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    I usually just read, and I am not even usually signed in to post. But I just had to. Are you seriously grading our offensive linemen from the preseason? When the entire line is learning a new zone system, as well as playbook? Are you seriously grading our offensive line with a rookie Center, who still hasn't even played any pro games outside of the preseason? I think everyone needs to relax, and slow down. Thanks.
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    We don't have our first string D-line..... No Anderson, Jones or Langford. And we don't have our top-SIX cornerbacks. When does that ever happen? Our o-line is a work in progress. This is the same Chuck Pagano who led a team without Andrew Luck for half a season to an 8-8 record using their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th string QB's. This is NOT a Chuck Pagano problem. This is a talent shortage problem. A game like this was to be expected. It would've been a surprise if it didn't happen. Nagano may not be great, but the problems we had tonight are not about Chuck Pagano.
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    See? Patience is a virtue. Glad no one prematurely overreacted.
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    Are you seriously calling for a new coaching staff when we essentially replaced almost the entire staff this off season? You haven't even seen a full game to make that judgement. You have not even seen our real defense in its true form. And you have only seen vanilla scheme from the coordinators. And you cannot blame a ligament injury due to turf on a S/C coach. Please stop.
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    I'd be in favor of reducing the pre-season games to two. But, under no circumstances am I ever in favor of increasing the number of regular season games. 16 is the magic number. Not 20, and not 18. 16. Oh, and you can also increase the roster size. I'd prefer 60, but I'd accept as little as 55. And if the PS went up to 12 from it's current 10, that would be a good thing too.
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    People take the pre-season way too seriously.
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    And run the football..... God, do we need to be able to run the damned football....
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    This is getting so old so fast. I know we all think we are smarter than the GM or coach but it's only preseason. Really, another thread about a hopeless season, poor coaching and a terrible GM. And we haven't played a meaningful game yet. It's a long season. Let's play it and see what happens.
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    its just too easy to lump-kin together
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    That poor guy got his teeth knocked out for nothing . . .
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    There is a difference between disagreeing with someone's opinion and saying they don't have a right to say it. Jvan simply called him an *.
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    I've seen enough preseason football to know better. They've finished on the other end of this spectrum too with strong preseason play followed by a bad season. Historically speaking, the Colts do not sacrifice their vets in order to win meaningless games. On paper this team is superior to last season's. I'm still highly optimistic.
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    Last time the Colts played Seattle they won. Colts beat the Super Bowl champs last year too. In fact I believe the Colts are 3-1 against Manning's Denver teams. They have the ability to compete with the elite at times I think depending on matchups. There does need to be greater team consistency however as I also know of many games where the Colts where down by 21 points before halftime.
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    Typical. irsay and Grigs get bashed for doing nothing or bringing in people. they just can't win with some of these "fans". its embarrasing really: calm down. Unless one is deaf, dumb, and blind, they should clearly see the organization is make ng the effort to improve. its funny, billy boy brings in a player and he's a genius. If Grigs brings in the SAME PLAYER, some "fans" would be calling for his head. it must reasly suck to live in that negative world.
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    Just peaked my head outside and it appears the sky has stopped falling.
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    And I'll enjoy every minute of it, good or bad.
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    Can we just start an official Grigson/Pagano hate topic that's pinned already? It seems like this topic is started every week. I'm not saying the criticism isn't warranted but I don't think there needs to be so many new posts about them.
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    Wow clicked on this topic to read about Mewhorts update, wasn't expecting Jerry Springer!
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    Get a grip. This is what happens when your top SIX cornerbacks are out and your top THREE defensive lineman are out. This was to be expected. It would've been a surprise if it didn't happen.
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    Brock looked decidedly average last season, he even got benched. Now, all of a sudden he's Joe Montana after a score of preseason snaps. Call me Mr Tibbs, but I'm not shaking in my boots just yet.
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    One thing is certain - I've completely given up any thought of competing with New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle, whoever... the NFL's elite. For probably the first time since its inception, I'm thinking AFC South only. I'm concerned about competing with Tennessee, Jacksonville and Houston. Not exactly where you hoped to be 5 years into this process.
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    Turbin actually looked good yesterday. I'd keep him over anybody other than Gore.
