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    Boom. There you have it. Is Chris Ballard awesome again?
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    A bit of advice: don't listen to Steven A Smith. He's extremely arrogant and thinks he knows better than everyone else when all he does is yell.
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    Your coming at this at the wrong angle... like most of TJ Greens coverage and tackle attempts.
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    I literally drop everything and listen intently when Ballard talks.
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    Warren Sharp is currently posting some disgusting stats on the Colts 2017 season that perfectly explain how we lost so many 4th quarter leads. Those include personnel groupings, personnel on the field, playcalling etc. Some of those are jawdropping. Here's the start of the thread, I recommend you go and read all of them: I will be posting some of the more eye-popping stats here: ^This is amazing! EVERY SINGLE TIME we lined up with less than 3 WRs we ran the ball. EVERY SINGLE ONE!! This is the no-surprise predictable offense we fielded last year! A team could probably guess what we are doing just by the personnel we had out there. Here's some more predictable behaviors by our playcallers: INSANE! 100% run again with less than 3WRs. This is actually infuriating to read! I knew we were predictable watching the games, but I didn't know we were THIS predictable.
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    So now that the dust has settled, this is the staff that will lead us to the promised land: Offensive coordinator: Nick Sirianni Defensive coordinator: Matt Eberflus Special teams coordinator: Bubba Ventrone Assistant special teams: Frank Ross Offensive line: Dave DeGuglielmo Assistant offensive line: Bobby Johnson Wide receivers: Kevin Patullo Running backs: Tom Rathman Tight ends: Tom Manning Assistant quarterbacks: Marcus Brady Offensive quality control: Gunnard Twyner Defensive line: Mike Phair Linebackers: Dave Borgonzi Defensive backs/safeties: Alan Williams Defensive backs/cornerbacks: Jonathan Gannon Defensive quality control: David Overstreet II Pass rush consultant: Robert Mathis Sports performance director: Rusty Jones Assistant sports science/conditioning:Ryan Podell Assistant strength coach: Richard Howell On the offensive side I see A LOT of diversity in systems previously coached and/or played in. On the defensive side I see A LOT of 4-3 cover 2 and 3 experience. In Ballard, Dodds and Hogan I see three guys VERY adept at filling out a 4-3 defense! Here we go fellow horseshoes!
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    Hey Colts fans. I'm a Niners fan and had to join up just so I could post this... Tom Rathman isn't a good hire, he's a GREAT hire. Tom survived several Head Coaches in SF because he was so good and the ONLY reason he isn't the RB coach in SF right now is that the Shanahans always bring Bobby Turner with them as a package deal. Kyle tried to keep Tom on staff in another position but Tom is all ball and just wanted to coach RBs. It was his decision to leave SF and take the year off. Frank loves the guy as do pretty much everyone in SF. Thats a great hire.
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    Since you want to talk about how we're classifying Chubb, I'm zeroing in on this part, which I disagree with. Chubb has been just as productive as all three of the guys you named above. His film is just as good. His workout was not as good as Garrett's (one of the most freakish athletes in Combine history), but Chubb is a more refined player, more of a technician, with better technique and a more impressive motor. He was more productive than Garrett in their last seasons. His workout was better than Bosa's, with the exception of the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle. He's faster (21 MPH compared to Bosa's 17) and more explosive, at basically the same size. He was twice as productive as Bosa in their last seasons, they are similarly skilled in hand usage and pass rush moves, and play with the same tenacity. Clowney's combine was basically the same as Chubb's, with the exception of a faster 40 and 3 cone, but Clowney's 3 cone was nothing to write home about, either. Explosion numbers were basically the same (Chubb hit a higher top speed). And again, Chubb is more of a technician, and in their last seasons, Chubb easily outworked Clowney, both in effort and production. This talk about Chubb not being an elite pass rush prospect with All Pro potential... I'm not sure where it comes from (I think I know, but that's a different conversation). He has the potential to notch double digit sacks for several seasons, a ton of QB pressures, and he'll be good against the run. That's what the tape has always said. The combine showed that he is a great athlete, despite the bad 3 cone. Drafting Chubb at #3 makes all the sense in the world. There are only two players that can be considered better than him in this draft -- Barkley, who is a freakish athlete who will likely have an immediate impact wherever he goes, and Nelson, who is probably the safest player in the class and will have a 10+ year career, barring injury. And that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with Chubb as a prospect; it's not like there's a massive separation between him and the other two, especially once you adjust for positional value (Barkley won't last at RB, and guards a) are always available in free agency, and b) don't play a premium position). A trade back to 5 or 6 and drafting Chubb would be great. But I have zero problem with drafting him at #3 straight up, and that's because I believe he can be a heavy duty pass rusher. He plays with speed, power, good technique, and passion. He can play in space. He has good change of direction (in both directions, off of either foot), a variety of pass rush moves, goes speed-to-power, closes well, finishes well, and produces every week despite facing double teams. He has great size and length. He has one red flag: a bad 3 cone. So you go back to the tape. Does he look stiff? Does he struggle to change direction? Does he play upright and have trouble turning the corner or flattening to the QB/ball carrier? Is the bad 3 cone an outlier, or was the rest of his workout an anomaly? For me, he's the real deal. So when I say he's "a rock solid prospect," that's not me being withholding or selling him short.
