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    Will be doing something different this month. And putting out songs instead of trivia to keep trivia thing fresh in my head. For off season.
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    For some reason, I can't add this to the status update you sent me earlier. Let's try another crack at it. I really like this song called "Grey" CC1. Cody has a nice voice & this song has a surreal Spanish vibe to it. Life is black n white just various shades of grey right Mr. Jinks? I like it.
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    Yeah PG! That is exactly what we need down the stretch. Wish he would take it in the paint more but those were some big time shots.
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    Thank goodness we didn't extend him. We'll be looking for another starting point guard this offseason.
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    I don't want Teague on this team if he's not going to play defense and miss completely wide OPEN threes.
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    Ellis for 3! When the Pacers are hitting the 3 and Turner plays with fire on Defense they are really good, now up 54-42 over the Lakers. I will flip between this game and the Baseball game.
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    Old school metal for Halloween weekend.