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  1. Shadow_Creek

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    That's right luck get that Superbowl arm ready whoooop whooop
  2. Shadow_Creek

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    the fact that the ol tripled teamed him afterwards means they made adjustments so no worries just good play by play
  3. was luck throwing weight balls last year i think not
  4. Shadow_Creek

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    your statement would only make more sense if we didn't have a new head coach. Because under pags i would totally agree with u
  5. Shadow_Creek

    Roster Moves

    great we got a former ghost from ghost island. Hopefully we can make him human again.
  6. i agree 100% lets just hope they don't with this one
  7. gosh i'm so excited i'm definitely buying madden 19 this year whoooo
  8. Shadow_Creek

    We're #32!!!

    you know i think its funny how denver wasn't rated dead last when they signed peyton and were unsure of his furture after leaving indy
  9. we did'nt need him anyway. I actually hope Bryce Love falls to the colts 2019 ohhh yeaaaah
  10. Shadow_Creek

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Brace The Media
  11. Shadow_Creek

    Our OL coach.....

    lol exactly and we have Luck so will be fine
  12. Shadow_Creek

    Our OL coach.....

    hey the pats still made the playoffs and went to superbowls with that so called bad ol coach so lets rollll
  13. Shadow_Creek

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    you know what i'm filing a suit because i wanna fly but gravity wont accept me grrrrr
  14. Shadow_Creek

    Tom Brady feels unappreciated

    lol i know alot of pat fans my own brother is one of them and trust me when i say that they agree with you..
  15. Shadow_Creek

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***