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    The Colts had more wins in decade than any other team in NFL history under Polian and Dungy. Since the Colts have had three none winning seasons in a row no I am not worried.
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    Good lord Grigson had Luck! Ballard has Brissett. Luck carried this team and got hurt under Grigson and Paganos watch. Ballard is stuck fixing this giant turd of a team Grigson created.
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    I will say this: Our forum is a very, very difficult bunch to please. So let me get this straight: - If we do not sign OL players, we are not addressing one of our most glaring weaknesses and we are not trying to protect Luck and we are wasting his talent and getting him hurt, etc etc etc -If we try to sign the best guy (Norwell) and miss out (for whatever the reasoning is) then us turning to another guy who isn't as good as Norwell is met w angst -If we pay Jensen $10M a year and he is even 70% as good of a Guard as Norwell is, then he is actually worth the contract! Yet we complain that we would be overpaying Jensen and should have spent more on Norwell. Is Jensen an upgrade if we get him over what we have? Yes he is. Does Jensen offer versatility and flexibility? Yes he does. Is Jensen arguably better than Fulton who everyone else seemed to want? In my humble opinion yes he is. Why the heck did this forum not explode over the idea of signing Fulton as a Guard when Fulton just played Center most recently for KC and when Fulton graded out better at Center than Guard? If we can get Jensen for $10M a year or less then get him. Once he is here we play the best combo of the top 5 guys on the line that we can. I believe it will be Kelly at Center and Jensen at Guard. But if that flips then so be it.
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    Jack Mewhort was just currently on Sirius XM's NFL Radio interviewed by Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn. He says he's feeling great, getting stronger and stronger and very much looking forward to playing this coming year, whether that be with the Colts or another team. He's "not at all afraid to do whatever is asked of him, as far as working out or whatever" to demonstrate his health. He has "a lot of faith in myself and I'm ready to rock and roll!" When asked if overtures have been made by the Colts to re-sign with them, he said he keeps his nose out of all that, trusting his agent and that with the Combine having just ended and Free Agency only a week away, that he expects to hear some things over the next few days. He speaks really highly of Chris Ballard and the decisions he's been making for the Colts. He says Andrew Luck is brilliant and the definition of "professional" and that he's excited for Luck, as a friend, for him to get back this coming year, healthy. He says he'd love to be part of the equation that turns this thing around for the Colts and that he thinks they're building a really good roster and will be back on top soon enough. ...................................... Just thought you guys would appreciate this summary of his interview. If he is indeed back to feeling terrific physically / meaning he is healthy, then I hope the Colts are able to re-sign him
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    Before Anyone asks I do not know him or am I from NJ
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    The pressure cookers have been recently replaced by the more popular air fryers now. My wife loves her air fryer.
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    It's almost as if the Colts have some inside info on Luck.
