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    Luck will be fine. Best decision the Colts have made in the last year is getting rid of Pep Hamilton.
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    From indystar Luck looks great When last we saw Luck between the lines, he was getting creamed by a pair of Denver Broncos linebackers, his kidney left with a season-ending laceration. Throw in the sore ribs and the earlier shoulder injury and Luck was a physical mess in 2015. On Tuesday, when Luck made a series of accurate downfield throws to his receivers, you saw nary a hint of what he endured last season. He said he currently has no physical limitations, meaning he won’t miss any of these valuable workouts in which the Colts are installing a new offense under coordinator Rob Chudzinski. “He looks really good,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “I think he’s in a good place.” It was hard to disagree. Luck threw the ball with good velocity and accuracy. The latter characteristic often eluded him in the seven games he played in 2015, so it bears mentioning. But this was, of course, just practice. There’s no risk of being decked by an oncoming linebacker. But after a tough 2015, Luck values even the little things. “When something’s taken away from you,” he said, “it does give you more appreciation of it.” Offensive line shaping up We don’t know how exactly the offensive line configuration will shake out this season. But with Hugh Thornton and Denzelle Good out with minor physical issues, the Colts went with Jon Harrison at right guard and Joe Reitz at right tackle. Ryan Kelly, the team’s first-round pick, is expected to be the starting center while tackle Anthony Castonzo and guard Jack Mewhort will man the left side. But the right side of the line remains in flux, with competition expected. Harrison is interesting. Barring injury, he clearly won’t be the starting center any longer. And we don’t know whether he’s got what it takes to be a full-time guard seeing how he’s only played there in one game in his two seasons as a pro. Prior to that, it had been quite some time since Harrison had played guard, but he thinks he has a shot. “In college, my first start was at left guard, but that was for just one game,” Harrison said. “After that I went to center. But so far, I’m really enjoying guard. I feel comfortable at all three interior positions. And I’m here to compete.” Ditto for Reitz. He started 10 games at right tackle last season and figured to have to fight for the right to do so again. But, for now, he’s holding his own. “If we had to line up tomorrow and Joe Reitz was our right tackle,” Pagano said, “I’d feel really good.” Alas, the Colts don’t play for another four months. So, things on the right side of the line will remain fluid. As for the other draft picks outside of Kelly, look for them to get opportunities in the coming weeks. For now, they’re still learning what to do. It’s too early to know whether they could be factors in the competition. Wide receiver battle We tend to overlook the wide receiver position when addressing the subject of position battles. But the truth is, there is a key battle unfolding in one of the Colts’ strongest units. While Hilton, Donte Moncrief and Phillip Dorsett are viewed as the top three receivers, the Colts have turned their attention to the fourth and, possibly, fifth spots. With the Colts moving on from aging Andre Johnson after one year, there’s a lack of proven depth in this position. The Colts are one injury away from a largely unknown player being their third receiver. (They got a not-so-subtle reminder of that when Dorsett went down Tuesday with what Pagano believed to be a hamstring injury.) So, who is the Colts’ fourth receiver? It could be Josh Boyce, Brian Tyms or Quan Bray, a trio that has 16 career receptions between them. Or, it could be none of those. In other words, it’s wide open. That was reflected in the performance of the backup receivers on Tuesday. The competition is already intense, with Boyce and Tyms, in particular, passing the eye test with some impressive catches that displayed reliable hands. Bray sat out Tuesday with an undisclosed injury. “It’s been fun to see those guys compete,” Luck said. “And as quarterbacks, you have to get reps with them. It’s the only way to learn about them.” Want to know how wide a net the Colts are casting? Consider: Twelve players on their 90-man roster are receivers. This is something that will bear watching through training camp and beyond. Replacing Freeman Another area the Colts have competition is inside linebacker. D’Qwell Jackson figures to start, but who replaces the departed Jerrell Freeman? Tuesday’s practice didn’t bring much clarity. With Jackson sitting out as a precaution, the Colts used the combination of Nate Irving and Sio Moore with the starting defense. Had Jackson been in the lineup, it’s anyone’s guess who the other starter would have been. But here’s an educated guess: Keep an eye on Irving. The Colts, remember, signed him to a notable three-year contract last season with a max value of $9 million. A torn knee ligament sustained in 2014 still hampered him last season, but the Colts are hopeful he now can return to the form he showed with the Broncos two years ago. “I don’t think Nate was ever 100 percent coming off that knee,” Pagano said. “I think, right now, he feels better than he’s ever felt from a physical standpoint since the surgery.” Chud’s offense Is Chudzinski’s offense a power-run, play-action scheme or an air-it-out, pass-first attack? The truth is, we don’t know and won’t know for quite some time. Installing individual plays is not tantamount to calling an actual game and showing tendencies. So it’s hard to draw real conclusions. But, for what it’s worth, the Colts really aired it out on Tuesday. We saw them aggressively push the ball down the field, often with a moving pocket – something that seems like a great idea to combine with Luck’s skill set and ability to throw on the run. The Colts didn’t do much in the way of running game work. Remember, Tuesday was just one of three practices this week. But the Colts, it would appear, will not be shy about throwing deep under Chudzinski.
