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    If you see the hate I assume you have noticed the explanations why taking a RB in the first is a bad idea.
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    I'd do a one year deal with the Revis opt out function. I don't want to invest in him long term, but he could help short term. And if he opted out and re-signed somewhere else, he'd bring back a comp pick.
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    I am grateful that you are not our GM....
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    Good point. Poe nor his agent is going to be able to pull a fast one on Ballard, not with his knowledge of Poe. If he signs or doesn't, it will be a very well informed decision.
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    I think you are looking too deep. Allen has talent. He will be very good in NE IF he can stay healthy
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    I feel la canfora should never use the term "come correct"
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    Insane that this even has to be explained
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    Yeah, being relatively quiet in free agency means drafting a rb in the first. I think you're trying too hard
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    There is a reason Allen isn't here anymore.
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    Not sure if you noticed, We need run stoppers. 7 of them in fact
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    Poe won't get more than a 1 year deal from anyone. My guess is 1 year 9.5M.
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    If you're always replacing 3rd round tweets because a guy is nicked up and you don't like his tweets, guess what, you'll never be done building your team. You'll always be chasing the next cheaper better alternative. It's a 53 man roster, no one gets a perfect 53. You get the best you can. When Moncrief was drafted, he was the YOUNGEST WR in the draft. That was a plus. He'll grow up and mature. Let's try and make sure that happens when he's a Colt and not on another roster because people like you get impatient and short sighted. As for my view of you from my high horse, you don't want to know. You really, really don't want to know.
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    Sorry folks for the long wind, but this story might be too old for many newer members to know of, and it is a stain on the brain of all who lived through it. Seasons 2005-2007 The Eagles picked Simon with the #6 overall pick in the 2000 draft. In his first year he broke the Eagles' rookie record with 9.5 sacks. Despite not reaching that number again, he still put up 32 sacks in his first 5 years as an Eagle. Not to bad for a DT. However.. Problems were already showing as his rookie contract was on the back side. Corey started holding out of camp hoping to get a lucrative long term deal. The Eagles issue was he appeared to do little more than eat during the time he would hold out, and then show up to camp totally out of shape. If you check his 2004 overall stats, they appear pretty good. However, a detailed check shows Simon was out of shape and was nearly worthless in the first half of the while he played himself into 'football' shape. The latter half of the season, Corey performed like the Pro-Bowl player everyone expected from him- but not for a full season, but just the second half. The next season, Corey holds out again and the Eagles slap the Franchise tag on him, hoping to trade him. Well, who is going to trade for a (disgruntled at that) dude with no contract? So the Eagles relent, rescind the tag and just plain cut him. A pro bowl DT at the end of a rookie deal. Cut. See ya. The Colts, sorely lacking in interior D-line help, moves Bill Polian out of character and to jump in on Simon to the tune of 5 years for 30 million beginning 2005. Remember, we were running our Dungy/Kiffin Tampa 2 defense. We had zone CB's and a smaller, faster, lighter D line and speedy aggressive edge rushers. What we needed was penetrating undertackle. But we found ourselves in trouble when Mr. "I got paid" showed up to Colts training camp. Known as a smaller, fast (scheme fit) pass rushing DT, he showed up to camp ballooned to well over 300 lbs. He got Zero sacks, posted his lowest tackle total, and only played in 13 games. If he did anything at all, then say it was help out our typically poor run defense some. OK, Corey has his big contract in hand, and now a year in the Colts system under his belt. Surely he'll show up to 2006 camp on time, work out with the team and show a huge rebound year, right? (laughing maniacally) Not quite. Somehow, Simon was able to injure his knee and miss all of training camp and the first 4 games of the season. Pffftttt. So much for any rebound. But wait... that's not all.. Corey Simon was then mysteriously placed on the non-football illness/injury list with an undisclosed ailment, {which is speculated on to this day, as far as I know} not to play at all the rest of that season. Then the fight over pay / bonus money, etc... delaying his dismissal. So now Polian is forced to trade with the Tampa Bay Bucs to get Anthony "Booger" McFarland (giving a 2nd round draft pick) to fill in Simon's spot at UT to go along with our other DT, Monte Reagor. Hold on, there's more! Then on October 22, someone drills Monte Reagor's