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    I just shake my head at the people that say they love Nelson, but not with the third pick. If he’s as good as they are saying, what about using a first round draft choice to get a perennial All-Pro offensive lineman is so bad? A year from now, who really cares if the All-Pro offensive lineman was drafted at 3rd, 6th, or 11th? This splitting of hairs over OG at 3 vs 6th or slightly later is utterly ridiculous! It does not matter! What matters is getting a stud at arguably the weakest position on the team! Perhaps the weakest part of the team, that part that protects your franchise QB and can help make the running game go, has the opportunity to get what is touted as being the safest, start on day one, most dominant OG in years, and some of you say oh noooo, not at 3, but at 6 or 7 is okay? Utter madness, this irrational splitting of hairs. At the end end of the day, to me, the question is what makes your team stronger and more successful ... Chubb the DE pass rushing stud or Nelson the OL stud? The decision cannot consider what position is being chosen at what draft slot. The decision is who is more valuable to your team. To me the answer is clear, based on current personnel ... The team will be better if they FINALLY FIX THE OL!!!!!
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    This article is total trash. Anybody got a lighter? First off, JB was essentially a rookie QB who had to learn whole new terminology in INDY drastically different from what Josh McDaniels ran in NE--The play calling I mean. Second, what the hades is this article doing mentioning how his passing/completion percentage pales in comparison to RW--A SB champion field general. No crap Sherlock. Then, they say or infer that Cam Newton who played in a SB in 2015 vs the Broncos is better than JB too. What? Wait. Don't you think that's a hugely unfair comparison? How many SBs has Cam gotten back to? If Superman is so great, what's the problem? Also, why are they mentioning Blaine Gabbert & Bridewater in closer proximity to JB's success rate? Bridgwater is recovering from surgery & hasn't played in quite awhile as a starter. While Blaine was kind of an afterthought NFL bust until Bruce Arians made him halfway descent again in AZ. The article mentions that he ran too much? Well, yeah because other than Doyle & Hilton which WR could actually complete a pass & not drop the darn ball? Moncreif really took a huge step back or regressed. In addition, chemistry takes time & you can't expect perfection when Tolzien sucked & INDY was forced to make essentially a emergency trade. Frank Reich will give JB the confidence to play better now & our WRs & TEs will understand what JB likes & vice versa on throws & route running. I'm not impressed with this story at all. A pathetic writeup intended to sabotage fans opinions on JB. Not an accurate assessment at all of the situation Jacoby fell into.
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    It seems to just get crazier and crazier around here. Shout-out to the moderation team for keeping the board reined in. (See what I did there?) Keep up the good work. Still the best board in the NFL
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    Bert Jones. A little diversion from all the Barkley, Chubb, Trade Back talk. My All Time Favorite....love that little half rollout to his right and then fires the ball 100 mph. He threw the football as well or better than anyone else he once said. And he was correct.
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    A lot of people on here would go into a rage if the Colts passed up Bradley Chubb and decided to draft Quenton Nelson at 3. Sure, having a consistent pass rusher is the sexy pick and there's no question that our defense could use a force on the defensive side of the ball. Either way, you look at it the Colts will come away with a player that has the potential to make an impact day one. But, this is why I want Nelson on this team. Look what a healthy Andrew Luck did for this franchise his first three years in the league playing behind a terrible line, no defense, no running game and one consistent wide receiver in TY Hilton. I don't care how good our defense improves heading into next season because this is a 4-12 team without Andrew Luck. Bradley Chubb isn't going to win you the AFC South and a playoff berth. But Andrew Luck can, he's already shown he can win while being surrounded by a bunch of guys who would be backups on 90% of NFL rosters. Luck is special. If anything, the guy is underrated and the Colts need to get this guy some talent around him. He's giving this franchise everything since coming to Indianapolis (Even re-signed here after his rookie deal expired when he could have clearly jumped ship.) I believe Quenton Nelson is special and is the safest pick in the Draft. People need to realize we now play in a division where we have to face those nasty Jaguars and the Texans who will have JJ Watt and Clowney next season. Drafting Quenton Nelson would be huge in creating much-needed pass protection in those pivotal division games. Luck is coming off some serious shoulder surgery, so protecting him is our biggest task. (Especially when he is head and shoulders our best player and highest paid player) Protect the franchise. I don't think anyone on here wants to sit through another season with Andrew Luck sitting on the bench. Normally I would never want to pick a guard or running back that early, but I would take Barkley over Chubb now knowing the severity of Luck's injury. Saquon Barkley helps take pressure off Andrew Luck and gives him a game-changing weapon he deserves. I'm sick and tired of watching Andrew get murdered in the pocket. Every year it's the same story. No pass protection, unable to run the ball, watching our Quarterback get murdered every week. So, I'm all in on giving him all the resources I can to protect him and help elevate his game to the next level. Don't get me wrong, free agency will play a factor in which direction we decide to take in the draft. Sorry for the rant. I will stick with whoever Ballard and Co. decide to choose in the Draft, but if he decides to give Luck some help with our first pick, I surely will be one happy camper!