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    Got a text from a friend who heard about it on Dan Dakich's show... Guess his reaction was originally that it was possibly more significant, I checked here no one had posted something, so I found & added the SB link where Pagano addressed the issue as not so serious... Thought if anyone else heard the news, or that it might be more serious, this link would clear that up... I rarely start topics, but sorry, next time I'll check with 'ya to see if it's 'thread worthy'
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    Just take a look around the internet at all the haters who don't even think the Colts will make the playoffs this year. It's astounding how many people have lost faith in the franchise after a year riddled with injuries. They must not have considered how we still almost won the division (Read Here). I'm confident that the Colts still have a strong hold on the division, and even that we will make the Super Bowl. Don't believe me?? Here's 5 reasons why! 1) Healthy Luck = Healthy Chances Looking back at last season, where we went 8-8 and didn't make the playoffs for the first time since Andrew Luck arrived, there is still reason to be positive. Luck is 3 for 3 on playoff appearances, not counting last year when he only played 7 of our 16 games. In his first three years, he led us to 11-5 records each season. That being said, I feel great about our chances of making the playoffs, even with the division rapidly improving. If Luck stays healthy (which he should behind a partially revamped line), who can't we beat??? Added to this the fact that Luck only played one game under new OC Rob Chudzinski (a win against the Super Bowl Champs), and you get a recipe for success! 2) Chuuuuuuud!!!!!! Let's fly back a bit to mid-season last year. Sitting 3-5 after a devastating loss in OT to Carolina in a game we could have won, the front office decided to fire OC Pep Hamilton. This was quite a shocking move to make halfway through the year, with many people believing we were just giving up. Enter interim OC Rob Chudzinski. In his first week with the Colts, with a semi-healthy Luck and a game against the best defense in the NFL (and widely considered one of the best ever), every odd was stacked against him. What ended up happening was that we caught a glimpse of just how powerful the Colts offense could be. Luck threw for 252 yards and a pair of touchdowns on 21 of 39 completed passes without an interception, while also having a passer rating of 98.4, his best of the season. Gore scrambled for 83 yards and a TD on 28 carries, and the ball was very well distributed, with 4 players over 3 receptions. Luck only got sacked once, showing the offensive line was improved under Chud's quick-moving scheme. After that huge win over the eventual Super Bowl Champions, Chud soared. Over the rest of the year, he lead the crippled Colts offense to a 5-3 record, 4-3 without Luck. And who can forget his preparation of Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley in the regular season finale against the Titans. With Chud's high-octane offense and a healthy Luck next year, the sky is the limit for this offense. 3) Finally, a Smart Draft by Irsay Now I don't want to knock Irsay at all. He's a great man with good intentions. He's just not very good when it comes to drafts. This year feels different, though. Usually, with only 8 draft picks, Owners and GMs tend to get as many playmakers as possible. Many people have frowned upon the Colts getting 4 offensive linemen in the draft, as they aren't exactly "playmakers". When you stop watching the game and watch the line, though, that's when you begin to see the real "playmakers". Providing huge blocks, preventing sacks, running their hearts out down field to try to block anybody they can to extend the play, linemen make up the heart of big plays. While the ball carrier gets all the credit for making the play happen, the behemoth men up front quietly rejoin the huddle, hoping they can get the chance to make it happen again. Their pride comes from knowing how they set up a block to extend the run or stopped a pass rush to allow the quarter back to make the magic happen. That's why I think Irsay got the real "playmakers" in the draft. Kelly will be an immediate upgrade, while Clark has the potential to be a stud once fully developed. Haeg and Blythe also have potential to be good starters in a few years. Irsay did a great job this year, and with everyone saying that we need to protect Luck, I'm surprised how well he accomplished it. Great job, Irsay!! 