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  1. Draft Question ?

    lol Thanks for that. Now i have new info to tell my dad
  2. I apologize if this topic isn't in the right area. i have a question about the draft and ive tried asking dad about it but his answer in my option just cant be accurate so ive come before you all my colts family to ask it so here goes nothing. During Day 1 of the draft. Do all 32 teams already know the exact player there going to get? or during there time of selection do they just go through there long list of candidates? Now dad says all 32 teams already have there player selected and notified by the time it gets around to there respected teams. However i just cant wrap my head around that logic. What do you all think?
  3. Injuries

    very good points you brought up. But also to add on to that, think about the people going around doing foolish pranks or stunts that get there body parts injured as well.
  4. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    Nope....yawn...Next topic..
  5. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Mack is only getting started. I'm really excited to see what he will bring in the up coming years. That being said i am truly disappointed hes not being used properly like McCaffery or Hunt. i believe McCaff will have that one game were hell take it to the house. But until then i like how newton is checking it down to him or hitting him on a slant route to which he takes for pretty solid gains. Hunt on the other hand well he needs not words for his Mvp of the rookies type of perfomace so far from both pass catching and rushing. But Macks just fine he needs a better coaching staff.
  6. Time to look to next season

    There were a few series tonight were turbin was out on the field when it should have been Mack. Pags made a false claim to the media when he said Mack would get more carries. well just to let you all know 2 att for 18 yards is NOT more carries. I believe tonight would have been a big night for Mack because early on in the first quarter he had already showed flashes that this defense was not gonna be able to contain him. But then pags robbed him of doing anything after that.
  7. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    well the packers just lost Rogers. maybe they might go for kap...problem solved Everybody wins....
  8. Is Watson the real deal?

    well i guess Rg3 wasn't a good comparison. but pretty much all i'm saying is i wont be convince till i see Watson play year 2 because look at Dak and all the talent he has around him yet this seems to be his struggling year
  9. Is Watson the real deal?

    if Rg3 couldn't read a defense then how did the redskins enter the playoffs his first year..?
  10. Is Watson the real deal?

    yawn. RG3 had a stellar rookie year as well before his big collapse the following year. But for now lets see how far Watson hot hand goes
  11. This is Marlon Macks world

    Fumble from time to time? hes only fumbled once this season. Gore had two today
  12. Should the Colts be in new division???

    Now if the colts were to switch to the NFC i see Superbowl every year....cough i mean one can dream it right...
  13. Chudzinski or WR's ?

    i just hate how the WRs don't fight for the ball. I mean DM did it once when he caught that touchdown. But Akien just flat out kept giving up
  14. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    meh i could be wrong but hes probably a one season wonder..
  15. Which team

    I honestly don't think the pats own us at all. Its just been bad coaching in all key games esp that home game disaster our beloved head coach put together