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  2. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    No, we need a game-breaker RB, a game-breaker TE, a big bodied game-breaker WR, a game-breaker LBr, % let's just get a whole team of game-breakers, why didn't we do this before?! Fire the Colts from the city of Indy!! This is ridiculous! I put this on Irsay! Where is irsay in all this?! Fire Mcdaniels! This team is absolute trash!
  3. At the end of the day, I would be happy with either. I do think you could get 80% of Barkley's production from a back in round 2 or 3. I don't think the same can be said for a pass rusher of Nick Chubb's calibre. The other side of the coin is, I don't believe there is a single player who can improve us more for 2018 than Barkley.
  4. It's Ballard who runs the business, but he stated and also proved that he listens. With McDaniels arriving, he will have his voice heard. And because of that, I think the Colts will go for someone like Deion Lewis in free agency, and draft another guy in the 2nd, maybe 3rd day, then McDaniels will implement a similar running by committee running game, what the Patriot's been using for a long time. That does not require an elite rusher, so I just don't see them drafting a running back in the first round.
  5. People downplay the importance of RB in relation to other positions A very good or even just good RB will usually be good enough. Given the Colts current situation and roster I would not take B Sanders at #3 either ... This isn't 80's or 90's: "Good-Very Good" Pass Rushers, Corners, etc ... are more beneficial than "Elite" RBs. I bet the Steelers would have opted for Shazier and a "Good" RB over "Elite" Bell and no Shazier for their playoff run if given the choice.
  6. After watching the show, I came away with the thought that unless the Colts move back to around the 9-11 area, there is no way we are going to be taking Quentin Nelson from Notre Dame. Although I love the guy, I believe with McDaniel's offensive scheme, and Luck getting rid of the ball quickly most of the time, a guard at #3 just does not make sense. I think Chubb or Barkley, depending on who is there will be the choice, although if Barkley is there, and a QB, or even possibly Chubb, there are going to be teams wanting to move up. I really came away thinking how much I would like Chubb after all I have read on him lately, but if the right picks were involved, and we could move down just a bit, have to think about it. I found it interesting that Polian said he would not move off our spot unless we got at least another 1st draft pick next year, and one more high round this year. It seems Barkley, Chubb, Rosen, and Darnold, and possibly Allen are going to have a lot of suitors vying for them. FA will change all this, but Ballard is going to have to make some tough decisions on draft day I believe. Can't believe it is only 3 months away.
  7. "With a borderline 5,000-yard passer at the helm, Cleveland can then focus on the rest of the roster for the foreseeable future."
  8. "During an appearance on 92.3 The Fan on Wednesday (Jan. 10), Albert Breer of the MMQB reported Cousins would "seriously consider" the Browns if he hit free agency (h/t Kyle Kelly of Browns Wire). Cousins, 29, could be an unrestricted free agent in March if he's unable to reach a contract agreement with Washington."
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  10. To be honest I really would love to build our O.Line up is why I love Nelson. If Luck does come back healthy, the last thing I want for him is to get injured again. All of these sacks we have been giving up is nuts. I would try for Norwell in Free Agency anyway if I was Indy but a lot of other teams will too.
  11. I've said it before, but after tonight, it's worth saying again..... If Ballard picks Barkley, and he might, then I'll support the pick. I may not like it, but I'll support it because I like and trust Ballard. But Barkley wouldn't be my pick if I were making it. I'm sure there are many here who are glad I'm not! And that's ok....
  12. No bigge, I am not even upset. Maybe I didn't make my point come across right so I am sorry as well. I understand why people think like they do about RB's and we need help in other area's obviously like O.Line and Pass Rushers. I am just going to roll with what Ballard does and trust the process. I am fine with Barkley, Chubb or even Nelson. I know taking a G at #3 is a gamble too but he is a damn Great Guard. Free Agency will tell us a lot.
  13. We’re not doing the Star Wars stuff again

    Agree with the OP. We need a new hope....