4) Undrafted Pass Rushers (Oh, and a drafted one) Going into the draft, many people saw pass rush as one of our top two positions of need. They were right, but they are overreacting to how we didn't get on until the last round. We still have a starting duo next year, and with the collective 200+ sacks between Cole and Mathis, the rookies will learn a ton this year. Don't forget that the rookie LB group accumulated a combined total of 33.5 sacks in the 2015 season (and thats only among 5 players). Plus, the recent story about the Colts Pass Rush for 2016 reveals that through the last 6 weeks of 2015, we led the league with 21 sacks! The other overlooked addition in the offseason is Hassan Ridgeway, who totaled 6 sacks in 2014, Add the Okine move to OLB with 5.5 CFL sacks and we have a young group with 45 sacks in one year of college or the CFL. We are going to get after the QB this year, as well as many years to follow. 5) Our Division Yes, the AFC South made a huge statement in the offseason with some big name acquisitions. Yes, the division does look a whole lot better than past years on paper. What you have to remember about this is our last offseason. We made huge waves in free agency, leading many to believe we would be the best team in the NFL. And if you recall, everyone was saying we looked "so much better on paper!" Boy were they wrong. This is the AFC South, where nothing ever seems to go right for anyone. The division won't blow up like everyone is saying. The Jags aren't going to win 12 plus games just because of Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, and a much improved defense. Even with that, they only went 5-11 last year. They can't get that much better with a few players. The Texans went out to grab Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller in free agency, and rounded out some rough edges on offense in the draft. Yes, they have JJ Watt. But will this put them out of reach for a team with one of the most high-octane offenses in the NFL. Doubtfully. And the Titans are going to do well a few years from now, but currently, they aren't anywhere threatening. With Luck back healthy, a better line, and Chud, we should go back to sweeping the division easily. Thanks for reading. This took me so long to write up so I hope you all enjoy! All you have to do now is believe! Here We Come, Super Bowl 51!!! GO BLUE!!!
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    You have a point, kind of... I'm just tickled that you are openly wondering if a Stanford grad is "learning impaired" You probably didn't mean it the way I took it, but I thought it was funny nonetheless...
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    I still say that conversation with Joe Philbin as he passes by Vontae Davis in the hallway is going to be SO awkward. Philbin will be like, "Oh uhh, Vontae, fancy meeting you here... So uhh, how's the Grandma?"
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    what else is there to talk about?
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    If Chud sent TY and Dorsett deep, send Allen and Doyle (or Moncrief) on intermediate routes, and send Gore or Turbin out for a swing pass, that'd be awfully hard to defend against. That doesn't even account for the possibility that Luck could take off running at any time.
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    Isn't he like 37 years old? Weren't we just preaching that we need to get younger? I love Freeney, but come on..
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    Our pass rushers are looking even worse than I expected.
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    Don't worry, those bandwagon fans and ESPN/NFL analysts will be right back on the train midway through the season.
