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  1. 29 points
    Alright I thought about it. Pagano needs to go tomorrow.
  2. 27 points
    @King Colt When you are counting 'ugh' and 'um' in a press conference, I think it might be time to step away from the computer for a bit.
  3. 24 points
    Anyone who has been closely following the situation won't find this surprising at all. Finish out the year, give the younger guys more playing time so they can develop, clean house by firing most of the coaching staff, and rebuild for the future.
  4. 22 points
    Wow. The stupidity is astounding.
  5. 21 points
    So, yesterday would've been a very big day for our friend, Gavin.... Pierre Desir was a sleeper favorite of his. We were both a bit surprised that he wasn't drafted until the 4th round, but we both liked him as a long term propsect from a very small school background. And yesterday, he picked off Rothlisbeger on the Steelers very first play. I think Gaving would've been very happy. But that's not all.... or, as the commercials like to say..... "Wait, there's MORE!!" Gavin also liked a guy who got drafted and had not lived up to expectations in his first few years. Gavin had Adrian Clayborn on a list of possible free agents signings to try and create some pass rush. Well..... yesterday, Clayborn had himself a CAREER in one game. SIX SACKS in just one game! And he did it versus Dallas. Of course, Tyrann Smith was out, and he ate their back-up, Chaz Green, alive. I think Gavin would've been tickled over this one! Six sacks in one game! That deserves a Holy Cow!! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000876534/article/adrian-clayborns-six-sacks-earned-750k-pay-day I hope Gavin has a very big smile on his face as he looks down from the best view in the house. Yesterday, was a very good day for him! Congrats, Gavin!! You nailed those two!!
  6. 21 points
    I actually don't have a problem with Ballard's approach. Give the current head coach (who the owner likes) a chance to prove himself. If he doesn't cut it, you have the authority to fire him and bring in your own guy.
  7. 20 points
    I'm sure everyone is probably sick of these threads by now, and I apologize for starting another one, but I didn't want this comment to be buried in another thread only to be ignored. The posts recently blaming everyone from Luck to the front office to the Patriots (not really, but given some of the posts I've seen, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch) have me frustrated, and I had to give my 2 cents, and hopefully provide a little perspective. I understand that people are upset about Luck's situation, but the posting regarding it has gone from speculation to outright fabrication. The fact of the matter is that none of us know exactly what is going on with Luck's shoulder. It is human nature to want to attribute a cause to situations that are difficult or that we don't understand, but we need to be aware of this and realize that often there is no rhyme or reason to these things. There isn't always someone to blame, sometimes stuff just happens. I'm not saying it was managed perfectly, because I don't know all the details, but the decision to have surgery on a QB's throwing shoulder is never something to be taken lightly, and prognosis for rehab timelines are often very difficult, if not impossible. I am not at all surprised that Luck is taking more time to recover than peoples' hopes allowed them to expect. As a physician and as someone who has had this same surgery, sustained playing football and on my right shoulder nonetheless, I think I have a somewhat better understanding than most of what the surgery and recovery process entail. Obviously I am not a professional QB who is expected to perform at a high level, but I think I can imagine what Luck is going through. The rehab process is long, slow, and frustrating. There are days when you think you can do something, maybe get a little overzealous, and end up having pain for days/weeks later. It is hard to accept the limitations that come with this injury, and I know from personal experience that the motion of throwing a football is one of the last things to be recovered without pain afterwards. Not to mention the subconscious desire to protect your shoulder while throwing, therefore resulting in alterations to the throwing motion. I clearly remember being over a year post-surgery (I think it actually may have been 2 years), and trying to throw the football around at a backyard cookout/party. I was okay for a few throws, but the pain quickly surfaced, and after pushing myself and continuing for a little while (probably because I didn't want to accept that I still had such limitations), I begrudgingly had to stop, and dealt with pain for days afterwards. Considering that I am just a guy who enjoyed playing pickup football and didn't have 250+ lb men charging at me wishing to do me harm, I can only imagine how Luck feels. This year has been beyond frustrating, and I get that people are upset and looking for someone or something to direct that anger towards. However, the hate and negativity, much of which is well deserved in regards to issues not surrounding Luck's shoulder, have become misdirected lately. I feel sympathy for Luck, and have nothing but well wishes for him and for the Colts in this difficult time. I hope other fans can step back and see that this is not the end of the world, not entirely unexpected, and not such a simple situation that it can be boiled down to placing blame on one person or party. Go Colts
  8. 19 points
    Oops! i thought this was something else.
