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  1. The Patriots should have 2 less Superbowls then they do right now.
  2. I think we would have had we didn't get conservative with a 2 touchdown lead against Seattle in the NFC championship game. We beat New England in Lambeau that year 26-21. I think we could have again if we played them again in the Super Bowl.
  3. I hope so. You see how brutal our schedule is this year though. We have road games in Dallas, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Carolina. Home games vs Seattle, Cincy and New Orleans. That is brutal. We always lose one game a year too that were supposed to win.
  4. Right now we need all the help we can get on defense. Our offense I think is good enough as it is. We got Ty Montgomery at running back and great receivers in Jordy Nelson, Cobb and Adams. We also drafted Deangelo Yancey a WR from Purdue. I think we will be fine. Our offense really caught fire the second half of the season. First half we didn't have it for whatever reason.
  5. You guys are a great team. I think you have a shot at the Super Bowl with a great defense.
  6. I seen you guys really addressed your defense. I like the O line pickup too. What do you guys think of your draft and how would you grade it?
  7. I hope you guys have a great draft.
  8. Wrong! Packers play the Colts next February in Minnesota!
  9. Where do we play Indy at the next time when we play?
  10. What do you guys think of it? We have a brutal schedule. I wish we could at least play the Jaguars or Texans again. I hope the NFL was kind to you guys at least. Your thoughts?
  11. Praying for you! I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. Draft this coming weekend?
  13. I like the Martellus Bennett pickup and we got Lance Kendricks too. Both guys are Tight ends. We also picked up Jean Francois DT from SF but he isn't that good. We need O line help bad and Secondary help bad in the draft. You guys seen how bad our secondary was firsthand last year. We look to address that this year. How bout you guys? Where are you looking to improve?
  14. Any predictions for this upcoming season?
  15. I hope you guys have a great draft and you are back on top in the AFC this year. Happy Easter to you guys as well Andrew Luck will be back. After last season how nice your fans were to our fans I will always pull for you when your not playing us.

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