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    You really want a guy that just inexplicably walked away from his job in the middle of the season to be our next head coach?
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    To me, the most embarrassing is, the fans comments defending Pagano, Grigson and Irsay.
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    should have never let him go in the first place. Sign him and cut mcnary
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    Elway did not want to play for Robert Irsay and he had other options. Only a complete * though would compare a Robert Irsay run organization to a Jim Irsay run organization. I, like many, think Grigson is a bad GM, but making a bad hire does not mean it's a poorly run organization it just means it was a bad hire. It's obvious that Jim Irsay loves the Colts and the city if Indy and he has made it his life. Robert Irsay made it clear that he wanted to own a football team, he didn't care which team he owned, he did not care about the players or the organization, he only cared for what owning an NFL team did for him. But Jim Irsay, who does things like took a player, Gill, who played a few snaps in two games for the Colts in the regular season, when it was discovered had a serious drinking problem(found in a ditch, barefoot and unable to stand or talk), paid for his rehab and kept him on the roster so he would get a paycheck while going through rehab. Or giving a SB ring to Edge, because as Irsay told him, he may not have been on the active roster when the Colts won the Superbowl but he was still a Colt and responsible for helping the Colts get there. No, the Colts are in a spot because of some bad hires and bad decisions but that is not the same as a poorly run organization, especially not poorly run like his father did.
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    Thought this was worth posting. Reggie Wayne was an absolute monster. One of my favorites of the Luck era.
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    A look inside Ryan Grigson's office:
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    This team is a mess right now, and not because we are working out Nate but because we have to because we cut him in the first place.
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    Hello everyone from scenic Marco Island. Half day of sun and RG and I have summer tans back. Here we go. I love the Reds, Cubs, and Cards in the same order as most know. I have been greatly surprised by the class of the Cleveland Indians. We flew down with a die hard Indians fan, and could not have had a better flight (Unless of course Brother Jay was flying with us) talking baseball!! I was really sick yesterday flying down. I had a bad cold, but I took something that messed me up. I could not walk a straight line. We flew through ATL on the way down and my ears got totally closed. I was deaf for most of the day. Vertigo in it's utmost form. Thank God for Radiogirl. Both teams deserve to win. The Cubs are going with Hendricks and we know Lester will be 'in tow.' Hendricks has such a relaxed pitching effort that makes me feel he will stymie the Indians the first time around. He will show no nerves. Kluber will be doing something he has never done on 3 days. Believe me this is a big deal. He will come out pumped up to the max and get in trouble inning 1 or 2. I feel like Kyle Schwarber will catch one he likes and Ben Zobrist becomes the hero in some way. A hit, a great play. ARE YA READY FOR SOME BASEBALL????? I am now in love with both of these team's managers. With Francona and Maddon....they may use all of their pitchers. Good luck to all fans, but I wish I could have heard Harry Caray say Cubs Win..Cubs win Cubs win The WORLD SERIES!!!! 5-4 Cubs and it may go extra's....
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    Maybe they wanna make sure he's in shape and healthy?
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    This whole season is turning into a season where I'll just root for who ever can beat The Pats
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    I already regret engaging on this absolutely inane and thoughtless topic, but I can't help it... Why should Peyton be given control of anything, anywhere? Because he used to play for the Colts? That's not how it works, and it's not why/how Elway got control in Denver. John Elway is an experienced and accomplished businessman, with several successful businesses that he has owned and/or operated over the past 30 years. For seven years, he owned and ran a successful AFL team, and was eventually made chairman of the executive committee. Over a couple of years, he was offered and worked his way into a high level position with the Broncos, but wasn't calling all the shots. He had a head coach and a GM who were in charge of personnel. Elway's role was one of oversight and stewardship. It wasn't until 2012 that Elway became GM and was in charge of day to day football operations. That's 14 years after he retired, and spent all that time running businesses and learning team management and whatnot. He has never been a figurehead, he's a businessman who understands the business world, and understands the business of football. As much as anyone else, he has earned his position as GM of the Broncos. He wasn't given anything. Peyton Manning should not be given anything. If he wants to work in a front office or as a GM -- and there's no certainty that he does, by the way -- he should work his way into it, learn the business, work with some smart, experienced people, and get his bearings as an executive. Then maybe, at some point a few years down the line, he'll qualify for consideration. Until then, it's nonsensical to prattle on about Irsay not giving Manning control of his football team. /rant
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    We are ticked off at this team's horrible play this year by my God, can we stop with the personal assaults? (Pagano's an *, Grigson sucks, Irsay is on drugs and various assaults on players). To say the Colts have "thrown Luck under the bus" and "quit on the team" coming from this fan base is a little hypocritical, judging by all the finger pointing and quitting going on this forum....
