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    • I don't get this? How is this me beating on Pagano? I had a throwaway line of 5 words in a 400 words post mentioning Pagano that shouldn't even be controversial at all and someone got stuck on it. I don't have a problem with people disagreeing with parts of my post or even the whole post, but when I get challenged on that part you cannot expect me to not respond and defend my opinion. It wasn't me who made this about Pagano. 
    • I’ve been to a lot of games there and never had any real issues but I’m not a trash talker either.  I will have to yell at McDaniels though.  
    • They really came hard at Vic with the traps. He's unselfish player rarely does he force things so he looked to pass. He trusts his guys to make plays. It was great to see Bogey have that kind of second half. He's had an impact on the series in other ways like checking Bron but he hadn't been shooting it great. That changed tonight I love the guys game. He's underrated as player. He's more then a 3pt shooter and he has been the Robin to Vic's Batman all year.   You hit it on the head this team does the dirty work to get W's. They have worked to turn weakness into strength. We struggled rebounding the ball and on D early in the year. We hang our hat on D now and hit the boards. That's putting in work. Myles is hitting the glass consistently huge step forward in his game.     That was a heck of a W but no time to celebrate. We have a quick turnaround which should be to our advantage. We have to get the game on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see what they try to do with Dipo in that one. I'm not sure they want to give him that look again. I think our biggest obstacle is to stay out of the officiating. I thought that almost got to us tonight. We are not getting many calls and we are going to take some terrible ones. That is the deal and complaining won't help It just takes energy and focus away from the game remind them Nate. 
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