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  1. We need to get the Colts at home because we haven't won against the Colts in Indy in a long long time. You guys beat us there when you were 0-10 one year.
  2. Just remember though nobody comes into this house and pays the price LOL.
  3. Didn't KC have a 30 point lead on you guys in the playoffs a few years ago and Luck led a huge comeback to win it. He is a great QB. He is also tough.
  4. We lost twice in Indianapolis. One year we had a 21-3 lead and blew it.
  5. Colts vs Packers superbowl next year? Wouldn't that be awesome. I have to joke around with you guys by saying you would be the easiest opponent for us lol. I'm just messing with you guys on that comment. I hope you guys have a great offseason, anything new in FA for you. I haven't followed the Colts pickups or key losses yet. I hope you guys have a great team next year though. I'm telling you that Colts Packers game might happen next year.
  6. No hate for the Colts. Always will root for them if they aren't playing us. I will never forget though years ago when we were the best team in the NFC and we played you guys who were winless at the time and you beat us! I will never forget the Friday before I was in 6th grade at the time and I joked to a classmate of mine saying what if the Packers lose this game and saying how laughable it would be if they did. I remember watching the game with some family friends that Sunday and we were livid that we lost like 41-38 if I remember. You guys kicked a game winning field goal as time expired with a QB who had like 7 career TD passes and 5 of them were against us lol. I remember the next day my classmate was like I cant believe the Packers lost, I told you I had a feeling this would happen. That was a classic game.
  7. You guys are classy too. You guys get a defense and Luck will win a superbowl. The same goes for the Packers too.
  8. I wonder if we overlooked you a bit in that game. Not making excuses just at the time I think maybe we thought we could just throw our hats on the field cause you were 3-5 at the time and we were at home. Still the Colts were impressive that day and took it to us. We couldn't match your intensity.
  9. Was beating us last year your most impressive win of last season Indy fans?
  10. Rodgers is 0-2 against Andrew Luck in his career. I guess you can say he owns Rodgers. Luck has 643 yards passing in 2 games against us and he is 54/91 with 3 TDS and 3 INTs. Rodgers against Indianapolis is 67/103 passing, 718 yards in three games, 7 Tds and 2 ints but the lone win was against Peyton. Would you guys like having us in the same division if you could?
  11. We admit you guys beat us in our own stadium this last season. You were the only team to beat us at home too. You have major bragging rights over us.
  12. We play you guys next year well in the Super bowl that is. See you guys then. A question for you guys, do you hate the Pack as much as you hate the Patriots? Man I hate NE, they are so lucky. I hope their reign is over soon. Next year I hope you guys can unseat them. See you in the Big game. I hope you guys have a good offseason.
  13. Merry Belated Christmas to you all and Happy New Years! Sorry for the way the end of your season went. Your a better team then the Titans and Texans IMO. I hope next season treats you guys well. Thanks for being gracious winners when you beat us in Lambeau.
  14. Lol.
  15. I'm sick of New England as well.

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