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    Question: Did you create a 2nd account just so you could quote and agree with yourself? I ask because I'm comparing both the Tomy and Indy B accounts and they both are fairly new accounts with nearly identical post counts and both visited the forum exactly "18 hours ago", as of this post. It just seemed funny reading your enthusiasm over Indy B's topic.
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    Does Peyton have magic beans, that miraculously grow offensive lineman and non-injured cornerbacks?
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    Time to bring #18 back to run the Colts Org!
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    It's done. It will not affect the team's attitude toward him. We've been down this road a few times, which is why I stayed out of this thread and the Joey Bosa thread at the Charger's forum. A month from now a year from now people will forget he even held out. He'll be ready - he's a hard worker and was impressive in camp earlier this year. The vets couldn't stop talking about his work ethic an professionalism. Now his mother on the other hand....
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    Agreed my friend. I love Peyton as much as anybody, but he has zero experience in doing this. For all we know he could be a train wreck of a GM. Also, the chance the Colts could have to fire Peyton at some point is a good enough reason to not do it. Could you imagine this forum if Peyton was fired from being the GM?
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    IMO if he had 3 seasons of 11-5 and 1 8-8 some here would want to build him a statue . Some just hate Grigson & will never be happy ..
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    New GM already after week 3 of the pre-season? At least lets see how we do in week1 vs the Lions when it counts.
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    Palm to forehead in 3 , 2 , 1 .............. the same people calling for Grigs head will be hating on Peyton. you know they will.
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    Lets just look at the pros and cons of this. The pros, He would be relentless in the pursuit of perfection,He has earned the respect off anyone important in football, The players would play to his expectations or not play at all, He knows FOOTBALL, The cons, cant thank of any.I would give him the reins NOW. To bad Jim owns the Colts or #18 would be the GM HC and play when needed. You will be sorry when he takes over the broncos!
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    Not correct... Georgia Frontirere (spelling ?) Rams
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    I imagine he will pass most of the control over to his daughter, which I believe would be an NFL-first having a female owner. Madden would have to put her face in the game.
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    If we lose week 1 against Detroit, I might lock my laptop away for a week....
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    Irsay's daughter actually helps run the team so I agree.
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    If a change had to be made I wouldn't mind Harbaugh being hired as a head coach but not combined with the GM position. I think Myles is right about Manning being the GM would be better. A lot of fans wouldn't second guess him and berate him as much as another GM just because of a bad pick or trade going south. I could be wrong but IMO I don't see either men taking a position with the Colts anytime soon.
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    If a change needs to be made I would love to see Harbaugh take complete control. I am a Harbaugh guy and think he is a tremendous HeadCoach on both the College and Pro level. I doubt he ever leaves Michigan though. Harbaugh would be the perfect Coach for Luck as well IMO, he was in College. Harbaugh is a fan favorite here as well because of his 1995 Season so he has Indiana ties.
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    I don't really advocate firing Grigson. I just think that if the need is there, Manning would be a wonderful candidate.
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    I hate when people make it sound like being a GM of a football team is easy. There is a lot more to it than just signing, trading and drafting. You gotta overlook the cap, manage contracts, scout players, hire the correct staff, build a solid relationship with said staff, create healthy relations with players and agents, and many more things. And while GMs have a lot of people working with them (scouts, Assistant GMs, etc), any sort of personnel decision or transaction, good or bad, will fall onto them (for the most part). So whilst I love Peyton Manning (GOAT), thinking that he would do a better job at managing this football club than Grigson is just absurd. and btw, not saying Grigson is a good GM, and not saying Peyton CAN'T be a good GM. Just that this idea, at this point, is beyond asinine
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    I would like to see him manage just QB's first. Then move up in the coaching ranks a little to see how he does before throwing him the entire reigns of an NFL franchise.
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    People have short term memory loss after losing Peyton Manning & a disaster in 2011 we went 11-5, 3 seasons in a row & even without Andrew Luck last year 8-8 it could of definetly been worse as you point out . I was just reading this & I'm providing this link for those dogging Grigson while I respect Peyton Manning he at this time as GM is a joke .. http://www.colts.com/team/staff/Ryan-Grigson/d89d12a6-623d-4ccb-ae8b-9c3e20720b50
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    Come on man. I told you guys this would happen. Coaches/GM fire threads before the season even starts.
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    These threads after a pre-season game are becoming asinine. Hard to take some of them seriously
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    Alright, I'll humour you. On what basis should we bring in Peyton? He literally retired this offseason. As far as we know, he has 0 experience in drafting guys, free agency, managing contracts, working trades, etc. You can't bring him in and give him 100% control right away. That's asking for disaster
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    I am ALL in for Peyton as GM. It would be a WIN for the Colts org, team and Indy for years to come.