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    We lost our qb for most of the year last year and didn't finish last in the division. It isn't gonna happen this year either
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    This is putting a bandaid on a compound fracture? We have plenty of quality running backs but our O line cannot create holes. Makes you wonder how Irsay will feel about retaining our coach and GM should we have another lackluster running game or God forbid or if Luck has another major injury
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    I don't think Griswold was cut, I think he's on VACATION. Thank you, I'm here all week. Please tip your servers.
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    Like corgi said, he's tried. Some will not be happy with his efforts, but it's not like he's neglected the OL. Castonzo is good, he drafted Mewhort (can't predict injuries), tried several guys at C including Satele, Holmes, and Harrison before drafting Kelly, RG has been a problem but he's also tried guys like Herremans (who I thought would be a good player for us) and Donald Thomas (who I thought would be good as well), and we have Reitz and Good at RT. Not only that, but he brought in a handful of guys with this year's draft. Building an OL, or a team for that matter, isn't as simple as just bringing guys in. Tons of things factor into it, like injuries, system fits, coaching fits, etc.
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    Alot of finger pointing, and making it personal going on here. This shouldn't be about anyone on this forum. This is about Kap and what he did, or didn't do depending on how you're looking at it. It will work itself out as far as he is concerned. But of course, that is just my opinion.
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    Kaep says he feels the country is oppressing people of color. That is why he didn't stand during the anthem. So... he gets paid millions of dollars to play football. Tell me how this country is oppressing you... Lol. What a joke.
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    Irvin doesn't realize that Reggie is his replacement.
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    Really this couldn't have gone here? Or do we need 16 separate threads for "are you worried about week X"?
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    Here we go...... again. The Colts were without the following.... Their top three defensive lineman. Jones, Anderson and Langford. Their top SIX cornerbacks. Including Davis, Robinson, Cromartie, Butler and Smith. The OL is still rounding into shape and the Mewhort injury certainly didn't help. Are you aware of ANY OF THIS? Because if you are, then you shouldn't have written your posts. Your posts make no sense if you're aware of the Colts injuries. It's a long season. This season was going to be difficult even in the best of circumstances. And so far, with all the injuries, we're far from the best circumstances. Take a deep breath. We're all going to have to ride out the storm together.....
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    Did Saturday look promising? No ,absolutely not. Do we have a TON of injuries? Yes Is it time to just sit Luck for safety and throw the season away, without playing a single regular season game? No Time to panic? No Let's wait till we see it all come together or fall apart before we start looking at the sky is falling. That said, if IF IF the Colts fail to win the division and make the playoffs, I think we're looking at completely new management and at least a new head coach. But it's not time to call for firings.......just yet.
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    Keith Lumpkin is the OT. Ricky Lumpkin was the DT, he was already cut. This is why I've always said, "You can't have more than one Lumpkin on your team."
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    Paul Kruger, Pagano has worked with him. Might be useful for situational purposes, IMO.
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    Swoope looks pretty good right now. Still has some work to do in the run game, but overall he looks pretty good.
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    Are all of the injuries a concern? heck yeah but count me out of the whole sky is falling mindset. Every team has key injuries they have to deal with. As long as 12 is under under center I feel confident in our chances. One game at a time folks. Next man up, make no excuses.
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    There's a difference..... No one is trying to eliminate the 1st amendment..... No one is calling for a ban on not standing for the anthem... no one is saying he shouldn't have that paint on his check because it looks scary, or that he should be able to wear cleats to give hI'm better traction and thus faster speed. Now if you wanna turn this into a political debate, pm me. I'm sure ive already pushed that envelope enough for this thread. It is his right to not stand for the anthem. He has every right to say why or why not. However, it is an unAmerican thing to do and whether we like it or not, he is ambassor of an AMERICAN sport. Where he is paid in AMERICAN dollars under the veil of freedom provided to his priveleged butt by the blood shed by AMERICANS of all colors, ethnicgroups and creeds. No what he chose to do here was to act like a fool and protest in response to let's face it, a few less career criminals on the streets.
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    No jeff George would have sucked no matter what
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    It is still mind boggling to think in the 55 Regular Season games that Andrew Luck has played the Colts have only had 1 game where a RB went over 100 Yards. In the 6 Playoff games Andrew has played the Colts have had 0. In 61 games, Andrew still is 38-23 as a starter despite that shocking fact.
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    Lol bi polar eyes.. This whole thing is amazing but this has me dying
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    So, I am assuming you basically just came here to start an argument with Jvan then? Because this has nothing to do with the thread.
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    Roster cuts are coming. Hope he has another gig lined up.

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