  9. 18 points
    He deserves some big props. He has played really well for the Colts this year.
  10. 18 points
    So here is what Donahue is actually saying....... That Chris Ballard is lying. Ballard just said NO DOCTOR is telling him this is potentially career threatening. Luck says he he expects to come back better than ever. Is he lying too? It's way WAY too early to reach any conclusion on Luck.
  11. 18 points
    I know tickets are more than available right now (and cheap), but I still feel it is worth a shout out to whomever is responsible for the free tickets (drawing) here on the forum. So I entered the ticket drawing and won the two free tickets. My wife and I planned a nice getaway for the weekend. We came in early Saturday and did a little shopping on the east side then settled in at the Hilton on the North end of town (Michigan Road). Nice suite!!. We watched some college football before we went to dinner where we had reservations at Sullivans Steak House. Dinner turned out to be a bit of a challenge as our reservations were for 730 and at 930 we still did not have plates on our table. They had ran out of "quality" baked potatoes and were trying to work through it. We did get our meal comped in the end so fair is fair. With appetizers and drinks it was easily a $140 dinner for the two of us if not more. I won't say anything negative about them.... the meal was very good and even though it was slow the waiter was really nice and accommodating. I have zero pause returning to Sullivans for another dinner. I probably drank more than i should have on Saturday and woke up with some cobwebs yesterday, but I did enjoy the day. It didn't take long once we were parked for me to hit the "hair of the dog" and shake the cobwebs, lol. We sat in a parking lot for a while while I had some beers and watched kids play nerf football... that was really fun. I didn't have any buddies at the game so that meant no real tailgating this time. We then went to will call to get our tickets and walked back over to Peyton's statue to take some pictures. What a nice gesture by Mr. Irsay and the organization. I think the statue is a proper tribute to Peyton and what he stands for here in Indy (I say here cuz that is where my heart is even though I live in Ohio). I am glad for Peyton and I am glad for Indianapolis to have had the opportunity to house the great person and prolific player that is Peyton Manning. We also spent some time in .... is it "touchdown town"... band was good and things were happening. Lots of fun.. I got a good run on beers, lol. Good thing the wife does not drink. Even though the team played poorly and it felt like they were not even trying to be competitive yesterday..... our experience was a good one. I really enjoyed the entire weekend. I got to spend quality time with my wife #1 priority (she loves football but is a Browns fan ugh), and I was able to watch my favorite team in person. I will leave the negative comments and thoughts about the game and players for posts in one of the many threads available for that. Those issues will work out one way or another. What I am trying to say is... Thank You Colts.com ....... for the opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art stadium and thank you for the awesome weekend my wife and I was able to have.... (not our first trip, but we would not have came otherwise). p.s. oh, and most of all.... thank you for the ridiculously overpriced beer, lol
  12. 17 points
    To the bolded, Pagano fired Pep & Manusky in favor or Chud & Monachino, so his assistants "letting him down" is a product of his own creation, and is something he should absolutely be held accountable for.
  13. 16 points
    What. A. Find. 5th round rookie CB who has stayed healthy most of the season and even more consistent in his play.
  14. 16 points
    “Can’t blow a second half lead if you never have one” -Pagano
  15. 15 points
  16. 15 points
    Respectfully, I disagree. There is enough talent on the team to have numerous leads well into the second half of the games played this year. The coaches then take a conservative approach and give away the lead. If anything, Pagano has been given plenty of opportunity to prove himself a good coach and he’s come up short.
  17. 15 points
    I cant accept what i saw today. I give up, the whole staff needs to be changed. Its time and yall know im not reactionary or impulsive
  18. 15 points
  19. 14 points
    So he should request a trade to 1 of the 3 teams in the league that's worse than the Colts? That makes sense. Seriously, do these guys even turn their brains on before they spew this nonsense?
  20. 14 points
    No such thing exists
  21. 14 points
    We should consider "tradiing" some of these fans. anyone notice the creators of these "crazy threads" are from people that have no activity until there is a problem. its true, some people are happier when they are miserable.
  22. 13 points
    I'll admit that at first when Ballard traded Dorsett for Brissett I was like: Then after a few weeks my thoughts about what Ballard had just pulled off, I was like:
  23. 13 points
    Ridiculous. Losing breeds a culture of losing. As players, you want to win any and every game. Each win takes you further away from the culture of losing.
