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  1. TY toss the line under the bus

    His play-calling has been bad for most of this season. I don't understand why we aren't running the same style as we did with Hasselback. Give the kid a chance back there.
  2. We still don't know why you started 3 threads for this either.
  3. Cornerback - Who Plays?

    Lol...I get it. We have just had struggles in the secondary for years now. That 2006 team's secondary was good, though they had 2 big advantages (93 and 98). I think our current secondary has potential to be better.
  4. Cornerback - Who Plays?

    Is this the deepest secondary the Colts have ever had?
  5. Should the Colts be in new division???

    AFC Bird Division 1. Eagles 2. Ravens 3. Cardinals 4. Falcons Equine/Bovine Division 1. Colts 2. Broncos 3. Chargers 4. Rams Cat Division 1. Bengals 2. Jagaurs 3. lions 4. Panthers General Animal Division 1. Bears 2. Dolphins 3. Seahawks 4. Bills (Buffalo) NFC Industry 1. Steelers 2. Packers 3. Jets 4. Browns Old West 1. 49ers 2. Cowboys 3. Redskins 4. Chiefs Fighters 1. Raiders 2. Buccaneers 3. Vikings 4. Patriots Larger than Life 1. Giants 2. Titans 3. Saints 4. Texans Posted by EduStr
  6. I think i have an amazing idea...

    Is this serious?
  7. Chuck - Where is the line? first I didn't detect the sarcasm.
  8. Chuck - Where is the line?

    I'm not totally convinced Pagano will be gone after the season.
  9. Sexy Rexy Just Said

    Every Rex ever has been known as Sexy Rexy
  10. Credit the 49ers ..

    He obviously game planned for the 49ers. I actually feel better about the loss now. Simple mistake reading the schedule. Easy fix.
  11. Not sure why everyone is freaking out about the Rams game. If you listened to Pags post-game presser, you would know it was a simple mistake caused by scheduling confusion. We accidentally game-planned for the 49ers.
  12. This team's scheme (or lack thereof)

    I haven't even taken the time to read the post you are responding to, and this post has made my evening
  13. Luck ruled out for week 1

    Huh? Isn't Jacoby the only backup? He should at least have the base formations down in a weeks time. Don't think we have much choice at this point (other than to re-sign Morris.)
  14. What do you suppose Jim means by this?

    My thoughts exactly
  15. What do you suppose Jim means by this?

    I actually feel less optimistic after Mr. Irsay's attempt at transparency.