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    Awesome post!!! Hope you shake off the sickness and you guys have a great vacation!!!! Harry Caray will be smiling down on us and cheering from Wrigleyville North my friend!!!!!
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    I rarely do this, but I want to kind of point out some of the mantras the Colts live by in words, but never seem live by it enough in practice for my liking. Some of this is Grigson and other parts of it are just the staff in general. Mantra #1 "You Can Never Have Enough Pass Rushers" This is the biggest area that I'm unsatisfied with Grigs is putting competent pass rushers on the team. He's always quotes the old adage about how "you can never have enough pass rushers". "If you have 3 then get 4. If you have 5 then get 6", but yet we never have any pass rushers! Mantra#2 "Run The Ball. Stop The Run" They've done an okay job with the D Line, but it seems fundamental to me if you're going to run a 3-4 defense you need some solid talent in your linebacking corps. Yet we are still waiting on that area to be addressed. Mantra#3 "Protect 12" I give him credit for addressing the offensive line, but my main complaint here is I don't think we do a good enough job with our schemes and adjusting to what's happening in game to reduce Lucks exposure to hits. Not enough emphasis on the run game like we should. Especially when we are clearly opening up holes. There were some nice sized holes we created against KC, but we seem to have this allergy to just lining up and pounding the rock for a few series to tire out the defense and control the clock. Instead we do it for 2 or 3 plays and then get back to launching the football down field, the protection breaks down and the result is a three and out. If you see the tackles are getting smoked in the 2 minute offense why not get more into the ground game, play action from under center. If you're going to stick with this 2 minute offense how about implementing more plays that invite pressure and roll with some consecutive draws, screens, and hitches? We've got 3 solid receivers so why not go with more max protections? We don't always need the tight ends out in the pattern. I'm not seeing enough done schematically and strategically to limit some of the issues. Mantra #4 "We Want An Agressive Attacking Defense" Then why are we playing so much soft zone and being selective about bringing pressure? Seemed to me almost every single time we brought some heat against KC it disrupted the pass and knocked off the timing. Too much lip service going on to me.
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    I agree that this club has tremendous pressure on it to win because it's so important to this city. So much heritage and so long without a championship! Nothing would make me happier than for the Cubs to pull this out. But, either way, I'm proud of this team and what they have already accomplished. Go Cubs!
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    Can I give this a half like???? HA!
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    We win all our remaining home games and win at the Jets and the falling Vikings. We face Bengals in the WC at the LOS and beat them as usual. We then go to Denver and Luck has a monster game and we win in overtime. For the AFCCG we go to New England. Brady gets locked in the portable toilet with the ball boy and misses the game. Jimmy Garappolo bangs his head on a secret camera and is out due to concussion. Jacoby Brissett starts and drives the Pats on a last minute come from behind series until Josh McNary makes a game winning tackle as time expires to send the Colts to Houston. Nah, only kidding......about the Josh McNary tackle.
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    Good luck! Can't wait to watch the game tonight. The series has been a classic -- the stuff that gets talked about fifty years later. There will be a "30 for 30" feature on it. Hope the best team wins. As a NL fan, I am rooting for the Cubs but the Indians have been great too.
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    Maybe so but if this season is indeed lost, we might as well keep him out there gaining experience. Also, who do we replace him with? Farley?
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    I will just copy and paste my post from NFL General from a thread there. We are screwed. We are going TO Green Bay which is basically the NFLs golden boy movie set. And they don't lose often at home and are coming off a high scoring 1 point loss on the road. And Rodgers is going to go wild on us and Luck will be sacked 20 times. Our only hope is a snow storm which also helps the Packers and hurts us. But, it's still going to be a fun game full of grit, guts and chopping wood and rolling balls of butcher knives and a lot of heart. And when it's over Irsay is going to say we should have won but the ball didn't bounce our way 10 to 15 times.
