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  • Monster Colt
    Monster Colt
    It came from an online post I read.  I can probably email it to you if that would help you. Message me if that is needed.
  • Monster Colt
    Monster Colt
    I would like to make a large print of this image for the hood of my car. What to get a copy of the image?
  • 0163906267428dea2594709e640a6d37cf1e3c11fb
    How is Reggie Wayne?  Is he ready to come back?  He is the best.  If there was one person I could meet, it would be him
  • Ci Zi!
    Ci Zi!
    Yes!  That is Ci Zi.  She has already put on about 11 pounds....her poor ribs were showing :( She is the sweetest dog ever....
  • Ci Zi!
    Ci Zi!
    Is that a picture of your new dog, Brent?

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      01 Sep
    T Y Goodbye

    JOES LEAGUE..I am getting sick, and not feeling well..I'll try to be on as much as possible to help with fixing the draft errors..I need you all to cooperate and rop the players you actually didnt draft and then in a day or 2 put in a waiver request for those you did draft...I may not be on but i['ll try...sorry guys

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