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    @bababooey just reminded me that we did this a couple years ago. There wasn't too much reason to do it last year, but we have a lot of changes this year, so we'll try to keep track of them all here. This thread is for information about contract details for Colts players, those who have re-signed with the team, or who have joined the team. I'm also going to add former Colts who have left for other teams (or retired). Please don't post anything else, no rumors, no complaints, etc. Just terms and details, and a source if you have it. Thanks. Retentions: Jack Doyle -- three years, $18.9m + $2m incentives (reported, no details yet), $7.5m guaranteed, 2017 cap hit $8m http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/jack-doyle-12994/ https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/839275498962358272 Robert Turbin -- two years, $4.1m with incentives, 2017 cap hit $1.6m https://twitter.com/JasonLaCanfora/status/841378829738340358 http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/robert-turbin-9919/ Darius Butler -- one year, $4.5m with incentives, 2017 cap hit $4.5m https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/842719602392154112 https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/843906780262551552 Additions: Jeff Locke, punter, Vikings -- two years, $3.45m, 2017 cap hit $1.75m http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/jeff-locke-12436/ John Simon, OLB, Texans -- three years, $13.5m, 2017 cap hit $6m http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/john-simon-12410/ Barkevious Mingo, LB, Patriots -- one year, $2m + $500k incentives, 2017 cap hit $2.5m (updated 3/17) http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/barkevious-mingo-12286/ Jabaal Sheard, OLB, Patriots -- three years, $25.5m, $9.5m guaranteed, 2017 cap hit $10m http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/jabaal-sheard-7752/ Margus Hunt, DE, Bengals, two years, $4.1m, 2017 cap hit $2.1m https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/841429093786746880 http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/margus-hunt-12334/ Brian Schwenke, OL, Titans, one year, $1.3m, 2017 cap hit $1.3m https://twitter.com/KBowenColts/status/841461346432647168 http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/brian-schwenke-12388/ Al Woods, DT, Titans, two years, $5m, still pending details https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/842391334229049344 Sean Spence, ILB, Titans, one year, $3m with incentives, 2017 cap hit $3m https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/843493792535760902 Brandon Williams, TE, Seahawks, one year, $855k, 2017 cap hit $855k https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/844281391504330754 Kamar Aiken, WR, Ravens, one year, $2.6m, 2017 cap hit $2.6m https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/844292900594892803 https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/845015818236821506 Joe Fortunato, LS, college free agent, pending details https://twitter.com/Colts/status/845003022048673792 Losses: D'Qwell Jackson, released, $5.5m cap savings Pat McAfee, retired, $2.55m cap savings (assuming the Colts don't try to collect his signing bonus) Joe Reitz, retired, $2.5m cap savings Robert Mathis, retired, no cap savings Dwayne Allen, traded to Patriots with 2017 pick 6/200 in exchange for 2017 pick 4/137, $2m cap savings Patrick Robinson, released, $2.5m cap savings Zach Kerr, signed with Broncos, two years, no further details Mike Adams, signed with Panthers, two years, $4.2m http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/mike-adams-1412/ As of right now, if I stand in $9m for Sheard's 2017 cap hit, the Colts have added ~$27m to their 2017 cap, and have subtracted ~$15m. Still assuming for Sheard and assuming ~$6m for 2017 draft picks, the Colts should have around $32m in cap space. Edit: With Sheard at $10m, Turbin at $1.6m, pending details on Hunt and Schwenke but assuming a cap hit of $2m each in 2017, the Colts have added about $33.35m to the 2017 cap, subtracted ~$15m, and should have around $25.4m in cap space. Edit: My cap hits include full games played roster bonuses. Spotrac has them prorated based on 2016 games played. Post details and I'll update as needed. Edit: Added Robert Turbin https://twitter.com/JasonLaCanfora/status/841378829738340358 Added Margus Hunt https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/841429093786746880 Added Brian Schwenke https://twitter.com/KBowenColts/status/841461346432647168 Added details for Sheard and Turbin, updated cap standing Added Al Woods, details pending https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/842391334229049344 Added Darius Butler https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/842719602392154112 Added details for Hunt and Schwenke Added Brandon Williams, with details Added Kamar Aiken Added details on Kamar Aiken Added Joe Fortunato Still pending details for Woods
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    I'm guessing that he: Watched film of the 2016 Colts Identified areas that need improvement Got rid of players he thought were not going to be part of the improvement Gathered a list of players available Compared that list to any players that he had notes on from previous resources Signed players that fits the criteria that he has received from Pagano and the OCs All why keeping in mind that the big name free agents rarely live up to the lofty contracts they sign Also knowing that he wants to build the team through the draft but you can't do that in one draft nor do you want a team with 40-50% rookies in the starting lineup.