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    I looked up his highlight reels and none of them had music.
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    4.41 is actually very, very impressive for a running back his size. For reference Alvin Kamara ran a 4.56 and he is considered amongst the fastest in the league. Elliot ran a 4.47, Bell 4.6, Hunt 4.62, David Johnson 4.5, Dalvin 4.49.
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    Good heavens... I might need to check out for a few days.
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    Man sit your behind down somewhere and quit making all these desperate threads.
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    So you been saying it for weeks? So why did it need its own thread?
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    Meh, People get too hung up on NFL coaching experience. There are great minds at all levels
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    I would say that I don't think Dion Lewis is a great addition. He is a good player but will come at a premium with being from New England, and that goes against Ballard's ethos. I am on the "trade back" bandwagon but I would not want to go back further than 5/6/7 to still be able to get a blue chip player (potentially Chubb or is it too high to take Nelson?).
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    Great move. Way better than over paying for some FAs.
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    Grigson brought in old washed up players. That’s why the FAs failed. Theres nothing wrong with signing good young talent.
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    I heard he offered Norwell $15 per hour with dental.
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    *sees there are 200+ responses in this thread* Wow I must’ve missed out on some good stuff! *After 3 pages of a bet argument*
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    Somebody tell him to tank the other drills....I don't want the Browns are Giants stealing him.
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    CB has said all along he wants a more dynamic offense - and for those that read the breakdown of our 4th Quarter predictability last year - I think we can see why. Holy smokes that was some JV level play calling nonsense!!!!!! Enter Frank Reich and the staff, but more importantly the PHILOSOPHY he wants to bring to the Colts offense - besides the aggressive and attacking style. The first thing to acknowledge is the systems he has been involved with as a player and coach: Player - K-Gun with the Bills. Coach - Tom Moore's offense in Indy. Coach - Norv Turner's offense in SD. Coach - Andy Reid's (via Pederson) offense in Philly. Those 4 stops by themselves lend themselves to being an aggressive, multi layered passing attack. Now he brings in Sirianni (QC coach under Andy Reid), Manning (successful college OC) and Brady (successful CFL OC under Trestman) to be coordinators/position coaches. At the moment we still don't have a RB or WR coach.....but I'm sure there will beca pattern. Reich said that the thing he values the most is the team efforts of the staff to build the play sheet each week (even though he'll call the plays). A successful OC from college, mixed with a successful OC from the CFL mixed with Sirianni plus his own offensive experiences lends itself to some innovative plays that attack defenses at every level WITH some deception built in with formations and personnel packages. I for one am liking what CB & FR are doing to put together this staff by pulling talented minds from different places and not just recycling old 'known' coaches....
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    And to the point of the thread, I don't mind Nelson in round 1 just positively not at # 3.
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    Confirmed. He's beach training with Apollo Creed for his rematch with Clubber Lang.
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    Woooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! My thread came true!!! Thank you Ballard!
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    I just realized that Autry had 5 sacks last year and Mayowa had 6....that could have about led the Colts in sacks last year. These are people who put those numbers up as non-full time players too.
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    Am I seeing this correctly? The man who claims PFF grades are garbage and worthless now uses them to trash a Colts player? Well.... how convenient! They're garbage when you disagree with them and quotable when you agree with them! That's impressive!
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    Are we sure 15M of capspace money is harder resource to come by than a no. 3 pick? Because I might be more willing to give Norwell 15M and use the top 3 pick on a more valuable position where the top talent never hits free agency... unlike guards who are available on the market every year, sometime multiple of them.