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  2. We have seen it this year and it has not worked well. Thad is much better defending stretch 4s than Myles and Sabonis. Myles needs to be a 5. He has the size and rim protecting ability. He is just soft when rebounding and defending in the post. It's just very alarming to see Myles at 100% getting outplayed by a guy who had food poisoning, missed shoot around, and almost didn't play in Sabonis. Sabonis still had more minutes than Myles even in his condition. Playing him at the 4 does not help. He's not fast enough. He's been kind of overrated by media and by us and he needs to step up if he wants to be here long term.
  3. Its funny how we thought (me too) that Nate McMillan coudlnt coach an up tempo offense.... ...all last year we tried.. No we run the court like it s a relay race
  4. I would love to see this lineup on a regular basis: PG Collison SG Dipo SF Bogdanovich - floor spreading 3 guy PF Turner C Sabonis -Bring Lance and Thad off the bench for major energy.
  5. Desir and Hairston

    They are still young and make mistakes. Those mistakes should be cleaned up next year.
  6. IMO he is a 4 not a 5. I wish somehow he and Sabonis could figure out a way to play great together. Sabonis is a true 5.
  7. He cant rebound like Sabonis so its hard to play him sometimes/ There must be a way they can play together...but I haven't seen it yet
  8. Not sure. I know when Lance comes in, it is more like Playground Ball and guys just have fun.
  9. Turner is still a bit soft tbh. Only thing holding him back from being great. He gets beaten up in the post a lot
  10. With Lance, all the Pistons are firing!!!! I mean, with Lance...we're firing on the Pistons... Oh, you know what I mean.
  11. On the negative side, Myles Turner has to start playing better. Maybe it's just the conditioning from the concussion, but Sabonis goes out there every game, whether 100% or not, and plays physically. There is no reason for Myles to be out of the game in crunch time with his rim protection ability. He has to battle with Drummond and the tougher centers in this league for boards and play more physically.
  12. Quenton Nelson

    You see Connor falling to the 2nd?
  13. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I am all in for a New Coach, I just think it's time for a change. Having said that for the people that go out of their way to bash Chuck and give him no credit for our wins, you guys better hope who we hire isn't a flop. If our New Coach is worse than you guys need to own it after you celebrate Chuck getting fired. The standard is we need to go at least 11-5 and make the AFC Title Game if Luck I healthy, Chuck made it that far with no Run game and a mediocre Defense. If Luck is healthy and Chuck is so rotten than any new Coach we get should be able to go 11-5 and make the AFC Title Game by Chuck haters logic. So that is the standard otherwise it's a fail.
  14. Great victory..I don't totally understand us but Okay. you see exactly what we're trying to do on offense? Just high pick and roll and create? Its very free flow'....that fits Lance..I guess
  15. Bye Week: Gaining Some Perspective

    Can't wait to see what Ballard does with a ton of cap space and his second draft as Colts GM.
  16. Bye Week: Gaining Some Perspective

    I think Chris Ballard has shown us all enough that he can turn this team around. I'm actually excited for our future.
  17. Odd game..Oladipo with 15 rebounds..did he say that?
  18. As Slick would say, Turn Out the Lights the Party is Over!
  19. Lance and Sabonis play like they've grown up together
  20. The Pacers are about to beat the Pistons and the refs. I've been screaming at the TV for the last four minutes over these dumb calls.
  21. Lance!!!! Sabonis just slammed it baby!
  22. Great comeback, this would be a huge win over a Good team and get us back to .500.
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