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    Any time a Patriot is on a show they talk down on the Colts...can’t let the old rivalry go I suppose. Luck will be alright and we will do just fine...Rodney Harrison can suck one lol
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    I actually think Turbin could be a big part also. Has been highly talked about by Reich and I think they see him as more than just a 3rd down back. Exciting times.
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    He was a dirty player and cheap shot artist. Can't stand him or his opinions.
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    Who is better than Morrison on the strong side? Why would a coaching staff and front office with NO CONNECTION to Morrison start him over a better player? If AM starts, it's because there is no one better. Doesn't mean he's great... it only means there no one better.
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    This such a moot argument. Of course the coaching staff plays the better players. They’re not risking their jobs by playing favorites. They see the guys in practice and the meetings, that’s how they make their decisions. They know a lot more than us about who’s the better player.
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    Anyone else feel like this coming season the Colts run game will be the best its been in several years? I can't wait to see what Hines does for our offense. Him and Mack together put some serious speed on the field.
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    Easily gonna be the best running game since Andrew Luck was drafted barring any major injuries or just the team completely pooping the bed. Appreciate everything Frank Gore did here and for the team, but I’m very happy Colts have younger RB’s now
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    I don't who's worse? Him, Tedy Bruschi, or Elliott Harrison? Oh I know, Heath Evans
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    What? We can tell more about who the better players are by reading tweets and, maybe, going to a training camp or two. All the coaches do is see them constantly in practices/meeting rooms/weight rooms and then review practice videos every night, test their knowledge of the playbook, etc. They don't read tweets from Zak keefer and the like... what do they know.
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    Yes. With #56 blocking, I think this will be the best running game the Colts have had for a long time, and I think it will stay that way for a long time. Regardless of who is toting the rock. Quenton Nelson is going to make any and all of our RBs look very good. And if Luck returns to form and defenses have to respect the deep-ball to TY... I could be the NFL Rushing Leader in our offense with Nelson leading the way and nobody even touching me until I'm 10 yds downfield... I wouldn't be surprised if we're right up there with the Dallas run-game in the next year or two. We've already got Zack Martin 2.0 anchoring our OLine for the foreseeable future.
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    I think he’s been pretty even keeled about the colts but this * me off. I agree he can suck it! Hahaha
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    I too think this team is going to surprise some people. Although if you look at what Luck has done in his career to this point making the playoffs shouldn't be a surprise. He should have the best OL that we have run out for him. The best coaching staff that he has worked with by a country mile. It would be more surprising to me if Luck didn't guide this team to the playoffs. The big question is will he will be the same guy. I think so after he shakes off the rust he will pick up right where he left off. TY can get back to being TY. I think Ebron. is going to be a beast for us. and Turbin will surprise taking over for Gore. We need a couple of the young guys to step up to get the O really rolling. I feel like the rest of the league has some how forgotten what an Andrew Luck lead team looks like. I remember and I expect everyone else will find out pretty quickly.
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    I found a 2012 article on Robert Turbin. Pretty impressive human being to start with. Maybe in these 6 years he’s lost a step but along with Mack and Hines, could provide a dynamic running back committee. Here’s the link (in the middle of the story, there may be blank pages, but keep scrolling down for the end of article). https://www.fieldgulls.com/2012/5/15/3015704/2012-seahawks-seattle-robert-turbin-draft
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    In a way I may be doing a disservice trying to rank Baltimore Colts properly to the old school fans. I never seen them live is why. I can rank the Top 25 Indianapolis Colts of all-time easily because I have seen them all live since 1984. Someone like Jimmy G or Bayone may look at my list as flawed because I wasn't watching Football back in the 50's or 60's and I don't blame them. They grew up with the Lenny Moore's and Unitas' etc..
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    One of the 2 toughest broads I've ever seen.
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    She was a good player in her prime, but was a cheap shot player.
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    We won 4 games with a crappy Defense and Brissett at QB LOL. What do you expect from an ex-Patriot?
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    He had shoulder surgery this offseason to repair a Torn Labrum but every indication shows he will be back to 100%.
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    With Luck back, I see 6 wins as our floor.
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    I think its more about pitching performance , the Cubs are dangerous especially as mistake hitters as evident last night against Wacha . His control was off , he was leaving pitches over the middle and up , very uncharacteristic of his season. You cant have that kind of night change wasn't working nor curve . When that happens hitters are setting on FB . You leave it towards the middle and it will be hammered. Congrats to Cubs on the win.
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    I wanted to bring up the Mets but can't believe how bad they are playing right now. They started the season so well. Regarding the Cubs, Gozer and I just know what they are capable of so when they put up a 0 it is bothersome. Thanks for the kind comments.
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    agreed , Parker was a fortress protecting Unitas's blindside Hard to place who is where on list but Moore can run with the best but what a WR as well, or simply out of the backfield best play Unitas hitting him way deep in stride along sideline leading him and keeping him in bounds to keep running for what ended up a 72 yard td if remember right