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  1. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Anyone know how to track the Colts jet?
  2. Sammy Watkins

    Injury after injury after injury. For that reason, I'm out.
  3. I may not be thinking straight here, but why is it not pick 35 in the second round?
  4. Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    I have to give it to you....this was a strong second post.
  5. Should Colts tag Vinitari

    He would be thrille Agreed. He doesn't want to go anywhere. IMO, he should fall somewhere in the 2 year, 3.5 per (fully guaranteed). Gives him the 6th highest average per year. Maybe I am way off base, but I think that could be agreeable to both sides. It's not like the Colts are tight on cap.
  6. I would agree (for range of motion). He is likely throwing weighted balls that weigh more than a football (for velocity training). From my own experience, (both labrum and bicep)., I would guess that the throwing the football aspect is more likely a range of motion and velocity related issue. (velocity relating to the movement of the arm). You have to retrain those muscles to extend and move in a certain manner....while not causing further injury.
  7. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    I had bicep tenodesis and labrum repair done on 12/15/16. Took a full year to feel normal and still has its days. Granted, I'm not a professional athlete and don't have Luck's resources at my disposal.
  8. Tarrell Basham

    Nice use of the word "itesdure"
  9. More for Frank Gore?

    True pro. Tim to go. If we were on the cusp, I would love to have him. We need to get younger at the position. I don't view Mack as a bell cow. Get him the ball in space and let him do his thing. We need a between the tackles guy.
  10. Can he be a 3 down end though? That is what I like about Chubb. Just concerned about the run.
  11. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Personally, I don't view these 3 as any better or any worse than the original pool of candidates. Not one of them through the whole process has excited me. McDaniels was the most intriguing simply because of his Offensive prowess and the opportunity to partner with Luck. I
  12. Florio Reporting Colts Down To Three Candidates

    It's an interesting pool of candidates......very different from one another in many aspects. I can't get behind Dan Campbell for reasons I'm not even really sure of. I'm not really a fan of Sean Payton, so that is likely why. (blah) To me, Leslie Frazier is more of the same. I respect him as a coach and believe he could build a very good team. I just don't view him as being a coach to put you over the top. (meh) That leaves Frank Reich. I think he is a good coach. Hard to judge his time as QB coach in Indy given Manning was lighting it up at the time. Maybe the same situation as Leslie Frazier. I guess he is my choice for no other reason than he is the least "blah" of the candidates. This is literally the most boring list of candidates I've ever seen, lol.
  13. After what just happened, you think they would even slightly glance down that road?
  14. I finally had to unfollow him. The day to day nonsense was unbearable.
  15. How does McDaniels win over the fan base?

    I'd say he is off to a bad start