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  1. I know the feeling

    With you guys with your situation with Andrew Luck compared to our situation with Rodgers. Our season is over here too. Hope you guys get Luck back soon.
  2. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Go Colts from a Packers fan! Beat down the Seahawks!
  3. Best wishes on your season opener

    You guys can beat them. Their a bad team.
  4. Best wishes on your season opener

    You guys think we can beat them? You should beat the Rams. Easy win.
  5. Best wishes on your season opener

    Stinks Luck isn't playing. Hope he heals fast.
  6. Best wishes on your season opener

    Titletown Brewery is a great place or even Texas Roadhouse on Oneida if you can get in otherwise try the bars in Downtown Green Bay. They likely all will be packed though.
  7. Best wishes on your season opener

    We love the Colts and their fans especially after how great they were in Lambeau last season. We always have your back for now on unless your playing us.
  8. Hope you guys win today. Is Luck playing? I hope he is back healthy. Here is to a great season for you guys.
  9. You guys ready

    You guys don't mind if I hang around. Sometimes fans of other teams get insulted if you want to talk football with them. Our board stinks anyway lol.
  10. You guys ready

    You never know. It could happen.
  11. You guys ready

    You Colt fans are awesome people. Last year in Lambeau a lot of Packer fans said they were the best opposing team fanbase. After that I root for you guys.
  12. Which team

    Yeah but we played Dallas the following week. I honestly think we looked ahead to them because we lost 8 straight to them at that time. We beat them that week 45-17.
  13. Which team

    I like the Colts and their fans. Nothing will compare to my love for the Packers though. Very seldom do you meet a Colts fan that's a jerk.
  14. Which team

    KC fans must have been on suicide watch after that game.
  15. Which team

    Farve was 1-2 vs Indy and Rodgers is 1-2 as well. Not stellar at all.