vehicle (with theirs) while he is on the way to the stadium for a game, ending his season (he could not even play in the Super Bowl!) Speaking of which, it's amazing we even got there with all of this. Without Booger, not sure we could have done it. So the Fact Booger flamed out right after that doesn't even matter to me. His 11 games in in 2006 in a system he was already familiar with was what we needed despartely that year, and in SB XLI. Next year, Corey shows up to Colts camp for 2007 at over 320 punds (remember Polian had supposedly 'bought' a small fast DT pass rusher as an UT in the Colts Tampa 2? LOL!! ), and he immediately failed the physical. It wasn't too long after Irsay announces the Colts had then terminated the contract of Corey Simon. I'm not ever sure if the Colts won or lost the money battle, don't really care now. But anyone reading this story now understands Bill Polians's disdain from FA, and why he went to the HOF on his talent scouting acumen (even UDFA) and team building, not getting great FA deals done. To top it off, McFarland was furious for Polian getting him away from Tampa. Before I hear "Yeah, but we got him a Super Bowl Ring", I caution, he already had one with the Bucs, and it might have been his help that got us the ring (in a weird way), I've heard him on his radio show says he's way over it now, and He and Bill have patched things up, so all is good there. Bill Polian is on record saying this incident was a huge mistake and is reason number 1 why he is/was the way he was regarding the free agent market.. He says you learn to stick to the things you do well, and going out on the FA market and bringing in guys is not what we did well. So if Poe's story is looking anything like this Corey Simon saga, I'm in your corner. Otherwise, I Think Ballard's knowledge of the player, his work ethic, etc. will trump fears of another Corey Simon drama. EDIT: Simon joined the Titans after the Colts released him. He played 4 of the 6 Titans games, then retired. He reported his ailment with the Colts and Titans was Polyarthritis. Again, sorry for length, but a good story that answer lots of questions.
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    Bad combine, fumbling issues, shoulder issues, off the field issues, the devaluation of RBs in general, etc Cook is a 2nd round guy in my opinion
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    If you've got a top level quarterback you shouldn't need to surround them with superstars. They should be able to raise the performance standard of average players. You should be able to be creative. On the other side of the ball if you can give your exceptional quarterback a very good defense then you're on the right lines to be successful on my view.
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    Nice find. If Irsay send his jet, Poe can't leave without Irsay saying ok. Just kidding, interesting little piece of info though.
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    Also a deep RB class. 30th ranked D needs more work then a few good FA signings. We need stars on our D
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    I am somewhat surprised by the negative comments toward Allen. His biggest problem was that he couldn't stay healthy, I'm not sure that you can blame him for that. When healthy he was a good TE, not great but good. Personally, I wish him nothing but the best in New England, he seems like a good guy on and off the field. On a side note, I also wish people would get away from calling players garbage, worthless, saying they suck, etc. Of all the players playing football from high school on, these few made it to the highest level of play, the NFL. They do not suck, they are not worthless and they are not garbage, at least as far as their ability to play football.
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    You're going to be awfully disappointed when we don't draft Dalvin in the first.
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    Doesn't bother me at all. Don't think it's a dig at the Colts either. Guy doesn't want to be a blocker all the time
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    If anyone should know what Poe is worth, if he's in good shape, injury situation, etc., it's Ballard.
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    I don't care if he is on the Pats now, he wont be a factor at all on that team. They have so many receivers and Gronk, Allen will be an after thought on this team. His putrid block on Clowney was the one single HUGE play that cost us the game here IMO. His drop vs Jacks on 4th and 1 was what cost that game too. If he catches that more than likely we go down and win the game. He cant stay healthy either, Doyle is clearly the better TE.
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    It is my hope as well Brother. The back issues concern me.
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    This free agency period is going exactly as you predicted. Which guy did we bring in that brought you back? Was it Mingo? Just busting your chops. The fact poe hasn't been signed yet is curious. Teams know something we don't. If he leaves without a contract, I'm good with him going elsewhere
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    I don't think he missed much time, but his play wasn't the same this year. I have a feeling he will sign a one year "prove it" deal with any team he signs with.
