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    I read that quote and it made me kind of sad. It's true... but it still made me sad. Chuck is good people.
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    PSA: Try to resist the urge to quote my post when I have multiple tweets in it. Messes up the thread for other folks. I’m gonna be posting a lot of content today
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    Just thought I'd throw out some appreciation for the newly freshened look of the Colts website, as well as the Forum, both look fantastic! Amber Derrow was hyping the new site launch over on Reddit yesterday, and as someone who works in the field of building websites, I was eager to see it go live. Good job to everyone involved!
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    I have no clue what you are saying. Something about an over-run town? Were u drinking heavily tonight by chance?
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    This could be said by many Coaches that have coached in the NFL history. Would Tony Dungy have the coaching record he has and a SB win without Peyton Manning? Would Mike McCarthy still be the Coach in GB have a SB win without Aaron Rodgers? I think the answers to my questions are obvious. What Pagano said is true but it doesn't mean he was a Bad Coach. I think he was an Average Coach. Nowhere near Good or Great but he didn't suck like many in here pile on him. If Andrew comes back healthy and starts in Week 1, I cant wait to see what Reich does with our team. I like Reich.
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    Wow, the guy hasn’t yet play a snap on a new team with another offense scheme, HC and OC, and you guys want to bury him already? Sorry, but this is ridiculous. Why all the angst?
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    i really enjoyed the interview with Coach Pagano. Even though I felt it was time for a change, Chuck is a class act and I wish him the best of luck.
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    @TKnight24 not sure if anyone's thanked you lately, but I know that for those of us who aren't active on Twitter, we really appreciate the consistent updates! So thank you!!! Go Colts!
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    On a sidenote, how MASSIVE of a bullet did we dodge by "missing out" on Gruden?
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    Can we at least let this D get on the field and see for ourselves before making assumptions?
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    I'm about 90% certain he will be. I'm basing it on how he looks, the fact that he's not in hiding like he was all last offseason, he's on the field with jersey and helmet helping install the new offense, the fact that the head coach & GM are both saying he'll hit the ground running come training camp, the fact that he's currently only listed as 10 lbs lighter than Jon Simon on the roster. Call me overly optimistic, but we had none of this last year. Luck looked like he weighed 150 lbs, he was nowhere to be seen during OTAs, minicamp, or training camp, Pagano & Ballard both refused to give a timeline, etc. It's like night & day, and season ticket renewals happened months ago. If this is all for some "charade," then I don't really know what the point of it is.
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    Greg Cosell was on Tennessee radio and they went through the division spending good 10 minutes on every team's draft, including the Colts. The part about the Colts starts at about 10:00: Here are some highlights: - a team that's trying to rebuild from the inside out. Even if Luck is ready, the team needs to be physical, not put everything on Luck - Quenton Nelson will start right away at left guard - clearly the best guard in the draft and some may say best G prospect in a long time - He likes Braden Smith - he will end up the starting right guard sooner rather than later - 4 year starter, 41 consecutive starts - high level of consistency in terms of execution, awareness, savvy... doesn't jump off the film like Nelson, but he very rarely loses reps, not many bad plays(this might explain why he was ranked this high, #3 guard in the draft, by PFF - they are big on not losing snaps and not having bad plays rather than completely dominating in some snaps). If you need him to kick out to tackle, he can do it. - Darius Leonard - off-the-ball stacked linebacker - really good small school prospect. Really good size, length, really easy movement, really good play speed and range to play inside out, sideline to sideline. "The more I watched him the more I believed he's a high level linebacker, who can be a 3 down linebacker in the league". - Tyquan Lewis - will be ready to push for snaps week 1 - he can play DE and he can play DT - really solid, consistent, good player, maybe he can develop into meaningful pass-rusher from the inside as he grows in the NFL - Kemoko Turay - fascinating guy - his size, his length, his explosive movement traits are first round level, but his production didn't match that and that's why he's drafted in the second round rather than the first. But he's got 1st round physical traits off the edge. "If they can develop him... 6'5 250lbs, long arms, ran well... this guy is highly, highly athletic and he has explosive closing speed". - Nyheim Hines - Frank Reich comes from the Eagles, who didn't have a foundation back, so the expectation is the Colts will have RB by committee Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Turbin. He's a shorter back, but close to 200lbs, ran phenomenally well at the combine. Quick, dynamic feet, great change of direction, showed that jump cut ability that always looks cool. He's got great lateral quickness, he's got speed through the hole, burst and he's a good receiver. Really intriguing pick. - Deon Cain - can become productive WR. He was an enigma based on 2017 tape, had to go to 2016 tape, which gave a much better barometer about the type of prospect he is. He was more smooth, more fluid in 2016. He looked more explosive and dynamic. And those are good traits - 6'2" over 200 lbs, ran well... 10 yard split was phenomenal... there must be something else there for him to not be drafted higher?
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    Didn't see a TKnight post today, so here's everything I've seen thus far on the Twitter...
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    Good job to the guys that grew an inch.............?
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    This is been years in the making but I know a lot of work went into rebuilding all the pages these past few months. Pretty smooth launch. Props to Daron! Right now, the forum isn't connected. We just have a temporary template until Invision Power can figure out how to connect us to colts.com Then we share their header and formatting
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    I dont want to talk about Luck anymore.. The information on hand from Reich and Ballard is enough for me.
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    I worry about paying bills, my health, and such. Football is my fun entertainment.