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    No. But we're not which is the point. Should've, could've , would've is loser talk 101. Everyone "could've" won this game or that one in hindsight. Could've doesn't win championships though. Could've won that Patriots game last year too but...
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    There was absolutely no way Reggie Wayne was going to let Green Bay beat us that day. Unbelievable performance. Also, did I hear the commentator correctly? It was 21-3 at halftime and we beat them 30-27? That's a 27-6 showing in the 2nd half. Great stuff.
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    Maybe so, but there's definitely a sense of childish entitlement amongst Colts fans that kind of irks me from time to time. Like having a bad season every now and then is somehow beneath us, it's silly. And I'll only say that because I know that I've been guilty of it myself, especially if I wander into the forum after a loss and have had a couple cocktails. But at the same time I also root for other teams in other sports, some of them awful (Cincinnati Reds), so these couple of subpar Colts seasons won't even phase me to be honest. But when people are threatening to "boycott the team," or I see the home crowd leaving last week's game in the 4th quarter with 9 minutes left? C'mon, that's just weak. We all have an emotional attachment to the team and want to see them win every week, but I think not winning an automatic 12 games every year like in the Manning days is good for perspective too. Everyone here could use a little of that in my opinion.
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    Bridgewater is all that is missing IMO. This season the Vikes were ready. Is it falling apart? I was a manager for 22 years and what would have happened if I walked off of my shift and said this is not working. WOW!!! I do think he looks sick, but then again so do I....:)
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    Actually giving this some thought would lead to the conclusion that Norv Turner should not be the next head coach for any team.
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    Oh, Dear God..... just shoot me now! If we were going to make an OC the HC after firing Pagano, it would more likely be Rob Cghudzinski than Norv Turner. And at this point neither is going to happen.
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    No. he was the death of one the greatest rbs of our generation out in San Diego
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    I had this team done after they went down 3-1. I thought the bats were not going to come alive but for some reason they did. I'm not sure why. Cubs need to jump on Kluber fastballs tonight and set the tone early. Lay off the breaking balls. Go to the Ump and see if you can get an early feel for how he is going to call the game tonight
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    I agree with a lot of what SkyBane is saying. There's a lot of trollish baiting going around. Only unlike a few other football blogs I visit, people seem to get caught up in it here a lot. I think the Mods are doing a good job of merging threads. For the excessively negative posts though you just gotta try to ignore and move on, because there are people who are willing to have an actual discussion who voice their problems. On the flip side though, there are quite a few instances where those posters with actual opinions get unfairly tossed in with the bad eggs. We're all here to talk football and that entails the good and the bad, and when we're playing like we have been it's probably gonna lean toward the latter. That's just the way fandom goes. Only other thing to do is to not feed the trolls which is a given on the internet.
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    GAME 7 HERE WE COME!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!! Proud of this team for not giving up even when it looked near impossible!!! Down but not out and tonight we hit them with an UPPERCUT!!!
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    The whole situation was just stupid to begin with. Nobody is mistaking Nate Irving for Ray Lewis but he's a better player than Mcnary. What in the world made them keep Josh over Irving I dont even know. You want to stop the run and you cut the run stuffing backer for a guy who can't.
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    I really like PFF, but I don't know how Castonzo is getting so much praise. I think his play has been pretty bad. This was also confusing for me. How does Luck rank third (as the title states) if he's "only behind Tom Brady". Wouldn't that make him 2nd? And how does a score of 88.9 come in just shy of his highest score, which was 88.4? Wouldn't he be on pace to have his best season ever, by those metrics?
