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    https://www.stampedeblue.com/2018/1/14/16890104/chuck-pagano-sends-a-thank-you-to-colts-nation Say what you want about his coaching....but can deny he's a good guy.
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    Maybe they were just fulfilling the Matt Rhule, the lesser known counterpart to the Rooney Rule, where teams are required to interview one really bad candidate for head coaching vacancies.
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    Okay, I'll be the first to say it. I hope this OC is good at his job, for Peetz sake.
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    Why is everyone so insistent on blaming the Colts for the way Luck's recovery has gone?
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    We had an entire thread on this after the press conference, a week and a half ago. By the way, here's what Polian said recently about Jim Irsay's role in a coaching search: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/01/08/nfl-hall-fame-executive-bill-polian-colts-coaching-search-there-no-profile/1013928001/ This idea that Irsay would be a detriment to hiring a coach is -- and pardon my bluntness -- just dumb.
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    It needs its own thread. How awesome was that???
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    I'm tired of the McDaniels argument. We've been having it nonstop for two weeks now. No one knows how it will play out, and everyone knows that he has some pros and some cons. I've moved on from rehashing the same points and counterpoints. I'm excited that he's gonna be the guy. I'm hopeful that he's learned how to lead a team and a staff, and I expect him to do really good things with Chris Ballard.
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    It was time for a change but Chuck is a good man I wish him well wherever he lands.
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    Here are some things hes done WITHOUT tom brady. Went 11-5 with matt flipping cassell. Was 6-0 and beat the patriots with Kyle flipping Orton. Went 3-1 with grappolo and brisett when brady was suspended. Hes been apart of all 5 of the patriots championships and in fact the patriots didn't win another super bowl until mcdaniels came back to the patriots. Also a word of advice, never try to create conversation by citing that * doyle.
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    Just hang out with your grand kids, coach Pagano, you got the money in the bank. Step away from the daily stress and enjoy your time off. Thanks for what you did during those initial years to give the Colts fans hope that we could contend, and your fight against cancer that gave millions hope off the field!!! Good luck to you, whatever you choose to do!!!
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    If his arm didn’t have any blood flow it would have fallen off by now.
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    Lets hope 2018 will be a better year for our Colts Happy New Year of course to non Colts fans like @NFLfan as well.
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    This team can't carry a lead, what makes you think they wouldn't drop Chuck before they got him to the tunnel?
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    This season has been a trial in patience for every Colts Fan worldwide and has been a huge bummer from a football perspective and these last 2 weeks are seemingly taking forever to conclude, however as the new year approaches and the prospects of what hopes to be an exciting and optimistic off-season, I would like to wish everyone a Joyous Christmas and a safe new year. Hopefully the fat man will bring me some Tylenol cuz I have a major headache... Peace to everyone in Colts Nation and God Bless!!
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    You couldn't pick a better analogy than something to do with the shoulder?
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    Romo is talking about McDaniels to the Colts similar to how people were talking about Shanahan to the Niners last year.
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    Not enough words randomly capitalised.
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    I really dont understand the constant grief toward Castanzo. He's nowhere near as bad as he's treated around here. Sometimes i think this forum has a flock of minah birds hanging around. someone sees that AC allows a sack, then its "caw caw , AC stinks, release him". Then suddenly its like wildfire.... "caw caw caw caw ... AC stinks. AC stinks." (Crowd noise) "CAW CAW... hire TOUB! I dont know why, i just heard it somewhere....CAW!" The blind leading the blind around here sometimes.
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    The fact remains that Jim Irsay owns the team. It's not public property. I don't own it. You don't own it. Steven A. "Motormouth" Smith certainly doesn't own it. Nor does any "fan" who thinks that he should have some say about ownership simply because he bought a jersey, or a couple of tickets, or watches the games on TV. There are 31 other teams out there who could always use another fan or two. Pick one. /rant
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    Also, Nagy was probably the least qualified of all the known candidates. If Irsay scared him off... good.
