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    March 11 Through the Years 1818- Frankenstein is published 1824- The Bureau of Indian Affairs is established 1861- The CSA Constitution is adopted 1918- The First Case of the Spanish Flu 1990- Lithuania breaks away from the USSR 1993- Janet Reno becomes the First Female United States AG 1999- Infosys becomes first Indian Company to be listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange 2009- Winnenden School Shootings
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    I'm taking a knee to protest people protesting protests.
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    He is probably going to the Texans, based on their QB hiring history!
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    I actually like Stephen Morris.
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    And 3 months later, no more Cooks. This article was true back in December, we are truly better off without him. http://www.blackandgoldreview.com/2016/12/05/too-many-cooks
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    I'm taking a knee to protest this topic
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    WBC Advancement Pool A Israel Netherlands Pool B Japan Cuba
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    I'm going to miss you Gavin. I enjoyed talking football with you. You are a big reason this site was a great place to visit. Thank You.
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    I'd rather sign Vince Young. Same skills, better personality.
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    God no. He's as worthless as he is stupid.
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    Absolutely positively not... plenty of things I could say about him and none are good
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    Wait, Colin is a quarterback? Had me fooled...
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    I'd rather bring Jeff George back.
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    Please move this to the "Bad Joke" thread.
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    MVP Candidate James Harden has shattered another NBA record. Most turnovers ever in an NBA season. He's at 376 with roughly 20 games still remaining. He is on pace to shatter his old record from last year of 374 He's a very good all around offensive player but plays no defense and flops to much in my opinion. I understand he's in the MVP race but I think the MVP should go to Westbrook if he keeps his team in the playoffs. He's averaging a triple double and has less help.