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    • Yep...all I was saying was that it was a little concerning how they decided to pay everyone but him. I'm sure they have their reasons....obviously he has played great this year to make all-pro. I just had some concerns about him and what he may be asking for...along with the fact that Carolina (minus Cam) was absolutely awful running the ball this year.
    • First, we should acknowledge that the Jaguars might actually be good this year.  Not to say that they don't have flaws, but there team matches up well with Pittsburgh.  As far as the Steelers losing to inferior teams that me be the case but I don't think a team that averages 11-12 wins a year in the last 5 that is really a problem.  I can say the same thing for the Patriots.  They obviously lose to lesser teams because they've only had one undefeated season and are almost always the favorite.  They seem to lose to the Dolphins and Chiefs every year or so but it's no big deal.   Now the perception of the team being out of control because of outspoken players and guys making Facebook videos is way overblown.  Those same guys put in MVP performances week in and week out.  Tomlin has also went through an entire team, staff and scheme overhaul and has NO LOSING SEASONS in 11 years as coach.  They lost Dick LeBeau, Troy Polamalu, Jerome Bettis, Bruce Arians, Hines Ward, Joey Porter, and the list goes on and on.  They went from 3-4 "Blitzburgh" to a 4-3 "Dungyburgh" zone.  They went from bombs away Arians to dink and dunk Haley.  They move on from WR after WR from Superbowl MVP WRs to MVP candidate WRs.  And through all of that the team wins and is in contention.  He also develops talent quite well.  The Steelers don't have many "wasted" high picks and they've developed low picks like Antonio Brown or Villenueva.   I think his in game decision making is questionable at times but I'm not blaming the HC for the calls that the OC and DC make on 4th down or on critical 3rd downs.  I blame the HC for going for it on 4th or calling onside kicks or the big decisions.  Once they make the call the coordinators pick the play.  This perception of control or ruling with an iron fist is totally overrated and archaic.  These guys (especially the millennials) are going to more and more push back against that.  You don't always get the most out of people by keeping your thumb on them.  Sometimes working with them and letting them be themselves yields the best results.  Everyone is different.
    • And Monachino was an instant upgrade over Maunsky And Manusky was an instant upgrade over Coyer And Coyer was an instant upgrade over Meeks  And Meeks was an instant upgrade over Fangio.   He seems like he could be good but the last good DC the Colts had was Meeks.
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    • 100GFB

      HC?  Draft prospects?  Are theses significant issues in ones life?  Try getting a breaking news text, “Incoming missle attack, take cover this is not a drill.”
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    • JPPT1974
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    • TheMarine

      Nagy not in running for Colts HC:
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    • Jules

      Fiance got tickets for us to go to Celtics/Cavs in Boston February 11th. I think I am going to probably act at this game like the girls who saw the Beatles in America for the first time.
      The finest display of athleticism in the world will be in front of me live as well as THE Brad Stevens. Oh and Paul Pierce night. Lebron. Da works.

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