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    Every time Ballard signs a 25 year old LB, a bad Grigson signing get it's wings and goes to heaven.
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    Sorry if pasting a Twitter thread like this is kind of annoying, but I wasn't really sure of any other way to post it.
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    My deepest condolences to you, LJ.... But don't give up hope now.... your fiancé would not want you to do that. She'd want you to live a long and happy life. Dedicate it to her. I know things are dark now.... but they will get better.... you have to believe that.... Take it a day at a time.... an hour at a time if you have to.... but get through every day.... I'm so sorry for your loss.... But there are many people who don't want to lose you.... Stay strong for Lacy and for you!
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    We definitely got better today
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    Gotta say, anybody who doesn't think Ballard has done a magnificent job improving this front 7 at this point is just trolling.
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    #weallinonmixonyall Last time, I promise.
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    Are you people finished whining now?
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    Majority of Colts fans were excited when Arthur Jones was signed. Too bad it didn't work out.
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    My beloved fiancé, Lacy, passed away last night. She was the MOST AWESOME girl I ever met. She helped me move on when I lost my Mom 4 years ago. I can't describe my feelings now. There's nothing left now for me. I Miss you Laska(pet name we called each other), and will never forget you my true love.
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    I think I speak for the whole forum when I say that we are all deeply sorry for your loss. We're all here for you if you ever need anything!
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    His "logic" and methodology are all over the place, and this list is nonsense.
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    The problem with picks like Dorsett was not the strategy(pick BPA). The problem was that our talent evaluation was bad ... If Dorsett turned into a pro-bowler and all-pro very few would be complaining about the Colts picking him. People are complaining because he's been very underwhelming and not worth the pick he was picked with.
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    It's more like $20m, and I think they're done, unless a good player falls in their laps over the next couple months. If they roll over a healthy chunk, they'll be a little bit closer to true contention in 2018. Might have a new coaching staff also.
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    I'd put La Confora in Tier 7 amongst journalists.
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    I don't know what you read in those tweets that gave you the impression that Pagano is a lame duck coach. His comments struck me as quite the opposite. I thought Irsay did a nice job of cooling the seat the Pagano sits on, NOT making it hotter...
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    Who needs Ruben Foster or Riddick? We have Jon Bostic, Sean Spence, Edwin Jackson, and some dude who runs like molasses.
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    I hope you guys have a great draft and you are back on top in the AFC this year. Happy Easter to you guys as well Andrew Luck will be back. After last season how nice your fans were to our fans I will always pull for you when your not playing us.
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    So I had an opportunity tonight to play the Colts GM in a LIVE mock at draftwired.com, and it was fun. We had 13 team GM's, and the other teams were system generated picks. In my mind, the draft went too fast, but I was able to keep my thoughts in order and produce a solid mock. Had we had all the GM spots full then it would have slowed the process down, and given us more time to make trades. I was trying to trade back in the first round, but I only had 2 minutes to find a trade partner. If the first round were extended to 5 minutes max (per pick) then I think this would have been better. We had 30 seconds for each pick from the second round, and on. Here is how our Colts came out: Rd Pk Player Ps 1 15 Reddick, Haason ILB 2 46 Conley, Gareon CB 3 80 Williams, Tim OLB 3/4 4 122 Perine, Samaje RB 4 137 Siragusa, Nico G 4 144 Vanderdoes, Eddie DE 3/4 5 158 Roberts, Michael TE I think I could have traded back and still got Reddick. Just not enough time to find a trade partner. Conley landed right in my lap at #46, and the way the board was moving, I could see it coming. I doubt that happens in the real draft, but you never know. Tim Williams might have some issues, but we would be crazy not to to take him at #80, especially if we haven't drafted any other OLB's. And all of my sleeper OLB picks were gone by 80. Heck, most of the Edge Rushers were gone in the second round. I love Samaje, and I hope we see him in the Blue and White. I think we have a chance to get him at #122. He reminds me of a "bigger" yet younger Frank Gore. I love watching defenders just bounce off of him. Nico would be a great fit for our OL and bring in fresh competition at RG. I am not sure we need another DE, but Vanderdoes was too good of a pick to leave on the board at #144. All Michael Roberts does is catch touchdowns.
