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  1. 27 points
    Gee that's funny, aren't these the same players that said they wanted to be coached harder? The same ones leaking the anonymous statements. Now Chuck is a wildman and loose cannon. Just can't please anyone huh?
  2. 25 points
    I was actually initially pleased with this pickup, but your thoughtful, well laid out and comprehensive explanation as to why Jones should not have been claimed has changed my mind. You, sir, are a wordsmith...you have a talent. Keep up the excellent work keeping our fan base well informed.
  3. 25 points
    Guess he wasn't a Locke to make the roster after all. Ba dum tsss
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    Only if he won the fight.
  6. 22 points
    I think I'd rather just lose without wasting our resources.
  7. 19 points
    Pagano can't win. People call him soft and complain because he never calls players out when they don't play well. Then he engages in some relatively tough talk -- for him, not compared to the rest of the league; this is the kind of stuff coaches say routinely in the NFL -- and now he's whining and scapegoating. Double standard. Just say you hate Pagano no matter what, stake your position, and be done with it. You don't have to make up reasons for it.
  8. 18 points
    But I'm damn proud of this team. Considering how they played last week, much improved. Still some things to work on but we'll get there
  9. 18 points
    This place amazes me. We trade a WR that hasn't done squat for a backup QB that is better than any active QB on the team and y'all are throwing a fit. I think it's freaking brilliant.
  10. 18 points
    From my impression, this is the way Pagano has been wanting to coach this team and was never allowed to. “Grigson is significantly more involved in the coaching area than [Bill] Polian ever was,” Kravitz writes. “Sources tell me Grigson not only dictated who would and would not play but undermined Pagano when he wanted to discipline certain players.” First, Kravitz writes that, after trading for running back Trent Richardson in 2013, Grigson continued to insist that Richardson play, even though he wasn’t playing very well. “According to sources, Grigson was concerned with creating the narrative that it was a good trade,” Kravitz says. Second, Kravitz reports that Grigson insisted on the use of punt returner Josh Cribbs last year, against the desires of Pagano and several members of his staff. Third, Kravitz explains that Grigson kept Pagano from disciplining certain players he wanted to discipline. Fourth, Kravitz says that Grigson forced former offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton on Pagano. “Pep was never answerable to Chuck. Pep answered to Ryan, and everybody in the building knew it,” Kravitz said, citing an unnamed source. Now that Grigson is gone and not micromanaging the team and Pagano he is allowed to be who he is and we are seeing the real Pagano now. That is why he was the cheerleader coach before cause his hands were tied and out of frustration he would clap his hands and say we'll get them next time. If players don't like it they can move on cause this is how he is going to be for now on. He is giving them the Belichick treatment. Do your job and do it right and be there for your team or you won't be here. This is the way people said he needed to be and now they don't like it. I just don't get it. I like it and it will make this team better. This is a new culture they are bringing here to toughen this team up and make them better. It is not just Pagano, but also Ballard who feels this way too.
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    I know this isn't Colts related per say, but just wanted to say thanks to all the mods of this forum & that I'm liking this new layout of the forum. The new layout looks easier & crisp, which will help me help keep the forum informed as we move forward with the cut days.
  13. 16 points
    Hooker, Fairley, and Wilson. Even on the long TD to Nelson Quince almost had that ball deflected. These 3 are the future and I'm digging it
  14. 16 points
    Hmm, it's starting to dawn on me that maybe we're not as good of GMs and we think we may be.....?
  15. 16 points
    Also, on a side note. A great side note, Kevin Bowen is staying with the reporting on the Colts
  16. 16 points
    This is not a report. This is more speculation.
  17. 15 points
    All I know is that yesterday at this time, a lot of the media were predicting the Patriots would go 16-0.
  18. 15 points
    That game felt so good to watch.
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  20. 15 points
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  22. 14 points
    I don't care about moral victories a loss is a loss.
  23. 14 points
    Hear me out on this... Tanking is for losers with a loser mentality. These players are paid to play their best. The fans do not pay their money out to watch players who do not give their best.
  24. 14 points
    No biggie? I guess when a NFL contract that is signed with certain rules fully known before hand gets voided over someone who don't have the self control not to throw millions of dollars away just to get high must not be a biggie to them. Regardless of your personal feelings about the legalization of pot to throw away your livelihood of something you have been working your whole life for just to get high is really stupid. If you don't have the self control or the will not to do something you know is against the rules you don't deserve a NFL contract. Let those who do have the self control and the will power have all the money.
  25. 14 points
    You're crazy There, you got what you asked for
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    https://youtu.be/-Uj_jL0cBFg First of many
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  28. 13 points
    That's why he's always rubbing his tummy... Munchies
  29. 13 points
    If Dorsett can't perform in New England, he can't perform anywhere. If he has a good year, it's an indictment on Pagano's staff.
  30. 13 points
    It seems cruel, but I think they should call him to the office, have him bring his playbook, and spend a good five minutes reviewing his fumbles. Then tell him that he made the team. Stress to him the importance of ball security. He did everything else right, IMO, then had a nightmarish game yesterday, but the ability is obvious. Hopefully that will impel him to treat the ball like a prized possession every time he touches it, and emphasize that the difference between making the roster and going home is a razor's edge.
  31. 13 points
    I say hold Hankins out until the regular season. Let my boy Grover Stewart get some more experience with those reps.
  32. 13 points
    He cant just waive a magic wand and magically turn a bad roster into a good one. He has even said as much. Players need time to gel together on defense and our offense is missing key players. Expecting these things to happen by week 2 of the preseason of a new GMs first year is ridiculous.