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    Apparently, Philbon was offered the OL Coach job with the Giants. He and new HC Ben McAdoo are old friends and coached together. This story talks about picking the Colts over the Giants.... http://espn.go.com/blog/indianapolis-colts/post/_/id/16806/joe-philbin-passed-up-giants-job-to-be-back-in-the-midwest-protect-andrew-luck One last thing..... ESPN.com lists the "most important off-season acquisition" for each NFL team. For the Colts, it wasn't a player, either a free agent signing or a draft pick. It was Joe Philbin! I think that's a good sign, and hope it turns out to be true....
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    You said Luck doesn't function in panic mode. I don't know what you're talking about. Luck makes tons of plays both when the game is tight and when the pocket breaks down. What about his INTs? What are you trying to say? I always love the suggestion that if a QB leads a comeback that it's only because he played poorly to begin with. That's false. And it has nothing to do with whether he makes plays when the game is tight or when the pocket breaks down.
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    Well maybe if your team made it there, they would hang one too.
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    When you have the receivers we have, it's not surprising to hear that they've been airing it out. I want to see how he implements the TEs and how he balances out the run game.
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    you really need to let go of this Greg Hardy stuff. Never...gonna....happen!
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    A moving pocket is suh-weet!! So many more options when we roll him out. Gives the receivers more time to get downfield, and Luck has the arm strength to get it there. That alone is making me wish it were September! Thanks for the post, CR91.
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    It will be interesting seeing how the Oline shakes out. Good to read that N. Irving is feeling better.
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    Here's a tip from the master of topic starters, Buck. Put "Brady" in your topic title and it's instantly worthy. It doesn't even have to be about Brady. Just put his name in your title.
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    He had 8 sacks last year in a limited role. Who cares how old he is? He shown he can still play.
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    Not this guy! I remained a Die Hard Colts fan even when they moved to Indy. I was very disappointed, but never bitter!
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    It's not just about the stats (although Luck's were better), it's also about the wins. And the fact that Luck won more games than Manning did in his first three years with very little talent around him is a testament to how good Luck was when he first came into the league. I'm not saying he will have a better career than Peyton, but there's no denying his first three years were better.
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    Plus he's super athletic and has some hops and I feel like he plays bigger than 6'2". I mean it took him a year to get out of the habit of jumping for every catch. I also think Dorset is gonna be more like Steve Smith and play bigger than his size as well.
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    “If we had to line up tomorrow and Joe Reitz was our right tackle,” Pagano said, “I’d feel really good.” Yep.
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    ??? How many 4th quarter comebacks has Luck led in 3+ seasons? How many times has he escaped from a collapsing pocket to hit a receiver downfield? I'm not sure how anyone could say this about Luck.
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    OMG WHAT CRAP IS THIS WHY ISN'T GRIGSON AND PAGANO FIRED?!?!?!?! Brings back the memories couldn't resist
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    I think Bates is going to be an inside guy... Thompson and Maggit are both UDFA rookies... I don't see how anybody can be concerned about their snap counts this early in the off-season... They might both be practice squad caliber guys and might just develop better if they aren't counted on to help the pass-rush right away. I don't understand how being on the same team as Freeney hinders their development (as pass-rushers, anyway). Freeney has shown that he can rush the QB in a 3-4. He's clearly still a threat from the edge. Signing him would make us better immediately and it would be fun and nostalgic in a year where most do not think we are serious contenders for the SB. Freeney is obviously not our stud pass-rusher of the future, if signed. He is definitely a one-dimensional player, especially at this point in his career. However, it just so happens that his one dimension is the area that Indy needs the most help at for this season. If one of the rookies impresses enough to make a run at Freeney, Cole, or Mathis's snaps, that's a good problem to have and makes it that much easier to trim the fat next off-season.
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    The notion that Freeney was awful in 2012 is ridiculous. He did a good job as a pass rusher, only 5 sacks but got plenty of pressure. The issue was his ability to play the run and drop into coverage, which is something he was asked to do far too often. In 2012, the production didn't match the 14 million salary. Last year he played for vet minimum and was a very important piece on the Cardinal's defense. He finished sixth in PFF's pass rushing productivity amongst 3-4 OLB's. Some of you worry about how he plays standing up. He wont be. He will be in with his hand in the dirt on nickel and dime packages. Watching the complete lack of a pass rush in the first few games of the season was far more frustrating thn watching our offense stall for me. Also, I want to wear my Freeney jersey to Wembley in October.
