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  2. Congrats to IU. Rutgers got outplayed, outcoached, outeverything.
  3. Harbaugh

    We don't know that to be fact that he would want full control. People keep saying that but in Indy it could be different? He did want it in SF but maybe he wouldn't now? If we made him the highest paid Coach or one of the highest paid he may be happy just Coaching.
  4. I hope there isn't for the sake I hope nothing happened to a young lady. Didn't him and some other guys get accused of raping a girl there in Tallahassee? I guess this is different. As far as his play Cam had his ups and downs but then he came back...and Winston has a much better head on his shoulder I would say.
  5. Giants and Browns Lose Again

    Yep...I think he is the same guy before the draft that grew up with Joe Mixon and told us he was going to be the next coming of Walter Payton or something like that. Just be careful because I think he is Kizers Agent.
  6. Harbaugh

    If Harbaugh would come back he would want full control of the front office and everything......since we have a brand new GM I doubt that would workout
  7. Harbaugh

    I thought the 88 team was just as good as the 87 team, we went 9-7 but missed the Playoffs because we didn't win the Division. I like Chandler much better than Trudeau.
  8. Harbaugh

    Yeah he had 159 Yards and 4 TD's at Halftime. Too bad we took him out, he would've went for 300 that night.
  9. JJ Watt's World War II Picture

    Truly the greatest generation!
  10. Harbaugh

    I've got that game on tape, somewhere. Don't have a tape player anymore, tho...
  11. Harbaugh

    John has a better chance of getting fired than Jim. John could work with Ballard, Jim I don't think so.
  12. Today
  13. 76ers up 22 at half over the Warriors
  14. Frank Gore

    Oh, sorry.... I thought your conversation was about if we released Gore now so he could sign with another team for their stretch run. So yes, you are correct... if we had released him this past off-season it would've been a cap hit if $3.5 mil. I love Gore... but I'm not expecting him back. Ballard wants us younger... moving on from Gore will help that... Sorry for my misunderstanding....
  15. Harbaugh

    Okay, my fault, I thought his contract was up at the end of this season.
  16. Frank Gore

    Since Pagano is likely gone I think there is even a smaller chance Frank returns. I don't see him getting started reps but I think he plays next year.
  17. Still early but the 76ers are beating up on the Warriors
  18. Frank Gore

    they were suggesting we should have done him a favor and released him in the offseason im not a expert on cap hits, but i thought it would have mattered if the team had done that. no one really knew that philly would be a contender or that luck would miss the season at that time either
  19. Harbaugh

    You ain't lying. People who've only been fans since Peyton have no idea how much it sucked for years. I got laughed at multiple times growing up for being an Indy fan.
  20. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    doesn't matter, neither are getting past the patriots
  21. Harbaugh

    Yeah before the Manning days, really only 1987 the first season Dickerson was here and the 95 run were the only Very Good to Great years we had. We were decent in 88 as well but missed the Playoffs. Never will forget Dickerson's Halloween game on Monday night vs Denver in 88.
  22. Frank Gore

    He originally was going to go to Philly. He could sign with them next season for cheap and chase his Ring??
  23. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    But is it a Brick in the Wall is the real question?
  24. Desir and Hairston

    Good Read, but I am being hopeful a 4th rounder SHOULD contribute as a starter if your scouting is good.
  25. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    I would love to see them beat the Pats or Steelers but it will never happen in the Playoffs. They would get crushed by the Chiefs too IMO.
  26. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    teacher! leave them kids alone
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