  33. 12 points
    This Scott Tolzien nightmare has to be over. For the love of God, please end this. Chuck Pagano is on the verge of losing his job, because of his decision to stay with Tolzien. The Tolzien era is over, and it shouldn't have taken this long to figure out. You have to be kidding me to think that Stephen Morris would have played that terrible. Not that Morris was the answer either, because he is not. At least Brissett gives us a chance to win, because he belongs in this league. This season is far from over. It's just one game, but if we stay with Tolzien then I am 100% sure we will see a new coaching staff next year.
  34. 12 points
    Settle down! This is a simple answer. They wanted competition for Tolzein because he was not performing well. There is no way they are looking to replace Luck as he is their franchise. Luck is fine they are just doing the smart thing and taking things slow with him which is smart. Brissett is just there to be a #2 behind Luck in the future over Tolzein which is a great thing cause Tolzein sucks.
  35. 12 points
    No, Ballard is getting his team built and put together. He is in the process of getting rid of the dead weight left over from Grigson and starting with basically a new team. Those things do not happen overnight or in one season.
  36. 12 points
    Hmm, a post congratulating the players, and by extension the coaching staff, for shown improvement. I dont know how I feel about this. This must be how Dorothy felt upon arrival in Oz. Confused...afraid....optimistic but cautiously so.
  37. 12 points
    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-move-from-safety-to-cornerback-paying-dividends-for-colts-t-j-green I thought this was interesting. I saw him got beat once or twice - not Landry bad, but it wasn't just a better play by the WR, either. Nevertheless, he graded 2nd highest for the game. I've seen the flashes and I think the sooner he can learn to look back and play the ball once its int he air, he could actually work into a starter role. I think the coverage portion of his game is getting there. But he struggles finding the ball sometimes (which was always one of the problems with him in the first place).
  38. 12 points
    That must stink knowing you were traded for a long snapper.
  39. 12 points
    Maybe Ballard loves saying Rigoberto as much as I do?
  40. 12 points
    I can see you are new to the forum so perhaps you don't know the rules. - Every player on the Colts is the greatest player at their position - until the Colts lose. - Then every player on the Colts is the worst player in the NFL and should not even be in the league (except for a few board consensus players (See note below) - If a Colts player has reached the Probowl then they cannot be critiqued for three years after the probowl. No matter how bad they play after. - If you are optimistic about the Colts chances then you cannot think for yourself and you just look at everything through blue colored glasses. - If you are negative about the colts it's because you are being realistic. - Logic has no place on the Colts forum. If you try to use it then you will be beaten then tarred and feathered. - For some reason no matter what the topic is there are a handful of supposed Colts fan that will bring the Patriots into the conversation (yes I realized I just did it and no, I'm not one of those people... I tried to think of way to mention that rule without the Patriots but I just could not) - Use PFF only when it supports your point, when it does not then knock PFF and talk about how their stats aren't real (For the record I'm not a fan of PFF for anything other than raw stats that can be found on any stat site, so I always knock them, even when their numbers support my opinion. **Note** I'm not 100% sure how consensus players are chosen by the board but it seems to be a wave, a couple of people mention something and then it can't be stopped. Morris is a perfect example, Morris has looked okay against the 3s and 4s during the preseason but many on this forum act like he can hold down the fort until Luck comes back from injury. His overthrows, underthrows, late throws, all while facing no rush and poor coverage don't factor into the equation.
  41. 12 points
    Thanks, I have been reading the site for a long time and hope to be more involved.
  42. 12 points
    Actually what he said was it's pitiful to go 5/40 on third down (5/30, really, but point made and taken). He didn't call the team pitiful.
  43. 12 points
    There's an old axiom in the REAL leadership trade - "you can come in tough and ease up over time, but, you can't come in easy and then try and get tough." People see right through it.
  44. 11 points
    I meant to put some emoticon on there because the comment was tongue in cheek. JB didn't play too bad and he knows what he did wrong on that throw. On the comment about the receivers, I was starting to think that Moncrief is a latin word that means "quits on play".
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  46. 11 points
    Is it just me or is anyone else already tired of Pagano and his complaining. He can't blame his GM anymore so he's looking for a new scapegoat to cover his butt, he's a defensive coach with a consistently bad defense and has made poor hirings for offensive coordinator (not counting Arians) and after his last rant blaming his young players for there injuries and lack of production just amazes me, with that attitude he is gonna lose the locker room. I do think Ballard has improved the defense and offense (the addition of Mack at Rb is promising) but I do believe we will not improve as a team until we have a real leader at Head Coach, I don't know who that is but I trust Ballard to make smart decisions moving forward.
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    Turnovers turnovers turnovers. The preseason has shown that the Colts definitely seem better at taking the ball away. In 3/4 preseason games on the first drive of the game, starters vs starters (mostly, and excluding game 4) our defense caused a turnover. Game 1 vs the Lions? Interception forced by Davis caught by Simon. The Cowboys game was the only game we didn't force a turnover on the opening drive, but the defense forced a fumble on the 2nd drive of the game still with mostly all starters in the game. It was however McFadden and not Ezekiel Elliot, so not the same magnitude there. Week 3 against the Steelers- John Simon brings a solid opening drive by the Steelers to a close with a strip sack of Ben Roethlisberger. Week 4 against the Bengals- Forced fumble recovered by Lee Hightower. Don't know who actually stripped it, but add it to the total count of turnovers this preseason. Overall? The Colts defense created 7 turnovers in 4 games, 2 against opposing starting quarterbacks on the opening drive. In a 16 game season with the same turnover rate, the Colts would have 28 by seasons end. This isn't an accurate way to predict what would happen with starters in a 60 minute game, but it's definitely more productivity on that side of the ball than last year.
  49. 11 points
    Two months ago I was.
  50. 11 points
    Pagano should have been fired 2 years ago.