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    Do you follow the team much? Moncrief played in ALL 16 games his first two years... and he missed 7 games last year with a BROKEN SHOULDER. That doesn't make him a guy with a health problem, or being "nicked up"... Moncrief has no attitude problems. Where do you get this stuff? And when he's played, he's been productive. He's going to be paid and he's going to be paid by the Colts. Be prepared to be disappointed.
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    Alright so it turns out that the Colts advanced coverage stats are more elusive than I would have thought. I will continue looking later today but I thought I would come in with some other information for comparison that gives a little of perspective in the meantime Keuchly has been sitting around a 50 passer rating his way over the last few years which is the best mark in the NFL for LBs. His salary for 2017 is currently at 12.7M, which is around the price tag that Hightower is speculated to command. QBs have an 87.3 Passer rating when throwing against Gerald Hodges of SF, who also graded as the 13th Run defender in the NFL as well as the 10th best pass rusher for MLBs. He will definitely come cheaper than 12M/yr, with his market value being speculated at 4-6M/ Yr. That being said he put up a QB rating of 114.3 the year before, so the question arises as to whether this was a statistical anomaly or is it simply him coming into his stride. I would guess that it is the latter, as he has been improving over the last few years, Giving Qb ratings of 125.5, then 114.3 and then 87.3 in the last 3 years. I am not implying that Hightower is a bad player, because that would be a lie. He is a great run defender and below average pass defender that makes up for it by having some pass rush ability. I like him, I am just not sure I like him enough to pay him like he is a Keuchly level player. If his price tag went down to like 7-9M/ Yr I would be all for it.
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    As they are learning, practically everyone on this defense is expendable. You have the 31st ranked secondary and the 32nd ranked front seven. If you lose someone, what's the worst that could happen?
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    I think it's likely Cook is there at 15. Average combine, fumbles, injury concern, maybe some character issues. Throw in his low positional value.....yeah.
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    Fleener and Allen are not close to being the same type of players
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    This is an ignorant statement.
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    Serviceable? I absolutely hate this opinion from colts fans.
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    WAS. He was nowhere near as good last year as he was his first few years. He went from an insane 3-down NT to a rotational 2-down player that wasn't even that great at stopping the run. If the surgery gets him back into form, I'd take the old Poe, but I want no part of last year's...especially at the price he'll command.
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    I trust Ballard knows more about Poe than any of us here, so i'll trust him regardless of if we sign him or not. I would really like to have Poe in the trenches on our defense though.
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    I side w Allen slightly, our offense looks primitive at points ... Andrew Luck runs a 4.6 40, 'supposedly' one of the most cerebral to play the position & still hasn't been given the reigns. If we don't incorporate some quick hitting patterns & just show ability to stress a defense horizontally as well as vertically (less of this wrks for me) Idk what to think anymore. long story short ... ughhhh Chud get it together
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    He's been durable all of his career. He's one of those rare physical specimen's at NT that seems to be in good shape. He commands double teams and is a natural clogger of runner lanes. I think he's well worth a long term deal.
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    I fully believe our first round pick will be on defense
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    I took this to mean he felt he was under utilized as a receiver & asked to block most of the time.
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    I thought the same thing when I first read the tweet.
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    I hope like hell we get him. Hes one of the best D linemen in the game still. Hope Ballard can make it happen.
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    Assumng he is s valuable piece, I'd much prefer a two or three year deal. Rather have a solid, signed core than be scrambling every year.
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    That's actually quite interesting, for my attitude is, as long as they don't utterly cash strap themselves cap-wise, which would then prevent ongoing moves to continue to improve, I really could not care less what a player is signed for, as long as he is a key signing to noticeably improve the team. As a fan wanting to see the team WIN, I would never quibble over a guy being signed for $13M per year instead of $10M per year. As long as that extra $3M does not strap the team, who cares, really?! Not like the dough is coming from mine or your wallets. lol
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    If poe was a superstar, He wouldn't be unemployed currently
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    Pay the man 8-10 million all guaranteed with 2 more million in incentives. 2 year contract. With the second year being a team option for 12-13 million year (if he pans out to be what we expect). And if he does pans out, give him a the contract he deserves.