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    • I won't say they've played great defense. Because they haven't. I won't say they've played good defense. Because they haven't.   Now with that said...  They started the year without Art Jones & Henry Anderson up front. They also deployed a mash unit secondary during that time. Now Art is back, but Zack is down. The starting secondary was just fielded for the fist time this year. A starting LB'er was cut, decent LB'er acquisitions have been made, and many new young players have been added into the rotation. All this has been done, on the fly, while adjusting to a new coach and scheme. I think they're finding their way some now and have improved a bunch since opening day.   I think they'll play much better defense in the next 10 games.
    • Myles is going off right now. He looks like the only one who wants to pull away.  
    • I went a couple weeks ago and watched them lose to the cowboys (I live in Wisconsin).   The fans were decent to the cowboy's fans. The food in the stadium is extremely expensive, and you will want to dress warm. The seats closest to the field are bench style, and the higher up seats are actual seats. Overall it is a good experience. If you go early enough there is a gas station by a chain of businesses that sells parking for 30.00 and its not to much of a walk from there, otherwise you will be hard pressed to find parking at the stadium itself. I also found it easier to avoid the traffic parking down near the parking near the gas station. 
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    • Nadine

      Drawing for the Thanksgiving game is open! Win 2 tickets to Steelers @Colts >>
      · 0 replies
    • 100GFB

      Finally bought a leather helmet for my collection!  
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    • Bogie  »  Jules

      Finally, the ring is revealed. 




      IMO I think the last several NBA rings have looked better than Super Bowl rings. The Pats ring from 2014 being an exception, while a lot of rings have looked generic lately. I thought the Lakers last 2 rings and the Miami Heat ones looked better than SB rings. 
      · 16 replies
    • Indianapolis-Colts-Fan

      I have never been quick to condemn pagano or even grigson, but pagano has got to go after this year unless we want a coach to slowly learn his methods while we have an elite caliber QB on our hands.
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    • teganslaw

      Jules, you're good at predicting NBA games, have you ever thought about fantasy football? You might do quite well there.
      · 1 reply

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