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    Forrest Gump is far too skinny to play guard. He is a heckeva return man though
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    In the immortal words of our friend, JSkinnz...... Oh! Dear!! God!!!!! At the risk of offending everyone here.... At one end of the spectrum is one poster who says Moncrief is a #1 WR. He's not. Not even close. At the other end of the spectrum is another poster who says he's average when he's healthy and easily replaceable. He's not. Not even close. But unless he asks for too much money a year from now, Moncrief isn't going anywhere. Just because he's not signed yet to a new deal, doesn't mean he won't be. By the same logic, Jack Mewhort should have his bags packed too. And that's not happening now. Guys can still get signed this calendar year, or even before they turn free agents in March of 2018. There's no need for anyone to worry or panic or wonder about futures yet. I know fans get a little antsy this time of year. Chill-ax.... Give it time. These things have a way of working themselves out....... Really. Seriously.
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    They probably should to be honest.
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    Hello, Texan fan here. We run a mock draft every year with posters being GM's for each of the 32 teams. I had the pleasure of being the Colts this year, here is what I got for the team. 1st Takkarist McKinley UNC Edge 2nd Charles Harris Mizzou Edge 3rd Alvin Kamara Tenn RB 4th Tedric Thompson Colorado S 4th Blair Brown Ohio ILB 4th Damontae Kazzee San Diego State, CB 5th Tanzel Smart Tulane DT First and foremost I wanted to supply a sorely needed pass rush, grabbing Mckinley and Harris. Next add more weapons on offense with a 3 down back with explosiveness in Kamara. After that I looked to add defensive players at each level. Thompson and Kazee will add good depth and should be able to contribute right away in the secondary. Brown add a much needed young ILB, Smart gives some DL depth. One thing that jumps out at me is the 3 4th rounders will give the Colts a chance to build quicker through the draft.
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    Trade pick #15 for pick #24 and get a 2nd Round pick and a 5th rounder. 1. Gareon Conley CB: Great cover corner had a good combine our corner opposite Vontae Davis should help our defense tremendously. 2. Joe Mixon RB: Best Back in this draft athletic physical runner extremely good hands you all know about the off the field issues. 2. Raekwon McMillan ILB: Starts day at ILB can cover flys to the football. 3. Tyus Bowser OLB: Extremely athletic can rush the passer and cover. 4. Shaquill Griffin CB: Athletic rangy long Corner. Can learn behind Vontae for a year then hopefully start. 4. Bucky Hodges TE: Tall vertical threat Ballard said he loved the tightens class so here is a TE that can stretch the field our TE would be scary Doyle Swope and Hogdes that would be terrific. 4. Jojo Mathis OLB: Very athletic edge rusher falls here cause he is coming off an injury. 5. Channing Stribling CB: Adds to corner back depth learns behind Vontae for a year and can also compete for the nickel spot. 5. Elijah Lee ILB: Flys to the football competes with spence and Morrison to start opposite McMillan. You have Two day one starters you have a guy in Mixon that will benefit from learning behind Gore your corners are set I did not draft any D line or O line but I feel our d line I solid after the Hankins signing with this draft you have created competition every where on your roster.
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    Please reach out to family and friends who understand and share your loss. It will help you through this devastating time. I'm so sorry for your loss. Let us know how you are doing
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    There was rumors that we would pay Poe handsomely too, so I think Ballard see a quality NT as fixing more than one position, like taking a bit of run stopping stress of the ILBs. I also think that they didn't want to use a draft pick on a NT, they wanted a proven anchor, and price was secondary because an anchor has that trickle down effect. But very interesting and telling deal. I personally like it despite being rich.
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    Here's a crazy thought. How about we get someone that actually does play ILB
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    hope he didn't cost a fortune-ato HEY YO!
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    Do you believe in miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in los angeles/las vegas for 2 weeks at the start of september. So i can see my first ever Colts game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever
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    One of the funniest lines written on this website in the 5-years that I've been a member! BRAVO!! That's going to be hard to beat for Post of the Day!
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    Very inappropriate. Offensive to all round headed bald orange people. And flashing a gun sign too? He should be arrested! (How's that for a PC spin?) YES! Bring in more Buckeyes!
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    Ahh...the early signs of dissent among the masses. Like a comfy old pair of shoes.
