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    So......we have a player who sounds frustrated, posting out to the world about how they are wronged, and we jump to conclusions? Honestly, I cannot find one single thing that I like about twitter. One's life does not need to be monitored instantaneously by the rest of the world.
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    Maybe he walked outside and something landed on his shoulder as an eagle flew overhead?
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    As time goes by and the more time he misses, we can forget just how good our QB can be when healthy. If he really is better than he's ever been, I'm definitely excited to see what he can do. Even if he's just "only" as good as he was before surgery I'm still pretty intrigued. Here's a nice reminder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUAy3hQGY6w
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    We don't know the whole story. Just a couple snippets from one side.
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    If this is true It's a poor reflection on the organization. Other FA's are going to think twice if they think they might be wasting their time.
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    So then he didn't win the pick-up basketball game?
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    Surprised we haven't had this yet, thanks for starting @chad72 It's been an interesting tournament so far. Pretty much all the big teams haven't shown us much. Germany, England, Brazil and especially Argentina looking average. I really like the Croatian team, that midfield is so talented and a solid group at the back too. I still think one of the "big teams" will win. Before the tournament I liked the Brazilians and so might just stick with that prediction. My big takeaway so far is a feeling of regret for Messi. For me, the greatest to play the game, and the only slight on him was lack of world cup success. Really hoped he would do something on this stage and it hasn't happened. Fingers crossed when it's 48 teams that Scotland might sneak in!
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    His comments on the Colts visit leave me with confusion.
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    CF.... I understand... and to be clear, I wasn't targeting you with my comment... it was others... and this isn't the first overly optimistic thread we've had this off-season. I think there are a number of posters who have unrealistic expectations... and they've set themselves up for probable disappointment. I hope not. I'm not rooting for the Colts to have a crappy season. But this stuff surfaces around this time of year when optimism tends to run high... If we go 8-8 and Luck begins to look like his old self and the team looks better in December than they do in September then I'll be happy and optimistic about 2019. I hope others will feel that way too...
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    If we want to bring in trick plays and then throw bombs down field, there is only one man for the job......
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    Brian Hoyer Matt Moore Drew Stanton Ryan Fitzpatrick Just off the top of my head.
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    And Reds get another win. This team sometimes
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    Game 1: Harvey and the Reds got us last night, that Winker grand slam in the sixth hurt. Game 2: Cubs Were just up 3-1, now down 4-3, bottom 5th. Ugh.
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    Maybe Brian Decker checked him out first and didn't pass him along. Only Josina really knows.