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    I don't think Ballard is taking fantasy stats into consideration.
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    The analyst is Bill Barnwell.... he writes for the ESPN.com website. Covers football mostly from an analytical perspective. He likes our signings of Sherard and Simon.... I'm going to cut and paste his write-ups.... DL Jabaal Sheard, Colts Grade: B+ The Patriots got solid production out of their two years with Sheard, although the defensive lineman ceded snaps to Trey Flowers as the 2016 season went along. On 636 pass rushes over the past two seasons, Sheard generated 13 sacks and 22 quarterback knockdowns. Over that same time frame, Packers LB Nick Perry had 14.5 sacks and 20 knockdowns on 543 pass rushes for the Packers. Perry has been more productive, but he is earning $60 million over five years. Sheard is getting less than half that -- $25.5 million and $12.8 million in guarantees -- on his new three-year deal with the Colts. I'd prefer to take a shot on Sheard breaking out given more playing time than to pay Perry as a premium pass-rusher. OLB John Simon, Colts Grade: B+ Some of it must have come from playing alongside J.J. Watt from 2014-15, but Simon was quietly a useful rotation pass-rusher on the edge for the Texans. He had 8.5 sacks and 21 quarterback knockdowns in the past two seasons while playing just more than 56 percent of Houston's defensive snaps. There's plenty of upside there, given that Simon is solid against the run and won't turn 27 until October. Ironically, this is the exact sort of player former Colts general manager Ryan Grigson took chances on in free agency early during the Andrew Luck era, but the difference here is price. While Grigson paid players like Ricky Jean-Francois and Greg Toler like they were already valuable starters, new general manager Chris Ballard picked up Simon for just $13.5 million over three years with $5.5 million guaranteed.
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    Colts fans... This past Presidents day one of my closest friends and lifelong Colts fan passed away at the very young age of 53. His name is James Parker, however everyone knew him as JT. JT, like myself, are Colts fans from the Baltimore days. We both grew up rooting for our Colts in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area. Over the last 10 years or so, a small group of die-hard Colts fans have faithfully watched our colts play every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday, etc. unless we we're at the games live, from the same corner area of our local Northern Virginia bar. For every year we all continue moving forward, it just won't be the same without JT physically there, although he will always be with us in spirit. I realize no one knew him on this forum. I have posted a few things from time to time, some good, some bad, but I wanted to share this with the community as on Monday of this past week the Colts nation not only lost a great fan, but the world lost a great man as well. I miss my friend already. Thanks for allowing me to share this. The picture attached is my friend JT and his wife Ginny taken at the Luke at couple years ago. Thanks again Mitch, otherwise known here as Indeee
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    if the Colts trade UP and draft a RB....well I'd be staying off the forums for a couple of weeks. lol
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    I can see what Ballard is doing. He is getting rid of 30 year old depth and adding 26 year old depth. ...and the depth he has been signing has almost universally the same career story - guys who never quite panned out and/or were playing behind some really, really good players on really, really good squads. If one wanted to build a base into which to insert 7 round-four or better draft picks, that is how you do it. None of the draft picks can just assume the job is theirs because the guy ahead of the is 'old' - the 'other guy' is also a former high round draft pick who is one team away from leaving the league. They will be here to fight. This whole team for 2017 is made from young, hungry guys. Not stars, yet (for some of them), but hungry and ready for their chance. Clearly, that is the strategy.
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    Dear Lord... The massive generalizations and downright nonsense are astounding.
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    Well, then let me be the first to say "fire Ballard".