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    1 Cleveland Browns -- DE Myles Garrett 12 Cleveland Browns -- WR Mike Williams 33 Cleveland Browns -- QB DeShone Kizer 52 Cleveland Browns -- S Desmond King 65 Cleveland Browns -- CB Cordrea Tankersley 108 Cleveland Browns -- DE Jaleel Johnson 145 Cleveland Browns -- S Josh Harvey-Clemons 175 Cleveland Browns -- RB TJ Logan 181 Cleveland Browns -- OT Dan Skipper 185 Cleveland Browns -- DL Deatrich Wise 188 Cleveland Browns -- TE Eric Saubert 2 San Francisco 49ers -- DE Soloman Thomas 34 San Francisco 49ers -- WR/RB Curtis Samuel 66 San Francisco 49ers -- QB Davis Webb 109 San Francisco 49ers -- CB Cameron Sutton 143 San Francisco 49ers -- S John Johnson 146 San Francisco 49ers -- OL Zach Banner 197 San Francisco 49ers -- TE Michael Roberts 198 San Francisco 49ers -- LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin 202 San Francisco 49ers -- DT DJ Jones 219 San Francisco 49ers -- OT Justin Senior 3 Chicago Bears -- S Jamal Adams 36 Chicago Bears -- WR Zay Jones 67 Chicago Bears -- DL Chris Wormley 111 Chicago Bears -- CB Damonte Kazee 117 Chicago Bears -- TE Jordan Leggett 147 Chicago Bears -- RB Jamaal Williams 221 Chicago Bears -- EDGE Jimmie Gilbert 4 Jacksonville Jaguars -- RB Leonard Fournette 35 Jacksonville Jaguars -- OL Forrest Lamp 68 Jacksonville Jaguars -- TE Gerald Everett 110 Jacksonville Jaguars -- EDGE Trey Hendrickson 148 Jacksonville Jaguars -- QB Brad Kaaya 187 Jacksonville Jaguars -- DL Charles Walker 222 Jacksonville Jaguars -- CB Nate Hairston 240 Jacksonville Jaguars -- WR Damore'ea Stringefellow 37 Los Angeles Rams -- TE Evan Engram 69 Los Angeles Rams -- OL Dorian Johnson 112 Los Angeles Rams -- WR Isaiah Ford 141 Los Angeles Rams -- CB Howard Wilson 149 Los Angeles Rams -- S Jadar Johnson 189 Los Angeles Rams -- WR Ryan Switzer 206 Los Angeles Rams -- OT Storm Norton 234 Los Angeles Rams -- RB Taquan Mizzell 6 New York Jets -- S Malik Hooker 39 New York Jets -- CB Tre'Davious White 70 New York Jets -- TE Bucky Hodges 107 New York Jets -- OT Adam Bisnowaty 150 New York Jets -- EDGE Dawuane Smoot 191 New York Jets -- CB Aaron Jones 224 New York Jets -- WR Travis Rudolph 7 Los Angeles Chargers -- DL Jonathan Allen 38 Los Angeles Chargers -- S Budda Baker 71 Los Angeles Chargers -- WR Chris Godwin 113 Los Angeles Chargers -- OT Julie'n Davenport 151 Los Angeles Chargers -- EDGE Joe Mathis 190 Los Angeles Chargers -- CB Jeremy Cutrer 225 Los Angeles Chargers -- RB DeAngelo Henderson 8 Carolina Panthers -- TE OJ Howard 40 Carolina Panthers -- DE Jordan Willis 64 Carolina Panthers -- RB Alvin Kamara 98 Carolina Panthers -- S Josh Jones 115 Carolina Panthers -- OT David Sharpe 152 Carolina Panthers -- C Kyle Fuller 192 Carolina Panthers -- LB Elijah Lee 233 Carolina Panthers -- WR Zach Pascal 9 Cincinnati Bengals -- LB Reuben Foster 41 Cincinnati Bengals -- OL Dan Feeney 73 Cincinnati Bengals -- DE Demarcus Walker 116 Cincinnati Bengals -- WR Amara Darboh 138 Cincinnati Bengals -- CB Jourdan Lewis 153 Cincinnati Bengals -- K Zane Gonzalez 176 Cincinnati Bengals -- RB Corey Clement 193 Cincinnati Bengals -- S Delano Hill 217 Cincinnati Bengals -- DE Josh Carraway 227 Cincinnati Bengals -- OL Damien Mama 251 Cincinnati Bengals -- WR DeAngelo Yancey 10 Buffalo Bills -- WR Corey Davis 44 Buffalo Bills -- CB/S Chidobe Awuzie 75 Buffalo Bills -- OT Roderick Johnson 156 Buffalo Bills -- S Xavier Woods 171 Buffalo Bills -- TE Jonnu Smith 195 Buffalo Bills -- QB Jarod Evans 11 New Orleans Saints -- CB Marlon Humphrey 32 New Orleans Saints -- WLB Zach Cunningham 42 New Orleans Saints -- DE Carl Lawson 