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    There is a video if you click the link
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    I'm not that worried at the moment, but I'm also a patient optimist. Que @P'Son and @throwing BBZ : "Luck is done, you're all blind, quit drinking the kool aid" ... or something like that... I didn't need Peyton Manning to watch the Colts, and I don't need Andrew Luck to watch the Colts. Being a fan of a losing team isn't always fun, but part of being a fan is rooting for your team even when they are 4-12 or 2-14. Go Colts!
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    I've been waiting for someone to do the research and explain the situation because it's not an easy explanation (and I do not post much), so here goes. First, I'm not a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, or athletic trainer. These are the experts. I have worked with injured athletes including labral injuries/surgeries. As others have said, this is a different situation compared to last year. Last year Luck had a limited time to heal and rehabilitation. As he said, he skipped steps to try to be ready. That works for some athletes (M. Hooker), not for others. Labral injuries and return to play are difficult to predict. My understanding is that Luck could easily through a regulation football now if needed (a few reps). He's been through range of motion exercises, manual muscle tests, and isokinetic testing (and IK exercises that mimic the throwing motion). Some of these exercises are much more difficult than actually throwing a football. He doesn't need to be ready until training camp so why force the issue. He needs to have his throwing repetitions at a high level to make all the throws during TC. He will still be on a "pitch count" during TC just like Caldwell did with Manning (and what most coaches do in TC, with their starting QBs). That's the reason for extra quarterbacks in TC. Some take this as a problem or issue with his shoulder. It's not a problem...except for fans that do not know the process and think the worse. Luck will be ready for training camp because that is the time table. Yes, he could develop a problem, but given the thoroughness of the rehab process that is not likely. It's more likely he would have some other type of issue or injury that's not related to his throwing motion. This is the reason for optimistic outlook in the Colt's organization. I'm not silly enough to think that this will put the issue to bed, or sports journalist will not continue to question Lucks return to action.... But I do hope it answers most of the questions. Sorry for the long post......
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    https://www.colts.com/news/making-changes-several-colts-players-modifying-positions-builds OFFENSE • Deyshawn Bond, previously listed at guard, is now solely listed at center. • Le’Raven Clark, previously listed at tackle, is now listed as a guard/tackle. • Wide receiver Reece Fountain, previously listed at 6-foot-1, is now listed at 6-foot-2. • Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, previously listed at 5-foot-9, 178 pounds, is now listed at 5-foot-10, 183 pounds. • Running back Nyhiem Hines, previously listed at 5-foot-8, is now listed at 5-foot-9. • Wide receiver Seantavius Jones, previously listed at 200 pounds, is now listed at 210 pounds. • Tackle/guard Jack Mewhort, previously listed at 305 pounds, is now listed at 310 pounds. • Guard/center Quenton Nelson, previously listed at 325 pounds, is now listed at 330 pounds. • Tight end Erik Swoope, previously listed at 258 pounds, is now listed at 255 pounds. • Tight end Ross Travis, previously listed at 235 pounds, is now listed at 248 pounds. • Running back Robert Turbin, previously listed at 216 pounds, is now listed at 225 pounds. • Wide receiver Kasen Williams, previously listed at 6-foot-1, is now listed at 6-foot-2. DEFENSE • Linebacker Matthew Adams, previously listed at 237 pounds, is now listed at 230 pounds. • Denico Autry, previously listed at defensive end, is now listed as a defensive tackle/defensive end. • Tarell Basham, previously listed as an outside linebacker, is now listed as a defensive end. • Cornerback Lashard Durr, previously listed at 5-foot-10, is now listed at 5-foot-11. • Jeremiah George, previously listed as an inside linebacker, is now listed as a linebacker. • Margus Hunt, previously listed as a defensive end, is now listed as a defensive tackle. • Defensive end Anthony Johnson, previously listed at 6-foot-2, 295 pounds, is now listed at 6-foot-3, 275 pounds. • Defensive tackle Tomasi Laulile, previously listed at 6-foot-2, 285 pounds, is now listed at 6-foot-3, 300 pounds. • Tyquan Lewis, previously listed as a defensive end, is now listed as a defensive tackle/defensive end. • Linebacker Skai Moore, previously listed at 216 pounds, is now listed at 230 pounds. • Antonio Morrison, previously listed as an inside linebacker, is now listed as a linebacker. • Rakeem Nunez-Roches, previously listed as a defensive end, is now listed as a defensive tackle. • Safety George Odum, previously listed at 195 pounds, is now listed at 200 pounds. • Defensive tackle Caraun Reid, previously listed at 298 pounds, is now listed at 305 pounds. • Defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway, previously listed at 318 pounds, is now listed at 305 pounds. • Jabaal Sheard, previously listed as an outside linebacker, is now listed as a defensive end. • John Simon, previously listed as an outside linebacker, is now listed as a defensive end; he was also previously listed at 6-foot-1, 250 pounds, and is now listed at 6-foot-2, 260 pounds. • Cornerback Channing Stribling, previously listed at 6-foot-1, is now listed at 6-foot-2. • Cornerback Henre Toliver, previously listed at 195 pounds, is now listed at 190 pounds. • Anthony Walker, previously listed as an inside linebacker, is now listed as a linebacker. • Cornerback Quincy Wilson, previously listed at 6-foot-1, 206 pounds, is now listed at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds. • Al Woods, previously listed as a nose tackle, is now listed as a defensive tackle.
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    Well done. No one has any idea what you're talking about again
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    Let me translate. He's not a doctor and there is a war.