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  1. Wasn't Todman pretty solid at returning kicks? Not sure why we let him walk. I guess Bray is back as well.
  2. Well played sir
  3. Best thread ever
  4. Didn't Edge report to the Colts his rookie year at 2%. Dude was a specimen.
  5. Did Brown ever actually visit? We don't know how serious our inquiry was
  6. I completely forgot about him. I would think he would have a large adjustment as any "rookie" (not technically, but technically). He is a relative unknown, but could be a player.
  7. Good point. I guess it is a low risk, low cost, high reward kind of scenario with Streater. Just more competition down the line.
  8. I would have to think this is dead with the signing of Aiken. Who knows how long ago we were in contact.
  9. It has been mentioned, but it would be near impossible for the new coach to properly install an offense with Luck's surgery. He will miss a very healthy portion of the offseason. Could have saved Chuck's job for a year.
  10. Should probably change your profile name.
  11. Blew this thread up quickly, lol
  12. IR
  13. Agree with everything. We are a bad football team. However, we've managed to stay in games. In my opinion, that's all Andrew Luck. He has been getting due criticism; however, he's kept us competitive. Only a few plays away from being a different ending. Imagine if Tolzein was starting.
  14. I remember the play when it likely happened....Andrew actually turned around while on the ground and said something to the dude that twisted his ankle on the way down.
  15. I thought he had some nice plays today (some bad ones too). What do you think about him at RT over Joe R?

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