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    You really want a guy that just inexplicably walked away from his job in the middle of the season to be our next head coach?
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    Bridgewater is all that is missing IMO. This season the Vikes were ready. Is it falling apart? I was a manager for 22 years and what would have happened if I walked off of my shift and said this is not working. WOW!!! I do think he looks sick, but then again so do I....:)
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    Actually giving this some thought would lead to the conclusion that Norv Turner should not be the next head coach for any team.
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    Oh, Dear God..... just shoot me now! If we were going to make an OC the HC after firing Pagano, it would more likely be Rob Cghudzinski than Norv Turner. And at this point neither is going to happen.
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    No. he was the death of one the greatest rbs of our generation out in San Diego
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    Will be doing something different this month. And putting out songs instead of trivia to keep trivia thing fresh in my head. For off season.
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    Doesn't appear so. What an odd thing to do, especially considering that they're a pretty decent football team right now.
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    His teams became notorious for their incredibly slow starts. No thanks to Norv as our head coach
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    That was my thoughts after I read the press release. Says he cites "personal reasons"
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    For some reason, I can't add this to the status update you sent me earlier. Let's try another crack at it. I really like this song called "Grey" CC1. Cody has a nice voice & this song has a surreal Spanish vibe to it. Life is black n white just various shades of grey right Mr. Jinks? I like it.
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    Yeah PG! That is exactly what we need down the stretch. Wish he would take it in the paint more but those were some big time shots.
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    Thank goodness we didn't extend him. We'll be looking for another starting point guard this offseason.
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    I don't want Teague on this team if he's not going to play defense and miss completely wide OPEN threes.
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    Ellis for 3! When the Pacers are hitting the 3 and Turner plays with fire on Defense they are really good, now up 54-42 over the Lakers. I will flip between this game and the Baseball game.
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    I rarely do this, but I want to kind of point out some of the mantras the Colts live by in words, but never seem live by it enough in practice for my liking. Some of this is Grigson and other parts of it are just the staff in general. Mantra #1 "You Can Never Have Enough Pass Rushers" This is the biggest area that I'm unsatisfied with Grigs is putting competent pass rushers on the team. He's always quotes the old adage about how "you can never have enough pass rushers". "If you have 3 then get 4. If you have 5 then get 6", but yet we never have any pass rushers! Mantra#2 "Run The Ball. Stop The Run" They've done an okay job with the D Line, but it seems fundamental to me if you're going to run a 3-4 defense you need some solid talent in your linebacking corps. Yet we are still waiting on that area to be addressed. Mantra#3 "Protect 12" I give him credit for addressing the offensive line, but my main complaint here is I don't think we do a good enough job with our schemes and adjusting to what's happening in game to reduce Lucks exposure to hits. Not enough emphasis on the run game like we should. Especially when we are clearly opening up holes. There were some nice sized holes we created against KC, but we seem to have this allergy to just lining up and pounding the rock for a few series to tire out the defense and control the clock. Instead we do it for 2 or 3 plays and then get back to launching the football down field, the protection breaks down and the result is a three and out. If you see the tackles are getting smoked in the 2 minute offense why not get more into the ground game, play action from under center. If you're going to stick with this 2 minute offense how about implementing more plays that invite pressure and roll with some consecutive draws, screens, and hitches? We've got 3 solid receivers so why not go with more max protections? We don't always need the tight ends out in the pattern. I'm not seeing enough done schematically and strategically to limit some of the issues. Mantra #4 "We Want An Agressive Attacking Defense" Then why are we playing so much soft zone and being selective about bringing pressure? Seemed to me almost every single time we brought some heat against KC it disrupted the pass and knocked off the timing. Too much lip service going on to me.
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