  14. I think we've beaten this one to death. I'm sorry about that. So, I'll let your post stand unapposed. (By the way, I'd like to think I'd be OK drafting Barry Sanders 3rd overall. As you put it, Freakin Barry Sanders! And even thumbs up to Eric Dickerson and LaDainian Tomlinson too!)
  15. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    A car crash indeed Swannie. It's not the OP's fault however, I think Luck himself should shoulder most of the blame.
  16. Maurice Hurst

    Drafting a player at #3 to join already the strongest unit on the team, rather than strengthening a weak position? Genius. Hurst isn’t a top 10 player at this point.
  17. Yes, people on here constantly downplay the importance of a RB on every Draft Thread. I even posted a question to a Poster yesterday, if he had a chance to Draft Barry Sanders in the top 3 would he, he said no. Freakin Barry Sanders! There have been at least 100 Posters on here that say drafting a RB in the Top 3 is just plain dumb and they would never do it. I am not down playing how valuable Pass Rushers are, I know they are extremely valuable but I also think a RB the quality of a Barkley can even be important to a team winning. If we take Chubb at #3, I even understand why because Pass Rushers are important. I was merely using some Pass Rushers that have had Good seasons or that have Great talent where it didn't translate into wins. Like many in here say drafting a RB in the Top 5 doesn't translate into winning SB's which was a discussion in here the last 2 days.
  18. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    Doyle is probably not top 5 TE material, AND THAT IS OK, but he is for sure top 10 TE in the league and we have him at a pretty cheap price compared to the others. To sign Graham, it would take 10+ mill/yr easy and I am just not willing to do that when we already have a TE1 on the team! He is very dependable and that is going to be perfect in a short/intermediate passing game with quick strikes. And not to mention Swoope (assuming he comes back healthy and plays) is waiting in the wings. He will provide McDaniels to dial up a lot of different things. We are fine where we are right now. Let's use the 10 mill on an ILB, both Melvin + Desir, or on a top tier guard.
  19. No one made that argument. Not me, or anyone else. Nice straw man.
  20. You even stated earlier in this thread that you've made this point before and no one ageed with you. Or don't you remember that? Let's not pretend this is a problem with me. I'm just the latest to disagree with you. And if I don't know what your point is, perhaps you don't know what your point is either. You certainly can't seem to make it clearly. The fact that the Chargers haven't made the playoffs is NOT on Joey Bosa. It's on the rest of the team. The fact that the Broncos haven't made the playoffs without Peyton Manning is NOT on Von Miller. It's on the rest of the team. Deliberately or not, you've twisted those up to make it the fault of a top pass rusher to prove some ridiculous point. The NFL values pass rush over a running game. Perhaps 9 times out of 10, a team will draft a pass rush high before drafting a RB high. Not sure why you're not understanding that, but you don't seem to.
  21. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    What a car crash of a thread.
  22. I completely agree. Only concern is Cleveland at 1. If they take Barkely at 1 then theres nothing we can do about it. It’s not the end of the world though as Darnold will still likely be on the board at 3 really raising the trade back value to highest bidder 5/6.
  23. Jeez If I thought this thread would've turned into this, I would've just stayed away from it. This has been utterly ridiculous . It's Great to have solid Pass Rushers obviously, that is not what I was even debating.
  24. Depends on pass rush vs running game. ..usually pass rush is more dangerous with a lead. .You got to be able to score comfortably to really win ..
  25. I am not down playing crap, no more than people down playing RB's being important. I am using examples where having great Pass Rushers doesn't mean you automatically win games.
  26. Dude you missed my point completely and are now blowing this out of proportion. Yes Von Miller was the MVP in SB 50 but since the Broncos have been lethargic on Offense the last 2 years not even he is making a difference. What the hell can you not comprehend what my point is? Not sure what your problem is by calling me screwed up and acting like your God in here but that doesn't fly with me.
  27. Come on..... The poster I was responding to was downplaying the importance of pass rush and playing up the importance of a RB. I simply said that 32 NFL teams disagree with him. Was it really that hard to figure out?
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