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  1. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    pffft with this season and the way the past years went. Irsay has lost his head coach picking rights lol of course tho regardless hell trying choosing his own preferences
  2. Bradley Chubb

    i would say lets go with this guy had not pretty much all of our CBs went down like flys. in my op i think ballard will go CB again in this years draft til we get a firm group
  3. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    i don't get it. why do we keep talking about trading away talent. were suppose to be building a powerhouse not being the browns who traded all there talent away for picks.
  4. Broncos at Colts

    (This is from a dreamers aspect.) First of all id like to see a well coached game from start to finish. Second id like to see our OC pull out some unique plays to keep the broncos good D guessing. Third id really like to see Mack finally burst one for 70 plus yards (Just one time this season is all i ask) sigh and Finally id like to wake up from this nightmare called reality that were actually going to face
  5. Browns name John Dorsey General Manager

    this is a very good hire. however i don't like the idea that the browns are retaining there hc because i'm sure Dorsey would like to bring in his own staff.
  6. Colts sign Matt Jones RB

    sigh colts just cant get a break.
  7. Did Mack Fumble?

    wow sigh ok.. thanks for clearing that up Nancy
  8. Did Mack Fumble?

    I didn't feel like watching today's game on tv since i kinda had a feeling we wouldn't win. but i did keep updates on my phone that being said. i saw that the late TD by the titans came by a fumble from Mack. but when i look at his stats i don't see a fumble next to his name. However i do see two of them next to Brissett. so did Mack fumble?
  9. Green at WR ???

    so we all know green will be given his walking papers after this season because Ballard is all about upgrading and green hasn't planed out. However before green was a safety he was a Wide at Clemson before being switched. Now on one note green lacks tackling badly but on the upside he does has impressive speed. should the colts revert him back and try him out?
  10. Winning out

    with Bortoles on there team they'll never be much of a threat. However once jax finds a true franchise QB look out....
  11. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    joseph Addai rookie season ...gosh he gave us such a good running game...
  12. last six

    if we could actually coach up a decent second half then maybe just maybe all 6 are winnable...And No I'm Not Drunk
  13. What happened to KC??

    There the only team i know that can get off to a hot streak then lose lose lose and beautiful fasion LOLZ
  14. Harbaugh

    lol relax man it was only . But in all honesty any coach would be a upgrade over pags. i just hope tho that if Harbaugh is chosen he doesn't demand full control because this is Ballard's team and we don't need more drama.
  15. Harbaugh

    For the thousand time we are not going to go after Harbaugh if he comes available or not end of discussion. Please drive safely while leaving this topic everyone