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    No we're not career football people... or whatever you seem to be going for here. Of course we're not directors or producers either, but we can tell when a movie sucks. Neither are we music industry people, but we can tell when a song sucks. No one goes to a bad movie and thinks, well, I better not give my opinion on this piece of crap because these directors and producers know more about movie making than I do. Similarly, an NFL game is entertainment, nothing more, nothing less, and the consumers of that entertainment, those who purchase tickets, merchandise, pay for DirecTV, etc., will, until the end of time, point out crap when they see it and have wasted hard earned money on it. Beyond that, I fail to understand why some have this compulsion - a Colts fan's duty - to defend Grigson and Chuck. Grigson and Chuck are no more the Colts to me than Lindy Infante and Jim Mora were the Colts. I was a Colts fan long before they arrived. I'll be a Colts fan long after they are gone.
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    First we book flights to Houston for the SB, then we buy tickets to watch New England dismantle the Cowboys 38-16.
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    I have to in my healthcare job because my "product" is people's lives. Even if I didn't i probably would anyway, but in my position it is expected and morally correct. The patients have nothing to do with my boss being a * or not.
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    I work to my own standards. But I do see your point. It is very discouraging to not be able to achieve more because of the way things are managed. When that happens, I start looking elsewhere. As far as changing now, I don't see the point of that. A commitment was made a plan was made. So far, it's not looking good but I think it deserves the season. Anyway, it's not like there's somebody out there right now that we want to step in and take the reigns. Not that I know of anyway. We all know too well there are no quick fixes. If there is a chance we pull this together and get things headed in the right direction, I sure would prefer that to starting all over again. These guys know what they need to do and they've been given the opportunity and committed to it. I'd honor that. Perhaps I'm just tired of people always wanting to fire people. Lots of people have been fired in recent years.
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    Im not a Cubs fan but I am a fan of Baseball and a purist my hats off to them. They were the best team in baseball this year but the accomplishment pales if they don't finish. My hats off to the Indians as well they made quick work of some good teams in the playoffs , and I knew coming in they would give the Cubs all they wanted. I actually thought them to be slight favorites because of Home field and were red hot.Also got to stick with the NL Central so I guess that makes me a fan for now.
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    I hope the Cubs win to extend the baseball and the Cubs season. Go beat the Pack next week. I think the Colts can do it. Luck >> Rodgers; Gore >>> (whatever they have at RB). They have tons of injuries in their secondary.... We beat the Texans for ya. You owe us one.
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    Cleveland pitching has been outstanding bolt down the hatches this may be going 7 , I like the Cubs today with Lackey going. I knew going in this was no cakewalk
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    I have to believe the Cubs bats will come alive at some point. They need to jump on Klubers fastballs
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    While watching the game tonight, the broadcasters announced that one of my favorite Mets players, Curtis Granderson, had won the Roberto Clemente Award for his charitable work and his contributions to the community. The award "recognizes the player who best represents baseball through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions both on and off the field." Congrats to the Grandyman. You are a class act and you make us Mets fans proud.
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    This team is in trouble with no signs of it being over anytime soon
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    Irsay loses no matter what he says. Look, I'm very disappointed too, kinda in a daze about how the season has gone. But a couple months ago, almost all of us were excited about the potential of the team. Sure, LB was a concern, and still is, but most of us were excited about the OL, DL, CBs, WR, etc.. We were hit with a TON of injuries, and I just don't see a chemistry on D. Perhaps partly players, a new coaching staff, etc has had a part of that but just better tackling would go a long way too. On the bright side, the OL, imo, has done as well as could be expected. Our main problem is at the defensive point of attack (DL) , where we've had injuries. And at pass rush which we knew we were weak going in. I' thinking (or hoping) that the OL will improve more, and so will the DL (somewhat) with Anderson and Jones getting back in the swing (hopefully). Sure we're gonna have to count on Andrew "slinging it", but that's who we are right now. If we win this week, we still have a chance if we get healthy or at least healthier, beat all three at home later, and win 60% to 70% of the rest. At this point , that's where we're at. We really don't need much more from the D. I feel it's achievable. The D could not have played any worse at times. And don't forget the unknowns we've had in the secondary. If these guys just tackle on an average level, we're a dangerous team again. I, for one, am hoping for that outcome. (Crazy or not)
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    Oh dear lord we are gonna be stuck with these 2 dumbcause Irsay is stupid enough to think they are gonna magically turn into HOFs.
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    Well when we could have been 6-0 AND we are 2-4 instead thats more reason to fire pagano!!! Good coaches win close games, Bad coaches lose them.

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