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  2. A New Man Crush.... (RB)

    My newest EDGE/OLB crush:
  3. I'm having the same feeling! Hoping for a close one if anything
  4. Interesting topic

    Luck is smart enough to know it doesn't work like that. Apparently not everyone is that smart and don't understand how contracts work. Every team without a franchise QB is looking for one. Elway is getting pretty good play from the QB position right now. I'm not sure he's looking at a 38 year old Brees or if Brees wants to keep playing. That's a lot of unrelated stuff you tossed together. The OL is not as bad as you want to believe it is. I am not going to bother trying to explain the variables you either get it you don't. We are going to get our starting C back here pretty quick. By the way he's pretty good and should be a stabilizing addition for the offensive unit. We are a young football team by design. That includes the OL. I'm not expecting anything major after just 2 games you shouldn't either. We have guys that can and need to play better. When this season is over I expect we will make changes to different areas of this team. Ballard will do what needs to be done for the team to improve. Luck can be part of it or retire. Those are his choices and the extent of his power when it comes to playing football.
  5. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    @GOZER I have a feeling you guys will take down Michigan today. We will see.
  6. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    Our wide receivers
  7. Interesting topic

    Even hypothetically I don't see Indy getting the 1st overall pick....
  8. Today
  9. Intro: The Colts (0-2) play host to the Browns (0-2) on Sunday in Week 3 action at Lucas Oil Stadium. Here are seven things to look for in this matchup. View the full article
  10. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    Since the 2002 Season began going back 15 seasons, 2002-2016 seasons we have the 2nd most Regular Season wins only behind the Pats and only the Pats, Steelers, and Giants have won more Superbowls in that timeframe/that is a huge timeframe. That is going back 15 seasons. It wasn't all Peyton either, Andrew Luck actually has a Very Good record at 46-30 counting the Post Season.
  11. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Here's a fun fact, I have been a Cubs fan since 1984 and during my fandom they have never won backtoback Division Championships! If the Cubs go ahead and close this out, I would be witnessing Cubs history again. It's really been a fun 3 year run. 2015 = win 97 games and make NLCS, 2016 = win 103 games (Division Champs) and win the World Series, 2017 = looking like Division Champs again then who knows?
  12. Trade Castanzo

    True and if I remember correctly Polian was thrilled he dropped to us. He said he was the best LT in the draft.
  13. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    No, I play kick the can. By the way, kicking the can went out with Flapper girls.
  14. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    If you think an attorney can free Luck from his contract you are badly mistaken. Luck will be a Colt for the foreseeable future. We can tag him three times after the contract runs out if we choose. Luck is a Colt or he retires that's it. Ask Barry Sanders about being stuck on a bad team. Which isn't the case for Luck. He's been a game away from the Super Bowl twice in Indy.
  15. Competitive imbalance in the NFL?

    For years, the NFL has been the champion of competitive balance. " Commissioner Pete Rozelle created the Competition Committee in 1968, two years after the announcement that the NFL and the AFL would merge before the 1970 season. It replaced the Rules Committee, which was formed in 1932 to help develop the professional game’s playing rules as it moved away from the college rulebook, which was used in the league’s earliest days." The committee has the responsibility of reviewing a survey 32 NFL clubs fill out, answering questions about player protection, officiating, competitive balance and technology. " After the combine, the committee reconvenes to review video, draft rule proposals and positions, discuss proposals submitted by clubs and prepare its report of supporting statistics for the membership to discuss and vote on at the league’s annual meeting. " The owners vote on proposed rule changes, etc.. and it must garner 75% (24 clubs) acceptance to pass. So even if 8 teams reject it, it still becomes rule. And over time, the rules in place and those added seem to have tried to restore or maintain competitive balance in the NFL (draft rules, salary cap, etc...). What got me to revisit this, was a comment made by BOTT in the NFL ratings thread; about the number of mediocre teams. It resonated with me to a degree, so I looked into it some. What I found was surprising... (yet maybe not so much either). Unlike any other year in memory, there are currently 8 NFL clubs that have yet to win a game. They are 0 - 2 (of which our Colts happens to be one). There is one club, that is 0 - 3!! That is, 28% or the NFL teams have yet to win a game. More than 1/4th, nearly 1/3rd !!. By the same token, there are 7 teams with 2 - 0 records. 22%, or nearly 1/4th the teams. And the rest crammed in the middle. What is scary, there could be potentially 8 teams standing at 0 - 3 after this weeks games (not likely, but still possible). At least the Colts - Browns game will have one club at 1 - 2 while the other goes to 0 - 3. I think I saw a stat where an 0 - 2 team has about a 10% chance of making the playoffs. An 0 - 3 team has about 1%. This tells me about 1/4 of the league is nearly out of the playoff hunt already only 2 games in to the 16 game season. I cannot remember a time where there were so many teams grouped at the bottom of the barrel. I guess I am still not sure what this imbalance in competition will do to game attendance, TV viewership, and potentially, advertisement dollars... etc... I guess we will have to see how this plays out, and is 2017 an outlier, or a new trend?
  16. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Yeah we pretty much got this now. The PostSeason is going to be real interesting. I want to see how we do against teams like Washington and LA if we do make the NLCS.
  17. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    Exactly. You would think by reading some of these post the Colts are the walking mat for the rest of the NFL. With the return of Luck and the rebuilding that Ballard has started I highly doubt other teams in the NFL thinks that way. Anyone who has been around the NFL for any time knows there are ups and downs with teams in the NFL. If two 8-8 seasons is considered the bottom of the NFL by some fans all I can say is they are short term NFL fans. (and spoiled)
  18. Tailgating

    Here's some good info......hope you have a great time
  19. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    Just quoting you here, to say.... I agree. I think this has run it's course, don't you..??
  20. Interesting topic

    The media are the ones who bring this pile of horse dung into the picture and you step in it and drag it all over the place. You could at least clean your shoes before entering the house.
  21. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    Do you ever read what you post?
  22. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Cubs just took two of four from the Brewers with two more then I think four with the Cards and finishing against the Reds while the Brewers play three or four with the Cardinals. Down to the wire.
  23. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    Your attempt at an insult is an insult in itself.
  24. bold predictions browns game

    If you mean to pray for a victory, I agree, we could use all the help we can get. If you mean during the anthem, then I predict the loud booing will begin before the game even starts.
  25. 4 Yr. Old Girl Hit By A 105 mph Line Drive

    For some reason we are not being told of her condition. Among the need for nets there is also a need for fans in those seats to put down their phones!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Steve Young's Comments On Luck 09/21/17

    You rarely grasp anything anyone is saying. If you don't know then move on to another topic like kick the can.
  27. Interesting topic

    The Luck issue is spoken everywhere and one major issue long going as it is often sidestepped. That issue is the OL is still terrible as was pointed out yesterday when it was not side stepped. Elway is looking for a good QB and strong rumors are hinting Brees is playing his last year in New Orleans. If the sack count continues to be an embarrassment again at the end of this season Luck is too smart to not insist on a trade contract out the window.
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