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    I just finished watching Ballard and Frank's press conference... how many of you complaining watched it? They make a lot of interesting points and comments on this draft. First and foremost, Ballard is 100% confident that this league is won up front, especially in December and January when it matters most. That is so important to me as a Colts fan as it has been neglected time and time again. He commented that he "dreamt of the day when he drafted o-line and dline." He feels that strongly, and I tend to agree. They both talked about the division and how important the trenches are against our division opponents... Jacksonville damn near won a superbowl last year because of consistent focus on the fronts. And they have retooled for this season by snagging Norwell. These first two rounds are HUGE for the Indianapolis Colts and the health of this franchise going forward for that reason alone. We are facing 2 formidable defensive fronts in Houston with a healthy JJ Watt and Co. & Jacksonville with Campbell and Co. 4 games next year could put Andrew Luck into retirement if we fielded an o-line like we did last year. Ballard simply said we picked plauers off the street last year because of no depth and he refuses to do it again. KUDOS to you my friend. They talked about Leonard and how quickly he would have been picked up had they not taken him. He was #5 linebacker on their board and 4 were off, so they felt good. He's fast and they preached the importance of speed for this defense and team overall. Most important they talked in depth about the defensive line and its importance to this defense. They play on running 7 to 9 guys consistently and what he considers in "rotational waves" which lead to them placing high importance on Turay and Lewis. Ballard thinks highly of them both, especially Turay who is "long, explosive and has great bend." He mentioned Von Miller carefully and laughed as the media told them Turay's comment about Miller. They will be key pieces in this defense from the start, make no mistake. In other points, Reich talked about the wide receiver depth which was questioned multiple times by the media. He said the mini camp showed that we have plenty of talented receivers that are explosive off the ball, catch well and are understanding the new offense. New England has won many superbowls with underrated receivers that fit that mold... plenty of opportunities to find talent there in rounds 4, 5 and 7. Ballard said last year he was frustrated with the fronts getting beat so badly. There was little depth in the draft which is why they spent money in FA on the defensive line especially and focused on skilled players in the draft. I'm confident this team improved drastically the past two nights.
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    Here. With all the whining and crying and otherwise boo hooing going on about how Ballard didn't impress, he didn't do this or that, he didn't bring home the Lombardi tonight. So I'll just go ahead and save you all the time and start this thread for you... feel better now?
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    How dare he come in a build the team just like he said he would. The fricken nerve of him.
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    Well done Ballard! Two extra second round picks and the best offensive lineman we could have asked for. Love this pick.
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    I think Chris Ballard had a great draft: 1. He does look like a genius for trading down to #6, in March when he did. The offers coming over in draft day were not very good. I was hoping to trade back again from #6, but Nelson is a stud and after seeing what Buffalo gave up to move to #7, was less than impressive. I would not of been happy with that haul in a trade down. 2. We came in to the draft with some major needs: G (Nelson, Smith) DL (Turay, Lewis) LB (Leonard, Adams, Franklin) WR (Fountain, Cain) RB (Hines, Wilkins) CB (still need, but looking to see UDFA pickups) So what does Ballard do? He adds multiple guys at all those need positions. Creates competition while adding depth and increasing the odds of hitting on a position of need. Added 11 guys to 5 need positions. 3. He added so much speed and athleticism to the team. This team is going to fly around the field.
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    Just like the “Ballard Haters” can’t objectively say this draft sucked, the “Ballard Disciples” can’t say this was a brilliant draft. In either case, you have to wait and see but that’s no fun especially on a fan forum. So, we all need to decide if we want to openly discuss our point of views without being called out as a hater is or as a blind follower. We all should understand that we’re just discussing a sport, a game, and just giving our opinions, (as qualified Or unqualified as they may be).
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    You guys are ridiculous. None of us have access to film like any NFL team does. They haven’t even seen the field and everyone hates them. Good God this forum is annoying
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    You know there’s only so long you can fail at building an Oline with just mid rounders and cheaper FAs before you say ‘you know let’s maybe get literally the best guy available’ .
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    I'm telling you, Smith and Nelson have solidified our line for the next 10 years. Smith is a beast and we all know what we got in Nelson Finally 12 will stay upright and we'll have running lanes
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    It was bound to happen as he is not a great scheme fit in this defense. I wish Anderson luck going forward. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and remain productive.
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    could have gotten more value. Henrys worth more than what you can get out of a 7th rounder
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    Nice copy and paste. Now if you could just learn to spell Freeney.
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    AKA hes not one of the big name backs so I dont know him so he must suck!
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    @Scott Pennock asked for a thread with all of those in one place, so here it is. The Colts got above average athletes in every single pick and they got elite athletes with about half their picks.
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    Very detailed analysis. Thanks for that
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    With the 3rd pick of the 2018 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: 1. Quenton Nelson (Best offensive lineman and likely best guard prospect ever drafted) 2. Braden Smith (All-american guard to pair with Nelson and finally protect our franchise qb) 3. Kemoko Turay (Defensive end with tremendous upside... go watch the tape and listen to Ballard talk about him. Sit back and see what he can do in this defense) 4. 2019 Second Round Pick (likely early round) 5. 2018 5th round pick That's sure better for this roster than sitting put at #3 and taking Bradley Chubb like many GM's and most of us forum pushers would have done.
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    For those poo pooing already.....he was rated as THE BEST blocker in the SEC. You can't complain about Luck always being hurt but whine about adding TWO STUDS to the oline to protect him!
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    Meh, you're supposed to take a difference maker at 6, not a Guard. The amount of draft capital in the o-line is now absurd and people are still saying "at least now they're going to protect Luck".. Yawn. We've thrown high picks at this problem before. I would have been happier with some D.
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    To me, more exciting than Christmas Eve, especially this year. We've all read the numerous scenarios that may play out tomorrow and the remainder of the draft, but one thing is certain...this is going to be exciting! So many things can happen and there are several players out there that can really help our team. After the dust settles, there will be second-guessing, complaining, praise, joy, happiness and anticipation to see how our new Colts perform. I know the past year or two has been tough for us Colts fans who have long been accustomed to success, playoff berths and division titles. But, with the hopeful return of Andrew Luck, a new coaching staff, several newly drafted players and free agents who should make an immediate impact, I can't help but be excited. Think of Houston Astros fans who enjoyed their success with the Killer B's a few years ago, then saw a downturn, a complete tear-down and overhaul of their team. They suffered through 3 straight years of 100+ losses! BUT, the re-build was on and they are now World Champions. I'm hoping for the same outcome in Indianapolis. We have lots of draft picks the next two years, and may add more during the draft. I'm excited for a new defense...one that strikes fear into opponents...I'm excited for a new offense lead by Luck that is dynamic, and also strikes fear into the opponents. I want teams to look on their schedule, see the horseshoe, and know that they will be up against a powerhouse again. Let's enjoy the next few days and GO COLTS!!!!!!!!