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  1. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    How did the Colts screw up this injury? Sometimes stuff isn't straight forward. It's unfortunate that things haven't worked out the way everyone hoped, but that's life.
  2. Offensive Line

    I think a good left guard may help AC. Even when he gets his guy high and wide, the QB can step up in the pocket with the DL in his face. Stop that bleed and AC will look much better. Just my opinion. He's not perfect by any stretch, but he makes LT a much lower priority.
  3. Chiefs Exploring trade options for Alex Smith

    Eli Manning a possibility for the Jags? Guess we'll know come draft.
  4. Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    Depending on how this Patriots drama unfolds,
  5. Gruden (Colts) Rumors Resurface

    Where did you meet him? (LOL)
  6. Kris Richard is actually somewhat intriguing to me, though I don't know a ton about him. Has obviously done a nice job in Seattle on the defensive side of the ball moving up through the ranks. Hope it isn't just to satisfy the RR.
  7. Gruden (Colts) Rumors Resurface

    Chuck or Amy?
  8. NFL Meme 2017 season edition!

    The Cam Newton one is the winner
  9. He is 41 years old and 8 years the wiser. Not saying he has changed....just saying there is a real possibility that he has.
  10. The Mack stiff arm on Clowney

    He is perfect for the RB2/CoP role. We just need to find the cowbell now.
  11. Tom Cable...

    Maybe he will bring Pagano in as DC
  12. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    Has he started his hand-off regimen yet?
  13. James Harrison to be signed by the Patriots

    This may be a situation in which veteran presence and leadership in the postseason may prove to be a thing
  14. Hear me out regarding Pass Rush

    This should go well