Seattle, Cincy and New Orleans. That is brutal. We always lose one game a year too that were supposed to win.
  14. Right now we need all the help we can get on defense. Our offense I think is good enough as it is. We got Ty Montgomery at running back and great receivers in Jordy Nelson, Cobb and Adams. We also drafted Deangelo Yancey a WR from Purdue. I think we will be fine. Our offense really caught fire the second half of the season. First half we didn't have it for whatever reason.
  15. You guys are a great team. I think you have a shot at the Super Bowl with a great defense.

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