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    Sophomore RB who has had several off field issues. I think everyone knows about all of that. I'm giving my thoughts about his ability and pro projection. Good production this year, including as a kick returner. I wish he were working out at the Combine; I guess we'll have to wait for his pro day. In advance, TL;DR: He's really good. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/joe-mixon-1.html http://draftbreakdown.com/players/joe-mixon/ Size: Listed at 6'1", 226, tightly built, good size and frame, lean through the middle, could probably work on his lower body more as a pro and play at a high level a few pounds heavier. Good size hands from what I can see, hope he gets fully measured. 4.5/5 Athleticism: Breakaway speed is obvious when he gets in the open field. Quickness and acceleration are high level, which helps him get out in the open. He has some suddenness, can change direction, can finish with power, bend the corner and run away from everyone. Shows leaping ability to hurdle defenders (not advised) and get over the goal line. Played basketball in high school, and not for nothing, it bugs the crap out of me that he only shot 57% from the free throw line. Between his size, speed and physicality, his athleticism is not in question. I would assume that he'd test at a high level in every respect. 8/10 Vision: Finds the hole when it's there, follows lead blockers well, runs from the I, shotgun, pistol, and singleback. Shows some patience and ability to cut back, sets up blocks well enough. Sometimes gets antsy and bounces outside before he needs to. When he commits to the design of the play he shows enough discipline to eek out positive yardage when the blocking breaks down. Hard to second guess his instincts when he has so many highlight runs making something out of nothing. 6.5/10 3rd down ability: Natural, soft hands to make good catches from several angles, over his head, behind him, one-handers, etc. Productive work as a receiver in 2016, including some deep ball catches. Runs good routes from multiple spots, not exactly Marshall Faulk but not deficient in any way. Concentration can lapse when the ball is on the way, leading to some drops. He can hold his own in pass pro, and shows good awareness to know where the pressure is coming from. Not always eager to protect, sometimes goes through the motions, prone to dive around recklessly rather than square up. More than capable in both phases. 3.5/5 receiving, 3.5/5 blocking -- 7/10 Balance: Makes hairpin turns without trouble, cuts laterally with speed and precision, turns the corner at incredible angles. Can shake off would-be tacklers while on the move, gets out of messes behind the line of scrimmage. Not prone to be arm tackled, and can run through undisciplined and lazy tacklers. Tends to run more upright than he should, and prone to lean forward too far and get out of control. 8/10 Physicality: Not a bruiser, more likely to dance/spin/jump cut away from contact than slam it into the pile. Likes to use the stiff arm to push defenders away and keep moving forward. Has the size to finish with power, and at times will deliver a blow, but would much rather slither away from contact and fall forward for more yardage. 5/10 Improvisation: Has myriad ways to get away from defenders and make them miss -- stop/start, jump cut, spin move, stiff arm, hesitation, stutter step, in/out, etc. Shifty and quick, can set up several moves, comes out of cuts at top speed. Can make something out of nothing in the backfield. 9/10 Ball control: Not particularly prone to fumble, but has a couple bad games, including a 3 fumble game against Texas. Holds the ball a little recklessly at times. Mentioned already some lapses as a receiver, but typically finishes the play. 7/10 Overall: 55/75, 73%, late first/early second rounder, every down / feature back potential He can do it all, well rounded prospect at RB, good size, good production, excellent traits, needs some coaching to stay patient, finish and protect the ball, but his natural ability should not be stifled. A fit for any run scheme, but probably best in a man scheme. I see some things on film that make me wonder about his professionalism, but everything I read from his coaches and teammates say he works tirelessly and is very coachable. Then there's the off field stuff. It will undoubtedly push him down draft boards, and some teams will cross him off entirely. It wouldn't surprise me if he goes undrafted, but being realistic, I think some team will take him on Day 2. He's too good, too talented. His major off field issue was three years ago, not to make light of it, but that will be a rationalization for some team to 'give him a second chance.' Oklahoma did, post-Ray Rice, and kept him on the field even after the video came out (just one game, but it was a bowl game on national TV, and they took a lot of heat for it). I think he'll be drafted, and if he stays out of trouble, he'll be a good pro. I highly doubt the Colts are the team to draft him.