76 New Orleans Saints -- OL Pat Elfein 96 New Orleans Saints -- QB Nathan Peterman 103 New Orleans Saints -- RB Marlon Mack 196 New Orleans Saints -- WR Chad Williams 229 New Orleans Saints -- CB Aarion Penton 14 Philadelphia Eagles -- CB Gareon Conley 43 Philadelphia Eagles -- RB Joe Mixon 74 Philadelphia Eagles -- CB Sidney Jones 119 Philadelphia Eagles -- OL Nico Siragusa 139 Philadelphia Eagles -- DE Daeshon Hall 155 Philadelphia Eagles -- S Tedric Thompson 194 Philadelphia Eagles -- DT DeAngelo Brown 230 Philadelphia Eagles -- CB Shelton Gibson 13 Arizona Cardinals -- QB Mitchell Trubisky 45 Arizona Cardinals -- ILB Jarrad Davis 77 Arizona Cardinals -- WR Cooper Kupp 120 Arizona Cardinals -- OL Isaac Asiata 157 Arizona Cardinals -- CB Shaquill Griffin 179 Arizona Cardinals -- DL Jarron Jones 231 Arizona Cardinals -- S Fish Smithson 48 Minnesota Vikings -- OL Dion Dawkins 79 Minnesota Vikings -- RB D'Onta Foreman 86 Minnesota Vikings -- LB Duke Riley 121 Minnesota Vikings -- DT Davon Godchaux 129 Minnesota Vikings -- S Rayshawn Jenkins 160 Minnesota Vikings -- OT Conor McDermott 199 Minnesota Vikings -- WR Stacy Coley 232 Minnesota Vikings -- CB Brandon Wilson 15 Indianapolis Colts -- EDGE Derek Barnett 46 Indianapolis Colts -- CB Adoree' Jackson 80 Indianapolis Colts -- DL Carlos Watkins 122 Indianapolis Colts -- RB Brian Hill 137 Indianapolis Colts -- OT Chad Wheeler 144 Indianapolis Colts -- LB Vince Biegel 158 Indianapolis Colts -- OL Jordan Morgan 16 Baltimore Ravens -- WR John Ross 47 Baltimore Ravens -- EDGE Tim Williams 78 Baltimore Ravens -- CB Fabien Moreau 99 Baltimore Ravens -- C Tyler Orlosky 123 Baltimore Ravens -- OT Erik Magnuson 159 Baltimore Ravens -- WR Artavis Scott 186 Baltimore Ravens -- LB Devonte Fields 17 Washington Redskins -- OL Cam Robinson 49 Washington Redskins -- DL Malik Mcdowell 81 Washington Redskins -- NT Montravius Adams 114 Washington Redskins -- CB Corn Elder 124 Washington Redskins -- RB Wayne Gallman 154 Washington Redskins -- WR Josh Reynolds 161 Washington Redskins -- C Jon Toth 201 Washington Redskins -- ILB Marquel Lee 209 Washington Redskins -- S Jordan Sterns 220 Washington Redskins -- TE Pharaoh Brown 235 Washington Redskins -- EDGE Hunter Dimick 5 Tennessee Titans -- CB Marshon Lattimore 18 Tennessee Titans -- TE David Njoku 83 Tennessee Titans -- S Justin Evans 100 Tennessee Titans -- WR ArDarius Stewart 125 Tennessee Titans -- ILB Anthony Walker 164 Tennessee Titans -- RB DJ Pumphrey 214 Tennessee Titans -- EDGE Ejuan Price 236 Tennessee Titans -- OL Aviante Collins 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- RB Dalvin Cook 50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- S Marcus Williams 84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- OT Will Holden 126 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- DE Caroll Phillips 162 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- WR Chad Hansen 204 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- C Cameron Tom 237 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- QB Chad Kelly 20 Denver Broncos -- OT Ryan Ramcyzk 51 Denver Broncos -- WR JuJu Smith-Schuster 82 Denver Broncos -- TE Jake Butt 101 Denver Broncos -- NT Elijah Qualls 127 Denver Broncos -- CB Jalen Myrick 177 Denver Broncos -- WR Dede Westbrook 203 Denver Broncos -- ILB Blair Bown 238 Denver Broncos -- RB Elijah Hood 252 Denver Broncos -- OL Brandon Kublanow 253 Denver Broncos -- FB Sam Rogers 21 Detroit Lions -- LB Haason Reddick 53 Detroit Lions -- DE Charles Harris 85 Detroit Lions -- DT Larry Ogunjobi 128 Detroit Lions -- TE George Kittle 165 Detroit Lions -- RB Joe Williams 205 Detroit Lions -- CB Brian Allen 215 Detroit Lions -- S Damarius Travis 250 Detroit Lions -- QB CJ Beathard 22 Miami Dolphins -- DE Taco Charlton 54 Miami Dolphins -- OL Ethan Pocic 97 Miami Dolphins -- LB Alex Anzalone 166 Miami Dolphins -- DE Ryan Glasgow 178 Miami Dolphins -- S Montae Nicholson 184 Miami Dolphins -- OL Sean Harlow 223 Miami Dolphins -- WR Kenny Golladay 23 New York Giants -- RB Christian McCaffrey 55 New York Giants -- OT Taylor Moton 87 New York Giants -- TE Adam Shaheen 140 New York Giants -- DT Eddie Vanderdoes 167 New York Giants -- MLB Jayon Brown 207 New York Giants -- QB Joshua Dobbs 241 New York Giants -- DE Dylan Donahue 24 Oakland Raiders -- S Obi Melifonwu 56 Oakland Raiders -- DT Caleb Brantley 88 Oakland Raiders -- MLB Kendell Beckwith 130 Oakland Raiders -- WR Taywan Taylor 168 Oakland Raiders -- CB Marquez White 208 Oakland Raiders -- TE Darrell Daniels 242 Oakland Raiders -- OT Jerry Ugokwe 244 Oakland Raiders -- DT Josh Tupou 25 Houston Texans -- QB Pat Mahomes 57 Houston Texans -- OT Antonio Garcia 89 Houston Texans -- SLB Ryan Anderson 131 Houston Texans -- NT Dalvin Tomlinson 142 Houston Texans -- S Lorenzo Jerome 169 Houston Texans -- OL Jessamen Dunker 243 Houston Texans -- WR Isaiah McKenzie 26 Seattle Seahawks -- OT Garett Bolles 58 Seattle Seahawks -- CB Quincy Wilson 90 Seattle Seahawks -- S Eddie Jackson 102 Seattle Seahawks -- DL Tanoh Kpassagnon 106 Seattle Seahawks -- WR Carlos Henderson 210 Seattle Seahawks -- OL Ben Braden 226 Seattle Seahawks -- DT Stevie Tu'ikolovatu 27 Kansas City Chiefs -- QB Deshaun Watson 59 Kansas City Chiefs -- ILB Raekwon McMillan 91 Kansas City Chiefs -- CB Teez Tabor 104 Kansas City Chiefs -- NT Vincent Taylor 132 Kansas City Chiefs -- WR Noah Brown 170 Kansas City Chiefs -- EDGE Keionta Davis 180 Kansas City Chiefs -- RB Matt Dayes 216 Kansas City Chiefs -- TE Billy Brown 218 Kansas City Chiefs -- OT Avery Gennesy 245 Kansas City Chiefs -- OL Chase Roullier 28 Dallas Cowboys -- S Jabrill Peppers 60 Dallas Cowboys -- DE Derek Rivers 92 Dallas Cowboys -- CB Rasul Douglas 133 Dallas Cowboys -- OT JJ Dielman 211 Dallas Cowboys -- LB Jordan Evans 228 Dallas Cowboys -- WR Robert Davis 246 Dallas Cowboys -- DE Garrett Sickels 29 Green Bay Packers -- CB Kevin King 61 Green Bay Packers -- EDGE Tyus Bowser 93 Green Bay Packers -- RB Samaje Perine 134 Green Bay Packers -- OL Jermaine Eluemunor 172 Green Bay Packers -- ILB Matt Milano 182 Green Bay Packers -- WR KD Cannon 212 Green Bay Packers -- CB Brendan Langley 247 Green Bay Packers -- DL Jeremiah Ledbetter 30 Pittsburgh Steelers -- EDGE Takkarist McKinley 62 Pittsburgh Steelers -- CB Ahkello Witherspoon 94 Pittsburgh Steelers -- WR Malachi Dupre 105 Pittsburgh Steelers -- RB Kareem Hunt 135 Pittsburgh Steelers -- ILB Connor Harris 173 Pittsburgh Steelers -- TE Jeremy Sprinkle 213 Pittsburgh Steelers -- S Mike Tyson 248 Pittsburgh Steelers -- EDGE Steven Taylor 31 Atlanta Falcons -- DE TJ Watt 63 Atlanta Falcons -- S Marcus Maye 95 Atlanta Falcons -- OL Danny Isidora 136 Atlanta Falcons -- RB James Conner 174 Atlanta Falcons -- DT Tanzel Smart 249 Atlanta Falcons -- TE Jacob Hollister 72 New England Patriots -- DE Tarell Basham 118 New England Patriots -- RB Jeremy McNichols 163 New England Patriots -- LB Ben Gedeon 183 New England Patriots -- DE Nazair Jones 200 New England Patriots -- OT Sam Tevi 239 New England Patriots -- CB Joshua Holsey