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    You may have stopped smoking it but your posts tonight make it look like you've taken to drinking the bong water
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    Didn't Rocky go to northern Siberia to train? And look what happened, he destroyed the steroid machine that was Ivan !
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    Does anyone else remember the long developing downfield plays that got Luck hammered every other play? His offense would probably finish Luck off. I would rather not see him back in Indy for Andrews safety.
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    Should we start the @FireDoyle thread?!
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    This sums up how I feel after learning this news about McDaniels...
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    Class act... Just a little embarrassing, as a Colts fan, that some on the forum still feel it necessary to be critical in a thread focused on a farewell thank you letter...
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    That's all baseless conjecture, if you ask me. There's a lot of noise about Irsay being a troublesome owner, but there's zero evidence of that. He doesn't meddle, he's well respected by everyone who's ever worked with him, and he (mostly) hires good people and lets them do their job. If you have a problem with the owner of the team addressing the media about a very news worthy event, then that's a "you" problem. He's the owner, he can address the media whenever he wants, and usually when he does, it's to sell his product -- the Colts. That's his job. If you find that embarrassing as a Colts fan, I think that's something you're going to have to work through on your own. The owner is going to speak publicly. It's obvious that he has personal issues, but it's a little unfair to always resort to his past issues with drugs. The way he's moving around, it's obvious that he's in a lot of pain, which kind of suggests that he's not using anything. He's not a good public speaker, but that's always been the case. Just because he says 'um' and 'uhh' a lot doesn't mean he's high. And suggesting that the man who extended Grigson and Pagano and gave them both more time than almost anyone in the media or fanbase thought they deserved... the same man who took a full three weeks to fire Ryan Grigson ... the man who is now allowing Chris Ballard to take his sweet time with this very momentous coaching search ... has become impatient? I think that flies in the face of reason. Irsay is painted as this impetuous and unpredictable man, and that's largely based on some issues in his personal life, but it has zero to do with how he runs the Colts. As for Nagy, that's just a difference of opinion. Suffice it to say, he wasn't very high on my list. And if he didn't like the fit with the Colts, it's a good thing he chose Chicago, because Irsay isn't going anywhere, and I don't think Ballard will be leaving any time soon either.
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    Any team with a good enough backup qb that your team is the same when he starts.... doesnt have a good enough starting QB. There was absolutely no one that Ballard could have signed or drafted that could have made the Colts a playoff team. PS: You are in the lead for the worst post of 2018
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    Chris Ballard starts off talking about expectations. Said Chuck never lost the locker room. The players never lost focused, and never tanked. They showed up every week. Without a great locker room it is hard to win in this league. We have to have high standards. Our young players grew as the season went along. A lot of job openings. We will keep everything internal (in house). It will be a wide-open search. We are going to get the right fit for the Indianapolis Colts. Now Chris is taking questions. It is not a requirement for the new coach to have prior NFL head coaching experience. We want a staff full of teachers that can develop players. Jim was asked what led to making the change of head coach. It was not any secret that we were evaluating Chuck last year. We wanted to have continuity. In the end it came down to the final day, and making sure we were doing the right thing. The decision was made, and it was tough to let a good man go. We were leaning towards making a change as the season went on. The Jacksonville game was very disappointing. We have to give Chuck a lot of credit. In the end, we felt we needed to make a change so we did. Chris: We are going to take our time to make sure we have the right fit for this organization. At the end of the day it will be the gut feeling of when it is the right guy. After we spend enough time with the person then we will know. Anytime you are a GM and you don't have a short list of names you better always have a running list of the available coaches. The new head coach will make the decision to keep the current coaches. He does not need to be offensive or defensive minded. I don't want someone to come here for just Andrew Luck. If a candidate is concerned about Andrew Luck then he is not the right fit. Jim: Andrew is coming back, and he makes this job that much more enticing. The great fan base we have. The great tradition we have. The incredible stadium we have. 2012 was absolutely incredible. We had an Executive of the Year award. If you come around the horseshoe then you are