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    In life, there's one golden rule you should always remember You can't please everyone
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    I've been working on this for a little bit. I wanted to do two, one before the Combine and one after. This one is now influenced by the Combine, and FA starts on Tuesday/Thursday, so I probably won't do another one. I'm also still watching a lot of players that I haven't watched yet, so some of my rankings are based on my own grades and general consensus from other evaluators, including some here. I'll add that my mock drafts for my big mocks typically don't include trades, but my preference would be to trade out of #15. I don't really like the way the board is shaping up, and unless some QBs and RBs (and maybe John Ross??) go ahead of our pick, the very best defensive players will be gone. In the spoiler tag is my mock 1-14, just so you know. Colts cap standing: 2017 cap of $167m, rollover of $6.6m from 2016 = adjusted cap of $173.6m. As of today, Colts have committed $114m, cap space of ~$59m Releases: Arthur Jones, saves $5.15m cap space New cap position: $109m committed, cap space of ~$64m Colts FAs: Jack Doyle, four years, $23.5m (2017 cap hit $5m, 2018 cap hit $5.5m) Erik Walden, three years, $18m (2017 cap hit $5m, 2018 cap hit $6m) Robert Turbin, two years, $5m (2017 cap hit $2m, 2018 cap hit $3m) Zach Kerr, RFA, one year, $1.8m Quan Bray, ERFA, one year, $0.615m Eric Swoope, ERFA, one year, $0.54m Jon Harrison, Josh McNary, Hugh Thornton, Jordan Todman, Chris Carter, Darius Butler, Trent Cole, Mike Adams, not retained Donte Moncrief, four year extension, $36m new money (five years, $7.5m/avg), (2017 cap hit $5.3m, 2018 cap hit $6.2m) Jack Mewhort, four year extension, $27.9m new money (five years, $5.8m/avg), (2017 cap hit $4m, 2018 cap hit $4.8m) > Added $21.2m to 2017 cap (added $25.5m to 2018 cap, none guaranteed) >> New cap position in 2017 -- $130.2m committed, remaining cap space of $43.4m (committed ~$122m in 2018) Free agent additions: Bennie Logan, five years, $40m (2017 cap hit $7m, 2018 cap hit $7.5m, $11m cash); starting NT/1-tech, great run stuffer, has some ability to shoot upfield, great interior anchor (market value calc, link, link) John Simon, four years, $20m (2017 cap hit $4m, 2018 cap hit $5m, $7m cash); starting caliber OLB, not a great pass rusher but plays solid on the edge, had some big games in 2016, and is young at 27; maybe overpaying a little bit, but not quibbling in a weird market Jarvis Jones, two years, $5m (2017/2018 cap hit $2.5m, $2.5m cash); young player who hasn't lived up to first round status, has athleticism and ability to be Rush, would rotate as backup edge defender, if he has a good year he's still locked down, no guarantees in Year 2 Kayvon Webster, three years, $11.8m (2017 cap hit $3.4m, 2018 cap hit $4m, $4.2m cash); another young player, never been a starter, athletic ability to play outside corner, mentality to play safety, standout special teamer (market value calc) Tim Lelito, three years, $7.2m (2017 cap hit $2.2m, 2018 cap hit $2.4m, $2.6m cash); veteran lineman who can play guard, has started at multiple positions in the NFL, could start at RG > Added $19.1m in 2017, $21.4m in 2018 ($7.5m guaranteed) >> New cap position in 2017 -- $149.3m committed, remaining cap space of $24.3m (committed ~$143.4m in 2018) Draft: 1/15 -- Derek Barnett, Tennessee, edge/OLB, Rush backer in the Colts scheme, can be a very good pass rusher, compares to some 2nd tier pass rushers in the league right now, I'm not thrilled with his athleticism but he ran a great 3 cone, more importantly he's a proven producer in college, probably the surest thing outside the top 3 in the draft, high floor player, he has more bend than I initially thought; I was torn between him and Charlton, but ultimately Barnett being a surer thing vs Charlton's greater explosiveness and higher ceiling won me over 2/46 -- Gareon Conley, Ohio State, CB, can play both sides and in the slot, great ball skills and gets up to contest, physical in run support, good size and play speed, future starter; this was going to be Hasson Reddick before the Combine, because consensus was he was a second rounder even though I thought he was a top 30 player, now it's pretty obvious that consensus was wrong and he'll be gone well before #46 3/80 -- Justin Evans, Texas A&M, FS, has the awareness and range to play deep coverage, a physical player and playmaker, great production, lacks discipline at times 4/122 -- Wayne Gallman, Clemson, RB, tough and physical runner, competitive, has good body control and balance, decent acceleration, not elite open field speed, good production in the passing game 4/144 -- Alex Anzalone, Florida, ILB, rangy, physical, athletic off ball backer who was a high level recruit and on a path to being the next big thing, can play WILB in our