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    All this talk with the draft coming up and whether or not we should trade up/down etc, got me to researching some stuff, kind of stumbled on some numbers I thought were very interesting regarding our D. for 2016, our Defense was ranked 6th in the league in red zone stops. We allowed fewer TDs in the redzone than teams like Denver, Houston etc. It was the long plays that burnt us. But I also noticed something telling about when we allowed scores. We were ranked 10th in the league in fewest points allowed in the 1st Quarter of games and 11th in in the 3rd quarter. However, we ranked 24th in the 2nd quarter of games and 28th in the 4th quarter. What this confirms to me anyway is the lack of quality depth on Defense and while I know this is nothing most of us didn't know already, I was surprised at how well our D did when fresh. This also shows me that it is very likely with some smart pieces, we can be a much better D this coming year and we're not as far away Defensively as I initially thought. Just some food for thought
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    It's funny how eager we are to sign someone else's busts...
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    Please do. The white helmet - white shirt - white pant combo is about as lame as it gets.
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    I have been one of the more vocal critics of the franchise in the last few years. I've been critical of Grigson, Pagano, the players, and even Irsay. But when you step back and look at the big picture, the Colts are a franchise to be proud of. From the tons of charity work the players do, and how much the Irsay family contributes to the community, to the on-field success, to the 2006 championship. We've had our characters, and we've had our nerd/geek/awkward franchise quarterbacks. The Colts have managed to be relatively scandal-free and have been led by some great people. On field success, strong community involvement, and a very active online forum that connects fans from all over the world. Proud to be a Colts fan!
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    Having Garrett ranked under Thomas as well as certain other rankings makes me think that you purposely went against the status quo just for the sake of being controversial. Mahomes number 1? McCaffery number 1? Mike Williams at 4?
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    Donte Moncrief had one of he fastest 40 times for any WR at his combine ---- 4.40 Top 10 WR clocking. He had one of the top Vertical Jumps for any WR ---- 39.5 inches, top-10 He had one of the top broad jumps --- 132 inches. That's 11 feet, also top-10 And he did all that at 6'2" and 220. Physically and athletically, that makes him elite. Donte Moncrief was also the YOUNGEST WR in his draft class. Grigson said the day we drafted him that he was raw and unpolished and it would take time. He played 9 games last year and had 7 TD catches. He does not have an attitude problem. He does not have a motivational problem as some have asserted about him over the past few weeks. I have no idea where some of this stuff comes from? Donte Moncreif's best football is in front of him. Just because he hasn't been signed to a new long term contract doesn't mean Ballard hasn't offered him one. Maybe he hasn't offered enough. Maybe Moncrief is betting on having a big 2017 to earn a better contract. All I know is the idea that he's easily replaceable, as was suggested in this thread is embarrassingly laughable. Crazy talk.... He was headed toward a big year last year, only a broken shoulder blade stopped that......... (Sigh......) I sure hope this thread dies a quiet death......

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