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    I'll take him. One of the best slot corners in the league.
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    Because he didn't fit in as a starter, which is what he was at that time. But he is not looking to be a starter, nor do the Colts need a starter. So his roles and responsibilities would be different.
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    No it wouldn't. Chud was an Asst HC last year and he became the OC. Asst HC is nothing more than a resume builder/mentor type program in the NFL.
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    The interesting piece I took from that article is the part about Joe Philbin building his house. He can 'say' he is here for a long time (while secretly hoping for a bigger gig somewhere else), but you don't build a house for your family on the chance you might move on. I think he is putting down roots and plans on staying. And that kind of continuity is what builds year-over-year success.
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    I'm going a different route and saying that he will lead the league in yards and finish with around 1600. Luck rarely gets hit, play action is deadly, TDs galore and they cruise to the Super Bowl. All hail the all powerful Colts O-line and awe inspiring Offense! Oh and the defense does just enough to not lose games haha. A guy can dream right?..............
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    They knew if they did a vote he wouldn't win so they forced it
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    I see how it is. Once Jacksonville moves to Europe, they need German players to promote NFL football. Or maybe this signing is awful and I'm overthinking it.
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    I don't think it was so much the organization that didn't use his height to our advantage I think it was him who didn't use his height to his advantage. Several contested balls he should have caught but didnt. Never seemed like he used his tools aside from his speed. I think he could have played more "gronkish" but just wasn't physical.
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    You take shots at the Colts for having division championship banners yet you list all the years the Texans won the division in your signature. Oh the irony.
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    I don't like the finalist banner, but that wasn't the point. You tried taking a shot about division banners when team hangs them as well. Just not nearly as many as the Colts have
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    "no one touches Mr.luck kid"
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    I knew they should have drafted a WR round 1.
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    To be fair, if you were a GM, you would have had access to a lot more information. Of course, so did the Bills, and they still took him, so...
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    Thanks for all of the updates guys. It got me excited for camp....July what?
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    I could see how it might seem ticky-tacky to start a thread about a small hamstring in May, but it is at least somewhat noteworthy considering he's a starter, and a first-round pick.
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    Unfortunately, his arm may come attached to the rest of him.
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    O'Doyle rules!!
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    "I feel like we've earned that title to be the team to beat in the AFC South," Hopkins said Saturday He is right. Congrats to them for that last year. With that said......The Colts go back on their throne come the end of the season
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    All I can say is the Texans won the division by default and we will see which team lands on top this year. Pretty much any player who wants attention likes to run their mouth before the season starts. It's just media food.
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    So a team that in your words "finally had a smart draft" and is relying on a crop of undrafted free agents to save its pass rush is now ready to win the Super Bowl this year. That makes sense. We will be fortunate if even one of those undrafted pass rushers becomes a significant contributor this season. Most of these guys go undrafted for a reason although there are a few exceptions. The point being all these guys' sacks accumulated in college and the CFL does not necessarily mean we now are loaded with guys who will get to the QB at the next level. Most likely won't even make the team. How about these apples...until the Colts field a team that can actually beat New England and/or Pittsburgh they won't sniff the Super Bowl. Hard to win the Super Bowl from the fetal position after having been pummeled into submission yet again. That's the cold reality. When they show me they can actually do that..then I will actually allow myself to see them as a legit threat for the Super Bowl. Until then...I love them but they are suspect.
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    Look, basically Luck, Pep, Pagano and Grigson were all rookies. They have made rookie mistakes and still won a lot of games. It was obvious to Pagano that we needed Chud to bring his knowledge and experience which helped and now he has brought in Philbin which is going to help. 2 guys that are proven at what they do. When Luck had Arians, another proven guy, he broke the rookie passing record. It's all setting up, except I think instead of the defense being the monster, our offense is going to be. If not this year then next.

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