  24. 13 points
    it's an injury, no-one can say with certainty when it will heal properly. Every person is different. They may have given him a time table for the average recovery time, but I guarantee not one doctor gave him a definitive timeline
  25. 13 points
    Some of you people need to invest in a hobby or something.
  26. 13 points
  27. 13 points
    We need another Draft, a new Coach and a healthy 100% Andrew, It isn't our year and I think most of us know that.
  28. 12 points
    Someone translate this for me. I don't speak imbecile.
  29. 12 points
  30. 12 points
    So you’ve been playing Madden? Personally I prefer my coaches tall, dark and handsome.
  31. 12 points
    Luck said he lost 15 pounds.... and we all saw it.... we all noticed it. Fifteen. Not 50. If Dakich is literally saying 50 and not 15 and he believes it, then he's smoking something that is not legal in Indiana.... Sorry.... 50 pounds could NEVER have been kept a secret.
  32. 12 points
    Hoyer's health insurance provider wouldn't allow it.
  33. 12 points
    At least he can I heard Aiken dropped his...
  34. 12 points
  35. 12 points
    I don’t think Ballard blew it. It was understood upon his hiring that Pagano was Irsay’s coach for the upcoming year... and that Ballard & Irsay would spend this year evaluating the organization from the ground up. Brilliant, actually, for it gives Ballard a free pass this year. Failure is on the coaching staff. Had Ballard brought in his own coaching staff and had the team fail like this, Ballard would already be on the hot seat. Instead, this year’s failure simply serves to cement the idea that an entirely new coaching staff is needed. Thus, basically Ballard has yet another year (next year) of a free pass, as the new coaching regime is given a honeymoon year. Nope, Ballard has a sweet arrangement, methinks. Now that being said, I think that after this past week, they should have seen enough and the HC, OC, & DC should now all be fired.
  36. 12 points
    Harbaugh has a shelf life of about three years. I love Jim but I hope the Colts go in another direction.
  37. 12 points
    Great news. Zak Keefer @zkeefer This is big news: Clayton Geathers WILL return to the practice field next week. Limited participant, but a huge boost for the defense.
  38. 12 points
    Dont think they are seeing many "Should we trade Rodgers" threads
  39. 11 points
    Show me the last time one of Pagano's teams actually played a full 60 minutes of football....... I'll wait
  40. 11 points
    That's one way to cure VD...
  41. 11 points
    They just won a game last Sunday. If they are trying to lose, they are doing a terrible job. They wouldn't have traded for JB is the tank was on
  42. 11 points
    I'm waiting for the next story about how Luck was near death at one point in his recovery.
  43. 11 points
    You're saying that we have a coaching problem? First I've heard of it.
  44. 11 points
    On a positive note, I thought Basham had a good game and showed some real promise. Read earlier today on this site that he was a bust so was happy he played well.
  45. 11 points
    That is why wilson should be playing
  46. 11 points
    My 2 cents: Can't blame him for someone asking him that question. And for those who want him traded, that'd be the biggest mistake. One way to * 12 off
  47. 11 points
    Here's the problem with Colin's theory.... If you want to trade Brissett -- fine. But you DON'T want to trade him in the 2018 draft. It's the best and deepest draft for QB's in a long, long time. That drives Brissett's value DOWN. If you're going to trade Brissett it's much better to do it for the 2019 draft which won't be as talented and that will make Brissett's value go UP. Simple law of supply and demand. But in broad general terms, I think there's some logic to Colin's theory. I just don't think this is as cut and dry as he makes it out to be. This didn't all get hatched back in January when Ballard was hired. This has played out over the course of the entire year. Lots and lots of moving parts that have happened over the last nine months and didn't all happen back when Ballard was hired. Interesting, but somewhat over thought.
  48. 11 points
    Depends on where the pick is, who’s available, and what kind of trade down value can be had. Ergo, WAY too premature of a question, one best saved for late March or into April.
  49. 10 points
    Look, Vontae has been good for the Colts. I wouldn't be so harsh towards Vontae just because he's had injuries. It happens in professional sports. Vontae has loved being a Colt and you could tell he loves being in Indianapolis. He got married here. Vontae and his wife had a special time here. He had a few productive years for us and sadly he's on the backend of the slope. If we do not re-sign him at the end of the season (which we probably won't) then I hope he does well on his next team.
  50. 10 points
    Shut him down & keep Pagano for 2017. We'll be picking 1st overall!!