coming to something special. Jacoby really did some special things. The commitment we have in winning. This is something that should last for decades and decades. I am thankful, Chris acknowledged to me that he really wanted to come to the Colts. Peopl are going to be excited about coming here and having a chance to get this job. You don't know the fire that is burning in #12's eyes. He ahs a 110 fever. You put him on that field with and Edgerrin James type "BARKLEY! WHOA"... That last part was me. But he said it. LOL Jim continues... Ideally we would like to have someone we can have success for 10-12 years, but we are not ruling out older coaches who might not plan to coach that long either. I don't have super powers. I cannot see through concrete walls. I can say that from being around football for half a century, that this thing just took longer than we thought it would. The surgery was a success. When I made the comment about being 3-4 inches between you ears, I was talking about myself. I was injured, and questioned should I train or not train. I am not trying to sell something that I don't believe in. This horseshoe is bigger than us all, and it will prevail without me, Chris or Andrew. I do believe that from talking to the doctors that he can come back. My optimism was absolutely genuine. One of the finest shoulder doctors in the world said the shoulder surgery was outstanding. Each case is different. It just longer for the shoulder to heal. I am an optimist, but I am also a realist. I am not going to nonsense anyone. I am telling you that I have no doubt in my mind that Andrew is going to come back. That kid is a special kid. He was born to do great things in the NFL and he will do great things in the NFL! That is coming form someone who has been in this game for half a century. And that is coming from someone that was brought into this game by Johnny Unitas, who slapped my butt in the locker room and said get out of the way kid. Irsay continues: Whether we trade the pick or keep the pick, it is a tremendous asset. The type of equity we have with this type of draft pick, plus we were in every game this year. We could have been in the wildcard weekend. That's how close we are. God rest his soul Ron Meyer, he had a car salesman aspect to him and he was fun. I feel that Andrew is going to be back and he will write his name into the NFL in a very important way. If you told me that he was going to miss the entire year last year then I could not have believed you. Continue on..... Irsay continues... Time will tell, but I am sincere when I tell you Andrew will be back. Chris: We will continue to add competition. We will start throwing soon and that will tell us a lot. Press Conference over. Sorry for the typing mistakes. I was doing this on the fly,
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    I will say this, Pagano may not have been the answer for us as a coach, but he wouldn’t be immature enough to gloat over someone losing their job.
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    Having an average QB as your main back up is a great thing, IMO.
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    Bro that article was linked and discussed on here 1000 times. Not sure how you missed it. It was available the whole time you were arguing
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    We are not going to be able to upgrade on Castanzo. Ballard said late in the season that AC is playing the best ball of his career. There isn't a better LT on the market. We are fine at LT and C. The other three spots are question marks.
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    I remember numerous times where Gore went in motion, ran routes, caught screens, and even took wildcat snaps, so I don't think it was as one-dimensional as you're remembering. Gore just isn't athletic enough to make the big splash plays like some of the younger scat-backs. We haven't been that predictable, we just haven't been that good. Predictable was Pep running it up the gut on 1st and 2nd down, then trying to hit a long-developing pass downfield but taking a sack because the D ignores the play-action...
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    I think pagano did the best he could, so why be mad at him. I can be mad at a lazy person or a person with a bad attitude, but not a guy with a good attitude who did his best. Thank him for his attempt and move on.
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    The guy doesn't even really qualify as a journalist. Then again, true journalism is nearly dead.
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    Stay tuned after the break for more exciting drama when Days of our Colts returns after these few messages....
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    Next Monday, teams will start signing PS players to futures contracts. This is Ballard and crew getting a head start on that by stealing a player away from another team's practice squad, and now Kaaya will be an exclusive rights free agent for the Colts in 2018, and they'll have him under control for the next three seasons if they want. I don't think this says anything about the QBs already on the roster, especially not Luck. Just a futures move. If anything, it says Phillip Walker is done in Indy, which I'm fine with.
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    Nelson is the best lineman in this draft.
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