system, his collegiate career was thrown off by injury, but he should be healthy now, if not for injury he'd be a top 50 player, IMO 5/158 -- Jon Toth, Kentucky, C/G, length to play guard, technically sound, good awareness, stays engaged once he's blocking, can get stronger to finish better 6/200 -- Ryan Switzer, North Carolina, WR, super productive, "quicker than fast," technically sound, good hands, secure punt returner, sorry to make the obvious small white receiver comparison but he's Wes Welker Jr. > Added ~$6.2m to 2017 cap, $7.4m to 2018 cap >> New cap position in 2017 -- $155.5m committed, remaining cap space of $18.1m (committed $150.8m in 2018) Depth chart (draft picks in bold, FA additions in italics) QB: Luck, Tolzien, Morris RB: Gore, Turbin, Gallman, Ferguson WR: Hilton, Moncrief, Dorsett, Rogers, Switzer, Bray, etc., TE: Allen, Doyle, Swoope OL: AC, Mewhort, Kelly, Lelito, Clark, Haeg, Good, Toth, Reitz, Blythe, etc., DL: Logan, Anderson, Langford, Ridgeway, McGill, Parry, Kerr, etc. Edge: Walden, Simon, Barnett, Jones, Ayers, Maggitt, etc., ILB: Jackson, Morrison, Anzalone, etc., (Geathers dime role) CB: Davis, Robinson, Webster, Conley, Melvin, James, Morris, Milton, etc. S: Green, Geathers, Evans, Farley, etc., K: AV P: ? LS: Overton Full roster, plenty of competition, I think some veterans might not make the roster, and we're only carrying two QBs. We could break camp with around $20m cap space, and I have ~$151m committed in 2018 vs a conservative projected cap of $177m. Only FA I would seriously consider re-signing in 2018 is Vontae Davis. Not every need is met to my satisfaction, which no one should expect. But I think this roster is a jump start for the team in 2017 and can get back to the playoffs. And believe it or not, I really like all six draft picks and think they'd stick with the team in 2018. Still need a punter/KOS, which I would think is a UDFA.
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    Gotta appreciate what Adams did here for three years.
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    I find it annoying that we haven't won a Super Bowl since he took over.
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    I know the trolls will have to remind me "The season hasn't started yet" or "winning the offseason means nothing". However, I love what Ballard has done so far. I thought even last year Dwayne Allen should be traded away while he had value. He is too inconsistent and hurt too often. So getting a 4th out of Allen in a year that is strong in defense and RB, too Colts needs, is a good move. I like how he has released/not resigned some vets we had. They were just too slow to inconsistent. As far as free agents, I had hoped the Colts would sign John Simon. He is a perfect weakside LB to take Waldens place. Very good against the run. We have also gotten a punter and a flyer on Mingo. But most importantly, none of these guys are costing the Colts much as far as free agents go. After watching Grigson open up the checkbook for too many over the hill players or part time starters who never amounted to anything, I have real optimism that Ballard is going to turn this defense around quickly. Simon is a very high character, high intensity guy. We need more of them in the locker room.
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    Just a thought to remember, Alshon Jeffery was one of Gavin's favorites the year he came out. To get him to me would be special!!
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    Was taking a nap with the TV on in the background. Woke up immediately when I heard the NFL Network said "the Colts have re-signed Jack Doyle!" 3 years, 19 Million, 9.5 G. Yes, please! Our contract team continues to kill it. Great sign. Sports said his market value was 6.2 Mill for 4 years. We get him for 6.33 Mill for 3 years --- one year less. That's win-win. And the two million he can earn only come thru incentives, which is fair. He's still less than either Fleener and Allen. Right where he belongs. This is an excellent first signing for Ballard. A great deal for Doyle who gets another shot at a good contract BEFORE he's 30. And a good sign for our front office team. Excellent day!!
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    Lamp is the ONLY offensive player I'd be happy with in the first round. Not, the only O-lineman, the ONLY O-player. Otherwise, if we pass on him, or don't trade down to take him, then I want defense, defense and more defense. The RB can come in R3 or R4. I'd prefer R4, but wouldn't rule out R3. Lamp is so good, that he's the best O-lineman in the draft. When was the last time that was said about any guard? Didn't happen for Warmack or Cooper. If Ballard says he wants to solidify things in front of Luck, then fine, plus Lamp in at guard, Clark is the RT and Haeg inherits the Reitz position as the Jack of all Trades, and the line looks really, really good.
