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    • The franchise seem pretty informed to me. Unless you think Irsay and Ballard are liars.You sound quite a negative soul, cheer up.
    • Our round 2 selection should go to Miami for Landry trade
    • That’s not how those teams were built.  They were built around a great offense and the point you keep trying to make is that Manning carried Dungy and Polian to the point you said the later cost the Colts playoff wins with no blame on Manning,  it’s the old Manning gets all the credit when they win arguement but when they lose it was all Dungy and Polian fault.  It doesn’t work that way.  It’s not like the Colts were losing playoff games 45 to 44 with Manning,  in fact as I just showed the offense regularly under performed in playoff defeats under Manning,  He shoulders at least some of the blame and I am sure he would be the first one to tell you that.     By the way if the 10 defeats six were decided by a touchdown or less and another was 10 points.  So yes many were close games that had the offense performed like they were capable of they would have won.     The Colts just spent six years trying to play defense like the Pats and you can argue the Colts are in worse shape now on defense then they ever were under Dungy.  There is no system if you run it it’s guaranteed to work,  if there was all teams would run it,  it’s all about players.  If you have the right players any defensive system can work.   Still despite their flaws the Colts under Polian, Dungy, and Manning were wildly successful and was the golden era of Colts football.  If you told me the Colts could rebuild that for another run I’d take it in a heart beat.  Like I said before though I don’t expect them too because you don’t get a Hall of Fame GM, Head Coach, and QB all at the same time very often.  If you feel the Colts wasted that then fine that’s your right as I think your seeing many don’t agree with you.
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