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  1. Mewhort was an All-American Center coming out of High School.......little more likely a center than Good.
  2. We'll have him play both at the same time.....just a bigger gap responsibility. It will be ingenious.
  3. Anyone opposed to Mewhort at Center?
  4. I'm not disagreeing on Morris. He is the only one that can make something happen. However, I do think Tolzien played a respectable game against Pitt last year. He had poise. It's a tough call. They should both get 1st team reps in the next few games (in my opinion).
  5. JMV referenced Kevin again today and mentioned something quickly about posting a depth chart (also mentioned Akin in regards to the depth chart). I'll have to listen to it tomorrow.
  6. Swoope just signed with them as well
  7. Good points. Based on his draft position, he shouldn't be WR3 though.
  8. In all fairness, the passes were caught by Jaguars players
  9. I personally expect to see more of Turbin in the early downs.We have a relatively competent run blocking o-line. There are worse backfields.
  10. Wasn't Todman pretty solid at returning kicks? Not sure why we let him walk. I guess Bray is back as well.
  11. Well played sir
  12. Best thread ever
  13. Didn't Edge report to the Colts his rookie year at 2%. Dude was a specimen.
  14. Did Brown ever actually visit? We don't know how serious our inquiry was
  15. I completely forgot about him. I would think he would have a large adjustment as any "rookie" (not technically, but technically). He is a relative unknown, but could be a player.

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