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    Interesting article from Miami Dolphins site in regards to Sean Spence: http://nflspinzone.com/2017/03/17/miami-dolphins-sean-spence-could-fill-void-defense/ ...For years the Dolphins have struggled in coverage against tight ends and running backs because they have lacked a strong cover linebacker. Their greatest effort to add one was Phillip Wheeler, who failed miserably in Miami. However, there is still a linebacker just sitting out there who is a perfect fit. Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans linebacker Sean Spence is an ideal fit for the Phins. Spence was a stud middle linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes in College and showed a ton of promise as a third-round pick in in Pittsburgh before wrecking his knee in the preseason of 2012. It was likely he would never play again after he tore in ACL and LCL, dislocated his knee cap and damaged the nerve that controls the movement in his lower leg. Nevertheless, he persevered and has seen his level of play continue to drastically improve over the past few seasons. The college standout has everything the Dolphins are looking for. He’s 26 years old and comes at a bargain price because of the injury. Tackling has never been an issue with Spence and, watching his film, he was outstanding in coverage last season in Tennessee in limited snaps. This could be the steal the Phins need to solidify their front seven. The cherry on top is that he’s a Miami kid and hometown hero. On top of his tangible abilities both as a tackler and in coverage, he’s also a natural leader. His knee injury was a massive setback, but he’s now ready to peak as a professional football player and really hit his stride. His contributions could turn out to be immeasurable and the story could be incredible. The Dolphins failed to give him a look last year, but can’t make that same mistake in 2017. It’s time for the Phins to bring in the hometown kid from The U. He fills their exact need and the price is right. Hopefully he’s on the team’s radar. Spence is good enough to be a starter on this team upon his hypothetical arrival in South Beach.
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    Oh, look! It's this thread again...
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    So let me get this straight... We sign the guy everyone wanted, and people are still finding ways to complain? This board is NEVER satisfied.
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    He's not going to reshape our defense or anything, but he's long and athletic and can play multiple spots along the front. He's a good special teamer, also. I like the low risk with potential to turn into something, but I'm not holding my breath for him to be a cornerstone player.
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    Yes. I had a fanboy moment this year when Doyle came into my store after practice, and I was like "You're on my fantasy team", and he was like "Cool, how much do I owe you?", and I was like "$19.25, you're the tenth-ranked TE in fantasy right now, and you're a local guy, this is awesome. Luck is my QB, and every time he throws to you, I get double points. Because I have you on my fantasy team. Your change is 75 cents." And he was like "Thanks" and then he left. I proceeded to tell everyone in my vicinity that Colts TE Jack Doyle, local guy, my guy, my fantasy TE, was also my customer now. He hasn't been back since... probably cuz of me...
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    "Hey Paul, it's Chris in Indy. I got this great WR, he's a former 1st rounder, and our 15th pick. Let's make a deal."
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    Whoa, am I the only one who thought I wouldn't expect this out of Parry? Seemed like he was a pretty great humble guy in his post game interviews.
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    No one he's signed is a foundational player. Stop gaps, all of them, a couple with the potential to be pretty good starters for a year or two, a couple of project level players. The only guy we've officially considered who would be even close to a building block would be Poe, and he evidently wants a short term deal. So, yes, the plan is still to build through the draft. And that won't be done in one year.
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    Hey, did you guys know that was a fake account?
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    I know virtually nothing, But I agree with this guy completely
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    We owe Mike a lot of thanks, he was a visual leader for the defense and played harder at 35 than some players 10 years younger than him. Thanks Mike!
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    I'm speechless......what Irsay and McAfee are doing for these girls is Awesome!!!! Proud of this team, and its former players. This tragedy hit a little too close to home for me. Let's bring the piece of scum who did this to justice!!!!!!! http://wlfi.com/2017/03/01/former-colt-pat-mcafee-jim-irsay-boost-reward-for-delphi-double-homicide-to-200k/
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    http://prod.video.colts.clubs.nfl.com/IND/videos/dct/video_audio/2017/03-March/031716-BALLARD-MESSAGE-700k.mp4 Great message!
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    He's doing his job, said he wouldn't throw big money in FA and want's to build through the draft. Can't please everyone in this "I want it now" world.
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    The Dark Wizard Belichick and his stank eye govern the realm of Mordor Massachusetts. While a deflated Gollum Brady holds tight and won't give up the precious.
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    I'd do a one year deal with the Revis opt out function. I don't want to invest in him long term, but he could help short term. And if he opted out and re-signed somewhere else, he'd bring back a comp pick.
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    Go look at his community work then come back and say that. Whatever complaints you can have about his in field performance off the field he was a model citizen.
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    is it possible to get fleeced for a player that 98% of the forum considers to be absolutely worthless?
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    -Dwayne Allen is trash -The Patriots are geniuses who always make the right move Pick one.
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    One week of free agency seems like eternity in this twitter age.

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